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3296-B01 ----- Board, acoustical: mineral wool-mfg
2952-B01 ----- Board, asphalt saturated-mfpm-mfg
2493-B01 ----- Board, bagasse-mfg
2675-B01 ----- Board, chip: pasted-mfpm-mfg
3275-B01 ----- Board, gypsum-mfg
2493-B02 ----- Board, particle-mfg
0752-B01 ----- Boarding horses
7021-B01 ----- Boarding houses, except organization
7041-B01 ----- Boarding houses, fraternity and sorority
7041-B02 ----- Boarding houses operated by organizations for members only
0752-B02 ----- Boarding kennels
8211-B01 ----- Boarding schools
2499-B09 ----- Boards, bulletin: wood and cork-mfg
2499-B10 ----- Boards: clip, ironing, meat, and pastry-wood-mfg
3952-B01 ----- Boards, drawing: artists-mfg
9121-B01 ----- Boards of supervisors
8611-B02 ----- Boards of trade, other than security and commodity exchanges
3827-B02 ----- Boards: plotting, spotting, and gun fire adjustment-mfg
3647-B02 ----- Boat and ship lighting fixtures-mfg
3732-000 ----- Boat building and repairing-mfg
4499-B01 ----- Boat cleaning
3537-B01 ----- Boat cradles-mfg
2392-B08 ----- Boat cushions-mfg
5551-B01 ----- Boat dealers-retail
4499-B02 ----- Boat hiring, except pleasure
3732-B01 ----- Boat kits, not a model-mfg
3536-B01 ----- Boat lifts-mfg
4499-B03 ----- Boat livery, except pleasure
4499-B04 ----- Boat rental, commercial
7999-B11 ----- Boat rental, pleasure
3441-B02 ----- Boat sections, prefabricated metal-mfg
3799-B01 ----- Boat trailers-mfg
4499-B05 ----- Boat transportation services
4493-B01 ----- Boat yards, storage and incidental repair
7997-B04 ----- Boating clubs, membership
5088-B01 ----- Boats, except pleasure-wholesale
3732-B02 ----- Boats, fiberglass: building and repairing-mfg
3732-B03 ----- Boats: motorboats, sailboats, rowboats, and canoes-building and repairing-mfg
3089-B08 ----- Boats, nonrigid: plastics-mfg
7999-B12 ----- Boats, party fishing: operation of
5091-B05 ----- Boats, pleasure: canoes, motorboats, and sailboats-wholesale
3732-B04 ----- Boats, rigid: plastics-mfg
2426-B03 ----- Bobbin blocks and blanks, wood-mfg
2258-B04 ----- Bobbinet (lace goods)-mfg
2655-B01 ----- Bobbins, fiber-mfpm-mfg
3552-B03 ----- Bobbins for textile machinery-mfg
3949-B17 ----- Bobsleds-mfg
7212-B01 ----- Bobtailers, laundry and drycleaning
3728-B03 ----- Bodies, aircraft: not complete aircraft-mfg
5012-B01 ----- Bodies, automotive-wholesale
3713-B01 ----- Bodies, dump-mfg
3711-B01 ----- Bodies, passenger automobile-mfg
3713-B02 ----- Bodies, truck (motor vehicle)-mfg
5999-B04 ----- Body and skin care products-retail
3465-B01 ----- Body parts, automotive: stamped-mfg
2844-B07 ----- Body powder-mfg
7532-B01 ----- Body repair, automotive
7532-B02 ----- Body shops, automotive
2253-B05 ----- Body stockings-mitse-mfg
3489-B02 ----- Bofors guns-mfg
1799-B02 ----- Boiler and pipe, insulation of-contractors
3443-B05 ----- Boiler casings: metal plate-mfg
7699-B05 ----- Boiler cleaning
2899-B05 ----- Boiler compounds, antiscaling-mfg
3823-B01 ----- Boiler controls: industrial, power, and marine type-mfg
3494-B01 ----- Boiler couplings and drains, metal-mfg
2299-B03 ----- Boiler covering, felt-mfg
3292-B03 ----- Boiler covering (heat insulating material), except felt-mfg
1711-B01 ----- Boiler erection and installation-contractors
3491-B01 ----- Boiler gauge cocks-mfg
6331-B01 ----- Boiler insurance
7699-B06 ----- Boiler repair shops, except manufacturing
3443-B06 ----- Boiler shop products: industrial boilers, smokestacks, and steel tanks-mfg
3599-B03 ----- Boiler tube cleaners-mfg
3317-B01 ----- Boiler tubes, wrought-mfpm-mfg
3443-B07 ----- Boilers: industrial, power, and marine-mfg
3433-B01 ----- Boilers, low-pressure heating: steam or hot water-mfg
5074-B01 ----- Boilers, power: industrial-wholesale
5074-B02 ----- Boilers, steam and hot water heating-wholesale
0161-B03 ----- Bok choy farms
2013-B04 ----- Bologna-mfpm-mfg
3261-B03 ----- Bolt caps, vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
3452-B01 ----- Bolts, metal-mfg
5072-B01 ----- Bolts, nuts, rivets, and screws-wholesale
3452-000 ----- Bolts, nuts, rivets, and washers-mfg
3089-B09 ----- Bolts, plastics-mfg
2411-B01 ----- Bolts, wood: e.g., handle, heading, shingle, stave-mfg
3537-B02 ----- Bomb lifts-mfg
3483-B02 ----- Bomb loading and assembling plants-mfg
3728-B04 ----- Bomb racks, aircraft-mfg
3537-B03 ----- Bomb trucks-mfg
2211-B12 ----- Bombazine, cotton-mfg
3483-B03 ----- Bombcluster adapters-mfg
3483-B04 ----- Bombs and parts-mfg
2899-B06 ----- Bombs, flashlight-mfg
6162-B01 ----- Bond and mortgage companies
6211-B02 ----- Bond dealers and brokers
2621-B03 ----- Bond paper-mitse-mfg
2084-B01 ----- Bonded wine cellars, engaged in blending wines-mfg
2297-B01 ----- Bonded-fiber fabrics, except felt-mfg
3479-B01 ----- Bonderizing of metal and metal products, for the trade-mfg
6289-B01 ----- Bondholders protective committees
6351-B01 ----- Bonding, fidelity or surety
6351-B02 ----- Bonding for guaranteeing job completion
6351-B03 ----- Bonding of employees
7389-B03 ----- Bondspersons
2816-B05 ----- Bone black-mfg
3262-B01 ----- Bone china-mfg
3841-B04 ----- Bone drills-mfg
3999-B11 ----- Bone novelties-mfg
3841-B05 ----- Bone plates and screws-mfg
3841-B06 ----- Bone rongeurs-mfg
2211-B13 ----- Book cloth-mitse-mfg
2731-B01 ----- Book club publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
5961-B01 ----- Book clubs, not publishing
3499-B03 ----- Book ends, metal-mfg
2789-B03 ----- Book gilding, bronzing, edging, deckling, embossing, and gold stamping-mfg
3999-B12 ----- Book matches-mfg
2672-B01 ----- Book paper, coated-mfpm-mfg
2621-B04 ----- Book paper-mitse-mfg
5942-000 ----- Book stores-retail
5932-B01 ----- Book stores, secondhand-retail
5942-B01 ----- Book stores selling new books and magazines-retail
3251-B01 ----- Book tile, clay-mfg
3111-B04 ----- Bookbinders' leather-mfg
3555-B02 ----- Bookbinders' machines-mfg
2789-000 ----- Bookbinding and related work-mfg
2789-B04 ----- Bookbinding: edition, job, library, and trade-mfg
2514-B04 ----- Bookcases, household: metal-mfg
2511-B04 ----- Bookcases, household: wood-mfg
2522-B02 ----- Bookcases, office: except wood-mfg
2521-B02 ----- Bookcases, office: wood-mfg
7999-B13 ----- Bookies
7829-B01 ----- Booking agencies, motion picture
7922-B02 ----- Booking agencies, theatrical: except motion picture
8721-B01 ----- Bookkeeping and billing service
3578-B02 ----- Bookkeeping machines-mfg
7999-B14 ----- Bookmakers, race
5961-B02 ----- Books, mail-order-retail
2678-B01 ----- Books, memorandum: except printed-mfpm-mfg
2732-B01 ----- Books, music: printing or printing and binding, not publishing-mfg
2731-B02 ----- Books, music: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
5192-000 ----- Books, periodicals, & newspapers-wholesale
2732-B02 ----- Books: printing or printing and binding, not publishing-mfg
2731-B03 ----- Books: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
5192-B01 ----- Books-wholesale
3949-B18 ----- Boomerangs-mfg
8641-B02 ----- Booster clubs
3483-B05 ----- Boosters and bursters-mfg
3612-B02 ----- Boosters, feeder voltage (electric transformers)-mfg
3131-B01 ----- Boot and shoe cut stock and findings-mfg
5087-B03 ----- Boot and shoe cut stock and findings-wholesale
2499-B11 ----- Boot and shoe lasts, regardless of material-mfg
3559-B03 ----- Boot making and repairing machinery-mfg
7251-B01 ----- Bootblack parlors
3444-B02 ----- Booths, spray: prefabricated sheet metal-mfg
2542-B02 ----- Booths, telephone: except wood-mfg
2541-B02 ----- Booths, telephone: wood-mfg
3143-B01 ----- Boots, dress and casual: men's-mfg
3199-B06 ----- Boots, horse-mfg
3021-B02 ----- Boots, plastics-mfg
3021-B03 ----- Boots, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
3144-B01 ----- Boots: women's canvas and leather-except athletic-mfg
1474-B01 ----- Borate compounds mining
1474-B02 ----- Borax, crude: ground and pulverized
1474-B03 ----- Borax mining
2819-B09 ----- Borax (sodium tetraborate)-mfg
2879-B01 ----- Bordeaux mixture-mfg
3827-B03 ----- Borescopes-mfg
2819-B10 ----- Boric acid-mfg
3541-B01 ----- Boring, drilling, and milling machine combinations-mfg
1799-B03 ----- Boring for building construction -contractors
3545-B04 ----- Boring machine attachments (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3541-B02 ----- Boring machine tools, metalworking-mfg
3541-B03 ----- Boring mills-mfg
1081-B01 ----- Boring test holes for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481-B01 ----- Boring test holes for nonmetallic minerals, except fuels: on a contract basis
3291-B01 ----- Boron carbide abrasives-mfg
2819-B11 ----- Boron compounds, not produced at mines-mfg
1474-B04 ----- Boron mineral mining
2819-B12 ----- Borosilicate-mfg
3291-B02 ----- Bort, crushing-mfg
5085-B04 ----- Bort-wholesale
8422-000 ----- Botanical and zoological gardens
2834-B03 ----- Botanical extracts: powdered, pilular, solid, and fluid, except diagnostics-mfg
8422-B01 ----- Botanical gardens
2833-B02 ----- Botanical products, medicinal: ground, graded, and milled-mfg
2631-B02 ----- Bottle cap board-mitse-mfg
2675-B02 ----- Bottle caps and tops, die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfg
3466-B01 ----- Bottle caps and tops, stamped metal-mfg
3089-B10 ----- Bottle caps, molded plastics-mfg
5813-B06 ----- Bottle clubs (drinking places)
2499-B12 ----- Bottle corks-mfg
2499-B13 ----- Bottle covers: willow, rattan, and reed-mfg
7389-B04 ----- Bottle exchanges
3496-B07 ----- Bottle openers, made from purchased wire-mfg
3469-B01 ----- Bottle openers, stamped metal-mfg
3634-B05 ----- Bottle warmers, household: electric-mfg
3089-B11 ----- Bottle warmers, plastics-mfg
2086-000 ----- Bottled and canned soft drinks-mfg
5984-B01 ----- Bottled gas-retail
5085-B05 ----- Bottlers, supplies: caps, bottles, etc.-wholesale
3221-B01 ----- Bottles for packing, bottling, and canning: glass-mfg
5085-B06 ----- Bottles, glass or plastics-wholesale
2655-B02 ----- Bottles, paper fiber-mfpm-mfg
3085-B01 ----- Bottles, plastics-mfg
3069-B12 ----- Bottles, rubber-mfg
3429-B03 ----- Bottles, vacuum-mfg
5093-B02 ----- Bottles, waste-wholesale
5084-B03 ----- Bottling and canning machinery-wholesale
3565-B02 ----- Bottling machinery: washing, sterilizing, filling, capping, and labeling-mfg
5149-B04 ----- Bottling mineral or spring water-wholesale
5182-B01 ----- Bottling wines and liquors-wholesale
3645-B01 ----- Boudoir lamps-mfg
2099-B03 ----- Bouillon cubes-mfg
1429-B02 ----- Boulder, crushed and broken-quarrying
2999-B01 ----- Boulets (fuel bricks), made with petroleum binder-mfg
3999-B13 ----- Boutiquing: for the trade (decorating gift items)-mfg
2323-B01 ----- Bow ties: men's and boys-mfpm-mfg
3089-B12 ----- Bowl covers, plastics-mfg
7933-000 ----- Bowling alleys
1799-B04 ----- Bowling alley installation and service-contractors
3949-B19 ----- Bowling alleys and accessories-mfg
2599-B04 ----- Bowling center furniture-mfg
7933-B01 ----- Bowling centers
5941-B04 ----- Bowling equipment and supplies-retail
5091-B06 ----- Bowling equipment-wholesale
7999-B15 ----- Bowling instruction
7997-B05 ----- Bowling leagues or teams, except professional and semiprofessional
2426-B04 ----- Bowling pin blanks-mfg
3949-B20 ----- Bowling pin machines, automatic-mfg
3949-B21 ----- Bowling pins-mfg
7699-B07 ----- Bowling pins, refinishing or repair
3229-B05 ----- Bowls, glass-mfg
2499-B14 ----- Bowls, wood: turned and shaped-mfg
3949-B22 ----- Bows, archery-mfg
3131-B02 ----- Bows, shoe-mfg
2441-B01 ----- Box cleats, wood-mfg
2421-B01 ----- Box lumber-mfg
5812-B01 ----- Box lunch stands
2099-B04 ----- Box lunches for sale off premises-mfg
3554-B02 ----- Box making machines for paper boxes-mfg
3553-B02 ----- Box making machines for wooden boxes-mfg
2441-B02 ----- Box shooks-mfg
5085-B07 ----- Box shooks-wholesale
2515-B04 ----- Box springs, assembled-mfg
3131-B03 ----- Box toes, leather (shoe cut stock)-mfg
2631-B03 ----- Boxboard-mitse-mfg
2011-B04 ----- Boxed beef-mitse-mfg
3499-B04 ----- Boxes, ammunition: metal-mfg
5063-B02 ----- Boxes and fittings, electrical-wholesale
3443-B08 ----- Boxes annealing-mfg
3469-B02 ----- Boxes, cash and stamp: stamped metal-mfg
2441-B03 ----- Boxes, cigar: wood and part wood-mfg
3443-B09 ----- Boxes, condenser: metal plate-mfg
2653-B01 ----- Boxes, corrugated and solid fiber-mfpm-mfg
5085-B08 ----- Boxes, crates, etc., other than paper-wholesale
3644-B01 ----- Boxes, electric wiring: junction, outlet, switch, and fuse mfg
2657-B01 ----- Boxes, folding paperboard-mfpm-mfg
3499-B05 ----- Boxes for packing and shipping, metal-mfg
3069-B13 ----- Boxes, hard rubber-mfg
3161-B03 ----- Boxes, hat: except paper or paperboard-mfg
3199-B07 ----- Boxes, leather-mfg
2652-B01 ----- Boxes, newsboard: metal edged-mfpm-mfg
5113-B02 ----- Boxes, paperboard and disposable plastics-wholesale
3089-B13 ----- Boxes, plastics-mfg
2652-B02 ----- Boxes, setup paperboard-mfpm-mfg
3952-B02 ----- Boxes, sketching and paint-mfg
2655-B03 ----- Boxes, vulcanized fiber-mfpm-mfg
5093-B03 ----- Boxes, waste-wholesale
2441-B04 ----- Boxes, wood: plain or fabric covered, nailed or lock corner-mfg
2449-B05 ----- Boxes, wood: wirebound-mfg
3949-B23 ----- Boxing equipment-mfg
7032-B01 ----- Boys, camps
2252-B01 ----- Boys, hosiery-mfg
8361-B01 ----- Boys' towns

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