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3842-E01 ----- Ear stoppers-mfg
1794-E01 ----- Earth moving-contractors
7353-E01 ----- Earth moving equipment rental and leasing
1629-E01 ----- Earth moving, not connected with building construction-general contractors
3263-E01 ----- Earthenware: commercial and household-semivitreous-mfg
3269-E01 ----- Earthenware table and kitchen articles, coarse-mfg
2048-E01 ----- Earthworm food and bedding-mfg
0279-E01 ----- Earthworm hatcheries
3952-E01 ----- Easels, artists-mfg
2771-E01 ----- Easter cards, except hand painted-mfg
5113-E01 ----- Eating utensils: forks, knives, spoons-disposable plastics-wholesale
3444-E01 ----- Eaves, sheet metal-mfg
3299-E01 ----- Ecclesiastical statuary: gypsum, clay, or papier mache-factory production only-mfg
3281-E01 ----- Ecclesiastical statuary, marble-mfg
3914-E01 ----- Ecclesiastical ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
8748-E01 ----- Economic consulting
9611-E01 ----- Economic development agencies-government
8732-E01 ----- Economic research, commercial
8733-E01 ----- Economic research, non-commercial
3443-E01 ----- Economizers (boilers)-mfg
6082-E01 ----- Edge Act Corporations
3423-E01 ----- Edge tools for woodworking: augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks, etc.-mfg
2789-E01 ----- Edging books, cards, or paper-mfg
2258-E01 ----- Edgings, lace-mfg
2079-000 ----- Edible fats and oils, n.e.c.-mfg
3861-E01 ----- Editing equipment, motion picture: rewinds, viewers, titlers, and splicers-mfg
7819-E01 ----- Editing of motion picture film
7338-E01 ----- Editing service
7338-E02 ----- Editorial services, online
9411-E01 ----- Education offices, non-operating
9411-E02 ----- Education statistics centers-government
8748-E02 ----- Educational consulting, except management
7812-E01 ----- Educational motion picture production
8299-E01 ----- Educational services
6732-000 ----- Educational, religious, etc. trusts
8732-E02 ----- Educational research, commercial
8733-E02 ----- Educational research, non-commercial
6732-E01 ----- Educational trusts, management of
0912-E01 ----- Eels, catching of
2834-E01 ----- Effervescent salts-mfg
2015-E01 ----- Egg albumen-mfg
2675-E01 ----- Egg cartons, die cut paper and paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2679-E01 ----- Egg cartons, molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
2679-E02 ----- Egg case filler flats, molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
2675-E02 ----- Egg case fillers and flats, die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfg
2441-E01 ----- Egg cases, wood-mfg
3634-E01 ----- Egg cookers, electric-mfg
5499-E01 ----- Egg dealers-retail
0252-E01 ----- Egg farms, chicken
0259-E01 ----- Egg farms, poultry: except chicken and turkey
0253-E01 ----- Egg farms, turkey
0254-E01 ----- Egg hatcheries, poultry
2015-E02 ----- Egg substitutes made from eggs-mfg
2085-E01 ----- Eggnog, alcoholic-mfg
2023-E01 ----- Eggnog, canned: nonalcoholic-mfg
2026-E01 ----- Eggnog, fresh: nonalcoholic-mfg
2015-E03 ----- Eggs: canned, dehydrated, desiccated, frozen, and processed-mfg
5144-E01 ----- Eggs: cleaning, oil treating, packing, and grading-wholesale
2015-E04 ----- Eggs: drying, freezing, and breaking-mfg
5144-E02 ----- Eggs-wholesale
3825-E01 ----- Elapsed time meters, electronic-mfg
2211-E01 ----- Elastic fabrics, cotton: more than 12inches in width-mfg
2221-E01 ----- Elastic fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: more than 12 inches in width-mfg
2259-E01 ----- Elastic girdle blanks-mitse-mfg
3842-E02 ----- Elastic hosiery, orthopedic-mfg
3542-E01 ----- Elastic membrane metal forming machines-mfg
2241-E01 ----- Elastic narrow fabrics, woven or braided-mfg
2241-E02 ----- Elastic webbing-mfg
2824-E01 ----- Elastomeric fibers-mfg
2821-E01 ----- Elastomers, nonvulcanizable (plastics)-mfg
2822-E01 ----- Elastomers, vulcanizable (synthetic rubber)-mfg
3444-E02 ----- Elbows for conductor pipe, hot air ducts, and stovepipe: sheet metal-mfg
3494-E01 ----- Elbows, pipe: except pressure and soil pipe-metal-mfg
3321-E01 ----- Elbows, pipe: pressure and soil pipe-cast iron-mfg
3823-E01 ----- Electric and electronic controllers, industrial process type-mfg
4931-000 ----- Electric and other services combined
4931-E01 ----- Electric and other services combined (electric less than 95 percent of total)
7629-E01 ----- Electric appliance repair
5064-E01 ----- Electric appliances, household-wholesale
3585-E01 ----- Electric comfort heating equipment-mfg
3699-E01 ----- Electric fence chargers-mfg
3612-E01 ----- Electric furnace transformers-mfg
3822-E01 ----- Electric heat proportioning controls, modulating controls-mfg
5722-E01 ----- Electric household appliance stores-retail
3634-000 ----- Electric housewares and fans
5064-E02 ----- Electric housewares and household fans-wholesale
2241-E03 ----- Electric insulating tapes and braids, except plastic-mfg
5064-E03 ----- Electric irons-wholesale
3641-000 ----- Electric lamps-mfg
3641-E01 ----- Electric lamp (bulb) parts-mfg
3641-E02 ----- Electric lamps-mfg
3641-E03 ----- Electric light bulbs, complete-mfg
7694-E01 ----- Electric motor repair
3931-E01 ----- Electric musical instruments-mfg
4911-E01 ----- Electric power generation, transmission, or distribution
1623-E01 ----- Electric power line construction-general contractors
4011-E01 ----- Electric railroads, line-haul operating
5064-E04 ----- Electric ranges-wholesale
7629-E02 ----- Electric razor repair
5999-E01 ----- Electric razor shops-retail
5064-E05 ----- Electric razors-wholesale
3559-E01 ----- Electric screening equipment-mfg
4911-000 ----- Electric services
3822-E02 ----- Electric sir cleaner controls, automatic-mfg
3822-E03 ----- Electric space heater controls, automatic-mfg
3634-E02 ----- Electric space heaters-mfg
7629-E03 ----- Electric tool repair
3585-E02 ----- Electric warm air furnaces-mfg
5064-E06 ----- Electric washing machines-wholesale
5063-000 ----- Electrical apparatus and equipment-wholesale
5064-000 ----- Electrical appliances, TV & radios-wholesale
5013-E01 ----- Electrical automobile engine testing equipment-wholesale
5063-E01 ----- Electrical construction materials-wholesale
3541-E01 ----- Electrical discharge erosion machines-mfg
3541-E02 ----- Electrical discharge grinding machines-mfg
3599-E01 ----- Electrical discharge machining (EDM)-mfg
3699-000 ----- Electrical equipment & supplies, n.e.c.-mfg
5063-E02 ----- Electrical generators-wholesale
3629-000 ----- Electrical industrial apparatus, n.e.c.
3229-E01 ----- Electrical insulators, glass-mfg
3264-E01 ----- Electrical insulators: pin, suspension, switch, and bus type-porcelain-mfg
7629-E04 ----- Electrical measuring instrument repair and calibration
3825-E02 ----- Electrical power measuring equipment-mfg
1731-E01 ----- Electrical repair at site of construction-contractors
7629-000 ----- Electrical repair shops, n.e.c.
7629-E05 ----- Electrical repair shops, except radio, television, and refrigerator repair
7539-E01 ----- Electrical service, automotive (battery and ignition repair)
3993-E01 ----- Electrical signs and advertising displays-mfg
1731-000 ----- Electrical work
1731-E02 ----- Electrical work-contractors
3069-E01 ----- Electricians' gloves, rubber-mfg
3845-E01 ----- Electrocardiographs-mfg
3799-E01 ----- Electrocars for transporting golfers-mfg
3629-E01 ----- Electrochemical generators (fuel cells)-mfg
3541-E03 ----- Electrochemical milling machines-mfg
3548-E01 ----- Electrode holders for electric welding apparatus-mfg
3641-E04 ----- Electrodes, cold cathode fluorescent lamp-mfg
3548-E02 ----- Electrodes, electric welding-mfg
3624-E01 ----- Electrodes for thermal and electrolytic uses, carbon and graphite-mfg
3823-E02 ----- Electrodes used in industrial process measurement-mfg
3845-E02 ----- Electroencephalographs-mfg
3542-E02 ----- Electroforming machines-mfg
3829-E01 ----- Electrogamma ray loggers-mfg
3845-E03 ----- Electrogastrograph-mfg
3492-E01 ----- Electrohydraulic servo valves, fluid power: metal-mfg
3471-E01 ----- Electrolizing steel, for the trade-mfg
7299-E01 ----- Electrolysis (hair removal)
2835-E01 ----- Electrolyte diagnostic reagents-mfg
3823-E03 ----- Electrolytic conductivity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3826-E01 ----- Electrolytic conductivity instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3541-E04 ----- Electrolytic metal cutting machine tools-mfg
3625-E01 ----- Electromagnetic brakes and clutches-mfg
3824-E01 ----- Electromechanical counters-mfg
3845-E04 ----- Electromedical apparatus-mfg
3845-000 ----- Electromedical equipment
5047-E01 ----- Electromedical equipment-wholesale
3313-000 ----- Electrometallurgical products-mfg
3845-E05 ----- Electromyographs-mfg
3671-E01 ----- Electron beam (beta ray) generator tubes-mfg
3699-E02 ----- Electron beam metal cutting, forming, and welding machines-mfg
3541-E05 ----- Electron Discharge metal cutting machine tools-mfg
3699-E03 ----- Electron linear accelerators-mfg
3826-E02 ----- Electron microprobes-mfg
3826-E03 ----- Electron microscopes-mfg
3826-E04 ----- Electron paramagnetic spin type apparatus-mfg
3559-E02 ----- Electron tube making machinery-mfg
3671-E02 ----- Electron tube parts, except glass blanks:bases, getters, and guns-mfg
3825-E03 ----- Electron tube test equipment-mfg
3671-000 ----- Electron tubes-mfg
3671-E03 ----- Electron tubes-mfg
3675-000 ----- Electronic capacitors
3677-000 ----- Electronic coils and transformers-mfg
5065-E01 ----- Electronic coils and transformers-wholesale
7389-E04 ----- Electronic commerce
3679-000 ----- Electronic components, n.e.c.-mfg
3571-000 ----- Electronic computers-mfg
3577-E01 ----- Electronic computer subassembly for film reader and phototheodolite-mfg
3678-000 ----- Electronic connectors-mfg
5065-E02 ----- Electronic connectors-wholesale
1731-E03 ----- Electronic control system installation-contractors
3469-E01 ----- Electronic enclosures: stamped or pressed-mfg
7359-E01 ----- Electronic equipment rental and leasing, except medical and computer equipment
7629-E06 ----- Electronic equipment repair, except computers and computer peripheral equipment
6099-E01 ----- Electronic funds transfer networks, including switching
3944-E01 ----- Electronic game machines, except coin-operated-mfg
3651-E01 ----- Electronic kits for home assembly: radio and television receiving sets, and phonograph equipment-mfg
4822-E01 ----- Electronic mail services
3931-E02 ----- Electronic musical instruments-mfg
5065-000 ----- Electronic parts and equipment-wholesale
5065-E03 ----- Electronic parts-wholesale
3676-000 ----- Electronic resistors-mfg
3825-E04 ----- Electronic test equipment for testing electrical characteristics-mfg
3824-E02 ----- Electronic totalizing counters-mfg
3944-E02 ----- Electronic toys-mfg
5065-E04 ----- Electronic tubes: receiving, transmitting, and industrial-wholesale
3826-E05 ----- Electrophoresis instruments-mfg
3559-E03 ----- Electroplating machinery and equipment, except rolling mill lines-mfg
3471-E02 ----- Electroplating of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
1721-E01 ----- Electrostatic painting on site (including of lockers and fixtures) contractors
3699-E04 ----- Electrostatic particle accelerators-mfg
3564-E01 ----- Electrostatic precipitators-mfg
3641-E05 ----- Electrotherapeutic lamp units for ultraviolet and infrared radiation-mfg
3845-E06 ----- Electrotherapy unit-mfg
2796-E01 ----- Electrotype plates-mfg
2796-E02 ----- Electrotyping for the trade-mfg
3555-E01 ----- Electrotyping machines-mfg
3826-E06 ----- Elemental analyzers (CHNOS)-mfg
8211-000 ----- Elementary and secondary schools
8211-E01 ----- Elementary schools
2879-E01 ----- Elements, minor or trace (agricultural chemicals-mfg
1622-E01 ----- Elevated highway construction-general contractors
4111-E01 ----- Elevated railway operation
1791-E01 ----- Elevator front installation, metal-contractors
3534-E01 ----- Elevator fronts-mfg
3446-E01 ----- Elevator guide rails, metal-mfg
1796-E01 ----- Elevator installation, conversion, and repair-contractors
3728-E01 ----- Elevators, aircraft-mfg
3534-E02 ----- Elevators and elevator equipment, passenger and freight-mfg
3534-000 ----- Elevators and moving stairways-mfg
3523-E01 ----- Elevators, farm-mfg
4221-E01 ----- Elevators, grain: storage only
3534-E03 ----- Elevators, powered: non farm-mfg
5084-E01 ----- Elevators-wholesale
9721-E01 ----- Embassies
2395-E01 ----- Emblems, embroidered-mfg
2399-E01 ----- Emblems, made from fabrics-mfg
3199-E01 ----- Embossed leather goods for the trace-mfg
2261-E01 ----- Embossing cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269-E01 ----- Embossing linen broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3579-E01 ----- Embossing machines for store and office use-mfg
2262-E01 ----- Embossing manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2789-E02 ----- Embossing of books-mfg
3111-E01 ----- Embossing of leather-mfg
2759-E01 ----- Embossing on paper-mfg
2796-E03 ----- Embossing plates for printing-mfg
2395-E02 ----- Embroideries: metallic, beaded, and sequined-mfg
2397-E01 ----- Embroideries, Schiffli machine-mfg
7389-E01 ----- Embroidering of advertising on shirts, etc.
3999-E01 ----- Embroidery kits-mfg
3552-E01 ----- Embroidery machines-mfg
2395-E03 ----- Embroidery products, except Schiffli machine-mfg
2284-E01 ----- Embroidery thread: cotton, silk, manmade fibers, and wool-mfg
2281-E01 ----- Embroidery yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
9229-E01 ----- Emergency management offices-government
8322-E01 ----- Emergency shelters
3291-E01 ----- Emery abrasives-mfg
1499-E01 ----- Emery mining
7549-E01 ----- Emissions testing service, automotive: without repair
3728-E02 ----- Empennage (tail) assemblies and parts, aircraft-mfg
7363-E01 ----- Employee leasing service
8631-E01 ----- Employees, associations for improvement of wages and working conditions
7361-E03 ----- Employment agencies
2843-E01 ----- Emulsifiers, except food and pharmaceutical-mfg
2834-E02 ----- Emulsifiers, fluorescent inspection-mfg
2099-E01 ----- Emulsifiers, food-mfg
2834-E03 ----- Emulsions, pharmaceutical-mfg

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