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2087-C05 ----- Concentrates, drink: except frozen fruit-mfg
2087-C06 ----- Concentrates, flavoring-mfg
2037-C01 ----- Concentrates, frozen fruit juice-mfg
5052-C03 ----- Concentrates, metallic-wholesale
2844-C03 ----- Concentrates, perfume-mfg
3532-C08 ----- Concentration machinery (metallurgical and mining)-mfg
7929-C02 ----- Concert artists
7922-C04 ----- Concert management service
3931-C06 ----- Concertinas and parts-mfg
7999-C07 ----- Concession operators, amusement devices and rides
5812-C11 ----- Concession stands, prepared food (e.g., in airports and sports arenas)
5169-C06 ----- Concrete additives-wholesale
5211-C02 ----- Concrete and cinder block dealers-retail
5032-C06 ----- Concrete and cinder block-wholesale
3546-C05 ----- Concrete and masonry drilling tools, power: portable-mfg
3272-C07 ----- Concrete articulated mattresses for river revetment-mfg
2951-C03 ----- Concrete, asphaltic: not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
2951-C04 ----- Concrete, bituminous-mfg
3271-000 ----- Concrete block and brick-mfg
1741-C02 ----- Concrete block laying-contractors
1795-C01 ----- Concrete breaking for streets and highways-contractors
3531-C08 ----- Concrete buggies, powered-mfg
5032-C07 ----- Concrete building products-wholesale
5087-C05 ----- Concrete burial vaults and boxes-wholesale
1611-C01 ----- Concrete construction: roads, highways, public sidewalks, and streets-contractors
2899-C07 ----- Concrete curing compounds (blends of pigments, waxes, and resins)-mfg
3272-C08 ----- Concrete, dry mixture-mfg
1771-C01 ----- Concrete finishers-contractors
3444-C04 ----- Concrete forms, sheet metal-mfg
3531-C09 ----- Concrete grouting equipment-mfg
3531-C10 ----- Concrete gunning equipment-mfg
2899-C08 ----- Concrete hardening compounds-mfg
3531-C11 ----- Concrete mixers and finishing machinery-mfg
5032-C08 ----- Concrete mixtures-wholesale
3531-C12 ----- Concrete plants-mfg
5082-C01 ----- Concrete processing equipment-wholesale
3559-C07 ----- Concrete products machinery-mfg
3272-000 ----- Concrete products, n.e.c.-mfg
3272-C09 ----- Concrete products, precast: except block and brick-mfg
1791-C01 ----- Concrete products, structural precast or prestressed: placing of-contractors
1791-C02 ----- Concrete reinforcement, placing of-contractors
5051-C04 ----- Concrete reinforcing bars-wholesale
3496-C10 ----- Concrete reinforcing mesh, made from purchased wire-mfg
3449-C01 ----- Concrete reinforcing steel bars, fabricated-mfg
1771-C02 ----- Concrete work, except paving-contractors
1771-C03 ----- Concrete work: private driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas-contractors
1321-C02 ----- Condensate production, cycle (natural gas)
2821-C07 ----- Condensation plastics-mfg
2023-000 ----- Condensed and evaporated milk
3556-C06 ----- Condensed and evaporated milk machinery-mfg
2023-C02 ----- Condensed and evaporated milk-mfg
3443-C08 ----- Condenser boxes, metal plate-mfg
2672-C03 ----- Condenser paper-mfpm-mfg
2621-C05 ----- Condenser paper-mitse-mfg
3585-C05 ----- Condensers and condensing units: refrigeration and air-conditioning-mfg
3443-C09 ----- Condensers, barometric-mfg
3675-C02 ----- Condensers, electronic-mfg
5065-C07 ----- Condensers, electronic-wholesale
3629-C04 ----- Condensers, except electronic: fixed and variable-mfg
3629-C05 ----- Condensers for motors and generators-mfg
3443-C10 ----- Condensers, steam-mfg
3621-C04 ----- Condensers, synchronous: electric-mfg
5075-C02 ----- Condensing units, air-conditioning-wholesale
5078-C02 ----- Condensing units, refrigeration-wholesale
8641-C04 ----- Condominium associations, except property management
1531-C01 ----- Condominium developers on own account
6531-C03 ----- Condominium managers
3643-C02 ----- Conductor connectors, solderless connectors, sleeves, or soldering lugs-mfg
1623-C03 ----- Conduit construction-contractors
3259-C02 ----- Conduit, vitrified clay-mfg
3317-C01 ----- Conduit: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
3644-C01 ----- Conduits and fittings, electrical-mfg
5063-C05 ----- Conduits and raceways-wholesale
3292-C04 ----- Conduits, asbestos cement-mfg
3272-C10 ----- Conduits, concrete-mfg
2679-C02 ----- Conduits, fiber (pressed pulp)-mfpm-mfg
2655-C05 ----- Cones, fiber: for winding yarn, string, ribbons, or cloth-mfpm-mfg
2052-C02 ----- Cones, ice cream-mfg
3269-C05 ----- Cones, pyrometric: earthenware-mfg
2087-C07 ----- Confectioners, colors-mfg
5145-000 ----- Confectionery-wholesale
3556-C07 ----- Confectionery machinery-mfg
2064-C08 ----- Confectionery-mfg
5441-C02 ----- Confectionery produced for direct sale on the premises-retail
5441-C03 ----- Confectionery stores-retail
5145-C03 ----- Confectionery-wholesale
2679-C03 ----- Confetti-mfpm-mfg
9121-C02 ----- Congress
3714-C03 ----- Connecting rods, motor vehicle: gasoline engine-mfg
3643-C03 ----- Connectors and terminals for electrical devices-mfg
3643-C04 ----- Connectors, conductor: solderless connectors, sleeves, or soldering lugs-mfg
3643-C05 ----- Connectors, electric cord-mfg
3678-C01 ----- Connectors, electronic: e.g., coaxial, cylindrical, rack and panel, printed circuit-mfg
5065-C08 ----- Connectors, electronic-wholesale
3613-C03 ----- Connectors, power-mfg
3643-C06 ----- Connectors, solderless (wiring devices)-mfg
9512-C01 ----- Conservation and stabilization agencies-government
2511-C11 ----- Console tables, wood-mfg
3677-C03 ----- Constant impedance transformers-mfg
3462-C03 ----- Construction and mining equipment forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
5082-000 ----- Construction and mining machinery-wholesale
1622-C02 ----- Construction: bridges, tunnels, and elevated highways-general contractors
7353-C01 ----- Construction equipment, heavy: rental and leasing
8249-C02 ----- Construction equipment operation schools
5082-C02 ----- Construction machinery and equipment-wholesale
3531-C13 ----- Construction machinery, except mining-mfg
8741-C02 ----- Construction management
5063-C06 ----- Construction materials, electrical: interior and exterior-wholesale
5039-000 ----- Construction materials, n.e.c.-wholesale
2621-C06 ----- Construction paper-mitse-mfg
1442-000 ----- Construction sand and gravel
1442-C02 ----- Construction sand mining
1623-C04 ----- Construction: water, sewer, pipeline, power line-general contractors
9721-C01 ----- Consulates
8999-C04 ----- Consultants, nuclear: not connected with business service laboratories
4731-C01 ----- Consultants, tariff
7299-C08 ----- Consumer buying service
7323-C02 ----- Consumer credit reporting bureaus
5731-C02 ----- Consumer electronic equipment stores-retail
6141-C01 ----- Consumer finance companies
9611-C01 ----- Consumer protection offices-government
6331-C01 ----- Contact lens insurance
3851-C01 ----- Contact lenses-mfg
5048-C01 ----- Contact lenses-wholesale
3643-C07 ----- Contacts, electrical: except carbon and graphite-mfg
5999-C05 ----- Container-retail
2631-C04 ----- Container board-mitse-mfg
3537-C03 ----- Containers, air cargo: metal-mfg
2653-C01 ----- Containers, corrugated and solid fiberboard-mfpm-mfg
3497-C01 ----- Containers, foil: for bakery goods and frozen goods-mfg
2656-C01 ----- Containers, food, sanitary: except folding-mfpm-mfg
3221-C02 ----- Containers for packing, bottling, and canning: glass-mfg
2655-C06 ----- Containers, laminated phenolic and vulcanized fiber-mfpm-mfg
2655-C07 ----- Containers, liquid tight fiber (except sanitary food containers)-mfpm-mfg
2449-C05 ----- Containers made of staves-mfg
3411-C04 ----- Containers, metal: food, milk, oil, beer, general line-mfg
5113-C03 ----- Containers, paper and disposable plastics-wholesale
3089-C14 ----- Containers, plastics: except foam, bottles, and bags-mfg
3412-C01 ----- Containers, shipping: barrels, kegs, drums, packages-liquid tight (metal)-mfg
3443-C11 ----- Containers, shipping: metal plate (bombs, etc. ) except missile casings-mfg
2449-C06 ----- Containers, veneer and plywood: except nailed and lock corner boxes-mfg
5812-C12 ----- Continental restaurants
8299-C04 ----- Continuing education programs
2761-C02 ----- Continuous forms, office and business: carbonized or multiple reproduction-mfg
7213-C02 ----- Continuous towel supply service
3827-C04 ----- Contour projectors-mfg
5812-C13 ----- Contract feeding
8611-C02 ----- Contractors, associations
7389-C04 ----- Contractors, disbursement control
2835-C05 ----- Contrast media diagnostic products (e.g., iodine and barium)-mfg
3625-C01 ----- Control circuit devices: magnet and solid-state-mfg
3625-C02 ----- Control circuit relays, industrial-mfg
3625-C03 ----- Control equipment, electric-mfg
3621-C05 ----- Control equipment for buses and trucks-mfg
3714-C04 ----- Control equipment, motor vehicle: acceleration mechanisms and governors-mfg
3613-C04 ----- Control panels, electric power distribution-mfg
3559-C08 ----- Control rod drive mechanisms for use on nuclear reactors-mfg
3612-C01 ----- Control transformers-mfg
3492-C01 ----- Control valves, fluid power: metal-mfg
3674-C02 ----- Controlled rectifiers, solid-state-mfg
3823-C04 ----- Controllers for process variables: electric, electronic, and pneumatic-mfg
9311-C01 ----- Controllers, offices-government
5084-C05 ----- Controlling instruments and accessories, industrial-wholesale
3625-C04 ----- Controls and control accessories, industrial-mfg
3625-C05 ----- Controls for adjustable speed drives-mfg
3824-C01 ----- Controls, revolution and timing instruments-mfg
8059-C01 ----- Convalescent homes for psychiatric patients, with health care
8051-C01 ----- Convalescent homes with continuous nursing care
8059-C02 ----- Convalescent homes with health care
3631-C01 ----- Convection ovens, household: including portable-mfg
5074-C01 ----- Convectors-wholesale
5411-C01 ----- Convenience food stores-retail
3643-C08 ----- Convenience outlets, electric-mfg
7389-C05 ----- Convention bureaus
7389-C06 ----- Convention decorators
8661-C02 ----- Convents
2679-000 ----- Converted paper products, n.e.c.
3621-C06 ----- Converters, phase and rotary: electrical equipment-mfg
2515-C03 ----- Convertible sofas-mfg
3111-C05 ----- Convertors, leather-mfg
3496-C11 ----- Conveyor belts, made from purchased wire-mfg
1796-C01 ----- Conveyor system installation contractors
3535-C01 ----- Conveyor systems for general industrial use-mfg
5084-C06 ----- Conveyor systems-wholesale
3535-000 ----- Conveyors and conveying equipment-mfg
3523-C10 ----- Conveyors, farm (agricultural machinery)-mfg

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