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[Caa - Cap]

3423-C01 ----- C-clamps-mfg
5813-C01 ----- Cabarets
0161-C01 ----- Cabbage farms
3812-C01 ----- Cabin environment indicators, transmitters, and sensors-mfg
3429-C01 ----- Cabinet hardware, including locks and lock sets-mfg
3553-C01 ----- Cabinet makers, machinery-mfg
5712-C01 ----- Cabinet work on a custom basis to individual order-retail
1751-C01 ----- Cabinet work performed at the construction site
3843-C01 ----- Cabinets, dental-mfg
2599-C01 ----- Cabinets, factory-mfg
3632-C01 ----- Cabinets, household refrigerator-mfg
2514-C01 ----- Cabinets, kitchen: metal-mfg
5712-C02 ----- Cabinets, kitchen: not built in-retail
5211-C01 ----- Cabinets, kitchen: to be installed-retail
2434-C01 ----- Cabinets, kitchen: wood-factory made to be installed-mfg
3821-C01 ----- Cabinets, laboratory-mfg
2514-C02 ----- Cabinets, medicine: metal-mfg
2522-C01 ----- Cabinets, office: except wood-mfg
2521-C01 ----- Cabinets, office: wood-mfg
2514-C03 ----- Cabinets, radio and television: metal-mfg
2519-C01 ----- Cabinets, radio and television: plastics-mfg
3585-C01 ----- Cabinets, show and display: refrigerated-mfg
2541-C01 ----- Cabinets, show, display, and storage: except refrigerated-wood-mfg
2542-C01 ----- Cabinets, show, display, and storage: not refrigerated, except wood-mfg
2517-C01 ----- Cabinets, wood: radio, television, phonograph, and sewing machines-mfg
2434-C02 ----- Cabinets, wood: to be installed-mfg
7011-C01 ----- Cabins and cottages
7011-C02 ----- Cabins, tourist
3355-C01 ----- Cable, aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
4841-000 ----- Cable and other pay TV services
4119-C01 ----- Cable cars, aerial: except amusement and scenic
4111-C01 ----- Cable cars, except aerial, amusement and scenic
5063-C01 ----- Cable conduit-wholesale
2298-C01 ----- Cable, fiber-mfg
1623-C01 ----- Cable laying construction-contractors
7999-C01 ----- Cable lifts, amusement or scenic: operated separately from lodges
3357-C01 ----- Cable, nonferrous: bare, insulated, or armored-mfpm-mfg
4813-C01 ----- Cable service, telephone
1731-C01 ----- Cable splicing, electrical-contractors
1799-C01 ----- Cable splicing service, non electrical-contractors
3315-C01 ----- Cable, steel: insulated or armored-mfg
3663-C01 ----- Cable television equipment-mfg
1731-C02 ----- Cable television hookup-contractors
1623-C02 ----- Cable television line construction- contractors
4841-C01 ----- Cable television services
3829-C01 ----- Cable testing machines-mfg
3443-C01 ----- Cable trays, metal plate-mfg
3496-C01 ----- Cable, uninsulated wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
5051-C01 ----- Cable, wire: not insulated-wholesale
4822-C01 ----- Cablegram services
3523-C01 ----- Cabs, agricultural machinery-mfg
3531-C01 ----- Cabs, construction machinery-mfg
3537-C01 ----- Cabs for industrial trucks and tractors-mfg
4789-C01 ----- Cabs, horse-drawn: for hire
2066-C01 ----- Cacao bean products: chocolate, cocoa butter, and cocoa-mfg
2066-C02 ----- Cacao beans: shelling, roasting, and grinding for making chocolate liquor-mfg
7373-C01 ----- CAD/CAM systems services
3799-C01 ----- Caddy cars-mfg
3949-C01 ----- Caddy carts-mfg
3339-C01 ----- Cadmium refining, primary-mfg
7373-C02 ----- CAE (computer-aided engineering) systems services
5812-C01 ----- Cafes-retail
3589-C01 ----- Cafeteria food warming equipment-mfg
2599-C02 ----- Cafeteria furniture-mfg
5021-C01 ----- Cafeteria furniture-wholesale
5812-C02 ----- Cafeterias-retail
2833-C01 ----- Caffeine and derivatives-mfg
2384-C01 ----- Caftans-mfpm-mfg
3532-C01 ----- Cages, mine shaft-mfg
3496-C02 ----- Cages, wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
1629-C01 ----- Caisson drilling contractors
3489-C01 ----- Caisson limbers-mfg
3443-C02 ----- Caissons, metal plate-mfg
2046-C01 ----- Cake, corn oil-mfg
5999-C01 ----- Cake decorating supplies-retail
2099-C01 ----- Cake fillings, except fruits, vegetables and meat-mfg
2045-C01 ----- Cake flour-mfpm-mfg
2041-C01 ----- Cake flour-mitse-mfg
2099-C02 ----- Cake frosting mixes, dry-mfg
2045-C02 ----- Cake mixes-mfpm-mfg
2064-C01 ----- Cake ornaments, confectionery-mfg
2051-C01 ----- Cakes, bakery, except frozen-mfg
5142-C01 ----- Cakes, frozen: packaged-wholesale
2053-C01 ----- Cakes, frozen: pound, layer, and cheese-mfg
1031-C01 ----- Calamine mining
1041-C01 ----- Calaverite mining
1422-C01 ----- Calcareous tufa, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-C01 ----- Calcareous tufa, dimension-quarrying
2851-C01 ----- Calcimines, dry and paste-mfg
5198-C01 ----- Calcimines-wholesale
2999-C01 ----- Calcined petroleum coke-mfpm-mfg
3567-C01 ----- Calcining kilns (industrial furnaces)-mfg
1499-C01 ----- Calcite mining
2861-C01 ----- Calcium acetate, product of hardwood distillation-mfg
2879-C01 ----- Calcium arsenate and arsenite, formulated-mfg
2819-C01 ----- Calcium carbide, chloride, and hypochlorite-mfg
2819-C02 ----- Calcium compounds, inorganic-mfg
2874-C01 ----- Calcium meta-phosphates-mfg
2819-C03 ----- Calcium metal-mfg
2869-C01 ----- Calcium oxalate-mfg
2843-C01 ----- Calcium salts of sulfonated oils, fats, or greases-mfg
3578-000 ----- Calculating and accounting equipment-mfg
3578-C01 ----- Calculating machines, operator paced-mfg
5044-C01 ----- Calculating machines-wholesale
7374-C01 ----- Calculating service, computer
3999-C01 ----- Calendars, framed-mfg
2754-C01 ----- Calendars, gravure printing: not publishing-mfg
2752-C01 ----- Calendars, lithographed: not published-mfg
2759-C01 ----- Calendars, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2741-C01 ----- Calendars: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
2261-C01 ----- Calendering of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262-C01 ----- Calendering of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2231-C01 ----- Calendering of wool, mohair, and similar animal fiber fabrics: except knit-mfg
3523-C02 ----- Calf savers (farm equipment)-mfg
2013-C01 ----- Calf's-foot jelly-mfg
8734-C01 ----- Calibration and certification (testing)
5812-C03 ----- Californian restaurants
3545-C01 ----- Calipers and dividers-mfg
3462-C01 ----- Calks, horseshoe: forged-not made in rolling mills-mfg
3931-C01 ----- Calliopes (steam organs)-mfg
3821-C02 ----- Calorimeters, laboratory type-mfg
2211-C01 ----- Cambric, cotton-mfg
2295-C01 ----- Cambric: varnished, waxed, and impregnated-mfg
3011-C01 ----- Camelback for tire retreading-mfg
5946-000 ----- Camera & photographic supply stores-retail
3161-C01 ----- Camera carrying bags, regardless of material-mfg
7699-C01 ----- Camera repair shops
5946-C01 ----- Camera shops, photographic-retail
5731-C01 ----- Camera stores, video-retail
5043-C01 ----- Cameras, equipment, and supplies-wholesale
3861-C01 ----- Cameras, microfilm-mfg
3861-C02 ----- Cameras, still and motion picture-mfg
3663-C02 ----- Cameras, television-mfg
2341-C01 ----- Camisoles: women's, misses' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2211-C02 ----- Camouflage nets-mitse-mfg
2298-C02 ----- Camouflage nets, not made in weaving mills-mfg
2514-C04 ----- Camp furniture, metal-mfg
2519-C02 ----- Camp furniture, reed and rattan-mfg
2511-C01 ----- Camp furniture, wood-mfg
3792-C01 ----- Campers, for mounting on trucks-mfg
5561-C01 ----- Campers (pickup coaches) for mounting on trucks-retail
5012-C01 ----- Campers (pickup coaches) for mounting on trucks-wholesale
7519-C01 ----- Campers (recreational vehicles), rental
7033-C01 ----- Campgrounds
2869-C02 ----- Camphor, synthetic-mfg
5941-C01 ----- Camping equipment-retail
5091-C01 ----- Camping equipment-wholesale
5091-C02 ----- Camping tents and equipment-wholesale
3792-C02 ----- Camping trailers and chassis-mfg
7032-C01 ----- Camps, sporting and recreational
7033-C02 ----- Campsites for transients
3545-C02 ----- Cams (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3714-C01 ----- Camshafts, motor vehicle gasoline engine-mfg
3496-C03 ----- Can keys, made from purchased wire-mfg
3411-C01 ----- Can lids and ends, metal-mfg
3542-C01 ----- Can making machines-mfg
3634-C01 ----- Can openers, electric-mfg
3423-C02 ----- Can openers, except electric-mfg
4449-C01 ----- Canal barge operations
1629-C02 ----- Canal construction-general contractors
4449-C02 ----- Canal freight transportation
4499-C01 ----- Canal operation
3579-C01 ----- Canceling machinery, post office-mfg
9431-C01 ----- Cancer detection program administration-government
8069-C01 ----- Cancer hospitals
2655-C01 ----- Candelabra tubes, fiber-mfpm-mfg
2064-C02 ----- Candied fruits and fruit peel-mfg
7933-C01 ----- Candle pin centers
3999-C02 ----- Candle shades, except glass and metal-mfg
5999-C02 ----- Candle shops-retail
3999-C03 ----- Candles-mfg
5199-C01 ----- Candles-wholesale
3229-C01 ----- Candlesticks, glass-mfg
2064-C03 ----- Candy bars, except solid chocolate-mfg
2064-C04 ----- Candy, except solid chocolate-mfg
5441-000 ----- Candy, nut, and confectionery stores-retail
2066-C03 ----- Candy, solid chocolate-mfg
5441-C01 ----- Candy stores-retail
5145-C01 ----- Candy-wholesale
2064-000 ----- Candy & other confectionery products-mfg
2499-C01 ----- Cane, chair: woven of reed or rattan-mfg
0133-C01 ----- Cane farms, sugar
3423-C03 ----- Cane knives-mfg
2061-C01 ----- Cane sugar, made from sugar cane-mfg
2062-000 ----- Cane sugar refining-mfg
2062-C01 ----- Cane sugar refineries-mfg
2061-C02 ----- Cane syrup, made from sugar cane-mfg
2062-C02 ----- Cane syrup, made in sugar refineries from purchased sugar-mfg
3999-C04 ----- Canes and cane trimmings, except precious metal-mfg
3842-C01 ----- Canes, orthopedic-mfg
3483-C01 ----- Canisters, ammunition-mfg
2091-000 ----- Canned and cured fish and seafoods-mfg
2091-C01 ----- Canned fish, crustacea, and mollusks-mfg
2033-000 ----- Canned fruits and vegetables-mfg
2033-C01 ----- Canned fruits and vegetables-mfg
5149-C01 ----- Canned goods: fruits, vegetables, fish, seafoods, meats, and milk-wholesale
2013-C02 ----- Canned meats, except baby foods and animal feeds-mfpm-mfg
2011-C01 ----- Canned meats, except baby foods and animal feeds-mitse-mfg
2032-000 ----- Canned specialties-mfg
5149-C02 ----- Canned specialties-wholesale
3489-C02 ----- Cannons, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3841-C01 ----- Cannulae-mfg
7999-C02 ----- Canoe rental
3732-C01 ----- Canoes, building and repairing-mfg
2394-C01 ----- Canopies, fabric-mfpm-mfg
3444-C01 ----- Canopies, sheet metal-mfg
3411-C02 ----- Cans, aluminum-mfg
3469-C01 ----- Cans, ash and garbage: stamped and pressed metal-mfg
2655-C02 ----- Cans, composite: foil-fiber and other combinations-mfpm-mfg
2655-C03 ----- Cans, fiber (metal end or all-fiber)-mfpm-mfg
5085-C01 ----- Cans for fruits and vegetables-wholesale
3411-C03 ----- Cans, metal-mfg
3479-C01 ----- Cans, retinning of; not done in rolling mills-mfg
3423-C04 ----- Cant hooks (handtools)-mfg
0161-C02 ----- Cantaloupe farms-
2221-C01 ----- Canton crepes-mfg
2421-C01 ----- Cants, resawed (lumber)-mfg
2394-000 ----- Canvas and related products-mfg
3952-C01 ----- Canvas, artists,: prepared on frames-mfg
3952-C02 ----- Canvas board, artists-mfg
2211-C03 ----- Canvas-mitse-mfg
2394-C02 ----- Canvas products, except bags and knapsacks-mfpm-mfg
5199-C02 ----- Canvas products-wholesale
3021-C01 ----- Canvas shoes, rubber soled-mfg
5963-C01 ----- Canvassers (door-to-door), headquarters for retail sale of merchandise
2211-C04 ----- Canyon flannels, cotton-mfg
2396-C01 ----- Cap fronts and visors-mfg
3469-C02 ----- Capacitor and condenser cans and cases: stamped metal-mfg
2621-C01 ----- Capacitor paper-mitse-mfg
3629-C01 ----- Capacitors, a.c.: for motors and fluorescent lamp ballasts-mfg
3675-C01 ----- Capacitors, electronic: fixed and variable-mfg
5065-C01 ----- Capacitors, electronic-wholesale
3629-C02 ----- Capacitors, except electronic: fixed and variable-mfg
5063-C02 ----- Capacitors, except electronic-wholesale
2337-C01 ----- Capes, except fur and vulcanized rubber: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2371-C01 ----- Capes, fur-mfg
3069-C01 ----- Capes, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
2869-C03 ----- Caprolactam-mfg
2389-C01 ----- Caps and gowns, academic-mfpm-mfg
5137-C01 ----- Caps and gowns: women's and children's-wholesale
3643-C01 ----- Caps and plugs, attachment: electric-mfg
2675-C01 ----- Caps and tops, bottle: die cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfpm-mfg
3466-C01 ----- Caps and tops, bottle: stamped metal-mfg
2892-C01 ----- Caps, blasting and detonating-mfg
3261-C01 ----- Caps, bolt: vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
3483-C02 ----- Caps, bomb-mfg
2353-C01 ----- Caps, cloth-mfpm-mfg
2899-C01 ----- Caps, for toy pistols-mfg
2371-C02 ----- Caps, fur-mfg
3131-C01 ----- Caps, heel and toe: leather or metal-mfg
2386-C01 ----- Caps, leather-mfg
5136-C01 ----- Caps, men's and boys'-wholesale
2253-C01 ----- Caps-mitse-mfg
3089-C01 ----- Caps, plastics-mfg
3069-C02 ----- Caps, rubber-mitse-mfg
2353-C02 ----- Caps: textiles, straw, fur felt, and wool-felt-mfpm-mfg
5137-C02 ----- Caps: women's and children's-wholesale
3531-C02 ----- Capstans, ship-mfg
2899-C02 ----- Capsules, gelatin: empty-mfg

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