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5113-F01 ----- Fiber cans and drums-wholesale
2655-000 ----- Fiber cans, drums & similar products-mfg
2519-F01 ----- Fiber furniture, household-mfg
3357-F01 ----- Fiber optic cable-mfg
3229-F01 ----- Fiber optics strands-mfg
2611-F01 ----- Fiber pulp: made from wood, rags, wastepaper, linters, straw, and bagasse-mfg
2221-F03 ----- Fiberglass fabrics-mfg
5131-F01 ----- Fiberglass fabrics-wholesale
5033-F02 ----- Fiberglass insulation materials-wholesale
3296-F01 ----- Fiberglass insulation-mfg
3624-F01 ----- Fibers, carbon and graphite-mfg
2823-F01 ----- Fibers, cellulose manmade-mfg
3229-F02 ----- Fibers, glass, textile-mfg
2824-F01 ----- Fibers, manmade: except cellulosic-mfg
2823-F02 ----- Fibers, rayon-mfg
2299-F04 ----- Fibers, textile: recovery from textile mill waste and rags-mfg
5159-F02 ----- Fibers, vegetable-wholesale
2823-F03 ----- Fibers, viscose-mfg
6351-F01 ----- Fidelity insurance
6531-F01 ----- Fiduciaries, real estate
6099-F01 ----- Fiduciary agencies other than real estate or trust
3489-F01 ----- Field artillery-mfg
0139-000 ----- Field crops, (except cash grains, n.e.c.)
2329-F02 ----- Field jackets, military-mfpm-mfg
0181-F01 ----- Field nurseries: growing of flowers and shrubbery, except forest shrubbery
3825-F01 ----- Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electrical-mfg
3523-F09 ----- Field type rotary tillers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
7389-F01 ----- Field warehousing, not public warehousing
3714-F01 ----- Fifth wheels-mfg
0179-F01 ----- Fig orchards and farms
3953-F01 ----- Figures (marking devices), metal-mfg
3269-F01 ----- Figures, pottery: china, earthenware, and stoneware-mfg
3999-F02 ----- Figures, wax: mannikins-mfg
3641-F01 ----- Filaments for electric lamps-mfg
0173-F01 ----- Filbert groves and farms
0723-F01 ----- Filbert hulling and shelling
5112-F01 ----- File cards-wholesale
2522-F01 ----- File drawer frames: except wood-mfg
5112-F02 ----- File folders-wholesale
3423-F02 ----- Files, including recutting and resharpening-mfg
3545-F01 ----- Files, machine tool-mfg
2522-F02 ----- Filing boxes, cabinets, and cases: except wood-mfg
2521-F01 ----- Filing boxes, cabinets, and cases: wood-mfg
2652-F01 ----- Filing boxes, paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2675-F01 ----- Filing folders-mfpm-mfg
3541-F02 ----- Filing machines, metal (machine tools)-mfg
1499-F01 ----- Fill dirt pits
2675-F02 ----- Fillers and flats, egg case: die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2782-F01 ----- Fillers and forms, looseleaf: pen ruled or printed only-mfg
2678-F01 ----- Fillers for looseleaf devices, except printed forms-mfpm-mfg
2851-F01 ----- Fillers, wood: dry, liquid, and paste-mfg
2092-F01 ----- Fillets, fish-mfg
7389-F02 ----- Filling pressure containers (aerosol) with hair spray, insecticides, etc.
5541-F01 ----- Filling stations, gasoline-retail
2299-F05 ----- Filling, upholstery: textile-mfg
2099-F01 ----- Fillings, cake or pie: except fruits, vegetables, and meat-mfg
2679-F02 ----- Fills, insulating: paper-mfpm-mfg
8734-F01 ----- Film badge service (radiation detection)
7829-F01 ----- Film delivery, motion picture
7822-F01 ----- Film exchanges, motion picture
7829-F02 ----- Film libraries, motion picture
7819-F01 ----- Film libraries, stock footage
5043-F01 ----- Film, photographic-wholesale
3081-F01 ----- Film, plastics: unsupported-mfg
7384-F01 ----- Film processing, except for the motion picture industry
7819-F02 ----- Film processing, motion picture
7829-F03 ----- Film purchasing agencies, motion picture
3069-F02 ----- Film, rubber-mfg
3861-F01 ----- Film, sensitized: motion picture, X-ray, still camera, and special purpose-mfg
7336-F01 ----- Film strip and slide producers
2211-F02 ----- Filter cloth, cotton-mfg
3569-F01 ----- Filter elements, fluid: hydraulic line-mfg
2679-F03 ----- Filter paper, converted-mfpm-mfg
2621-F03 ----- Filter paper-mitse-mfg
3295-F02 ----- Filtering clays, treated purchased materials-mfg
3269-F02 ----- Filtering media, pottery-mfg
3564-F02 ----- Filters, air: for furnaces and air-conditioning equipment-mfg
3569-F02 ----- Filters, fluid, general line industrial: except internal combustion engine-mfg
3599-F03 ----- Filters, internal combustion engine: oil, gasoline, air intake, except motor vehicle engine-mfg
3714-F02 ----- Filters: oil, fuel, and air-motor vehicle-mfg
3569-F03 ----- Filters, pipeline-mfg
1446-F01 ----- Filtration sand mining
3483-F01 ----- Fin assemblies, mortar: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3483-F02 ----- Fin assemblies, torpedo and bomb-mfg
6159-F02 ----- Finance leasing of automobiles, trucks and machinery
6159-F03 ----- Finance leasing of equipment and vehicles
9311-000 ----- Finance, taxation, & monetary policy
6282-F01 ----- Financial advice, investment
6289-F01 ----- Financial reporting
6351-F02 ----- Financial responsibility insurance
6141-F01 ----- Financing of automobiles, furniture, appliances, personal airplanes, etc.: not en- gaged in deposit banking
6153-F02 ----- Financing of dealers by motor vehicle manufacturers, organizations
3131-F01 ----- Findings, boot and shoe-mfg
3915-F01 ----- Findings, jewelers-mfg
5087-F01 ----- Findings, shoe repair-wholesale
2396-F01 ----- Findings, suit and coat: e.g., coat fronts, pockets-mfg
3263-000 ----- Fine earthenware food utensils-mfg
0912-F01 ----- Finfish, catching of
0273-F01 ----- Finfish farms
3069-F03 ----- Finger cots, rubber-mfg
3999-F03 ----- Fingerprint equipment, except cameras and optical equipment-mfg
7381-F01 ----- Fingerprint service
3531-F01 ----- Finishers and spreaders, construction-mfg
3531-F02 ----- Finishers, concrete and bituminous: powered-mfg
2273-F01 ----- Finishers of tufted carpets and rugs-mfg
2843-F02 ----- Finishing agents, textile and leather-mfg
3547-F02 ----- Finishing equipment, rolling mill-mfg
3552-F01 ----- Finishing machinery, textile-mfg
3471-F01 ----- Finishing metal products and formed products, for the trade-mfg
2257-F03 ----- Finishing of circular knit fabrics-mfg
2261-F02 ----- Finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3111-F02 ----- Finishing of leather-mfg
2262-F02 ----- Finishing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269-F01 ----- Finishing of raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool-mfg
2258-F03 ----- Finishing of warp knit fabrics-mfg
2231-F05 ----- Finishing of wool, mohair, and similar animal fiber fabrics: except knit-mfg
2261-000 ----- Finishing plants, cotton-mfg
2262-000 ----- Finishing plants, manmade-mfg
2269-000 ----- Finishing plants, n.e.c.-mfg
8299-F01 ----- Finishing schools, charm and modeling
8211-F01 ----- Finishing schools, secondary
2091-F01 ----- Finnan haddie (smoked haddock)-mfg
3728-F01 ----- Fins, aircraft-mfg
3469-F01 ----- Fins, tube: stamped metal-mfg
3669-F01 ----- Fire alarm apparatus, electric-mfg
1731-F01 ----- Fire alarm installation-contractors
7382-F01 ----- Fire alarm monitoring and maintenance
3255-F01 ----- Fire clay blocks, bricks, tile, and special shapes-mfg
1459-F02 ----- Fire clay mining
7699-F03 ----- Fire control (military) equipment repair
3711-F01 ----- Fire department vehicles (motor vehicles)-mfg
9224-F01 ----- Fire departments, including volunteer
3669-F02 ----- Fire detection systems, electric-mfg
3829-F03 ----- Fire detector systems, nonelectric-mfg
3442-F01 ----- Fire doors, metal-mfg
1799-F02 ----- Fire escape installation-contractors
3446-F02 ----- Fire escapes, metal-mfg
2899-F03 ----- Fire extingaisher charges-mfg
3999-F04 ----- Fire extinguishers, portable-mfg
7389-F03 ----- Fire extinguishers, service of
5099-F01 ----- Fire extinguishers-wholesale
3491-F01 ----- Fire hydrant valves-mfg
6411-F01 ----- Fire Insurance Underwriters, Laboratories
6411-F02 ----- Fire loss appraisal
9224-F02 ----- Fire marshals, offices-government
0851-F01 ----- Fire prevention, forest
9224-F03 ----- Fire prevention offices-government
9224-000 ----- Fire protection
2261-F03 ----- Fire resistance finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262-F03 ----- Fire resistance finishing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2899-F04 ----- Fire retardant chemical preparations-mfg
1542-F02 ----- Fire station construction-general contractors
6331-000 ----- Fire, marine, and casualty insurance
3484-F01 ----- Firearms, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
5099-F02 ----- Firearms, except sporting-wholesale
5941-F01 ----- Firearms-retail
5091-F01 ----- Firearms, sporting-wholesale
3731-F02 ----- Fireboats, building and repairing-mfg
3255-F02 ----- Firebrick, clay-mfg
2311-F01 ----- Firefighters' dress uniforms, men's-mfg
3569-F04 ----- Firefighting apparatus, except automotive and chemical-mfg
5999-F04 ----- Firefighting equipment- retail
5087-F02 ----- Firefighting equipment-wholesale
0851-F02 ----- Firefighting, forest
7389-F04 ----- Firefighting service, other than forestry or public
3569-F05 ----- Firehose, except rubber-mfg
3052-F01 ----- Firehose, rubber-mfg
3429-F01 ----- Fireplace equipment (hardware)-mfg
3433-F01 ----- Fireplace inserts-mfg
2999-F01 ----- Fireplace logs, made from coal-mfg
5719-F01 ----- Fireplace screens and accessories-retail
5719-F02 ----- Fireplace stores-retail
3272-F01 ----- Fireplaces, concrete-mfg
5074-F01 ----- Fireplaces, prefabricated-wholesale
1752-F01 ----- Fireproof flooring construction-contractors
1799-F03 ----- Fireproofing buildings-contractors
3251-F02 ----- Fireproofing tile, clay-mfg
2499-F04 ----- Firewood and fuel wood containing fuel binder-mfg
5099-F03 ----- Firewood-wholesale
7999-F02 ----- Fireworks display service
2899-F05 ----- Fireworks-mfg
5999-F01 ----- Fireworks-retail
5092-F01 ----- Fireworks-wholesale .
3269-F03 ----- Firing china, for the trade-mfg
7699-F04 ----- Firing china to individual order
2449-F01 ----- Firkins and kits, wood: coopered-mfg
3842-F01 ----- First aid, snake bite, and burn kits-mfg
2091-F02 ----- Fish and seafood cakes: canned-mfg
2092-F02 ----- Fish and seafood cakes, frozen-mfg
5146-000 ----- Fish and seafoods-wholesale
3556-F02 ----- Fish and shellfish processing machinery-mfg
9512-F01 ----- Fish and wildlife conservation-government
2091-F03 ----- Fish, canned and cured-mfg
2091-F04 ----- Fish: cured, dried, pickled, salted, and smoked-mfg
5146-F01 ----- Fish, cured-wholesale
2091-F05 ----- Fish egg bait, canned-mfg
0273-F02 ----- Fish farms, except hatcheries
2092-F03 ----- Fish fillets-mfg
2048-F07 ----- Fish food-mfg
2092-F04 ----- Fish: fresh and frozen, prepared-mfg
5146-F02 ----- Fish, fresh-wholesale
5146-F03 ----- Fish, frozen: except packaged-wholesale
5142-F01 ----- Fish, frozen: packaged-wholesale
0921-F01 ----- Fish hatcheries
0921-000 ----- Fish hatcheries and preserves
2077-F02 ----- Fish liver oils, crude-mfg
2833-F01 ----- Fish liver oils, refined and concentrated for medicinal use-mfg
5421-F01 ----- Fish markets-retail
2077-F03 ----- Fish meal-mfg
2298-F01 ----- Fish nets and seines, made in cordage or twine mills-mfg
2077-F04 ----- Fish oil and fish oil meal-mfg
2092-F05 ----- Fish sticks-mfg
5199-F02 ----- Fish, tropical-wholesale
3644-F02 ----- Fish wire (electrical wiring tool)-mfg
0912-F02 ----- Fisheries, finfish
0913-F01 ----- Fisheries, shellfish
7999-F03 ----- Fishing boats, party: operation of
3732-F01 ----- Fishing boats, small-mfg
7032-F01 ----- Fishing camps
5941-F02 ----- Fishing equipment-retail
1389-F01 ----- Fishing for tools, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
7999-F07 ----- Fishing guides
3421-F01 ----- Fishing knives-mfg
2298-F02 ----- Fishing lines, nets, seines: made in cordage or twine mills-mfg
2399-F01 ----- Fishing nets-mfpm-mfg
7999-F04 ----- Fishing piers and lakes, operation of
0921-F02 ----- Fishing preserves
3949-F02 ----- Fishing tackle (except lines, nets, and seines)-mfg
3731-F03 ----- Fishing vessels, large: seiners and trawlers-building and repairing-mfg
2819-F05 ----- Fissionable material production-mfg
7991-F01 ----- Fitness salons
3089-F02 ----- Fittings for pipe, plastics-mfg
3089-F03 ----- Fittings, plastics-mfg
5074-F02 ----- Fittings, plumbers-wholesale
3321-F01 ----- Fittings, soil and pressure pipe: cast iron-mfg
3841-F01 ----- Fixation appliances, internal-mfg
4785-000 ----- Fixed facilities, Inspection and weighing services for vehicles
3861-F02 ----- Fixers, prepared photographic: not made in chemical plants-mfg
2541-F01 ----- Fixture tops, plastics laminated-mfg
2591-F01 ----- Fixtures, curtain and drapery-mfg
2542-F01 ----- Fixtures, display: office and store-except wood-mfg
2541-F02 ----- Fixtures, display: office and store-wood-mfg
2542-F02 ----- Fixtures, office and store: except wood-mfg
5078-F01 ----- Fixtures, refrigerated-wholesale
5046-F01 ----- Fixtures, store, not refrigerated-wholesale

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