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5812-D01 ----- Dairy bars
5143-D01 ----- Dairy depots-wholesale
3523-D01 ----- Dairy equipment, farm-mfg
5083-D01 ----- Dairy farm machinery and equipment-wholesale
0241-D01 ----- Dairy farms
0241-D02 ----- Dairy heifer replacement farms
0751-D01 ----- Dairy herd improvement associations
5149-D01 ----- Dairy products, dried or canned-wholesale
5143-D02 ----- Dairy products, except dried or canned-wholesale
5963-D01 ----- Dairy products, house-to-house-retail
3556-D01 ----- Dairy products machinery and equipment-mfg
5084-D01 ----- Dairy products manufacturing machinery-wholesale
5451-D01 ----- Dairy products stores-retail
1629-D01 ----- Dam construction-general contractors
3441-D01 ----- Dam gates, metal plate-mfg
2211-D01 ----- Damasks, cotton-mfg
3822-D01 ----- Damper operators: pneumatic, thermostatic, and electric-mfg
3444-D01 ----- Dampers, sheet metal-mfg
1799-D01 ----- Dampproofing buildings-contractors
7929-D01 ----- Dance bands
7911-D01 ----- Dance hall operation
7911-000 ----- Dance halls, studios, and schools
7911-D02 ----- Dance instructors
7911-D03 ----- Dance studios and schools
7911-D04 ----- Dancing schools, professional
5043-D01 ----- Darkroom apparatus-wholesale
2284-D01 ----- Darning thread: cotton, silk, manmade fibers, and wool-mfg
2281-D01 ----- Darning yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
3944-D01 ----- Darts and dart games-mfg
7379-D01 ----- Data base developers
7375-D01 ----- Data base information retrieval services
7374-D01 ----- Data entry service
3823-D01 ----- Data loggers, industrial process type-mfg
7374-000 ----- Data processing and preparation
7379-D02 ----- Data processing consultants
8243-D01 ----- Data processing schools
7374-D02 ----- Data processing services
3661-D01 ----- Data sets, telephone and telegraph-mfg
4813-D01 ----- Data telephone communications
7374-D03 ----- Data verification service
0179-D01 ----- Date orchards and farms
3953-D01 ----- Date stamps, hand: with rubber or metal type mfg
2064-D01 ----- Dates: chocolate covered, sugared, and stuffed-mfg
2034-D01 ----- Dates, dried-mfg
3579-D01 ----- Dating devices and machines, except rubber stamps-mfg
7299-D01 ----- Dating service
3536-D01 ----- Davits-mfg
7999-D01 ----- Day camps
8322-D01 ----- Day care centers, adult and handicapped
8351-D01 ----- Day care centers, child
2879-D01 ----- DDT (insecticide), formulated-mfg
2869-D01 ----- DDT, technical-mfg
6221-D01 ----- Dealers, commodity contract
5143-D03 ----- Dealers in dairy products-wholesale
5144-D01 ----- Dealers in poultry and poultry products-wholesale
5159-D01 ----- Dealers in raw farm products, except grain, field beans, and livestock-wholesale
6211-D01 ----- Dealers, mineral royalties or leases
6211-D02 ----- Dealers, security
4212-D01 ----- Debris removal, local carting only
7299-D02 ----- Debt counseling or adjustment service to individuals
3541-D01 ----- Deburring machines-mfg
3825-D01 ----- Decade boxes: capacitance, inductance, and resistance-mfg
2869-D02 ----- Decahydronaphthalene-mfg
3999-D01 ----- Decalcomania work, except on china or glass: for the trade-mfg
3269-D01 ----- Decalcomania work on china and glass, for the trade-mfg
2752-D01 ----- Decalcomanias (dry transfers), lithographed-mfg
2759-D01 ----- Decalcomanias, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2789-D01 ----- Deckling books, cards, and paper-mfg
0175-000 ----- Deciduous tree fruits
3577-D01 ----- Decoders, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3471-D01 ----- Decontaminating and cleaning of missile and satellite parts, for the trade-mfg
7699-D01 ----- Decorated china to individual order
3231-D01 ----- Decorated glassware: e.g., chipped, engraved, etched, sandblasted-made from purchased glass-mfg
3269-D02 ----- Decorating china, for the trade-mfg
7389-D01 ----- Decoration service for special events
3648-D01 ----- Decorative area lighting fixtures, except residential-mfg
3229-D01 ----- Decorative glassware: made in glass making establishments-mfg
3471-D02 ----- Decorative plating and finishing of formed products, for the trade-mfg
2395-D01 ----- Decorative stitching, for the trade-mfg
7389-D02 ----- Decorators Consulting service, interior-not painters or paperhangers
0723-D01 ----- Decorticating flax
3949-D01 ----- Decoys, duck and other game birds-mfg
3634-D01 ----- Deep fat fryers, household: electric-mfg
4424-000 ----- Deep sea domestic transportation of freight
4481-D01 ----- Deep sea foreign passenger transportation
4412-D01 ----- Deep sea foreign transportation of freight
4481-000 ----- Deep sea passenger trans., (except ferry)
4481-D02 ----- Deep sea transportation of passengers
3845-D01 ----- Defibrilators-mfg
2874-D01 ----- Defluorinated phosphates-mfg
2879-D02 ----- Defoliants-mfg
3714-D01 ----- Defrosters, motor vehicle-mfg
3559-D01 ----- Degreasing machines, automotive (garage equipment)-mfg
3559-D02 ----- Degreasing machines, industrial-mfg
2842-D01 ----- Degreasing solvent-mfg
3634-D02 ----- Dehumidifiers, electric: portable-mfg
3585-D01 ----- Dehumidifiers, except portable: electric-mfg
2034-D02 ----- Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and soups-mfg
3556-D02 ----- Dehydrating equipment, food processing-mfg
3728-D01 ----- Deicing equipment, aircraft-mfg
2899-D01 ----- Deicing fluid-mfg
2611-D01 ----- Deinking of newsprint-mfg
3679-D01 ----- Delay lines-mfg
7319-D01 ----- Delivering advertising, private
3496-D01 ----- Delivery cases, made from purchased wire-mfg
4789-D02 ----- Delivery services
3825-D02 ----- Demand meters, electric-mfg
2499-D01 ----- Demijohn covers: willow, rattan and reed-mfg
1795-D01 ----- Demolition of buildings or other structures, except marine-contractors
7389-D03 ----- Demonstration service, separate from sale
3715-D01 ----- Demountable cargo containers-mfg
2869-D03 ----- Denatured alcohol, industrial (nonbeverage)-mfg
2211-D02 ----- Denims-mfg
3826-D01 ----- Densitometers, analytical-mfg
3861-D01 ----- Densitometers-mfg
3823-D02 ----- Density and specific gravity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3843-D01 ----- Dental alloys for amalgams-mfg
8621-D01 ----- Dental associations
3843-D02 ----- Dental chairs-mfg
3843-D03 ----- Dental engines-mfg
3843-D04 ----- Dental equipment and supplies-mfg
5047-D01 ----- Dental equipment-wholesale
3843-D05 ----- Dental hand instruments, including forceps-mfg
8049-D01 ----- Dental hygienists, offices of
7699-D02 ----- Dental instrument repair
6324-D01 ----- Dental insurance (providing services by contracts with health facilities)
8072-D01 ----- Dental laboratories, except X-ray
8071-D01 ----- Dental laboratories, X-ray
3843-D06 ----- Dental laboratory equipment-mfg
5047-D02 ----- Dental laboratory equipment-wholesale
3843-D07 ----- Dental metal-mfg
8021-D01 ----- Dental surgeons, offices of
2844-D01 ----- Dentifrices-mfg
8021-D02 ----- Dentists, offices and clinics of
5047-D03 ----- Dentists, professional supplies-wholesale
2844-D02 ----- Denture cleaners-mfg
3843-D08 ----- Denture materials-mfg
8072-D02 ----- Dentures made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
7342-D01 ----- Deodorant servicing of rest rooms
2842-D02 ----- Deodorants, non-personal-mfg
2844-D03 ----- Deodorants, personal-mfg
5311-000 ----- Department stores
5311-D01 ----- Department stores-retail
2844-D04 ----- Depilatories, cosmetic-mfg
7299-D03 ----- Depilatory salons
3471-D03 ----- Depolishing metal, for the trade-mfg
6099-D01 ----- Deposit brokers
6399-D01 ----- Deposit or share insurance
3842-D01 ----- Depressors, tongue-mfg
3489-D01 ----- Depth charge release pistols and projectors-mfg
3483-D01 ----- Depth charges and parts (ordnance)-mfg
2834-D01 ----- Dermatological preparations-mfg
8011-D01 ----- Dermatologists, offices of
1389-D01 ----- Derrick building, repairing, and dismantling: oil and gas on a contract basis
3531-D01 ----- Derricks, except oil and gas field-mfg
3533-D01 ----- Derricks, oil and gas field-mfg
5084-D02 ----- Derricks-wholesale
3559-D03 ----- Desalination equipment-mfg
2899-D02 ----- Desalter kits, sea water-mfg
3295-D01 ----- Desiccants, activated: clay-mfg
2819-D01 ----- Desiccants, activated: silica gel-mfg
1542-D01 ----- Designing and erecting, combined: commercial-general contractors
1541-D01 ----- Designing and erecting, combined: industrial-general contractors
1522-D01 ----- Designing and erecting, combined: residential, except single-family-general contractors
1521-D01 ----- Designing and erecting combined: single-family houses-general-general contractors
8711-D01 ----- Designing: ship, boat, and machine
3634-D03 ----- Desk fans, electric-mfg
3646-D01 ----- Desk lamps, commercial-mfg
3645-D01 ----- Desk lamps, residential-mfg
3999-D02 ----- Desk pads, except paper-mfg
2678-D01 ----- Desk pads, paper-mfpm-mfg
3281-D01 ----- Desk set bases, onyx-mfg
3199-D01 ----- Desk sets, leather-mfg
2511-D01 ----- Desks, household: wood-mfg
5021-D01 ----- Desks, including school-wholesale
2522-D01 ----- Desks, office: except wood-mfg
2521-D01 ----- Desks, office: wood-mfg
7336-D01 ----- Desktop publishing services
2024-D01 ----- Dessert pops, frozen: flavored ice, fruit, pudding, and gelatin-mfg
2024-D02 ----- Desserts, frozen: except bakery-mfg
2099-D01 ----- Desserts, ready-to mix-mfg
3731-D01 ----- Destroyer tenders, building and repairing-mfg
7542-D01 ----- Detailing (cleaning and polishing) new autos for dealers on a contract or fee basis
0721-D01 ----- Detasseling of corn
7381-D01 ----- Detective agencies
7381-000 ----- Detective & armored car services
3829-D01 ----- Detectors, scintillation-mfg
9223-D01 ----- Detention centers-government
2841-D01 ----- Detergents, synthetic organic and inorganic alkaline-mfg
5169-D01 ----- Detergents-wholesale
3341-D01 ----- Detinning of cans-mfg
3341-D02 ----- Detinning of scrap-mfg
2892-D01 ----- Detonating caps for safety fuses-mfg
2892-D02 ----- Detonators (explosive compounds)-mfg
3483-D02 ----- Detonators for ammunition more than 30mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3483-D03 ----- Detonators: mine, bomb, depth charge, and chemical warfare projectile-mfg
8093-D01 ----- Detoxification centers, outpatient
3861-D02 ----- Developers, prepared photographic: not made in chemical plants-mfg
7819-D01 ----- Developing and printing of commercial motion picture film
7384-D01 ----- Developing and printing of film, except commercial motion picture film
7384-D02 ----- Developing and processing of home movies
5043-D02 ----- Developing apparatus, photographic-wholesale
3861-D03 ----- Developing machines and equipment, still or motion picture-mfg
1799-D02 ----- Dewatering-contractors
0171-D01 ----- Dewberry farms
2046-D01 ----- Dextrine-mfg
2899-D03 ----- Dextrine sizes-mfg
2834-D02 ----- Dextrose and sodium chloride injection, mixed-mfg
2834-D03 ----- Dextrose injection-mfg
2046-D02 ----- Dextrose-mfg

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