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2211-D09 ----- Duck, cotton-mfg
0259-D01 ----- Duck farms
7933-D01 ----- Duck pin centers
2015-D01 ----- Ducks, processed: fresh, frozen, canned, or cooked-mfg
2015-D02 ----- Ducks: slaughtering and dressing-mfg
1761-D02 ----- Duct work, sheet metal-contractors
3321-D01 ----- Ductile iron castings-mfg
3443-D02 ----- Ducting, metal plate-mfg
3292-D01 ----- Ducts, asbestos cement-mfg
3444-D04 ----- Ducts, sheet metal-mfg
7032-D01 ----- Dude ranches
2393-D01 ----- Duffel bags, canvas-mfg
3949-D02 ----- Dumbbells-mfg
1796-D02 ----- Dumbwaiter installation-contractors
3534-D01 ----- Dumbwaiters-mfg
1459-D02 ----- Dumortierite mining
3714-D05 ----- Dump-truck lifting mechanisms-mfg
3532-D04 ----- Dumpers, car: mining-mfg
4953-D01 ----- Dumps, operation of
5599-D01 ----- Dune-buggies-retail
2325-D01 ----- Dungarees: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5088-D01 ----- Dunnage (marine supplies)-wholesale
2893-D01 ----- Duplicating ink-mfg
3579-D03 ----- Duplicating machines-mfg
5044-D01 ----- Duplicating machines-wholesale
7334-D01 ----- Duplicating services, except printing
3541-D05 ----- Duplicator, machine tools-mfg
5099-000 ----- Durable goods, n.e.c.-wholesale
2041-D03 ----- Durum flour-mfg
3564-D01 ----- Dust and fume collecting equipment, industrial-mfg
2392-D03 ----- Dust cloths-mfg
1796-D03 ----- Dust collecting equipment installation-contractors
3564-D02 ----- Dust collection equipment-mfg
5075-D01 ----- Dust collection equipment-wholesale
2842-D07 ----- Dust mats, gelatin-mfg
2392-D04 ----- Dust mops-mfg
2384-D02 ----- Dusters (apparel)-mfg
2392-D05 ----- Dusters, fabric-mfg
3999-D09 ----- Dusters, feather-mfg
3523-D04 ----- Dusters, mechanical: agricultural-mfg
3728-D03 ----- Dusting and spraying equipment, aircraft-mfg
2842-D08 ----- Dusting cloths, chemically treated-mfg
2392-D06 ----- Dusting cloths, plain-mfg
0721-D03 ----- Dusting crops, with or without fertilizing
3563-D01 ----- Dusting outfits for metal, paints, and chemicals (portable or vehicular)-mfg
2211-D10 ----- Duvetyn, cotton-mfg
2221-D03 ----- Duvetyn, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
6514-D01 ----- Dwellings (four or fewer) housing units: operators of
2451-D01 ----- Dwellings, mobile-mfg
6514-000 ----- Dwelling operators, (except apartments)
3448-D02 ----- Dwellings, prefabricated: metal-mfg
2865-D04 ----- Dye (cyclic) intermediates-mfg
2842-D09 ----- Dye removing cream, petroleum base-mfg
2841-D03 ----- Dye removing cream, soap base-mfg
7216-D03 ----- Dyeing and cleaning plants, except rug-cleaning
2861-D03 ----- Dyeing and extract materials, natural-mfg
2257-D01 ----- Dyeing and finishing circular knit fabrics-mfg
2252-D01 ----- Dyeing and finishing hosiery, except women's full-length and knee-length-mfg
2259-D03 ----- Dyeing and finishing knit gloves and mittens-mfg
2253-D03 ----- Dyeing and finishing knit outerwear, except hosiery, gloves, and nightwear-mfg
2254-D02 ----- Dyeing and finishing knit underwear-mfg
2258-D01 ----- Dyeing and finishing lace goods-mfg
2273-D02 ----- Dyeing and finishing of rugs and carpets-mfg
2231-D01 ----- Dyeing and finishing of wool and similar animal fibers: except knit-mfg
2258-D02 ----- Dyeing and finishing warp knit fabrics-mfg
2257-D02 ----- Dyeing and finishing weft knit fabrics-mfg
2251-D01 ----- Dyeing and finishing women's full length and knee-length hosiery, except socks-mfg
2261-D01 ----- Dyeing cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3999-D10 ----- Dyeing feathers, for the trade-mfg
3999-D11 ----- Dyeing furs-mfg
2381-D01 ----- Dyeing gloves, woven or knit: for the trade-mfg
3552-D04 ----- Dyeing machinery, textile-mfg
2262-D01 ----- Dyeing manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269-D01 ----- Dyeing raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool-mfg
3999-D12 ----- Dyeing sponges-mfg
3999-D13 ----- Dyers' nets-mfg
2865-D05 ----- Dyes, food: synthetic-mfg
2844-D06 ----- Dyes, hair-mfg
2899-D06 ----- Dyes, household-mfg
2865-D06 ----- Dyes, synthetic organic-mfg
2861-D04 ----- Dyestuffs, natural-mfg
5169-D04 ----- Dyestuffs-wholesale
2892-D03 ----- Dynamite-mfg
3829-D03 ----- Dynamometer instruments-mfg
3621-D01 ----- Dynamos, electric: except automotive-mfg
3621-D02 ----- Dynamotors-mfg
3699-D02 ----- Dynamotrons-mfg
3728-D04 ----- Dynetric balancing stands, aircraft-mfg
3429-D04 ----- Dzus fasteners-mfg

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