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2835-C03 ----- Coagulation diagnostic reagents-mfg
2836-C01 ----- Coagulation products-mfg
5052-000 ----- Coal and other minerals and ores
3532-C07 ----- Coal breakers, cutters, and pulverizers-mfg
3444-C03 ----- Coal chutes, prefabricated sheet metal-mfg
5989-C01 ----- Coal dealers-retail
3312-C03 ----- Coal gas, derived from chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
1311-C01 ----- Coal gasification at the mine site
1311-C02 ----- Coal liquefaction at the mine site
1231-C01 ----- Coal mining, anthracite
1221-C02 ----- Coal mining, bituminous: surface
1222-C01 ----- Coal mining, bituminous-underground
1221-C03 ----- Coal mining-brown
1241-000 ----- Coal mining services
4619-C01 ----- Coal pipeline operation
1221-C04 ----- Coal preparation plants, bituminous or lignite
1311-C03 ----- Coal pyrolysis at the mine site
3312-C04 ----- Coal tar crudes, derived from chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
2865-C06 ----- Coal tar crudes, derived from coal tar distillation-mfg
2865-C07 ----- Coal tar distillates-mfg
2865-C08 ----- Coal tar intermediates-mfg
2951-C01 ----- Coal tar paving materials, not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
5169-C05 ----- Coal tar products, primary and intermediate-wholesale
2821-C06 ----- Coal tar resins-mfg
5052-C01 ----- Coal-wholesale
3751-C01 ----- Coaster brakes, bicycle-mfg
4424-C01 ----- Coastwise transportation of freight
2369-C01 ----- Coat and legging sets: girls' and children's-mfpm-mfg
3496-C09 ----- Coat hangers, made from purchased wire-mfg
2396-C02 ----- Coat linings, fronts, and pads: for men's coats-mfg
2371-C04 ----- Coat linings, fur-mfg
7213-C01 ----- Coat supply service
2396-C03 ----- Coat trimmings fabric-mfpm-mfg
2295-000 ----- Coated fabrics, not rubberized
5131-C03 ----- Coated fabrics-wholesale
2671-C01 ----- Coated paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2851-C03 ----- Coating, air curing-mfg
3554-C01 ----- Coating and finishing machinery, paper-mfg
2295-C03 ----- Coating and impregnating of fabrics, except rubberizing-mfg
3479-C03 ----- Coating and wrapping steel pipe-mfg
2952-C02 ----- Coating compounds, tar-mfpm-mfg
3479-C04 ----- Coating (hot dipping) of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
1799-C05 ----- Coating of concrete structures with plastics contractors
3479-C05 ----- Coating of metals with plastics and resins, for the trade-mfg
3479-C06 ----- Coating of metals with silicon, for the trade-mfg
3479-C07 ----- Coating, rust preventive-mfg
2066-C10 ----- Coatings, chocolate-mfg
2337-C02 ----- Coats, except fur and raincoats: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2329-C01 ----- Coats, except tailored or work: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2371-C05 ----- Coats, fur-mfg
2369-C02 ----- Coats: girls' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2386-C03 ----- Coats, leather or sheep-lined-mfg
5136-C03 ----- Coats, men's and boys'-wholesale
2329-C02 ----- Coats, oiled fabric and blanket lined: men's and boys -mfpm-mfg
2339-C01 ----- Coats, service apparel (e.g., medical and lab)-mfg
2311-C01 ----- Coats, tailored: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5137-C05 ----- Coats: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
3357-C02 ----- Coaxial cable, nonferrous-mfg
5063-C04 ----- Coaxial cable-wholesale
2819-C17 ----- Cobalt 60 (radioactive)-mfg
2819-C18 ----- Cobalt chloride-mfg
1061-C03 ----- Cobalt ore mining
3339-C03 ----- Cobalt refining, primary-mfg
2819-C19 ----- Cobalt sulfate-mfg
2833-C04 ----- Cocaine and derivatives-mfg
3432-C01 ----- Cocks, drain (including basin)-mfg
5813-C02 ----- Cocktail lounges
2087-C01 ----- Cocktail mixes, non-alcoholic-mfg
2085-C01 ----- Cocktails, alcoholic-mfg
5182-C01 ----- Cocktails, alcoholic: premixed-wholesale
2066-C11 ----- Cocoa butter-mfg
2066-C12 ----- Cocoa mix, instant-mfg
2066-C13 ----- Cocoa, powdered: mixed with other substances-mfg
2099-C07 ----- Coconut, desiccated and shredded-mfg
2076-C02 ----- Coconut oil-mfg
0912-C01 ----- Cod, catching of
2843-C02 ----- Cod oil, sulfonated-mfg
3827-C02 ----- Coddington magnifying instruments-mfg
2833-C05 ----- Codeine and derivatives-mfg
2091-C06 ----- Codfish: smoked, salted, dried, and pickled-mfg
2095-C01 ----- Coffee concentrates (instant coffee)-mfg
2095-C02 ----- Coffee extracts-mfg
0179-C01 ----- Coffee farms
2087-C02 ----- Coffee flavorings and syrups-mfg
5149-C05 ----- Coffee: green, roasted, instant, freeze dried, or extract-wholesale
2095-C03 ----- Coffee, ground: mixed with grain or chicory-mfg
2095-C04 ----- Coffee, instant and freeze dried-mfg
3634-C06 ----- Coffee makers, household: electric-mfg
3556-C05 ----- Coffee roasting and grinding machines-mfg
2095-C05 ----- Coffee roasting, except by wholesale grocers-mfg
5812-C09 ----- Coffee shops
5499-C01 ----- Coffee stores-retail
2043-C02 ----- Coffee substitutes made from grain-mfg
2511-C10 ----- Coffee tables, wood-mfg
5046-C01 ----- Coffee urns, commercial-wholesale
3589-C05 ----- Coffee urns, restaurant type-mfg
5963-C02 ----- Coffee-cart food service-retail
1629-C08 ----- Coffer-dam construction-general contractors
4119-C02 ----- Cog railways, except amusement and scenic
3549-C01 ----- Coil winding machines for springs-mfg
7694-C01 ----- Coil winding service
3677-C01 ----- Coil windings, electronic-mfg
3493-C01 ----- Coiled flat springs-mfg
3549-C02 ----- Coilers (metalworking machines)-mfg
3677-C02 ----- Coils, chokes and other inductors, electronic-mfg
5065-C05 ----- Coils, electronic-wholesale
3621-C01 ----- Coils for motors and generators-mfg
3694-C01 ----- Coils, ignition: internal combustion engines-mfg
3498-C01 ----- Coils, pipe: fabricated from purchased metal pipe-mfg
3354-C01 ----- Coils, rod: aluminum-extruded-mfg
3353-C01 ----- Coils, sheet: aluminum-mfg
3355-C02 ----- Coils, wire: aluminum-made in rolling mills-mfg
3578-C04 ----- Coin counters-mfg
3172-C06 ----- Coin purses, regardless of material-mfg
5999-C03 ----- Coin shops-retail, except mail order
3579-C03 ----- Coin wrapping machines-mfg
7993-000 ----- Coin-operated amusement devices
3999-C17 ----- Coin-operated amusement machine, except phonographs-mfg
7215-C01 ----- Coin-operated dry-cleaning
5099-C02 ----- Coin-operated game machines
7215-C02 ----- Coin-operated laundries
7215-000 ----- Coin-operated laundries and cleaning
7215-C03 ----- Coin-operated laundry and dry-cleaning routes
7359-C01 ----- Coin-operated machine rental and leasing
5962-C02 ----- Coin-operated machines selling merchandise
3581-C01 ----- Coin-operated merchandise vending machines-mfg
3651-C03 ----- Coin-operated phonographs-mfg
7299-C04 ----- Coin-operated service machine operation: scales, shoeshine, lockers, and blood pressure
5961-C03 ----- Coins, mail order
5094-C02 ----- Coins-wholesale
2299-C04 ----- Coir yarns and roving-mfg
1629-C09 ----- Coke oven construction general contractors
4925-C01 ----- Coke oven gas, production and distribution
4925-C02 ----- Coke ovens, byproduct: operated for manufacture or distribution of gas
2999-C02 ----- Coke, petroleum: not produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2911-C01 ----- Coke, petroleum: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3312-C05 ----- Coke, produced in beehive ovens-mfg
3312-C06 ----- Coke, produced in chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
5052-C02 ----- Coke-wholesale
3585-C03 ----- Cold drink dispensing equipment, except coin-operated-mfg
3316-000 ----- Cold finishing of steel shapes
3316-C01 ----- Cold finished steel bars: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3547-C02 ----- Cold forming type mills (rolling mill machinery)-mfg
2835-C04 ----- Cold kits for labeling with technetium-mfg
2834-C02 ----- Cold remedies-mfg
3316-C02 ----- Cold rolled steel strip, sheet, and bars: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
4222-C02 ----- Cold storage locker rental
5078-C01 ----- Cold storage machinery-wholesale
1541-C02 ----- Cold storage plant construction-general contractors
4222-C03 ----- Cold storage warehousing
2099-C08 ----- Cole slaw in bulk-mfg
1474-C01 ----- Colemanite mining
3499-C04 ----- Collapsible tubes for viscous products, metal-mfg
2253-C02 ----- Collar and cuff sets-mitse-mfg
2339-C02 ----- Collar and cuff sets: women's, misses, and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3965-C01 ----- Collar buttons, except precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones-mfg
3911-C06 ----- Collar buttons, precious metal and precious or semi-precious stones-mfg
3111-C03 ----- Collar leather-mfg
2396-C04 ----- Collar linings, for men's coats-mfg
3199-C01 ----- Collars and collar pads (harness)-mfg
3199-C02 ----- Collars, dog-mfg
3545-C06 ----- Collars (machine tool accessories)-mfg
2321-C01 ----- Collars, men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
3568-C03 ----- Collars, shaft (power transmission equipment)-mfg
3555-C02 ----- Collating machines for printing and bookbinding trade use-mfg
3579-C04 ----- Collating machines for store or office use-mfg
7211-C01 ----- Collecting and distributing agencies, laundry: operated by power laundries
7216-C02 ----- Collecting and distributing agencies operated by cleaning plants
7212-C03 ----- Collecting and distributing agents, laundry and dry cleaning
7322-C01 ----- Collection agencies, accounts
8631-C01 ----- Collective bargaining units
3621-C02 ----- Collector rings for motors and generators-mfg
7299-C05 ----- College clearing-houses
8221-000 ----- Colleges and universities, n.e.c.
8221-C01 ----- Colleges, except junior
3545-C07 ----- Collets (machine tool accessories)-mfg
7532-C01 ----- Collision shops, automotive
2844-C02 ----- Colognes-mfg
3845-C07 ----- Colonscopes, electromedical-mfg
2752-C04 ----- Color cards, paint: offset printing-mfg
2865-C09 ----- Color lakes and toners-mfg
2752-C05 ----- Color lithography-mfg
2816-C02 ----- Color pigments, inorganic-mfg
2865-C10 ----- Color pigments, organic: except animal black and bone black-mfg
2759-C08 ----- Color printing: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754-C06 ----- Color printing: gravure-mfg
2796-C01 ----- Color separations for printing-mfg
3826-C03 ----- Colorimeters, laboratory type-mfg
3471-C03 ----- Coloring and finishing of aluminum and formed products, for the trade-mfg
3111-C04 ----- Coloring of leather-mfg
2087-C03 ----- Colorings, food: except synthetic-mfg
5198-C02 ----- Colors and pigments-wholesale
3952-C06 ----- Colors, artists,: water and oxide ceramic glass-mfg
2865-C11 ----- Colors, dry: lakes, toners, or full strength organic colors-mfg
2865-C12 ----- Colors, extended (color lakes)-mfg
2865-C13 ----- Colors, food: synthetic-mfg
2087-C04 ----- Colors for bakers, and confectioners' use, except synthetic-mfg
2851-C04 ----- Colors in oil, except artists-mfg
3842-C05 ----- Colostomy appliances-mfg
1061-C04 ----- Columbite mining
3339-C04 ----- Columbium refining, primary-mfg
3272-C06 ----- Columns, concrete-mfg
3443-C07 ----- Columns, fractionating: metal plate-mfg
3299-C02 ----- Columns, papier-mache or plaster of paris-mfg

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