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2341-B02 ----- Bra-slips: women's and misses-mfpm-mfg
3842-B04 ----- Braces, elastic-mfg
3842-B05 ----- Braces, orthopedic-mfg
0721-B01 ----- Bracing of orchard trees and vines
3299-B02 ----- Brackets, architectural: plaster-factory production only-mfg
3429-B04 ----- Brackets, iron and steel-mfg
2431-B03 ----- Brackets, wood-mfg
3399-B02 ----- Brads, nonferrous metal (including wire)-mfg
3315-B03 ----- Brads, steel: wire or cut-mfg
5072-B02 ----- Brads-wholesale
2269-B02 ----- Braided goods, except wool: bleaching, dyeing, printing, and other finishing-mfg
3552-B04 ----- Braiding machines, textile-mfg
3999-B14 ----- Braids, puffs, switches, wigs, etc.-made of hair or other fiber-mfg
2241-B04 ----- Braids, textile-mfg
2241-B05 ----- Braids, tubular nylon and plastics-mfg
3569-B03 ----- Brake burnishing and washing machines-mfg
3714-B03 ----- Brake drums-mfg
2992-B01 ----- Brake fluid, hydraulic-mfpm-mfg
3292-B04 ----- Brake lining, asbestos-mfg
3069-B14 ----- Brake lining, rubber-mfg
7539-B02 ----- Brake linings, sale and installation
3292-B05 ----- Brake pads, asbestos-mfg
7539-B03 ----- Brake repairing, automotive
3321-B01 ----- Brake shoes, railroad: cast iron-mfg
3728-B05 ----- Brakes, aircraft-mfg
3714-B04 ----- Brakes and brake parts, motor vehicle-mfg
3751-B02 ----- Brakes, bicycle: friction clutch and other-mfg
3625-B01 ----- Brakes, electromagnetic-mfg
3542-B03 ----- Brakes, metal forming-mfg
3743-B01 ----- Brakes, railway: air and vacuum-mfg
2041-B02 ----- Bran and middlings, except rice-mfg
2044-B01 ----- Bran, rice-mfg
6081-B01 ----- Branches of foreign banks
3953-B01 ----- Branding irons, for marking purposes-mfg
5182-B02 ----- Brandy and brandy spirits-wholesale
2084-B02 ----- Brandy-mfg
2084-B03 ----- Brandy spirits-mfg
2342-000 ----- Bras, girdles, and allied garments-mfg
3364-B02 ----- Brass die-castings-mfg
3366-B01 ----- Brass foundries-mfg
3432-B02 ----- Brass goods, plumbers-mfg
5074-B03 ----- Brass goods, plumbers-wholesale
3351-B03 ----- Brass rolling and drawing-mfg
3341-B01 ----- Brass smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
2342-B02 ----- Brassieres-mfpm-mfg
3446-B04 ----- Brasswork, ornamental: structural-mfg
3631-B02 ----- Braziers, barbecue-mfg
2861-B01 ----- Brazilwood extract-mfg
2899-B07 ----- Brazing fluxes-mfg
3398-B01 ----- Brazing (hardening) metal for the trade-mfg
7692-B01 ----- Brazing (welding)
2045-B03 ----- Bread and bread-type roll mixes-mfpm-mfg
2041-B03 ----- Bread and bread-type roll mixes-mitse-mfg
2051-B05 ----- Bread, brown: Boston and other-canned-mfg
2051-000 ----- Bread, cake, and related products-mfg
2099-B05 ----- Bread crumbs, not made in bakeries-mfg
5142-B02 ----- Bread, frozen: packaged-wholesale
2051-B06 ----- Bread, including frozen-mfg
3556-B03 ----- Bread slicing machines-mfg
2754-B01 ----- Bread wrappers: gravure printing-mfg
2752-B02 ----- Bread wrappers, lithographed-mfg
2759-B03 ----- Bread wrappers, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2671-B01 ----- Bread wrappers, waxed or laminated-mfpm-mfg
3565-B03 ----- Bread wrapping machines-mfg
3694-B03 ----- Breaker point sets, internal combustion engine-mfg
1231-B01 ----- Breakers, anthracite
3532-B02 ----- Breakers, coal-mfg
3531-B08 ----- Breakers, paving-mfg
3432-B03 ----- Breakers, vacuum: plumbing-mfg
2064-B02 ----- Breakfast bars-mfg
5149-B05 ----- Breakfast cereals-wholesale
2043-B01 ----- Breakfast foods, cereal-mfg
2514-B05 ----- Breakfast sets (furniture), metal-mfg
2511-B05 ----- Breakfast sets (furniture), wood-mfg
1629-B03 ----- Breakwater construction-general contractors
2399-B09 ----- Breast aprons (harness)-mfg
3443-B10 ----- Breechings, metal plate-mfg
0752-B03 ----- Breeding of animals, other than cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and poultry
0751-B01 ----- Breeding of livestock
2082-B02 ----- Breweries-mfg
3556-B04 ----- Brewers, and maltsers' machinery-mfg
2082-B03 ----- Brewers, grain-mfg
2861-B02 ----- Brewers, pitch, product of softwood distillation-mfg
3999-B15 ----- Bric-a-brac-mfg
3291-B03 ----- Brick, abrasive-mfg
3259-B02 ----- Brick, adobe-mfg
3251-000 ----- Brick and structural clay tile-mfg
5211-B01 ----- Brick and tile dealers-retail
3297-B02 ----- Brick, bauxite-mfg
3297-B03 ----- Brick, carbon-mfg
3255-B02 ----- Brick, clay refractory: fire clay and high alumina-mfg
3251-B02 ----- Brick: common, face, glazed, vitrified, and hollow-clay-mfg
3271-B02 ----- Brick, concrete-mfg
5032-B02 ----- Brick, except refractory-wholesale
3229-B06 ----- Brick, glass-mfg
3255-B03 ----- Brick, ladle: clay-mfg
3559-B04 ----- Brick making machines-mfg
3297-B04 ----- Brick, refractory: chrome, magnesite, silica, and other nonclay-mfg
3299-B03 ----- Brick, sand lime-mfg
2952-B02 ----- Brick siding, asphalt-mfpm-mfg
3297-B05 ----- Brick, silicon carbide-mfg
5032-000 ----- Brick, stone, & related materials-wholesale
1741-B01 ----- Bricklaying-contractors
2335-B01 ----- Bridal dresses or gowns: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
5621-B01 ----- Bridal shops, except custom-retail
2396-B04 ----- Bridal veils-mfg
3569-B04 ----- Bridge and gate machinery, hydraulic-mfg
7997-B06 ----- Bridge clubs, membership
7999-B16 ----- Bridge clubs, nonmembership
1622-B01 ----- Bridge construction-general contractors
7999-B17 ----- Bridge instruction
1721-B01 ----- Bridge painting-contractors
3441-B03 ----- Bridge sections, highway: prefabricated metal-mfg
2392-B09 ----- Bridge sets (cloths and napkins)-mfg
2514-B06 ----- Bridge sets (furniture), metal-mfg
2511-B06 ----- Bridge sets (furniture), wood-mfg
1622-000 ----- Bridge, tunnel, & elevated highway
2491-B01 ----- Bridges and trestles, wood: treated-mfg
3949-B24 ----- Bridges, billiard and pool-mfg
3825-B03 ----- Bridges, electrical: e.g., Kelvin, Wheatstone, vacuum tube, and megohm-mfg
4785-B01 ----- Bridges, highway: operation of
3931-B05 ----- Bridges, piano-mfg
3111-B05 ----- Bridle leather-mfg
1629-B04 ----- Bridle path construction-general contractors
3161-B04 ----- Briefcases, regardless of material-mfg
2322-B01 ----- Briefs, underwear: men's and boys-mfpm-mfg
2254-B01 ----- Briefs, underwear-mitse mfg
2341-B03 ----- Briefs: women's, misses' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
1479-B03 ----- Brimstone mining
2819-B13 ----- Brine-mfg
2035-B02 ----- Brining of fruits and vegetables-mfg
2999-B02 ----- Briquettes (fuel bricks): made with petroleum binder-mfg
2499-B15 ----- Briquettes, sawdust or bagasse: nonpetroleum binder-mfg
3999-B16 ----- Bristles, dressing of-mfg
5159-B01 ----- Bristles-wholesale
2631-B04 ----- Bristols, bogus-mitse-mfg
2621-B05 ----- Bristols, except bogus-mitse-mfg
3356-B03 ----- Britannia metal, rolling and drawing-mfg
5812-B03 ----- British restaurants
3843-B01 ----- Broaches, dental-mfg
3545-B05 ----- Broaches (machine tool accessories)-mfg
5084-B02 ----- Broaches-wholesale
3541-B04 ----- Broaching machines-mfg
3663-B01 ----- Broadcast equipment (including studio), radio and television-mfg
4832-R01 ----- Broadcasting stations, radio
4833-T01 ----- Broadcasting stations, television
2211-B14 ----- Broadcloth, cotton-mfg
2211-B15 ----- Broadwoven fabrics, cotton-mfg
2299-B04 ----- Broadwoven fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie-mfg
2221-B03 ----- Broadwoven fabrics, silk and manmade fiber-mfg
5131-B03 ----- Broadwoven fabrics-wholesale
2211-B16 ----- Brocade, cotton-mfg
2211-B17 ----- Brocatelle, cotton-mfg
0161-B04 ----- Broccoli farms
0251-B01 ----- Broiler chickens, raising of
0251-000 ----- Broiler, fryer, and roaster chickens
3634-B06 ----- Broilers, electric-mfg
7389-B07 ----- Brokers, business (buying and selling business enterprises)
6221-B01 ----- Brokers, commodity contract
4731-B01 ----- Brokers, custom house
6163-B01 ----- Brokers, farm or business loan
6411-B01 ----- Brokers, insurance
6531-B01 ----- Brokers of manufactured homes, on site
6211-B03 ----- Brokers, security
4731-B02 ----- Brokers, shipping
4731-B03 ----- Brokers, transportation
2819-B14 ----- Bromine, elemental-mfg
2869-B01 ----- Bromochloromethane-mfg
3845-B01 ----- Bronchoscopes, electromedical-mfg
3841-B07 ----- Bronchoscopes, except electromedical-mfg
3952-B03 ----- Bronze, artists,: mixtures, powders, paints, etc.-mfg
3364-B03 ----- Bronze die-castings-mfg
3366-B02 ----- Bronze foundries-mfg
2893-B01 ----- Bronze ink-mfg
3351-B04 ----- Bronze rolling and drawing-mfg
3341-B02 ----- Bronze smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
3555-B03 ----- Bronzing and dusting machines for the printing trade-mfg
7389-B06 ----- Bronzing baby shoes
2789-B05 ----- Bronzing books, cards, or paper-mfg
3523-B08 ----- Brooders-mfg
3559-B05 ----- Broom making machinery-mfg
5199-B03 ----- Broom, mop, and paint handles-wholesale
0139-B01 ----- Broomcorn farms
5159-B02 ----- Broomcorn-wholesale
3991-B01 ----- Brooms, hand and machine: bamboo, wire, fiber, splint, or other material-mfg
3711-B02 ----- Brooms, powered (motor vehicles)-mfg
5719-B02 ----- Brooms-retail
2032-B05 ----- Broth, except seafood: canned-mfg
2051-B07 ----- Brown bread, Boston and other: canned-mfg
1221-B05 ----- Brown coal mining
1011-B01 ----- Brown ore mining
3861-B03 ----- Brownprint paper and cloth, sensitized-mfg
3861-B04 ----- Brownprint reproduction machines and equipment-mfg
5044-B03 ----- Brownprinting equipment-wholesale
2833-B03 ----- Brucine and derivatives-mfg
1459-B02 ----- Brucite mining
3624-B01 ----- Brush blocks, carbon or molded graphite-mfg
2426-B05 ----- Brush blocks, wood: turned and shaped-mfg
1629-B05 ----- Brush clearing or cutting-contractors
3089-B14 ----- Brush handles, plastics-mfg
3952-B04 ----- Brushes, air: artists-mfg
3624-B02 ----- Brushes and brush stock contacts: carbon and graphite-electric-mfg
3991-B02 ----- Brushes for vacuum cleaners, carpet sweepers, and other rotary machines-mfg
5963-B03 ----- Brushes, house-to house or party plan selling-retail
3991-B03 ----- Brushes, household and industrial-mfg

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