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1446-E01 ----- Enamel sand mining
3253-E01 ----- Enamel tile, floor and wall: clay-mfg
3231-E01 ----- Enameled glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
2672-E01 ----- Enameled paper-mfpm-mfg
5031-E01 ----- Enameled tile board (hardboard)-wholesale
3479-E01 ----- Enameling (including porcelain) of metal products, for the trade-mfg
3567-E01 ----- Enameling ovens-mfg
3952-E02 ----- Enamels, china painting-mfg
3843-E01 ----- Enamels, dentists-mfg
2851-E01 ----- Enamels, except dental and china painting-mfg
5198-E01 ----- Enamels-wholesale
5719-E01 ----- Enamelware stores-retail
2032-E01 ----- Enchiladas, canned-mfg
3269-E02 ----- Encrusting gold, silver, or other metal on china, for the trade-mfg
3231-E02 ----- Encrusting gold, silver, or other metals on glass products: made from purchased glass-mfg
3663-E01 ----- Encryption devices-mfg
5963-E01 ----- Encyclopedias, house-to-house selling-retail
2511-E01 ----- End tables, wood-mfg
2833-E01 ----- Endocrine products-mfg
8021-E01 ----- Endodontists, offices of
3845-E07 ----- Endoscopic equipment, electromedical: e.g., bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, and colonoscopes-mfg
3822-E04 ----- Energy cutoff controls, residential and commercial types-mfg
9611-E02 ----- Energy development and conservation agencies-nonoperating
8741-E01 ----- Energy management services
3825-E05 ----- Energy measuring equipment, electrical-mfg
3463-E01 ----- Engine and turbine forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3694-000 ----- Engine electrical equipment-mfg
5013-E02 ----- Engine electrical equipment, automotive-wholesale
3462-E01 ----- Engine forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3724-E01 ----- Engine heaters, aircraft-mfg
3724-E02 ----- Engine mount parts, aircraft-mfg
3724-E03 ----- Engine pumps, aircraft-mfg
7538-E01 ----- Engine repair, automotive
7699-E01 ----- Engine repair, except automotive
7538-E02 ----- Engine repair, truck: except industrial
3537-E01 ----- Engine stands and racks, metal-mfg
5013-E03 ----- Engine testing equipment, automobile: electrical-wholesale
8621-E01 ----- Engineering associations
7363-E02 ----- Engineering job shops (temporary employees)
8731-E01 ----- Engineering laboratories, commercial research: except testing
8711-000 ----- Engineering services
8712-E01 ----- Engineering services: architectural
8711-E02 ----- Engineering services: communication and computer
8711-E01 ----- Engineering services: industrial, civil, electrical, mechanical, petroleum, marine, and design
8713-E01 ----- Engineering services: photogrammetric
5049-E01 ----- Engineers, equipment and supplies-wholesale
3724-E04 ----- Engines and engine parts, aircraft: internal combustion and jet propulsion-mfg
3764-E01 ----- Engines and engine parts, guided missile-mfg
3519-E01 ----- Engines and engine parts, internal combustion-military tank-mfg
5084-E02 ----- Engines and parts, diesel-wholesale
3714-E01 ----- Engines and parts, except diesel: motor vehicle-mfg
3519-E02 ----- Engines: diesel and semidiesel and dual fuel-except aircraft-mfg
3519-E03 ----- Engines, internal combustion: except aircraft and nondiesel automotive-mfg
3944-E03 ----- Engines, miniature-mfg
3511-E01 ----- Engines, steam: except locomotives-mfg
3743-E01 ----- Engines, steam (locomotives)-mfg
0161-E01 ----- English pea farms
3231-E03 ----- Engraved glassware-mfg
3423-E02 ----- Engravers, tools, hand-mfg
3479-E02 ----- Engraving jewelry, silverware, and metal for the trade: except printing-mfg
3555-E02 ----- Engraving machinery and equipment(printing trades machinery)-mfg
2759-E02 ----- Engraving of cards, except greeting cards-mfg
3089-E01 ----- Engraving of plastics-mfg
2796-E04 ----- Engraving on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printing purposes-mfg
2796-E05 ----- Engraving on textile printing plates and cylinders-mfg
2796-E06 ----- Engraving, steel line: for printing purposes-mfg
7389-E02 ----- Engrossing, e.g., diplomas and resolutions
3861-E02 ----- Enlargers, photographic-mfg
2335-E01 ----- Ensemble dresses: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3523-E02 ----- Ensilage blowers and cutters-mfg
7929-E01 ----- Entertainers
7929-E02 ----- Entertainment groups
0721-E01 ----- Entomological service, agricultural
8999-E01 ----- Entomologists, consulting: not with business service laboratories
3555-E03 ----- Envelope printing presses-mfg
3579-E02 ----- Envelope stuffing, sealing, and addressing machines-mfg
2754-E01 ----- Envelopes: gravure printing-mfg
2759-E03 ----- Envelopes, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2677-E01 ----- Envelopes, printed or unprinted: paper, glassine, cellophane, and pliofilm-mfpm-mfg
5112-E01 ----- Envelopes-wholesale
3822-000 ----- Environmental control products-mfg
9431-E01 ----- Environmental health programs-government
8399-E01 ----- Environmental organization
9511-E01 ----- Environmental protection agencies-government
9511-E02 ----- Environmental quality and control agencies-government
2835-E02 ----- Enzyme and isoenzyme diagnostic reagent;-mfg
2869-E01 ----- Enzymes, except diagnostic substances-mfg
2865-E01 ----- Eosine toners-mfg
2822-E02 ----- EPDM polymers-mfg
2833-E02 ----- Ephedrine and derivatives-mfg
2821-E02 ----- Epichlorohydrin bisphenol-mfg
2821-E03 ----- Epichlorohydrin diphenol-mfg
2822-E03 ----- Epichlorohydrin elastomers-mfg
2891-E01 ----- Epoxy adhesives-mfg
1799-E01 ----- Epoxy application-contractors
2851-E02 ----- Epoxy coatings, made from purchased resin-mfg
2821-E04 ----- Epoxy resins-mfg
9441-E01 ----- Equal employment opportunity offices
7359-000 ----- Equipment rental & leasing, n.e.c.
3952-E03 ----- Eraser guides and shields-mfg
3069-E02 ----- Erasers: rubber, or rubber and abrasive combined-mfg
1389-E01 ----- Erecting lease tanks, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
1799-E02 ----- Erection and dismantling of forms for poured concrete contractors
3944-E04 ----- Erector sets, toy-mfg
2833-E03 ----- Ergot alkaloids-mfg
3534-E04 ----- Escalators, passenger and freight-mfg
7299-E02 ----- Escort service
6531-E01 ----- Escrow agents, real estate
6099-E02 ----- Escrow institutions other than real estate
2899-E01 ----- Essential oils-mfg
5169-E01 ----- Essential oils-wholesale
2822-E04 ----- Estane-mfg
8811-E01 ----- Estates, private
2821-E05 ----- Ester gum-mfg
2869-E02 ----- Esters of phosphoric, adipic, lauric, oleic, sebacic, and stearic acids-mfg
2869-E03 ----- Esters of phthalic anhydride-mfg
2869-E04 ----- Esters of polyhydric alcohols-mfg
0851-E01 ----- Estimating timber
3555-E04 ----- Etching machines (printing trades machinery)-mfg
2796-E07 ----- Etching on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printing purposes-mfg
3479-E03 ----- Etching on metals for purposes other than printing-mfg
3479-E04 ----- Etching: photochemical, for the trade-mfg
1321-E01 ----- Ethane (natural) production
2869-E05 ----- Ethanol, industrial-mfg
2869-E06 ----- Ether-mfg
5812-E01 ----- Ethiopian restaurants
2861-E01 ----- Ethyl acetate, natural-mfg
2869-E07 ----- Ethyl acetate, synthetic-mfg
2085-E02 ----- Ethyl alcohol for medicinal and beverage purposes-mfg
2869-E08 ----- Ethyl alcohol, industrial (nonbeverage)-mfg
2865-E02 ----- Ethyl benzene-mfg
2869-E09 ----- Ethyl butyrate-mfg
2821-E06 ----- Ethyl cellulose plastics-mfg
2869-E10 ----- Ethyl cellulose, unplasticized-mfg
2869-E11 ----- Ethyl chloride-mfg
2869-E12 ----- Ethyl ether-mfg
2869-E13 ----- Ethyl formate-mfg
2869-E14 ----- Ethyl nitrite-mfg
2869-E15 ----- Ethyl perhydrophenanthrene-mfg
2899-E02 ----- Ethylene glycol antifreeze preparations-mfg
2869-E16 ----- Ethylene glycol ether-mfg
2869-E17 ----- Ethylene glycol, inhibited-mfg
2869-E18 ----- Ethylene glycol-mfg
2869-E19 ----- Ethylene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2869-E20 ----- Ethylene oxide-mfg
2911-E01 ----- Ethylene, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2822-E05 ----- Ethylene-propylene rubbers-mfg
2821-E07 ----- Ethylene-vinyl acetate resins-mfg
2899-E03 ----- Eucalyptus oil-mfg
2023-E02 ----- Evaporated milk-mfg
3821-E01 ----- Evaporation apparatus, laboratory type-mfg
3829-E02 ----- Evaporation meters-mfg
3585-E03 ----- Evaporative condensers (heat transfer equipment )-mfg
3443-E02 ----- Evaporators (process vessels), metal plate-mfg
1794-000 ----- Excavating and foundation work
5082-E01 ----- Excavating machinery and equipment-wholesale
1389-E02 ----- Excavating slush pits and cellars on a contract basis
1794-E02 ----- Excavation work-contractors
3531-E01 ----- Excavators: e.g., cable, clamshell, crane, derrick, dragline, power shovel-mfg
2429-E01 ----- Excelsior, including pads and wrappers: wood-mfg
2679-E03 ----- Excelsior, paper-mfpm-mfg
6289-E01 ----- Exchange clearing-houses, commodity
6289-E02 ----- Exchange clearing-houses, security
3443-E03 ----- Exchangers, heat: industrial, scientific, and nuclear-mfg
6231-E01 ----- Exchanges, commodity contract
6231-E02 ----- Exchanges, security
3621-E01 ----- Exciter assemblies, motor and generator-mfg
4489-E01 ----- Excursion boat operations
9131-000 ----- Executive and legislative combined
9111-000 ----- Executive offices
7361-E02 ----- Executive placing services
5941-E01 ----- Exercise apparatus-retail
3949-E01 ----- Exercise cycles-mfg
7991-E01 ----- Exercise salons
3949-E02 ----- Exercising machines-mfg
3564-E02 ----- Exhaust fans, except household and kitchen-mfg
7533-E01 ----- Exhaust system services, automotive
3724-E05 ----- Exhaust systems, aircraft-mfg
3714-E02 ----- Exhaust systems and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
7999-E01 ----- Exhibition operation
3999-E02 ----- Exhibits and slides for classroom use, preparation of-mfg
7389-E03 ----- Exhibits, building of: by industrial contractors
2899-E04 ----- Exothermics for metal industries-mfg
3111-E02 ----- Exotic leathers-mfg
3441-E01 ----- Expansion joints (structural shapes): iron and steel-mfg
1081-E01 ----- Exploration for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481-E01 ----- Exploration for nonmetallic minerals, except fuels: on a contract basis
1382-E01 ----- Exploration, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
2892-E01 ----- Explosive cartridges for concussion forming of metal-mfg
2892-E02 ----- Explosive compounds-mfg
5169-E02 ----- Explosives, all kinds except ammunition and fireworks-wholesale
2892-E03 ----- Explosives-mfg
6111-E01 ----- Export-Import Bank
7999-E02 ----- Exposition operation
3861-E03 ----- Exposure meters, photographic-mfg
2211-E02 ----- Express stripes, cotton-mfg
3944-E05 ----- Express wagons, children's-mfg
8051-E01 ----- Extended care facilities
3699-E05 ----- Extension cords, made from purchased insulated wire-mfg
2499-E01 ----- Extension planks, wood-mfg
3842-E03 ----- Extension shoes, orthopedic-mfg
2879-E02 ----- Exterminating products, for household and industrial use-mfg
7342-E01 ----- Exterminating service
3724-E06 ----- External power units, aircraft: for hand-in-ertia starters-mfg
3999-E03 ----- Extinguishers, fire: portable-mfg
2082-E01 ----- Extract, malt-mfg
3582-E01 ----- Extractors and driers, commercial laundry-mfg
3531-E02 ----- Extractors, piling-mfg
2861-E02 ----- Extracts, dyeing and tanning: natural-mfg
2834-E04 ----- Extracts of botanicals: powdered, pilular, solid, and fluid, except diagnostics-mfg
3354-E01 ----- Extruded shapes, aluminum-mfg
3351-E01 ----- Extruded shapes, copper and copper alloy-mfg
3356-E01 ----- Extruded shapes, nonferrous metals and alloys, except copper and aluminum-mfg
3542-E03 ----- Extruding machines (machine tools), metal-mfg
3544-E01 ----- Extrusion dies-mfg
3355-E01 ----- Extrusion ingot, aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
3334-E01 ----- Extrusion ingot, aluminum: primary-mfg
8069-E01 ----- Eye, ear, nose, and throat hospitals: in-patient
3841-E01 ----- Eye examining instruments and apparatus-mfg
3172-E01 ----- Eyeglass cases, regardless of material-mfg
3851-E01 ----- Eyeglasses, lenses, and frames-mfg
2395-E04 ----- Eyelet making, for the trade-mfg
3965-E01 ----- Eyelets, metal: for clothing, fabrics, boots and shoes, and paper-mfg
3851-E02 ----- Eyes, glass and plastics-mfg

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