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5719-B03 ----- Brushes-retail
3069-B15 ----- Brushes, rubber-mfg
3541-B05 ----- Brushing machines (metalworking machinery)-mfg
3089-B15 ----- Bubble formed packaging, plastics-mfg
3443-B11 ----- Bubble towers-mfg
3432-B04 ----- Bubblers, drinking fountain-mfg
3531-B09 ----- Bucket and scarifier teeth-mfg
3535-B02 ----- Bucket type conveyor systems for general industrial use-mfg
3535-B03 ----- Buckets, elevator or conveyor for general industrial use-mfg
3531-B10 ----- Buckets, excavating: e.g., clamshell, concrete, dragline, drag scraper, shovel-mfg
3949-B25 ----- Buckets, fish and bait-mfg
3089-B16 ----- Buckets, plastics-mfg
2449-B06 ----- Buckets, wood: coopered-mfg
3965-B02 ----- Buckle blanks and molds-mfg
3965-B03 ----- Buckles and buckle parts, except shoe buckles-mfg
3131-B04 ----- Buckles, shoe-mfg
2211-B18 ----- Buckram-mitse-mfg
2295-B01 ----- Buckram: varnished, waxed, and impregnated-mfg
0119-B03 ----- Buckwheat farms
2041-B04 ----- Buckwheat flour-mfg
9311-B01 ----- Budget agencies-government
5812-B04 ----- Buffets (eating places)
2511-B07 ----- Buffets (furniture)-mfg
3541-B06 ----- Buffing and polishing machines (machine tools)-mfg
3291-B04 ----- Buffing and polishing wheels, abrasive and nonabrasive-mfg
3471-B01 ----- Buffing, for the trade-mfg
3546-B01 ----- Buffing machines, hand: electric-mfg
3111-B06 ----- Buffings, russet-mfg
3931-B06 ----- Bugles and parts (musical instruments)-mfg
3429-B05 ----- Builders, hardware, including locks and lock sets-mfg
5251-B01 ----- Builders, hardware-retail
5072-B03 ----- Builders, hardware-wholesale
1531-B01 ----- Builders, operative: on own account
1531-B02 ----- Builders, speculative
1541-B01 ----- Building alterations, industrial and warehouse general contractors
1542-B02 ----- Building alterations, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses-general contractors
1522-B01 ----- Building alterations, residential: excepting family-general contractors
1521-B01 ----- Building alterations, single-family-general contractors
3275-B02 ----- Building board, gypsum-mfg
7349-B01 ----- Building cleaning service, interior
1541-B02 ----- Building components manufacturing plant construction-general contractors
1541-B03 ----- Building construction, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
1542-B03 ----- Building construction, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses-general contractors
1522-B02 ----- Building construction, residential: except single-family-general contractors
1521-B02 ----- Building construction, single-family-general contractors
1791-B01 ----- Building front installation, metal-contractors
3211-B01 ----- Building glass, flat-mfg
3274-B01 ----- Building lime-mfg
7349-B02 ----- Building maintenance, except repairs
7349-000 ----- Building maintenance services, n.e.c.
3292-B06 ----- Building materials, asbestos: except asbestos paper-mfg
3272-B03 ----- Building materials, concrete: except block and brick-mfg
5211-B02 ----- Building materials dealers-retail
5039-B01 ----- Building materials, fiberglass-wholesale
5932-B02 ----- Building materials, used-retail
1389-B02 ----- Building oil and gas well foundations on a contract basis
2679-B03 ----- Building paper, laminated-mfpm-mfg
2621-B06 ----- Building paper: sheathing, insulation, saturating, and dry felts-mitse-mfg
1541-B04 ----- Building repairs, industrial-general contractors
1542-B04 ----- Building repairs, nonresidential-general contractors
1522-B03 ----- Building repairs, residential: except single-family-general contractors
1521-B03 ----- Building repairs, single-family-general contractors
3822-B01 ----- Building services monitoring controls, automatic-mfg
9531-B01 ----- Building standards agencies-government
3272-B04 ----- Building stone, artificial: concrete-mfg
3281-B05 ----- Building stone, natural: cut-including combination with quarrying-mfg
5032-B03 ----- Building stone-wholesale
3251-B03 ----- Building tile, clay-mfg
6513-B01 ----- Buildings, apartment (five or more housing units): operators of
6514-B01 ----- Buildings, dwelling (four or fewer housing units): operators of
2451-B01 ----- Buildings, mobile: commercial use-mfg
6512-B02 ----- Buildings, nonresidential: operators of
2452-B01 ----- Buildings, prefabricated and portable: wood-mfg
3448-B01 ----- Buildings, prefabricated: metal-mfg
5211-B03 ----- Buildings, prefabricated-retail
3299-B04 ----- Built-up mica-mfg
3641-B01 ----- Bulbs, electric light: complete-mfg
5191-B02 ----- Bulbs, flower and field-wholesale
3229-B07 ----- Bulbs for electric lights, without filaments or sockets-mitse-mfg
3069-B16 ----- Bulbs for medicine droppers, syringes, atomizers, and sprays: rubber-mfg
0181-B02 ----- Bulbs, growing of
5261-B01 ----- Bulbs, seed and nursery stock-retail
7399-B02 ----- Bulk email advertising services
7353-B01 ----- Bulldozer rental and leasing
3531-B11 ----- Bulldozers, construction-mfg
3542-B04 ----- Bulldozers, metalworking-mfg
3482-B02 ----- Bullet jackets and cores, 30 mm. (or 1.18inch) or less-mfg
7399-B01 ----- Bulletin boards, electronic, except ISPs (BBS)
2499-B16 ----- Bulletin boards, wood and cork-mfg
3842-B06 ----- Bulletproof vests-mfg
1041-B01 ----- Bullion, gold: produced at mine, mill, or dredge site
5094-B01 ----- Bullion, precious metals-wholesale
1044-B01 ----- Bullion, silver: produced at mine or mill site
7532-B03 ----- Bump shops (automotive repair)
3714-B05 ----- Bumpers and bumperettes, motor vehicle-mfg
3462-B01 ----- Bumping posts, railroad: forged-not made in rolling mills-mfg
2499-B17 ----- Bungs, wood-mfg
2051-B08 ----- Buns, bread-type (e.g., hamburger, hot dog), including frozen-mfg
2051-B09 ----- Buns, sweet, except frozen-mfg
3821-B04 ----- Bunsen burners-mfg
2211-B19 ----- Bunting-mitse-mfg
2369-B04 ----- Buntings: infants'-mfpm-mfg
3823-B02 ----- Buoyancy instruments, industrial process type mfg
3089-B17 ----- Buoys and floats, plastics-mfg
2499-B18 ----- Buoys, cork-mfg
3443-B12 ----- Buoys, metal-mfg
9221-B01 ----- Bureaus of criminal investigations-government
9651-B02 ----- Bureaus of standards-government
3669-B01 ----- Burglar alarm apparatus, electric-mfg
1731-B01 ----- Burglar alarm installation contractors
7382-B01 ----- Burglar alarm monitoring and maintenance
6331-B02 ----- Burglary and theft insurance
3995-B01 ----- Burial cases, metal and wood-mfg
3995-000 ----- Burial caskets
2389-B02 ----- Burial garments-mfpm-mfg
6311-B02 ----- Burial insurance societies
3272-B05 ----- Burial vaults, concrete and precast terrazzo-mfg
3995-B02 ----- Burial vaults, fiberglass-mfg
3281-B06 ----- Burial vaults, stone-mfg
2299-B05 ----- Burlap, jute-mfg
5199-B04 ----- Burlap - wholesale
7922-B03 ----- Burlesque companies
1459-B03 ----- Burley mining
2231-B04 ----- Burling and mending wool cloth for the trade-mfg
2411-B02 ----- Burls, wood-mfg
5074-B04 ----- Burners, fuel oil and distillate oil-wholesale
3433-B02 ----- Burners, gas: domestic-mfg
3433-B03 ----- Burners, oil: domestic and industrial-mfg
3398-B02 ----- Burning metal for the trade-mfg
3952-B05 ----- Burnishers and cushions, gilders'-mfg
3569-B05 ----- Burnishing and washing machines, brake-mfg
2842-B05 ----- Burnishing ink-mfg
3541-B07 ----- Burnishing machines (machine tools)-mfg
3199-B08 ----- Burnt leather goods for the trade-mfg
2087-B05 ----- Burnt sugar (food color)-mfg
3999-B17 ----- Burnt wood articles-mfg
0272-B01 ----- Burro farms
1499-B04 ----- Burrstone quarrying
3843-B02 ----- Burs, dental-mfg
3613-B01 ----- Bus bar structures-mfg
5063-B03 ----- Bus bars and trolley ducts-wholesale
3643-B01 ----- Bus bars (electrical conductors)-mfg
3713-B03 ----- Bus bodies, motor vehicle-mfg
7319-B01 ----- Bus card advertising
4142-000 ----- Bus charter service, (except local)
4142-B02 ----- Bus charter service, except local
4141-B01 ----- Bus charter service, local
4111-B01 ----- Bus line operation, local
4131-B01 ----- Bus lines, intercity
4173-B01 ----- Bus terminal operation
4729-B01 ----- Bus ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
3715-B01 ----- Bus trailers, tractor type-mfg
3462-B02 ----- Bus, truck and trailer forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
7542-B01 ----- Bus washing
3711-B03 ----- Buses, motor: except trackless trolley-mfg
4151-B03 ----- Buses, school: operation of
4119-B01 ----- Buses, sightseeing: operation of
3743-B02 ----- Buses, trackless trolley-mfg
5012-B02 ----- Buses wholesale
3423-B07 ----- Bush hooks-mfg
3366-B03 ----- Bushings and bearings, except die-castings:brass, bronze, and copper-mfg
3325-B01 ----- Bushings, cast steel: except investment-mfg
3069-B17 ----- Bushings, rubber-mfg
2499-B19 ----- Bushings, wood-mfg
8244-000 ----- Business and secretarial schools
8611-000 ----- Business associations
8611-B03 ----- Business associations, other than civic and social
7389-B07 ----- Business brokers (buying and selling business enterprises)
8244-B01 ----- Business colleges and schools, not of college grade
8748-000 ----- Business consulting, n.e.c.
6153-B01 ----- Business credit institutions, short-term
7319-B02 ----- Business directories
8732-B01 ----- Business economists, commercial
2154-B01 ----- Business forms, except manifold: gravure printing-mfg
2752-B03 ----- Business forms, except manifold: lithographed-mfg
2759-B04 ----- Business forms, except manifold, lithographed or gravure printed-mfg
2761-B01 ----- Business forms, manifold-mfg
5112-B02 ----- Business forms-wholesale
7389-B12 ----- Business information
7629-B01 ----- Business machine repair, electrical
8741-B01 ----- Business management services
7389-B08 ----- Business opportunities, except home based
7389-B09 ----- Business opportunities, home based
8732-B02 ----- Business research, commercial
7389-000 ----- Business services, n.e.c.
2741-B01 ----- Business service newsletters: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
7372-B01 ----- Business software, computer: prepackaged
7389-B10 ----- Business startup opportunities, except home based
7389-B11 ----- Business startup opportunities, home based
8641-B03 ----- Businesspersons clubs, civic and social
2821-B01 ----- Butadiene copolymers, containing less than 50 percent butadiene-mfg
2869-B02 ----- Butadiene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2911-B02 ----- Butadiene, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2822-B01 ----- Butadiene rubbers-mfg
2822-B02 ----- Butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymers (more than 50 percent butadiene)-mfg
2822-B03 ----- Butadiene-styrene copolymers (more than 50 percent butadiene)-mfg
5984-B02 ----- Butane gas, bottled-retail
5172-B01 ----- Butane gas, except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
1321-B01 ----- Butane (natural) production
3421-B03 ----- Butchers, knives-mfg
2542-B03 ----- Butchers, store fixtures, except wood-mfg
2541-B03 ----- Butchers, store fixtures, wood-mfg
5451-B01 ----- Butter and other dairy product stores-retail
2211-B20 ----- Butter cloths-mfg
2449-B07 ----- Butter crates, wood: wirebound-mfg
2021-B01 ----- Butter, creamery and whey-mfg
3556-B05 ----- Butter making and butter working machinery-mfg
2021-B02 ----- Butter oil-mfg
2021-B03 ----- Butter powder-mfg
2099-B06 ----- Butter, renovated and processed-mfg
5143-B01 ----- Butter-wholesale
2021-B04 ----- Butterfat, anhydrous-mfg
2023-B02 ----- Buttermilk: concentrated, condensed, dried, evaporated, and powdered-mfg
2026-B02 ----- Buttermilk, cultured-mfg
2048-B02 ----- Buttermilk emulsion for animal food-mfg
2033-B02 ----- Butters, fruit-mfg
3965-B04 ----- Button backs and parts-mfg
3965-B05 ----- Button blanks and molds-mfg
3965-B06 ----- Button coloring for the trade-mfg
3639-B01 ----- Buttonhole and eyelet machines and attachments, household-mfg
3559-B06 ----- Buttonhole and eyelet machines and attachments, industrial-mfg
2395-B01 ----- Buttonhole making, except fur: for the trade-mfg
2371-B01 ----- Buttonhole making, fur-mfg
3965-B07 ----- Buttons, except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones-mfg
3999-B18 ----- Buttons: Red Cross, union, and identification-mfg
5131-B04 ----- Buttons-wholesale
2869-B03 ----- Butyl acetate, alcohol, and propionate-mfg
2869-B04 ----- Butyl ester solution of 2, 4-D-mfg
2822-B04 ----- Butyl rubber-mfg
2869-B05 ----- Butylene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2911-B03 ----- Butylene, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
7299-B06 ----- Buyers, clubs
5159-B03 ----- Buyers of raw farm products, except grain, field beans, and livestock-wholesale
6531-B03 ----- Buying agents, real estate

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