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[Car - Cav]

3711-C01 ----- Car bodies, including fiberglass-mfg
3532-C02 ----- Car dumpers, mining-mfg
4482-C01 ----- Car lighters (ferries)
4789-C02 ----- Car loading
3429-C02 ----- Car seals, metal-mfg
7299-C01 ----- Car title and tag service
7542-000 ----- Car washes
3321-C01 ----- Car wheels, railroad: chilled cast iron-mfg
3312-C01 ----- Car wheels, rolled-mfg
3089-C02 ----- Carafes, plastics-mfg
2819-C04 ----- Carbide-mfg
3484-C01 ----- Carbines, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
2821-C01 ----- Carbohydrate plastics-mfg
2892-C02 ----- Carbohydrates, nitrated (explosives)-mfg
2819-C05 ----- Carbon, activated-mfg
3624-000 ----- Carbon and graphite products-mfg
3845-C01 ----- Carbon arc lamp units, electro-therapeutic: except infrared and ultraviolet-mfg
2869-C04 ----- Carbon bisulfide (disulfide)-mfg
2895-C01 ----- Carbon black-mfg
5169-C01 ----- Carbon black-wholesale
3297-C01 ----- Carbon brick-mfg
2813-C01 ----- Carbon dioxide-mfg
3955-000 ----- Carbon paper and inked ribbons-mfg
3955-C01 ----- Carbon paper-mfg
5112-C01 ----- Carbon paper-wholesale
2899-C03 ----- Carbon removing solvent-mfg
3624-C01 ----- Carbon specialties for electrical use mfg
2869-C05 ----- Carbon tetrachloride-mfg
2086-C01 ----- Carbonated beverages, non-alcoholic: bottled or canned-mfg
2812-C01 ----- Carbonates, potassium and sodium: not produced at mines-mfg
2299-C01 ----- Carbonized rags-mfg
3552-C01 ----- Carbonizing equipment (wool processing machinery)-mfg
2299-C02 ----- Carbonizing of wool, mohair, and similar fibers-mfg
3624-C02 ----- Carbons, electric-mfg
3221-C01 ----- Carbons, glass-mfg
3624-C03 ----- Carbons, lighting-mfg
3592-000 ----- Carburetors, pistons, rings, valves-mfg
7539-C01 ----- Carburetor repair
3592-C01 ----- Carburetors, all types-mfg
7319-C01 ----- Card advertising
3172-C01 ----- Card cases, except precious metal-mfg
3552-C02 ----- Card clothing for textile machines-mfg
2675-C02 ----- Card cutting-mfpm-mfg
3577-C01 ----- Card punching and sorting machines-mfg
7999-C03 ----- Card rooms
3577-C02 ----- Card-type conversion equipment, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
5113-C01 ----- Cardboard and products-wholesale
2675-C03 ----- Cardboard foundations and cutouts-mfpm-mfg
2631-C01 ----- Cardboard-mitse-mfg
2675-C04 ----- Cardboard panels and cutouts-mfpm-mfg
2675-C05 ----- Cardboard: pasted, laminated, lined, and surface coated-mfpm-mfg
3292-C01 ----- Carded fiber, asbestos-mfg
2281-C01 ----- Carded yarn, cotton-mfg
3552-C03 ----- Carding machines, textile-mfg
3845-C02 ----- Cardiodynameter-mfg
3845-C03 ----- Cardiographs-mfg
3845-C04 ----- Cardiophone, electric-mfg
3845-C05 ----- Cardioscope-mfg
3845-C06 ----- Cardiotachometer-mfg
2789-C01 ----- Cards: beveling, bronzing, deckling, edging, and gilding-mfg
2675-C06 ----- Cards, cut and designed: unprinted-mfpm-mfg
2759-C02 ----- Cards, except greeting cards: engraving of-mfg
2754-C02 ----- Cards, except greeting: gravure printing-mfg
2771-C01 ----- Cards, greeting, except hand painted-mfg
2675-C07 ----- Cards, index: die-cut-mfpm-mfg
2676-C01 ----- Cards, jacquard-mfpm-mfg
2675-C08 ----- Cards, jewelers-mfpm-mfg
2752-C02 ----- Cards, lithographed-mfg
2675-C09 ----- Cards, plain paper: die-cut or rotary-cut from purchased materials-mfg
2759-C03 ----- Cards, playing: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754-C03 ----- Cards, playing: gravure printing-mfg
2759-C04 ----- Cards, printed: except greeting, lithographed or gravure-mfg
2675-C10 ----- Cards, tabulating and time recording die-cut from purchased paperboard-mfg
4785-C01 ----- Cargo checkers and surveyors, marine
2298-C03 ----- Cargo nets (cordage)-mfg
4499-C02 ----- Cargo salvage, from distressed vessels
3731-C01 ----- Cargo vessels, building and repairing-mfg
3931-C02 ----- Carillon bells-mfg
3599-C01 ----- Carnival amusement rides-mfg
5087-C01 ----- Carnival and amusement park equipment-wholesale
7999-C04 ----- Carnival operation
1094-C01 ----- Carnotite mining
3599-C02 ----- Carousels (merry-go-rounds)-mfg
3423-C05 ----- Carpenters, handtools, except saws-mfg
1751-C02 ----- Carpentry work contractors
7217-C01 ----- Carpet and furniture cleaning on location
7217-000 ----- Carpet and upholstery cleaning
7217-C02 ----- Carpet cleaning and repairing plants
7217-C03 ----- Carpet cleaning on customers' premises
1752-C01 ----- Carpet laying or removal service contractors
2299-C03 ----- Carpet linings, felt: except woven-mfg
2392-C01 ----- Carpet linings, textile: except felt-mfg
5713-C01 ----- Carpet stores-retail
3589-C02 ----- Carpet sweepers, except household electric, vacuum sweepers-mfg
2281-C02 ----- Carpet yarn, cotton-mfg
2281-C03 ----- Carpet yarn: wool, mohair, or similar animal fibers-mfg
2279-000 ----- Carpets and rugs, n.e.c.-mfg
3996-C01 ----- Carpets, asphalted-felt-base (linoleum)-mfg
2499-C02 ----- Carpets, cork-mfg
2273-C01 ----- Carpets, textile fiber-mfg
2273-C02 ----- Carpets: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, and rag-mfg
5023-C01 ----- Carpets-wholesale
3448-C01 ----- Carports, prefabricated: metal-mfg
3944-C01 ----- Carriages, baby-mfg
3944-C02 ----- Carriages, doll-mfg
3489-C03 ----- Carriages, gun: for artillery more than 30mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
4789-C03 ----- Carriages, horse-drawn: for hire
2542-C02 ----- Carrier cases and tables, mail: except wood-mfg
3663-C03 ----- Carrier equipment, radio communications-mfg
3661-C01 ----- Carrier equipment, telephone and telegraph-mfg
2441-C01 ----- Carrier trays, wood-mfg
3531-C03 ----- Carriers, crane-mfg
5812-C04 ----- Carry-out restaurants
3743-C01 ----- Cars and car equipment, freight or passenger-mfg
3711-C02 ----- Cars, armored-mfg
3711-C03 ----- Cars, electric: for highway use mfg
3799-C02 ----- Cars, electric: off-highway-mfg
3443-C03 ----- Cars for hot metal-mfg
3537-C02 ----- Cars, industrial: except automotive cars and trucks and mining cars-mfg
3532-C03 ----- Cars, mining-mfg
5511-C01 ----- Cars, new and used-retail
3944-C03 ----- Cars, play (children's vehicles)-mfg
5521-C01 ----- Cars, used only-retail (1)
4212-C01 ----- Carting, by truck or horse-drawn wagon
3565-C01 ----- Carton packing machines-mfg
2657-C01 ----- Cartons, folding, except milk cartons: paperboard-mfpm-mfg
7812-C01 ----- Cartoon motion picture production
3949-C02 ----- Cartridge belts, sporting type mfg
3482-C01 ----- Cartridge cases for ammunition, 30 mm.(or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3351-C01 ----- Cartridge cups, discs, and sheets: copper and copper alloy-mfg
3546-C01 ----- Cartridge-activated hand power tools-mfg
3482-C02 ----- Cartridges, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3951-C01 ----- Cartridges, refill: for ballpoint pens-mfg
3949-C03 ----- Carts, caddy-mfg
3944-C04 ----- Carts, doll-mfg
3524-C01 ----- Carts for lawn and garden use mfg
3949-C04 ----- Carts, golf: hand-mfg
3496-C04 ----- Carts, grocery: made from purchased wire-mfg
3484-C02 ----- Carts, machine gun and machine gun ammunition-mfg
2599-C03 ----- Carts, restaurant-mfg
2499-C03 ----- Carved and turned wood (except furniture)-mfg
3553-C02 ----- Carving machine, woodworking-mfg
3421-C01 ----- Carving sets: except all metal-mfg
3914-C01 ----- Carving sets, with metal handles and blades-mfg
2426-C01 ----- Carvings, furniture: wood-mfg
5087-C02 ----- Carwash equipment and supplies-wholesale
7542-C01 ----- Carwashes
3589-C03 ----- Carwashing machinery, including coin-operated-mfg
3111-C01 ----- Case leather-mfg
2023-C01 ----- Casein, dry and wet-mfg
2824-C01 ----- Casein fibers-mfg
2821-C02 ----- Casein plastics-mfg
3089-C03 ----- Casein products, molded for the trade-mfg
2211-C05 ----- Casement cloth, cotton-mfg
3442-C01 ----- Casements, aluminum-mfg
3911-C01 ----- Cases: cigar, cigarette, and vanity precious metal-mfg
2522-C02 ----- Cases, filing: except wood-mfg
2521-C02 ----- Cases, filing: wood-mfg
3873-C01 ----- Cases for watches-mfg
3949-C05 ----- Cases, gun and rod (sporting equipment)-mfg
3172-C02 ----- Cases, jewelry: regardless of material-mfg
3161-C02 ----- Cases, luggage-mfg
2655-C04 ----- Cases, mailing: paper fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm-mfg
3161-C03 ----- Cases, musical instrument-mfg
2441-C02 ----- Cases, packing: wood-nailed or lock corner-mfg
3089-C04 ----- Cases, plastics-mfg
2517-C02 ----- Cases: radio, phonograph, and sewing machine-wood-mfg
2441-C03 ----- Cases, shipping: wood-nailed or lock corner-mfg
2449-C01 ----- Cases, shipping: wood-wirebound-mfg
3585-C02 ----- Cases, show and display: refrigerated-mfg
3469-C03 ----- Cash and stamp boxes, stamped metal-mfg
0119-C01 ----- Cash grain farms: except wheat, rice, corn, and soybeans
0119-000 ----- Cash grains, n.e.c.
3578-C02 ----- Cash registers, including adding machines with cash drawers-mfg
5044-C02 ----- Cash registers-wholesale
3443-C04 ----- Casing, boiler: metal plate-mfg
2869-C06 ----- Casing fluids for curing fruits, spices, and tobacco-mfg
1321-C01 ----- Casing-head butane and propane production
3769-C01 ----- Casings for missiles and missile components shipping and storage-mfg
3443-C05 ----- Casings, scroll-mfg
3444-C02 ----- Casings, sheet metal-mfg
7999-C08 ----- Casinos
5932-C03 ----- Casino chip collecting-retail
7011-C03 ----- Casino hotels
3429-C03 ----- Casket hardware-mfg
5087-C03 ----- Caskets, burial-wholesale
3995-C01 ----- Caskets, metal and wood-mfg
2449-C02 ----- Casks, wood: coopered-mfg
3634-C02 ----- Casseroles, electric-mfg
5099-C01 ----- Cassettes, prerecorded: audio-wholesale
5065-C02 ----- Cassettes, recording-wholesale
3321-C02 ----- Cast iron pipe-mfg
5051-C02 ----- Cast iron pipe wholesale
3325-C01 ----- Cast steel railroad car wheels-mfg
3272-C01 ----- Cast stone, concrete-mfg
3255-C01 ----- Castable refractories, clay-mfg
3297-C02 ----- Castable refractories, non-clay-mfg
3429-C04 ----- Casters, furniture-mfg
3429-C05 ----- Casters, industrial-mfg
7922-C01 ----- Casting agencies, theatrical: except motion picture
7819-C01 ----- Casting bureaus, motion picture
7922-C02 ----- Casting bureaus, theatrical: except motion picture
3089-C05 ----- Casting of plastics for the trade, except foam plastics-mfg
3365-C01 ----- Castings, aluminum: except die-castings-mfg
3321-C03 ----- Castings, compacted graphite iron-mfg
3369-C01 ----- Castings, except die-castings and castings of aluminum and copper-mfg
3366-C01 ----- Castings, except die-castings: brass, bronze, copper, and copper-base alloy-mfg
3321-C04 ----- Castings, gray iron and semi-steel-mfg
3322-C01 ----- Castings, malleable iron-mfg
3369-C02 ----- Castings, precision, except die-castings: industrial and aircraft use-cobalt-chromium-mfg
5051-C03 ----- Castings, rough: iron and steel-wholesale
3069-C03 ----- Castings, rubber-mfg
3325-C02 ----- Castings, steel: except investment-mfg
2076-C01 ----- Castor oil and pomace-mfg
3143-C01 ----- Casual shoes, men's: except athletic and rubber footwear-mfg
6531-C01 ----- Casualty insurance and reinsurance
0752-C01 ----- Cat breeder
0279-C01 ----- Cat farms
2047-C01 ----- Cat food-mfg
5961-C01 ----- Catalog (order taking) offices of mail order houses-retail
5961-000 ----- Catalog and mail-order houses-retail
2621-C02 ----- Catalog paper-mitse-mfg
5399-C01 ----- Catalog showrooms, general merchandise: except catalog mail order-retail
2754-C04 ----- Catalogs: gravure printing (not publishing)-mfg
2759-C05 ----- Catalogs, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)-mfg
2741-C02 ----- Catalogs: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
2819-C06 ----- Catalysts, chemical-mfg
7533-C01 ----- Catalytic converters, automotive: installation, repair, or sales and installation
3489-C04 ----- Catapult guns-mfg
3599-C03 ----- Catapults-mfg
7699-C02 ----- Catch basin cleaning
3272-C02 ----- Catch basin covers, concrete-mfg
9431-C02 ----- Categorical health program administration-government
5812-C05 ----- Caterers
0273-C01 ----- Catfish farms
3211-C01 ----- Cathedral glass-mfg
3841-C02 ----- Catheters-mfg
5065-C03 ----- Cathode ray picture tubes-wholesale
3672-000 ----- Cathode ray television picture tubes-mfg
3575-C01 ----- Cathode ray tube (CRT) teleprinter, multistation-mfg
3671-C01 ----- Cathode ray tubes-mfg
1499-C02 ----- Catlinite mining
5199-C03 ----- Cats-wholesale
2033-C02 ----- Catsup-mfg
2879-C02 ----- Cattle dips-mfg
0211-C01 ----- Cattle feeding farms
3523-C03 ----- Cattle feeding, handling, and watering equipment-mfg
0211-C02 ----- Cattle feedlot operations
3523-C04 ----- Cattle oilers (farm equipment)-mfg
0212-C01 ----- Cattle raising farms
0212-C02 ----- Cattle ranches
2011-C02 ----- Cattle slaughtering plants-mfg
0751-C01 ----- Cattle spraying
5154-C01 ----- Cattle wholesale
0161-C03 ----- Cauliflower farms
2891-C01 ----- Caulking compounds-mfg
1799-C02 ----- Caulking (construction)-contractors
3423-C06 ----- Caulking guns-mfg
3546-C02 ----- Caulking hammers-mfg
3423-C07 ----- Caulking tools, hand-mfg
1622-C01 ----- Causeway construction on structural supports-general contractors
2812-C02 ----- Caustic potash-mfg
2812-C03 ----- Caustic soda-mfg
5169-C02 ----- Caustic soda-wholesale
7999-C05 ----- Cave operation
2091-C02 ----- Caviar, canned-mfg

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