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5734-C04 ----- CD-ROM stores-retail
5045-C03 ----- CD-ROM-wholesale
2749-C01 ----- CD-ROM, publishing and printing, or publishing only
2511-C02 ----- Cedar chests-mfg
2421-C02 ----- Ceiling lumber, dressed-mfg
3272-C03 ----- Ceiling squares, concrete-mfg
3089-C06 ----- Ceiling tile, unsupported plastics-mfg
1742-C01 ----- Ceilings, acoustical installation-contractors
1761-C01 ----- Ceilings, metal: erection and repair-contractors
3829-C02 ----- Ceilometers-mfg
0161-C04 ----- Celery farms
1479-C01 ----- Celestite mining
2672-C01 ----- Cellophane adhesive tape mfpm-mfg
3931-C03 ----- Cellos and parts-mfg
3663-C04 ----- Cellular radio telephones-mfg
5999-C06 ----- Cellular telephones and accessories-retail
4812-C01 ----- Cellular telephone services
3089-C07 ----- Celluloid products, molded for the trade-mfg
2823-C01 ----- Cellulose acetate monofilament, yarn, staple, or tow-mfg
2821-C03 ----- Cellulose acetate (plastics)-mfg
2869-C07 ----- Cellulose acetate, unplasticized-mfg
2823-C02 ----- Cellulose fibers, manmade-mfg
2823-C03 ----- Cellulose fibers, regenerated-mfg
2821-C04 ----- Cellulose nitrate resins-mfg
2821-C05 ----- Cellulose propionate (plastics)-mfg
3089-C08 ----- Cellulose, regenerated: except fibers-mfg
2823-000 ----- Cellulosic man-made fibers-mfg
3081-C01 ----- Cellulosic plastics film and sheet, unsupported-mfg
2674-C01 ----- Cement bags-mfpm-mfg
2891-C02 ----- Cement (cellulose nitrate base)-mfg
3255-C02 ----- Cement, clay refractory-mfg
3843-C02 ----- Cement, dental-mfg
3297-C03 ----- Cement: high temperature, refractory(nonclay)-mfg
3241-C01 ----- Cement, hydraulic: portland, natural, masonry, and pozzolana-mfg
3275-C01 ----- Cement, Keene's-mfg
3559-C01 ----- Cement kilns, rotary-mfg
2891-C03 ----- Cement, linoleum-mfg
3297-C04 ----- Cement, magnesia-mfg
3559-C02 ----- Cement making machinery-mfg
5084-C01 ----- Cement making machinery-wholesale
2891-C04 ----- Cement mending-mfg
1422-C02 ----- Cement rock, crushed and broken-quarrying
2952-C01 ----- Cement roofing: asphalt, fibrous plastics-mfpm-mfg
2891-C05 ----- Cement, rubber-mfg
3531-C04 ----- Cement silos (batch plant)-mfg
5032-C01 ----- Cement-wholesale
1389-C01 ----- Cementing oil and gas well casings on a contract basis
6553-C01 ----- Cemeteries-real estate operation
6553-C02 ----- Cemetery associations
6531-C02 ----- Cemetery management service
6553-000 ----- Cemetery subdividers and developers
0782-C01 ----- Cemetery upkeep, independent
3541-C01 ----- Centering machines-mfg
3229-C02 ----- Centerpieces, glass-mfg
8231-C01 ----- Centers for documentation
8322-C01 ----- Centers for senior citizens
6019-C01 ----- Central liquidity facility
1629-C03 ----- Central station construction general contractors
3273-C01 ----- Central-mixed concrete-mfg
6019-000 ----- Central reserve depository, n.e.c.
3569-C01 ----- Centrifugal purifiers-mfg
3569-C02 ----- Centrifuges, industrial-mfg
3821-C03 ----- Centrifuges, laboratory-mfg
3269-C01 ----- Ceramic articles for craft shops-mfg
5032-C02 ----- Ceramic construction materials, except refractory-wholesale
3299-C01 ----- Ceramic fiber-mfg
3251-C01 ----- Ceramic glazed brick, clay-mfg
3567-C02 ----- Ceramic kilns and furnaces-mfg
3253-C01 ----- Ceramic tile, floor and wall-mfg
5032-C03 ----- Ceramic wall and floor tile-wholesale
3253-000 ----- Ceramic wall and floor tile
8299-C01 ----- Ceramics schools
5945-C01 ----- Ceramics supplies-retail
2043-C01 ----- Cereal preparations and breakfast foods-mfg
2041-C02 ----- Cereals, cracked grain-mitse-mfg
1099-C01 ----- Cerium ore mining
2819-C07 ----- Cerium salts-mfg
1031-C02 ----- Cerrusite mining
2759-C06 ----- Certificates, security: engraved-mfg
8721-C01 ----- Certified public accountants (CPAs)
3842-C02 ----- Cervical collars-mfg
2819-C08 ----- Cesium metal-mfg
7699-C03 ----- Cesspool cleaning
1711-C01 ----- Cesspool construction-contractors
3728-C01 ----- Chaffing dispensers, aircraft-mfg
3634-C03 ----- Chafing dishes, electric-mfg
3429-C06 ----- Chain fittings-mfg
3446-C01 ----- Chain ladders, metal-mfg
3315-C02 ----- Chain link fencing, steel: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3568-C01 ----- Chain, power transmission-mfg
5085-C02 ----- Chain, power transmission-wholesale
3546-C03 ----- Chain saws, portable-mfg
3425-C01 ----- Chain type saw blades-mfg
3496-C05 ----- Chain, welded: made from purchased wire-mfg
3496-C06 ----- Chain, wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3462-C02 ----- Chains, forged steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3829-C03 ----- Chains, surveyors-mfg
5251-C01 ----- Chainsaws-retail
5084-C02 ----- Chainsaws-wholesale
2515-C01 ----- Chair and couch springs, assembled-mfg
2515-C02 ----- Chair beds, on frames of any material-mfg
2392-C02 ----- Chair covers, cloth-mfg
2426-C02 ----- Chair frames for upholstered furniture, wood-mfg
3499-C01 ----- Chair frames, metal-mfg
3429-C07 ----- Chair glides-mfg
2392-C03 ----- Chair pads, except felt-mfg
2426-C03 ----- Chair seats, hardwood-mfg
2426-C04 ----- Chair stock, hardwood: turned, shaped, or carved-mfg
2511-C03 ----- Chairs, bentwood-mfg
2519-C03 ----- Chairs, cane-mfg
3843-C03 ----- Chairs, dentists'-mfg
2511-C04 ----- Chairs, household: except upholstered-wood-mfg
2514-C05 ----- Chairs, household: metal-mfg
5021-C02 ----- Chairs: household, office, and public building-wholesale
3999-C05 ----- Chairs, hydraulic: barber and beauty shop-mfg
5087-C04 ----- Chairs, hydraulic: beauty and barbershop-wholesale
2522-C03 ----- Chairs, office: except wood-mfg
2521-C03 ----- Chairs, office: wood-mfg
2531-C01 ----- Chairs, portable folding-mfg
2531-C02 ----- Chairs, tablet arm-mfg
2512-C01 ----- Chairs, upholstered on wood frames, except convertible beds-mfg
3842-C03 ----- Chairs, wheel-mfg
1021-C01 ----- Chalcocite mining
1021-C02 ----- Chalcopyrite mining
3949-C06 ----- Chalk, billiard-mfg
3952-C03 ----- Chalk: e.g., carpenters' blackboard, marking, artists' tailors-mfg
1422-C03 ----- Chalk, ground or otherwise treated
1422-C04 ----- Chalk mining, crushed and broken-quarrying
3281-C01 ----- Chalkboards, slate-mfg
2531-C03 ----- Chalkboards, wood-mfg
8611-C01 ----- Chambers of Commerce
2211-C06 ----- Chambrays-mfg
3541-C02 ----- Chamfering machines-mfg
3111-C02 ----- Chamois leather-mfg
5199-C04 ----- Chamois leather-wholesale
3646-C01 ----- Chandeliers, commercial-mfg
3645-C01 ----- Chandeliers, residential-mfg
3578-C03 ----- Change making machines-mfg
2895-C02 ----- Channel black-mfg
1629-C04 ----- Channel construction-general contractors
1629-C05 ----- Channel cutoff construction-general contractors
3446-C02 ----- Channels, furring-mfg
2819-C09 ----- Charcoal, activated-mfg
2861-C02 ----- Charcoal, except activated-mfg
5199-C05 ----- Charcoal-wholesale
7389-C01 ----- Charge account service (shopping plates)-collection by individual firms
3629-C03 ----- Chargers, battery: rectifying or nonrotating-mfg
8399-C05 ----- Charitable organizations
6732-C01 ----- Charitable trusts, management of
2051-C02 ----- Charlotte Russe (bakery product), except frozen-mfg
8299-C02 ----- Charm schools
7336-C01 ----- Chart and graph design
2782-C01 ----- Chart and graph paper, ruled-mfg
4499-C03 ----- Chartering of commercial boats
3545-C03 ----- Chasers (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3555-C01 ----- Chases and galleys, printers-mfg
3479-C02 ----- Chasing on metals for the trade, for purposes other than printing-mfg
3799-C03 ----- Chassis, automobile trailer: except mobile home and travel trailer-mfg
3792-C03 ----- Chassis for travel and camping trailers-mfg
3711-C04 ----- Chassis, motor vehicle-mfg
3469-C04 ----- Chassis, radio and television: stamped metal-mfg
7361-C01 ----- Chauffeur registries
2353-C03 ----- Chauffeurs, hats and caps, cloth-mfg
6099-C01 ----- Check cashing agencies
6099-C02 ----- Check clearinghouse associations
7389-C02 ----- Check validation service
3579-C02 ----- Check writing, endorsing, signing, numbering, and protecting machines-mfg
3172-C03 ----- Checkbook covers, regardless of material-mfg
2782-C02 ----- Checkbooks-mfg
3944-C05 ----- Checkers and checkerboards-mfg
6099-C04 ----- Checking services, electronic or online
7299-C02 ----- Checkroom concessions or services
2022-C01 ----- Cheese analogs-mfg
2399-C01 ----- Cheese bandages-mfpm-mfg
2026-C01 ----- Cheese, cottage-mfg
2096-C01 ----- Cheese curls and puffs-mfg
2022-C02 ----- Cheese, except cottage cheese-mfg
2022-C03 ----- Cheese, imitation or substitutes-mfg
5961-C02 ----- Cheese, mail-order-retail
3556-C01 ----- Cheese making machinery-mfg
2022-C04 ----- Cheese, natural: except cottage cheese-mfg
2022-C05 ----- Cheese, processed-mfg
2022-C06 ----- Cheese products, imitation or substitutes-mfg
2022-C07 ----- Cheese spreads, pastes, and cheese-like preparations-mfg
5451-C01 ----- Cheese stores-retail
4222-C01 ----- Cheese warehouses
5143-C01 ----- Cheese-wholesale
2211-C07 ----- Cheesecloth-mfg
5131-C01 ----- Cheesecloth-wholesale
1479-000 ----- Chemical and fertilizer mining, n.e.c.
5169-C08 ----- Chemical bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
2819-C10 ----- Chemical catalysts-mfg
1629-C06 ----- Chemical complex or facilities construction-general contractors
2899-C04 ----- Chemical cotton (processed cotton linters)-mfg
3542-C02 ----- Chemical explosives metal forming machines-mfg
3821-C04 ----- Chemical fume hoods-mfg
2865-C01 ----- Chemical indicators-mfg
3559-C03 ----- Chemical kilns-mfg
8731-C01 ----- Chemical laboratories, commercial research: except testing
3559-C04 ----- Chemical machinery and equipment-mfg
3599-C04 ----- Chemical milling job shops-mfg
3541-C03 ----- Chemical milling machines-mfg
3269-C02 ----- Chemical porcelain-mfg
2899-000 ----- Chemical preparations, n.e.c.-mfg
3312-C02 ----- Chemical recovery coke oven products-mfg
3269-C03 ----- Chemical stoneware (pottery products)-mfg
2899-C05 ----- Chemical supplies for foundries-mfg
0711-C01 ----- Chemical treatment of soil for crops
2869-C08 ----- Chemical warfare gases-mfg
3483-C03 ----- Chemical warfare projectiles and components-mfg
1389-C02 ----- Chemically treating wells on a contract basis
5191-C01 ----- Chemicals, agricultural-wholesale
5169-C03 ----- Chemicals, industrial and heavy-wholesale
2819-C11 ----- Chemicals, laboratory: inorganic-mfg
2833-C02 ----- Chemicals, medicinal: organic and inorganic-bulk, uncompounded-mfg
3861-C03 ----- Chemicals, photographic: prepared-mfg
5169-000 ----- Chemicals & allied products, n.e.c.-wholesale
2341-C02 ----- Chemises: women's, misses' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
8071-C01 ----- Chemists, biological: (not manufacturing) laboratories of
8999-C01 ----- Chemists, consulting: not connected with business service laboratories
2273-C03 ----- Chenille rugs-mfg
2211-C08 ----- Chenilles, tufted textile-mitse-mfg
2035-C01 ----- Cherries, brined-mfg
2033-C03 ----- Cherries, maraschino-mfg
0831-C01 ----- Cherry gum, gathering of
0115-C01 ----- Cherry orchards and farms
3944-C06 ----- Chessmen and chessboards-mfg
2861-C03 ----- Chestnut extract-mfg
0831-C02 ----- Chestnut gum, gathering of
2511-C05 ----- Chests, cedar-mfg
3499-C02 ----- Chests, fire or burglary resistive: metal-mfg
2441-C04 ----- Chests for tools, wood-mfg
3999-C06 ----- Chests, money: steel-mfg
3999-C07 ----- Chests, musical-mfg
3499-C03 ----- Chests, safe deposit: metal-mfg
2511-C06 ----- Chests, silverware: wood (floor standing)-mfg
2211-C09 ----- Cheviots, cotton-mfg
2131-000 ----- Chewing and smoking tobacco-mfg
2064-C05 ----- Chewing candy, except chewing gum-mfg
2067-C01 ----- Chewing gum base-mfg
3556-C02 ----- Chewing gum machinery-mfg
2067-C02 ----- Chewing gum-mfg
5145-C02 ----- Chewing gum-wholesale
2131-C01 ----- Chewing tobacco-mfg
5194-C01 ----- Chewing tobacco-wholesale
3523-C05 ----- Chicken brooders-mfg
2032-C01 ----- Chicken broth and soup, canned-mfg
2449-C03 ----- Chicken coops (crates), wood: wirebound for shipping poultry-mfg
2452-C01 ----- Chicken coops, prefabricated: wood-mfg
0252-C01 ----- Chicken egg farms
0251-C01 ----- Chicken farms or ranches, raising for slaughter
3523-C06 ----- Chicken feeders-mfg
2048-C01 ----- Chicken feeds, prepared-mfg
0254-C01 ----- Chicken hatcheries
2015-C01 ----- Chickens, processed: fresh, frozen, canned, or cooked-mfg
2015-C02 ----- Chickens: slaughtering and dressing-mfg
5159-C01 ----- Chicks-wholesale
2099-C03 ----- Chicory root, dried-mfg
2511-C07 ----- Chiffoniers and chifforobes-mfg
8351-C01 ----- Child care centers
8322-C02 ----- Child guidance agencies
8099-C01 ----- Childbirth preparation classes
5641-000 ----- Children's and infants' wear stores-retail
2731-C01 ----- Children's books, publishing-mfg
8361-C01 ----- Children's boarding homes
2363-000 ----- Children's coats and suits-mfg
7911-C01 ----- Children's dancing schools
2361-000 ----- Children's dresses and blouses-mfg
8361-C02 ----- Children's homes
2252-C01 ----- Children's hosiery-mfg
8069-C02 ----- Children's hospitals
2369-000 ----- Children's outerwear, n.e.c.-mfg
8361-C03 ----- Children's villages
5641-C01 ----- Children's wear stores-retail
5812-C06 ----- Chilean restaurants
2032-C02 ----- Chili con carne, canned-mfg
2099-C04 ----- Chili pepper or powder-mfg
2033-C04 ----- Chili sauce, tomato-mfg
3931-C04 ----- Chimes and parts (musical instruments)-mfg
3699-C01 ----- Chimes, electric-mfg
3251-C02 ----- Chimney blocks, radial-clay-mfg
3272-C04 ----- Chimney caps, concrete-mfg
7349-C01 ----- Chimney cleaning service
1741-C01 ----- Chimney construction and maintenance-contractors
3259-C01 ----- Chimney pipe and tops, clay-mfg
3229-C03 ----- Chimneys, lamp: glass-pressed or blown-mfg
1455-C01 ----- China clay mining
2511-C08 ----- China closets-mfg
3262-C01 ----- China cooking ware-mfg
3269-C04 ----- China firing and decorating, for the trade-mfg
7699-C04 ----- China firing and decorating to individual order
5719-C01 ----- China stores-retail
3262-C02 ----- China tableware, commercial, and household: vitreous-mfg
5023-C02 ----- China-wholesale
0271-C01 ----- Chinchilla farms
2032-C03 ----- Chinese foods, canned-mfg
2099-C05 ----- Chinese noodles-mfg
5812-C07 ----- Chinese restaurants
5812-C08 ----- Chinese-Mongolian restaurants
2211-C10 ----- Chintz, cotton-mfg
3531-C05 ----- Chip spreaders, self-propelled-mfg
2631-C02 ----- Chipboard (paperboard)-mitse-mfg
2675-C11 ----- Chipboard, pasted-mfpm-mfg
2421-C03 ----- Chipper mills-mfg
3531-C06 ----- Chippers, commercial: brush, limb, and log-mfg
3546-C04 ----- Chipping hammers, electric-mfg
8041-C01 ----- Chiropractors, offices and clinics of
3423-C08 ----- Chisels-mfg
2066-000 ----- Chocolate and cocoa products-mfg
5441-C04 ----- Chocolate stores-retail
2869-C09 ----- Chloral-mfg
3069-C04 ----- Chlorinated rubbers, natural-mfg
2822-C01 ----- Chlorinated rubbers, synthetic-mfg
2869-C10 ----- Chlorinated solvents-mfg
2834-C01 ----- Chlorination tablets and kits (water purification)-mfg
2842-C01 ----- Chlorine bleaching compounds, household: liquid or dry-mfg
2812-C04 ----- Chlorine, compressed or liquefied-mfg
5169-C04 ----- Chlorine-wholesale
2869-C11 ----- Chloroacetic acid and metallic salts-mfg
2865-C02 ----- Chlorobenzene-mfg
2869-C12 ----- Chloroform-mfg
2865-C03 ----- Chloronaphthalene-mfg
2865-C04 ----- Chlorophenol-mfg
2869-C13 ----- Chloropicrin-mfg
2822-C02 ----- Chloroprene type rubbers-mfg
2822-C03 ----- Chlorosulfonated polyethylenes-mfg
2819-C12 ----- Chlorosulfonic acid-mfg
2865-C05 ----- Chlorotoluene-mfg
2064-C06 ----- Chocolate bars, from purchased cocoa or chocolate-mfg
2066-C04 ----- Chocolate bars, solid: from cacao beans-mfg
2064-C07 ----- Chocolate candy, except solid chocolate-mfg
2066-C05 ----- Chocolate coatings and syrups-mfg
2066-C06 ----- Chocolate, instant-mfg
2066-C07 ----- Chocolate liquor-mfg
2026-C02 ----- Chocolate milk-mfg
3556-C03 ----- Chocolate processing machinery-mfg
2066-C08 ----- Chocolate, sweetened or unsweetened-mfg
2066-C09 ----- Chocolate syrup-mfg
5149-C03 ----- Chocolate-wholesale
2032-C04 ----- Chop suey, canned-mfg
3556-C04 ----- Choppers, food: commercial types-mfg
0722-C01 ----- Chopping and silo filling
2032-C05 ----- Chow mein, canned-mfg
2091-C03 ----- Chowder, clam: canned-mfg
2091-C04 ----- Chowders, fish and seafood: canned-mfg
2092-C01 ----- Chowders, fish and seafood: frozen-mfg
8999-C02 ----- Christian Science lecturers
8049-C01 ----- Christian Science practitioners, offices of
8661-C03 ----- Christians
2771-C02 ----- Christmas cards, except hand painted-mfg
5947-C02 ----- Christmas related products-retail
0811-C01 ----- Christmas tree growing
3699-C02 ----- Christmas tree lighting sets, electric-mfg
3999-C08 ----- Christmas tree ornaments, except electrical and glass-mfg
3229-C04 ----- Christmas tree ornaments, from glass-mitse-mfg
3231-C01 ----- Christmas tree ornaments, made from purchased glass-mfg
3999-C09 ----- Christmas trees, artificial-mfg
5199-C06 ----- Christmas trees, including artificial-wholesale
5261-C01 ----- Christmas trees (natural)-retail
2819-C13 ----- Chromates and bichromates-mfg
3826-C01 ----- Chromatographic instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3823-C01 ----- Chromatographs, industrial process type-mfg
2816-C01 ----- Chrome pigments: chrome green, chrome yellow, chrome orange, and zinc yellow-mfg
2819-C14 ----- Chromic acid-mfg
1061-C01 ----- Chromite mining
2819-C15 ----- Chromium compounds, inorganic-mfg
1061-C02 ----- Chromium ore mining
3471-C01 ----- Chromium plating of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
3339-C02 ----- Chromium refining, primary-mfg
2819-C16 ----- Chromium salts-mfg
8069-C03 ----- Chronic disease hospitals
3873-C02 ----- Chronographs, spring wound-mfg
3829-C04 ----- Chronometers, electronic-mfg
3873-C03 ----- Chronometers, spring wound-mfg
3826-C02 ----- Chronoscopes-mfg
3541-C04 ----- Chucking machines, automatic-mfg
3545-C04 ----- Chucks: drill, lathe, and magnetic (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3272-C05 ----- Church furniture, concrete-mfg
3281-C02 ----- Church furniture, cut stone-mfg
2531-C04 ----- Church furniture, except stone or concrete-mfg
5021-C03 ----- Church pews-wholesale
1542-C01 ----- Church, synagogue, and related building construction-general contractors
8661-C01 ----- Churches
3443-C06 ----- Chutes, metal plate-mfg

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