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3172-C07 ----- Comb cases, except precious metal-mfg
3999-C18 ----- Comb mounting, except precious metal-mfg
3731-C02 ----- Combat ships, building and repairing-mfg
5088-C01 ----- Combat vehicles, except trucks-wholesale
2281-C04 ----- Combed yarn, cotton-mfg
3822-C02 ----- Combination limit and fan controls-mfg
3822-C03 ----- Combination oil and hydronic controls-mfg
4939-000 ----- Combination utilities, n.e.c.
6611-000 ----- Combined real estate, insurance, etc
3523-C09 ----- Combines (harvester-threshers)-mfg
2299-C05 ----- Combing and converting top-mfg
3552-C06 ----- Combing machines, textile-mfg
0722-C02 ----- Combining, agricultural
3999-C19 ----- Combs, except hard rubber-mfg
3069-C08 ----- Combs, hard rubber-mfg
3089-C12 ----- Combs, plastics-mfg
3823-C02 ----- Combustion control instruments, except commercial and household furnace type-mfg
7299-C06 ----- Comfort station operation
2221-C02 ----- Comforters, manmade fiber-mitse-mfg
2392-C05 ----- Comforters or comfortables-mfpm-mfg
5942-C01 ----- Comic books-retail
2721-C01 ----- Comic books: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3262-C03 ----- Commercial and household tableware and kitchenware: vitreous china-mfg
6512-C01 ----- Commercial and industrial buildings, operators of
7336-A02 ----- Commercial art and illustration
8249-C01 ----- Commercial art schools
3649-000 ----- Commercial audio and video equipment
6021-C01 ----- Commercial banks, National
6029-B01 ----- Commercial banks, not chartered
6029-000 ----- Commercial banks, n.e.c.
6022-S01 ----- Commercial banks, state
1542-C03 ----- Commercial building construction-general contractors
3263-C01 ----- Commercial earthenware, semivitreous-mfg
5046-000 ----- Commercial equipment, n.e.c.
3582-000 ----- Commercial laundry equipment
3646-C02 ----- Commercial lighting fixtures-mfg
6153-C01 ----- Commercial paper and accounts receivable, purchasers of
8732-000 ----- Commercial nonphysical research
7335-C01 ----- Commercial photography
8731-000 ----- Commercial physical research
2711-C01 ----- Commercial printing and newspaper publishing combined-mfg
2759-C09 ----- Commercial printing: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754-C07 ----- Commercial printing, gravure-mfg
2752-C06 ----- Commercial printing, lithographic-mfg
2759-000 ----- Commercial printing, n.e.c.
2752-C07 ----- Commercial printing, offset-mfg
5112-C02 ----- Commercial stationers (not printers)-wholesale
3263-C02 ----- Commercial tableware and kitchenware, fine earthenware-mfg
3469-C05 ----- Commercial utensils, stamped and pressed metal: except cast aluminum-mfg
1541-C03 ----- Commercial warehouse construction-general contractors
7812-C02 ----- Commercials, television: tape or film production
5812-C10 ----- Commissary restaurants
6221-C01 ----- Commodity brokers (contracts)
6231-C01 ----- Commodity contract exchanges
6799-C01 ----- Commodity contract pool operators
6799-C02 ----- Commodity contract trading companies
6111-C01 ----- Commodity credit corporation
6221-C02 ----- Commodity dealers (contracts)
1442-C01 ----- Common sand mining
9431-C03 ----- Communicable disease program administration-government
4899-000 ----- Communication services, n.e.c.
9631-C01 ----- Communications commissions-government
3661-C02 ----- Communications equipment and parts, telephone and telegraph-mfg
5065-C06 ----- Communications equipment, except household-wholesale
1731-C03 ----- Communications equipment installation contractors
3663-C07 ----- Communications equipment, mobile and microwave-mfg
3669-000 ----- Communications equipment, n.e.c.
3661-C03 ----- Communications headgear, telephone-mfg
3357-C03 ----- Communications wire and cable, nonferrous-mfg
2531-C05 ----- Communion tables, wood-mfg
2052-C01 ----- Communion wafers-mfg
8399-C01 ----- Community action agencies
8322-C03 ----- Community centers
8399-C02 ----- Community chests
8222-C01 ----- Community colleges (junior)
9532-C01 ----- Community development agencies-government
8399-C03 ----- Community development groups
8641-C03 ----- Community membership clubs, other than amusement and recreation clubs
7389-C15 ----- Community resource guides
8331-C01 ----- Community service employment training programs
7922-C03 ----- Community theater productions
3621-C03 ----- Commutators, electric motor-mfg
3679-C01 ----- Commutators, electronic-mfg
4111-C03 ----- Commuter bus operation
4111-C04 ----- Commuter rail passenger operation
3652-C01 ----- Compact disc, prerecorded: except video-mfg
3531-C07 ----- Compactors, soil: vibratory-mfg
3961-C01 ----- Compacts, except precious metal and solid
3911-C07 ----- Compacts, precious metal-mfg
3172-C08 ----- Compacts, solid leather-mfg
3545-C08 ----- Comparators (machinists, precision tools)-mfg
3827-C03 ----- Comparators, optical-mfg
3812-C02 ----- Compasses, gyroscopic and
3829-C06 ----- Compasses, magnetic: portable type-mfg
8742-C01 ----- Compensation consulting
5031-C01 ----- Composite board products, wood based-wholesale
2951-C02 ----- Composition blocks for paving-mfg
2791-C01 ----- Composition, hand: for the printing- trade-mfg
2791-C02 ----- Composition, machine: e.g., linotype, monotype-for the printing trade-mfg
3089-C13 ----- Composition stone, plastics-mfg
2875-C01 ----- Compost-mfg
3843-C04 ----- Compounds, dental-mfg
3491-C01 ----- Compressed gas cylinder valves-mfg
3563-C01 ----- Compressors, air and gas: for general industrial use-mfg
5075-C01 ----- Compressors, air-conditioning-wholesale
5084-C04 ----- Compressors, except air-conditioning and refrigeration-wholesale
3585-C04 ----- Compressors for refrigeration and air-conditioning-mfg
5961-C04 ----- Computer and peripheral equipment, mail order-retail
5734-000 ----- Computer and software stores-retail
7371-C01 ----- Computer code authors
7379-C03 ----- Computer consultants
5932-C02 ----- Computer equipment, used-retail
7376-C01 ----- Computer facilities management services
2761-C01 ----- Computer forms, manifold or continuous( excludes paper simply lined)-mfg
7999-C09 ----- Computer gaming information
7336-C03 ----- Computer graphics
7377-C01 ----- Computer hardware rental or leasing, except finance leasing or by the manufacturer
7374-C02 ----- Computer input output service
7373-000 ----- Computer integrated systems design
3823-C03 ----- Computer interface equipment for industrial process control-mfg
3674-C01 ----- Computer logic modules-mfg
7378-000 ----- Computer maintenance & repair
7379-C04 ----- Computer news
8243-C01 ----- Computer operator training
3577-C03 ----- Computer output to microfilm units, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3577-C04 ----- Computer paper tape punchers and devices, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
5112-C03 ----- Computer paper-wholesale
3577-000 ----- Computer peripheral equipment, n.e.c.-mfg
7377-C02 ----- Computer peripheral equipment, rental and leasing
7378-C01 ----- Computer peripheral equipment repair and maintenance
7299-C07 ----- Computer photography or portraits
5734-C01 ----- Computer printer stores-retail
7371-C02 ----- Computer programming services
7371-C03 ----- Computer programs or systems software development, custom
7379-000 ----- Computer related services, n.e.c
7377-000 ----- Computer rental & leasing
7378-C02 ----- Computer repair and maintenance
8243-C02 ----- Computer repair training
5961-C05 ----- Computer software, mail order-retail
7372-C01 ----- Computer software publishers, pre-packaged
5734-C02 ----- Computer software stores-retail
7371-C04 ----- Computer software systems analysis and design, custom
3695-C01 ----- Computer software tape and disks, blank: rigid and floppy-mfg
8243-C03 ----- Computer software training
7371-C05 ----- Computer software writers, freelance
3572-C01 ----- Computer storage units-mfg
5734-C03 ----- Computer stores-retail
3575-C02 ----- Computer terminals-mfg
5045-C01 ----- Computer terminals-wholesale
7374-C03 ----- Computer time brokerage
7374-C04 ----- Computer time-sharing
7373-C03 ----- Computer-aided design (CAD) systems services
7373-C04 ----- Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems services
7373-C05 ----- Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems services
3845-C08 ----- Computerized axial tomography (CT/CAT scanner) apparatus-mfg
3571-C01 ----- Computers: digital, analog, and hybrid-mfg
5045-000 ----- Computers, peripherals & software-wholesale
5045-C02 ----- Computers-wholesale

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