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2099-C06 ----- Cider, non-alcoholic-mfg
3566-C01 ----- Cider presses-mfg
3999-C10 ----- Cigar and cigarette holders-mfg
2441-C05 ----- Cigar boxes, wood and part wood-mfg
3172-C04 ----- Cigar cases, except precious metal-mfg
3911-C02 ----- Cigar cases, precious metal-mfg
3634-C04 ----- Cigar lighters, electric-mfg
3999-C11 ----- Cigar lighters, except precious metal and electric-mfg
3911-C03 ----- Cigar lighters, precious metal or based metal clad with precious metal-mfg
5993-C01 ----- Cigar stores and stands-retail
2111-000 ----- Cigarettes -mfg
3559-C05 ----- Cigarette and cigar making machines-mfg
3172-C05 ----- Cigarette cases, except precious metal-mfg
3911-C04 ----- Cigarette cases, precious metal-mfg
3999-C12 ----- Cigarette filters, not made in chemical plants-mfg
3069-C05 ----- Cigarette holder mouthpieces, molded rubber-mfg
3999-C13 ----- Cigarette lighter flints-mfg
3634-C05 ----- Cigarette lighters, electric-mfg
3999-C14 ----- Cigarette lighters, except precious metal and electric-mfg
3911-C05 ----- Cigarette lighters, precious metal-mfg
2679-C01 ----- Cigarette paper, book-mfpm-mfg
2621-C03 ----- Cigarette paper-mitse-mfg
2823-C04 ----- Cigarette tow, cellulosic fiber-mfg
2111-C01 ----- Cigarettes-mfg
5962-C01 ----- Cigarettes, sale by vending machine-retail
5194-C02 ----- Cigarettes-wholesale
2121-C02 ----- Cigarillos-mfg
2121-C03 ----- Cigars-mfg
5194-C03 ----- Cigars-wholesale
2833-C03 ----- Cinchona and derivatives-mfg
3271-C01 ----- Cinder block, concrete-mfg
5032-C04 ----- Cinders-wholesale
3827-C01 ----- Cinetheodolites-mfg
1099-C02 ----- Cinnabar mining
3672-C01 ----- Circuit boards, television and radio: printed-mfg
3613-C01 ----- Circuit breakers, air-mfg
3613-C02 ----- Circuit breakers, power-mfg
5063-C03 ----- Circuit breakers-wholesale
8741-C01 ----- Circuit management services for motion picture theaters
7319-C02 ----- Circular distributing service
2257-C01 ----- Circular knit fabrics-mfg
5131-C02 ----- Circular knit fabrics-wholesale
2754-C05 ----- Circulars: gravure printing-mfg
2752-C03 ----- Circulars, lithographed-mfg
2759-C07 ----- Circulars, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
8231-C02 ----- Circulating libraries
7999-C06 ----- Circus companies
7622-C01 ----- Citizens, band (CB) antennas, installation of
3663-C05 ----- Citizens, band (CB) radios-mfg
5065-C04 ----- Citizens, band radios-wholesale
8641-C01 ----- Citizens, unions
2869-C14 ----- Citral-mfg
2869-C15 ----- Citrates-mfg
2869-C16 ----- Citric acid-mfg
2899-C06 ----- Citronella oil-mfg
2869-C17 ----- Citronellal-mfg
0174-000 ----- Citrus fruits
0721-C01 ----- Citrus grove cultivation services
0762-C01 ----- Citrus grove management and maintenance, with or without crop services
0174-C01 ----- Citrus groves and farms
5084-C03 ----- Citrus processing machinery-wholesale
2048-C02 ----- Citrus seed meal-mfg
4111-C02 ----- City and suburban bus line operation
9121-C01 ----- City and town councils
9111-C01 ----- City and town managers, offices
8748-C01 ----- City planners, except professional engineering
8641-C02 ----- Civic associations
1542-C02 ----- Civic center construction-general contractors
9199-C01 ----- Civil rights commissions-government
9199-C02 ----- Civil service commissions-government
8299-C03 ----- Civil service schools
9211-C01 ----- Civilian courts
6411-C01 ----- Claim adjusters insurance: not employed by insurance companies
2091-C05 ----- Clam bouillon, broth, chowder, juice: bottled or canned-mfg
3423-C09 ----- Clamps, hand-mfg
3429-C08 ----- Clamps, hose-mfg
3545-C05 ----- Clamps, machine tool-mfg
3429-C09 ----- Clamps, metal-mfg
3841-C03 ----- Clamps, surgical-mfg
0913-C01 ----- Clams, digging of
3532-C04 ----- Clarifying machinery, mineral-mfg
3931-C05 ----- Clarinets and parts-mfg
3131-C02 ----- Clasps, shoe-mfg
7929-C01 ----- Classical music groups or artists
7319-C04 ----- Classified services
3532-C05 ----- Classifiers, metallurgical and mining-mfg
1459-000 ----- Clay and related minerals, n.e.c.
2631-C03 ----- Clay coated board-mitse-mfg
5032-C05 ----- Clay construction materials, except refractory-wholesale
3295-C01 ----- Clay for petroleum refining, chemically processed-mfg
3295-C02 ----- Clay, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
3952-C04 ----- Clay, modeling-mfg
3255-C03 ----- Clay refractories-mfg
1459-C01 ----- Clays (common) quarrying-not in conjunction with manufacturing
3559-C06 ----- Clayworking and tempering machines-mfg
7218-C01 ----- Clean room apparel supply service
1541-C01 ----- Clean room construction-general contractors
3714-C02 ----- Cleaners, air: motor vehicle-mfg
3599-C05 ----- Cleaners, boiler tube-mfg
2844-C01 ----- Cleaners, denture-mfg
3635-C01 ----- Cleaners, electric: vacuum-household-mfg
3589-C04 ----- Cleaners, electric vacuum: industrial-mfg
7212-C01 ----- Cleaners, not operating own dry-cleaning plants
2851-C02 ----- Cleaners, paintbrush-mfg
3999-C15 ----- Cleaners, pipe and cigarette holder-mfg
3471-C02 ----- Cleaning and descaling metal products, for the trade-mfg
7216-C01 ----- Cleaning and dyeing plants, except rug cleaning
7212-C02 ----- Cleaning and laundry pickup stations, not owned by laundries or cleaners
7542-C02 ----- Cleaning and polishing (detailing) new autos for dealers on a contract or fee basis
2044-C01 ----- Cleaning and polishing of rice-mfg
2842-C02 ----- Cleaning and polishing preparations-mfg
7699-C05 ----- Cleaning and reglazing of baking pans
7217-C04 ----- Cleaning and repairing plants, rug and carpet
7699-C06 ----- Cleaning bricks
1799-C03 ----- Cleaning building exteriors-contractors
3699-C03 ----- Cleaning equipment, ultrasonic: except medical and dental-mfg
1389-C03 ----- Cleaning lease tanks, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
3547-C01 ----- Cleaning lines, electrolytic (rolling mill equipment)-mfg
3532-C06 ----- Cleaning machinery, mineral-mfg
3523-C07 ----- Cleaning machines for fruits, grains, and vegetables: farm-mfg
1799-C04 ----- Cleaning new buildings after construction-contractors
5149-C04 ----- Cleaning of dry foods and spices-wholesale
4741-C01 ----- Cleaning of railroad cars
1221-C01 ----- Cleaning plants, bituminous coal
0751-C02 ----- Cleaning poultry coops
4789-C04 ----- Cleaning railroad ballasts
1389-C04 ----- Cleaning wells on a contract basis
2621-C04 ----- Cleansing tissue stock-mitse-mfg
2676-C02 ----- Cleansing tissues-mfpm-mfg
3647-C01 ----- Clearance lamps and reflectors, motor vehicle-mfg
1629-C07 ----- Clearing of land-general contractors
6289-C01 ----- Clearing-houses, commodity exchange
6289-C02 ----- Clearing-houses, security exchange
6099-C03 ----- Clearinghouse associations: bank or check
3264-C01 ----- Cleats, porcelain-mfg
3421-C02 ----- Cleavers-mfg
2389-C02 ----- Clergy's vestments-mfg
2449-C04 ----- Climax baskets-mfg
2835-C01 ----- Clinical chemistry reagents (including toxicology)-mfg
2835-C02 ----- Clinical chemistry standards and controls (including toxicology)-mfg
3829-C05 ----- Clinical thermometers, including digital-mfg
8093-C01 ----- Clinics, alcohol and drug treatment: outpatient
8093-C02 ----- Clinics, mental health: outpatient
8041-C02 ----- Clinics of chiropractors
8021-C01 ----- Clinics of dentists
8042-C03 ----- Clinics of optometrists
8031-C01 ----- Clinics of osteopathic physicians
8011-C01 ----- Clinics of physicians (M.D.)
8043-C01 ----- Clinics of podiatrists
3229-C05 ----- Clip cups, glass-mfg
2499-C04 ----- Clipboards, wood-mfg
3421-C03 ----- Clippers, fingernail and toenail-mfg
3523-C08 ----- Clippers, hair: for animal use-hand and electric-mfg
3999-C16 ----- Clippers, hair: for human use-hand and electric-mfg
3496-C07 ----- Clips and fasteners, made from purchased wire-mfg
3484-C03 ----- Clips, gun: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3069-C06 ----- Cloaks, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
3873-C04 ----- Clock materials and parts, except crystals and jewels-mfg
3651-C01 ----- Clock radio and telephone combinations-mfg
3651-C02 ----- Clock radios-mfg
7631-C01 ----- Clock repair shops
3495-C01 ----- Clock springs, precision: made from purchased wire-mfg
3873-C05 ----- Clocks, assembling of-mfg
3873-C06 ----- Clocks, except timeclocks-mfg
5944-C01 ----- Clocks, including custom made-retail
5094-C01 ----- Clocks-wholesale
3663-C06 ----- Closed circuit television equipment-mfg
4841-C02 ----- Closed circuit television services
3261-C02 ----- Closet bowls, vitreous china-mfg
5113-C02 ----- Closures, paper and disposable plastics-wholesale
3089-C09 ----- Closures, plastics-mfg
3466-C02 ----- Closures, stamped metal-mfg
3291-C01 ----- Cloth, abrasive-mfg
3292-C02 ----- Cloth, asbestos-mfg
2257-C02 ----- Cloth, circular knit-mfg
7389-C03 ----- Cloth: cutting to length, bolting, or winding for textile distributors
3291-C02 ----- Cloth: garnet, emery, aluminum oxide, and silicon carbide coated-mfg
2269-C01 ----- Cloth mending, except wool: for the trade-mfg
3861-C04 ----- Cloth, photographic: sensitized-mfg
3552-C04 ----- Cloth spreading machines-mfg
3552-C05 ----- Cloth stripping machines-mfg
3952-C05 ----- Cloth, tracing (drafting material)-mfg
2295-C02 ----- Cloth, varnished glass-mfg
2258-C01 ----- Cloth, warp knit-mitse-mfg
2499-C05 ----- Cloth winding reels, wood-mfg
2231-C02 ----- Cloth, wool: mending for the trade-mfg
3496-C08 ----- Cloth, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
2672-C02 ----- Cloth-lined paper-mfpm-mfg
3822-C01 ----- Clothes dryer controls, including dryness controls-mfg
2499-C06 ----- Clothes dryers (clothes horses), wood-mfg
5064-C01 ----- Clothes dryers, household: electric and gas-wholesale
2499-C07 ----- Clothes drying frames, wood-mfg
3089-C10 ----- Clothes hangers, plastics-mfg
5199-C07 ----- Clothes hangers-wholesale
2499-C08 ----- Clothes horses, wood-mfg
2499-C09 ----- Clothes poles, wood-mfg
3089-C11 ----- Clothes-pins, plastics-mfg
2499-C10 ----- Clothes-pins, wood-mfg
5137-C03 ----- Clothing accessories: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
7219-C01 ----- Clothing alteration and repair shops
3942-C01 ----- Clothing, doll-mfg
3699-C04 ----- Clothing, electrically heated-mfg
3842-C04 ----- Clothing, fire resistant and protective-mfg
2371-C03 ----- Clothing, fur-mfg
2386-C02 ----- Clothing, leather or sheep-lined-mfg
5136-C02 ----- Clothing, men's and boys'-wholesale
5621-C01 ----- Clothing, ready-to wear: women's-retail
7299-C03 ----- Clothing rental, except industrial launderers and linen supply
5651-C01 ----- Clothing stores, family-retail
5611-C01 ----- Clothing stores, men's and boys'-retail
5932-C01 ----- Clothing stores, secondhand-retail
3069-C07 ----- Clothing, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
2385-C01 ----- Clothing, waterproof-mfpm-mfg
5137-C04 ----- Clothing: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
2394-C03 ----- Cloths, drop: fabric-mfpm-mfg
2842-C03 ----- Cloths, dusting and polishing: chemically treated-mfg
2392-C04 ----- Cloths, lunch-mfpm-mfg
2399-C02 ----- Cloths, saddle-mfg
8999-C03 ----- Cloud seeding
0139-C01 ----- Clover farms
2514-C06 ----- Clubroom furniture, metal-mfg
2511-C09 ----- Clubroom furniture, wood-mfg
3949-C07 ----- Clubs: golf, Indian, etc. (sporting goods)-mfg
7991-C01 ----- Clubs, health
7997-C01 ----- Clubs, membership: sports and recreation, except physical fitness
2499-C11 ----- Clubs, police: wood-mfg
3292-C03 ----- Clutch facings, asbestos-mfg
3568-C02 ----- Clutches, except motor vehicle-mfg

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