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2381-000 ----- Fabric dress and work gloves-mfg
2261-F01 ----- Fabric finishing, cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262-F01 ----- Fabric finishing, manmade fiber and silk-broadwoven-mfg
2231-F01 ----- Fabric finishing of wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers: except knit-mfg
2258-F01 ----- Fabric finishing, warp knit-mfg
5949-F01 ----- Fabric shops-retail
2842-F01 ----- Fabric softeners-mfg
3499-000 ----- Fabricated metal products, n.e.c.-mfg
3498-F01 ----- Fabricated pipe and fittings: threading, bending, etc.-of purchased pipe mfg
3443-000 ----- Fabricated plate work (boiler shops)-mfg
3069-000 ----- Fabricated rubber products, n.e.c.-mfg
3441-F01 ----- Fabricated structural steel-mfg
2399-000 ----- Fabricated textile products, n.e.c.
2231-F02 ----- Fabrics, animal fiber: broadwoven wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2241-F01 ----- Fabrics, animal fiber: narrow woven-mfg
2297-F01 ----- Fabrics, bonded fiber: except felt-mfg
2211-F01 ----- Fabrics, broadwoven: cotton-mfg
2221-F01 ----- Fabrics, broadwoven: manmade fiber and silk-mfg
2231-F03 ----- Fabrics, broadwoven: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2257-F01 ----- Fabrics, circular knit-mfg
2295-F01 ----- Fabrics, coated and impregnated: except rubberized-mfg
2296-F01 ----- Fabrics for reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting, and fuel cells-mfg
2299-F01 ----- Fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, ramie-mfg
2297-F02 ----- Fabrics, non-woven: except felts-mfg
2952-F01 ----- Fabrics, roofing asphalt or tar saturated-mfpm-mfg
3069-F01 ----- Fabrics, rubberized-mfg
2258-F02 ----- Fabrics, warp knit-mitse-mfg
2257-F02 ----- Fabrics, weft knit-mfg
3496-F01 ----- Fabrics, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
6725-000 ----- Face-amount certificate offices
2844-F01 ----- Face creams and lotions-mfg
3644-F01 ----- Face plates (wiring devices)-mfg
2844-F02 ----- Face powders-mfg
6726-F01 ----- Face-amount certificate issuing
7231-F01 ----- Facial salons
2621-F01 ----- Facial tissue stock-mitse-mfg
2676-F01 ----- Facial tissues-mfpm-mfg
8744-F01 ----- Facilities management, except computer
7376-F01 ----- Facilities management services, computer
8744-F02 ----- Facilities support services, except computer
3541-F01 ----- Facing machines-mfg
3251-F01 ----- Facing tile, clay-mfg
2899-F01 ----- Facings (chemical foundry supplies)-mfg
3661-F01 ----- Facsimile equipment-mfg
2754-F01 ----- Facsimile letters: gravure printing-mfg
4822-F01 ----- Facsimile transmission services
6153-F01 ----- Factors of commercial paper
1541-F01 ----- Factory construction-general contractors
2599-F01 ----- Factory furniture: stools, work benches, tool stands, and cabinets-mfg
3253-F01 ----- Faience tile-mfg
2221-F02 ----- Failles-mfg
7999-F01 ----- Fairs, agricultural: operation of
2679-F01 ----- False faces, papier-mache-mfpm-mfg
5651-000 ----- Family clothing stores
5651-C01 ----- Family clothing stores-retail
8322-F01 ----- Family counseling services
8322-F02 ----- Family location services
8322-F03 ----- Family service agencies
3822-F01 ----- Fan control, temperature responsive-mfg
3599-F01 ----- Fan forges-mfg
3111-F01 ----- Fancy leathers-mfg
2672-F01 ----- Fancy paper, coated and glazed: except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2761-F01 ----- Fanfold forms-mfg
3564-F01 ----- Fans, except household-mfg
3634-F01 ----- Fans, household: electric, except attic fans-mfg
3634-F02 ----- Fans, household: kitchen-except attic-mfg
5084-F01 ----- Fans, industrial-wholesale
3829-F01 ----- Fare registers: e.g., for streetcars and buses-mfg
2043-F01 ----- Farina, cereal breakfast food-mfg
2041-F01 ----- Farina, except breakfast food-mitse-mfg
5083-000 ----- Farm and garden machinery-wholesale
1542-F01 ----- Farm building construction, except residential-general contractors
3448-F01 ----- Farm buildings, prefabricated: metal-mfg
2452-F01 ----- Farm buildings, prefabricated or portable: wood-mfg
8699-F01 ----- Farm bureaus
3523-F01 ----- Farm elevators-mfg
8699-F02 ----- Farm granges
8811-F01 ----- Farm homes, non-commercial
0761-F01 ----- Farm labor contractors
3523-000 ----- Farm machinery and equipment
3523-F02 ----- Farm machinery and equipment-mfg
5083-F01 ----- Farm machinery and equipment-wholesale
7699-F01 ----- Farm machinery repair
0762-F01 ----- Farm management services
6159-F01 ----- Farm mortgage companies
4221-F01 ----- Farm product warehousing and storage, other than cold storage
3443-F01 ----- Farm storage tanks, metal plate-mfg
5191-F01 ----- Farm supplies-wholesale
4212-F01 ----- Farm to market hauling
3523-F03 ----- Farm tractors-mfg
3523-F04 ----- Farm wagons-mfg
5159-000 ----- Farm-product raw materials, n.e.c.-wholesale
6111-F01 ----- Farmers Home Administration
8811-F02 ----- Farms, residential: noncommercial
7699-F02 ----- Farriers (blacksmith shops)
3089-F01 ----- Fascia, plastics (siding)-mfg
2754-F02 ----- Fashion plates: gravure printing-mfg
2752-F01 ----- Fashion plates, lithographed-mfg
2759-F01 ----- Fashion plates, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
7363-F01 ----- Fashion show model Supply service
5812-F01 ----- Fast food restaurants
5812-F02 ----- Fast food stores (prepared food)
3965-000 ----- Fasteners, buttons, needles, & pins-mfg
3965-F01 ----- Fasteners: glove, slide, snap, and hook and-eye-mfg
5072-F01 ----- Fasteners, hardware-wholesale
3812-F01 ----- Fathometers-mfg
3829-F02 ----- Fatigue testing machines, industrial: mechanical-mfg
2843-F01 ----- Fats, sulfonated-mfg
2869-F01 ----- Fatty acid esters and amines-mfg
2899-F02 ----- Fatty acids: margaric, oleic, and stearic-mfg
3261-F01 ----- Faucet handles, vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
3432-F01 ----- Faucets, metal and plastics-mfg
2499-F01 ----- Faucets, wood-mfg
9711-F01 ----- FBI
3582-F01 ----- Feather cleansing and sterilizing machinery-mfg
2077-F01 ----- Feather meal-mfg
2329-F01 ----- Feather-filled clothing: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339-F01 ----- Feather-filled coats, jackets, and vests: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3999-F01 ----- Feathers: curling, dyeing, and renovating-for the trade-mfg
5159-F01 ----- Feathers-wholesale
6111-000 ----- Federal & fed.-sponsored credit
6061-F01 ----- Federal credit unions
6331-F01 ----- Federal crop insurance corporation
6399-F01 ----- Federal deposit insurance corporation
6019-F01 ----- Federal home loan banks
6111-F02 ----- Federal home loan mortgage corporation
6111-F03 ----- Federal intermediate credit bank
6111-F04 ----- Federal land banks
6111-F05 ----- Federal national mortgage association
6011-F01 ----- Federal reserve banks
6011-F02 ----- Federal reserve branches
6399-F02 ----- Federal savings and loan insurance corporation
6035-F02 ----- Federal savings banks
5191-F02 ----- Feed additives, animal-wholesale
3199-F01 ----- Feed bags for horses-mfg
2048-F01 ----- Feed concentrates-mfg
5191-F03 ----- Feed, except unmixed grain-wholesale
2046-F01 ----- Feed, gluten-mfg
3523-F05 ----- Feed grinders, crushers, and mixers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3523-F06 ----- Feed grinders-mixers-mfg
3556-F01 ----- Feed mixers, except agricultural machinery-mfg
2048-F02 ----- Feed premixes-mfg
2048-F03 ----- Feed supplements-mfg
3612-F01 ----- Feeder voltage regulators and boosters(electric transformers)-mfg
3523-F07 ----- Feeders, chicken-mfg
3532-F01 ----- Feeders, ore and aggregate-mfg
0211-F01 ----- Feedlots, cattle
0213-F01 ----- Feedlots, hog
0214-F01 ----- Feedlots, lamb
2048-F04 ----- Feeds, prepared (including mineral): for animals and fowls-except dogs and cats-mfg
2048-F05 ----- Feeds, specialty: mice, guinea pigs, minks, etc.-mfg
2048-F06 ----- Feeds, stock: dry-mfg
3295-F01 ----- Feldspar, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1459-F01 ----- Feldspar mining
2499-F02 ----- Fellies, wood-mfg
2291-000 ----- Felt goods, (except. woven felts & hats)-mfg
2299-F02 ----- Felt goods, except woven felts and hats: wool, hair, jute, or other fiber-mfg
3292-F01 ----- Felt roll roofing, asbestos-mfg
3951-F01 ----- Felt tip markers-mfg
5199-F01 ----- Felt-wholesale
3292-F02 ----- Felt, woven amosite: asbestos-mfg
2621-F02 ----- Felts, building-mitse-mfg
2299-F03 ----- Felts, pressed or needle loom-mfg
2952-F02 ----- Felts, roofing asphalt saturated and tar saturate-droll or shingle-mfg
5033-F01 ----- Felts, tarred-wholesale
2231-F04 ----- Felts: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers: woven-mfg
3699-F01 ----- Fence chargers, electric-mfg
1799-F01 ----- Fence construction-contractors
3496-F02 ----- Fence gates, made from purchased wire-mfg
3315-F01 ----- Fence gates, posts, and fittings: steel-made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3312-F01 ----- Fence posts, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3423-F01 ----- Fence stretchers (handtools)-mfg
3446-F01 ----- Fences and posts, ornamental iron and steel-mfg
5039-F01 ----- Fencing and accessories, wire-wholesale
5211-F01 ----- Fencing dealers-retail
3949-F01 ----- Fencing equipment (sporting goods)-mfg
3496-F03 ----- Fencing, made from purchased wire-mfg
2499-F03 ----- Fencing, wood: except rough pickets, poles, and rails-mfg
5031-F01 ----- Fencing, wood-wholesale
3465-F01 ----- Fenders, stamped and pressed-mfg
1061-F01 ----- Ferberite mining
3443-F02 ----- Fermenters (process vessels), metal plate-mfg
2869-F02 ----- Ferric ammonium oxalate-mfg
2819-F01 ----- Ferric chloride-mfg
2816-F01 ----- Ferric oxide pigments-mfg
2819-F02 ----- Ferric oxides, except pigments-mfg
4482-F01 ----- Ferries, operation of
3599-F02 ----- Ferris wheels-mfg
3264-F01 ----- Ferrite mfg
1061-000 ----- Ferroalloy ores, (except vanadium)
3313-F01 ----- Ferroalloys (including high percentageS mfg
5051-F01 ----- Ferroalloys-wholesale
3313-F02 ----- Ferrochromium-mfg
2819-F03 ----- Ferrocyanides-mfg
3313-F03 ----- Ferromanganese-mfg
3313-F04 ----- Ferromolybdenum-mfg
3313-F05 ----- Ferrophosphorus-mfg
3313-F06 ----- Ferrosilicon-mfg
3313-F07 ----- Ferrotitanium-mfg
3313-F08 ----- Ferrotungsten-mfg
3547-F01 ----- Ferrous and nonferrous mill equipment, auxiliary-mfg
3313-F09 ----- Ferrovanadium-mfg
3499-F01 ----- Ferrules, metal-mfg
3731-F01 ----- Ferryboats, building and repairing-mfg
5191-F04 ----- Fertilizer and fertilizer materials-wholesale
0711-F01 ----- Fertilizer application for crops
2819-F04 ----- Fertilizer materials: muriate and sulfate of potash, not produced at mines-mfg
2875-F01 ----- Fertilizers, mixed: made in plants not manufacturing fertilizer materials-mfg
2873-F01 ----- Fertilizers, mixed: made in plants producing nitrogenous fertilizer materials-mfg
2874-F01 ----- Fertilizers, mixed: made in plants producing phosphatic fertilizer materials-mfg
2875-000 ----- Fertilizers, mixing only-mfg
2873-F02 ----- Fertilizers: natural (organic), except compost-mfg
3523-F08 ----- Fertilizing machinery, farm-mfg
2834-F01 ----- Fever remedies-mfg

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