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2396-B01 ----- Bias bindings-mfpm-mfg
8299-B02 ----- Bible schools, not operated by churches
5963-B02 ----- Bibles, house-to-house selling-retail
3069-B10 ----- Bibs, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
2385-B01 ----- Bibs, waterproof-mfpm-mfg
2819-B04 ----- Bichromates and chromates-mfg
5941-B03 ----- Bicycle and bicycle parts dealers, except motorized-retail
3647-B01 ----- Bicycle lamps-mfg
7999-B08 ----- Bicycle rental
7699-B02 ----- Bicycle repair shops
5091-B02 ----- Bicycle tires and tubes-wholesale
3751-B01 ----- Bicycles and parts-mfg
5571-B01 ----- Bicycles, motorized-retail
5091-B03 ----- Bicycles-wholesale
3261-B02 ----- Bidets, vitreous china-mfg
7312-B01 ----- Bill posting, advertising
7312-B02 ----- Billboard advertising
3547-B02 ----- Billet mills-mfg
3312-B04 ----- Billets, steel-mfg
3089-B06 ----- Billfold inserts, plastics-mfg
3172-B01 ----- Billfolds, regardless of material-mfg
2752-B01 ----- Billheads, lithographed-mfg
3949-B15 ----- Billiard and pool balls, cues, cue tips, and tables-mfg
7932-000 ----- Billiard and pool establishments
3949-B16 ----- Billiard chalk-mfg
2231-B01 ----- Billiard cloths-mitse-mfg
7999-B09 ----- Billiard parlors
5091-B04 ----- Billiards equipment and supplies-wholesale
3578-B01 ----- Billing machines-mfg
2298-B01 ----- Binder and baler twine-mfg
2631-B01 ----- Binders, board-mitse-mfg
2899-B03 ----- Binders (chemical foundry supplies)-mfg
2782-B01 ----- Binders, looseleaf-mfg
3579-B01 ----- Binding machines, plastics and adhesive: for store or office use-mfg
2789-B02 ----- Binding only: books, pamphlets, magazines, etc.-mfg
5131-B02 ----- Binding, textile-wholesale
2396-B02 ----- Bindings, bias-mfpm-mfg
2396-B03 ----- Bindings, cap and hat-mfpm-mfg
2241-B03 ----- Bindings, textile-mitse-mfg
3944-B04 ----- Bingo boards (games)-mfg
7999-B10 ----- Bingo parlors
3161-B02 ----- Binocular cases-mfg
7699-B03 ----- Binoculars and other optical goods repair
3827-B01 ----- Binoculars-mfg
5999-B03 ----- Binoculars-retail
3443-B04 ----- Bins, prefabricated metal plate-mfg
3444-B01 ----- Bins, prefabricated: sheet metal-mfg
8093-B01 ----- Biofeedback centers
2836-B04 ----- Biological and allied products: antitoxins, bacterins, vaccines, viruses, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
8071-B02 ----- Biological laboratories (not manufacturing)
2836-000 ----- Biological products, (except diagnostic)-mfg
8731-B01 ----- Biological research, commercial
8733-B01 ----- Biological research, noncommercial
2865-B05 ----- Biological stains-mfg
5122-B02 ----- Biologicals and allied products-wholesale
3841-B01 ----- Biopsy instruments and equipment-mfg
2086-B02 ----- Birch beer, bottled or canned-mfg
3496-B06 ----- Bird cages, made from purchased wire-mfg
2048-B01 ----- Bird food, prepared-mfg
7342-B01 ----- Bird proofing
2211-B10 ----- Bird's eye diaper cloth, cotton-mfg
7299-B04 ----- Birth certificate agencies
8093-B02 ----- Birth control clinics (family planning)
2771-B01 ----- Birthday cards, except hand painted-mfg
3556-B02 ----- Biscuit cutters (machines)-mfg
2041-B01 ----- Biscuit dough, canned-mitse-mfg
2045-B01 ----- Biscuit mixes and doughs-mfpm-mfg
2051-B04 ----- Biscuits, baked: baking powder and raised-mfg
2052-B02 ----- Biscuits, baked: dry, except baking powder and raised-mfg
3339-B03 ----- Bismuth refining, primary-mfg
3423-B05 ----- Bits (edge tools for woodworking)-mfg
3545-B01 ----- Bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.-mfg
3532-B01 ----- Bits, rock: except oil and gas field tools-mfg-
3533-B01 ----- Bits, rock: oil and gas field tools-mfg
2087-B04 ----- Bitters (flavoring concentrates)-mfg
1499-B01 ----- Bitumens (native) mining
3531-B06 ----- Bituminous batching plants-mfg
1221-000 ----- Bituminous coal and lignite surface
1221-B01 ----- Bituminous coal cleaning plants
1221-B02 ----- Bituminous coal crushing
1241-B01 ----- Bituminous coal mining services on a contract basis
1221-B03 ----- Bituminous coal screening plants
1222-B01 ----- Bituminous coal stripping: except on a contract, fee, or other basis
1241-B02 ----- Bituminous coal stripping service: on a contract basis
1222-000 ----- Bituminous coal underground
1221-B04 ----- Bituminous coal washeries
1499-B02 ----- Bituminous limestone quarrying
1241-B03 ----- Bituminous or lignite auger mining service: on a contract basis
2851-B02 ----- Bituminous paints-mfg
5082-B01 ----- Bituminous processing equipment-wholesale
1499-B03 ----- Bituminous sandstone quarrying
2816-B03 ----- Black pigments, except carbon black-mfg
5051-B05 ----- Black plate, iron and steel-wholesale
0171-B02 ----- Blackberry farms
3281-B03 ----- Blackboards, slate-mfg
2531-B02 ----- Blackboards, wood-mfg
2842-B03 ----- Blackings-mfg
3312-B05 ----- Blackplate-mfg
7699-B04 ----- Blacksmith shops
3199-B05 ----- Blacksmiths, aprons, leather-mfg
2061-B01 ----- Blackstrap molasses-mfg
1771-B01 ----- Blacktop work: private driveways and private parking areas-contractors
3728-B02 ----- Blades, aircraft propeller: metal or wood-mfg
3531-B07 ----- Blades for graders, scrapers, dozers, and snowplows-mfg
3421-B02 ----- Blades, knife and razor-mfg
3425-B01 ----- Blades, saw: for hand or power saws-mfg
2816-B04 ----- Blanc fixe (barium sulfate, precipitated)-mfg
3482-B01 ----- Blank cartridges, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
2782-B02 ----- Blankbook making-mfg
2782-000 ----- Blankbooks and looseleaf binders-mfg
5112-B01 ----- Blankbooks-wholesale
2392-B06 ----- Blanket bags, plastic-mfg
2221-B02 ----- Blanketings, manmade fiber-mfg
2211-B11 ----- Blankets and blanketings, cotton-mitse-mfg
2231-B02 ----- Blankets and blanketings, wool and similar animal fibers-mitse-mfg
3292-B01 ----- Blankets, asbestos-mfg
3634-B02 ----- Blankets, electric-mfg
2399-B08 ----- Blankets, horse-mfpm-mfg
3292-B02 ----- Blankets, insulating for aircraft: asbestos-mfg
2679-B02 ----- Blankets, insulating: paper-mfpm-mfg
2392-B07 ----- Blankets-mfpm-mfg
3069-B11 ----- Blankets, printers,: rubber-mfg
5023-B02 ----- Blankets-wholesale
3965-B01 ----- Blanks, button-mfg
3545-B02 ----- Blanks, cutting tool-mfg
3229-B03 ----- Blanks for electric light bulbs, glass-mfg
3545-B03 ----- Blanks, tips and inserts: cutting tools-mfg
5084-B01 ----- Blanks, tips and inserts-wholesale
2426-B01 ----- Blanks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machinery accessories-mfg
3569-B02 ----- Blast cleaning equipment, dustless: except metalworking-mfg
3312-B06 ----- Blast furnace products-mfg
3295-B03 ----- Blast furnace slag-mfg
1446-B01 ----- Blast sand mining
1629-B02 ----- Blasting, except building demolition-contractors
2298-B02 ----- Blasting mats, rope-mfg
2892-B01 ----- Blasting powder and blasting caps-mfg
2819-B05 ----- Bleach (calcium hypochlorite), industrial-mfg
2819-B06 ----- Bleach (sodium hypochlorite), industrial-mfg
2531-B03 ----- Bleacher seating, portable-mfg
2844-B05 ----- Bleaches, hair-mfg
2842-B04 ----- Bleaches, household: liquid or dry-mfg
2819-B07 ----- Bleaches, industrial-mfg
3999-B09 ----- Bleaching and dyeing of sponges-mfg
2261-B02 ----- Bleaching cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2261-B03 ----- Bleaching, kier: continuous machine-mfg
3552-B02 ----- Bleaching machinery, textile-mfg
2262-B02 ----- Bleaching manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2819-B08 ----- Bleaching powder, industrial-mfg
2269-B01 ----- Bleaching raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool-mfg
2231-B03 ----- Bleaching yarn and fabrics, wool and similar animal fibers: except knit-mfg
3825-B02 ----- Bleed control cabinets (engine testers)-mfg
1031-B01 ----- Blende (zinc) mining
2045-000 ----- Blended and prepared flour mixes and doughs
2045-B02 ----- Blended flour-mfpm-mfg
3634-B03 ----- Blenders, electric-mfg
2844-B06 ----- Blending and compounding perfume bases-mfg
2099-B02 ----- Blending tea-mfg
3721-B02 ----- Blimps-mfg
2431-B02 ----- Blinds (shutters), wood-mfg
2591-B01 ----- Blinds, venetian-mfg
2591-B02 ----- Blinds, vertical-mfg
3331-B02 ----- Blister copper-mfg
3089-B07 ----- Blister packaging, plastics-mfg
2097-B01 ----- Block ice-mfg
5032-B01 ----- Blocks, building-wholesale
3271-B01 ----- Blocks, concrete and cinder-mfg
3331-B03 ----- Blocks, copper-mfg
3555-B01 ----- Blocks, engravers,: wood-mfg
3255-B01 ----- Blocks, fire clay-mfg
3229-B04 ----- Blocks, glass-mfg
3999-B10 ----- Blocks, hat-mfg
3339-B04 ----- Blocks, lead: primary-mfg
3281-B04 ----- Blocks, paving: cut stone-mfg
3299-B01 ----- Blocks, sand lime-mfg
3259-B01 ----- Blocks, segment: clay-mfg
3599-B02 ----- Blocks, swage-mfg
3429-B02 ----- Blocks, tackle: metal-mfg
2499-B07 ----- Blocks, tackle: wood-mfg
2499-B08 ----- Blocks, tailors, pressing: wood-mfg
3944-B05 ----- Blocks, toy-mfg
2426-B02 ----- Blocks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machinery accessories-mfg
3339-B05 ----- Blocks, zinc, primary-mfg
8071-B03 ----- Blood analysis laboratories
8099-B01 ----- Blood banks
2835-B02 ----- Blood derivative diagnostic reagents-mfg
2836-B05 ----- Blood derivatives, for human or veterinary use, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
8099-B02 ----- Blood donor stations
2011-B03 ----- Blood meal-mfg
5122-B03 ----- Blood plasma-wholesale
3841-B02 ----- Blood pressure apparatus-mfg
7299-B05 ----- Blood pressure testing, coin-operated
3821-B03 ----- Blood testing apparatus, laboratory-mfg
3841-B03 ----- Blood transfusion equipment-mfg
3547-B03 ----- Blooming and slabbing mills-mfg
3312-B07 ----- Blooms-mfg
2621-B02 ----- Blotting paper-mitse-mfg
5632-B01 ----- Blouse stores-retail
2321-B01 ----- Blouses, boys-mfpm-mfg
2361-B01 ----- Blouses: girls' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2253-B04 ----- Blouses-mitse-mfg
5137-B02 ----- Blouses-wholesale
2331-B01 ----- Blouses: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3484-B03 ----- Blowguns-mfg
3423-B06 ----- Blow torches-mfg
3564-B01 ----- Blower filter units (furnace blowers)-mfg
3523-B06 ----- Blowers and cutters, ensilage-mfg
3564-B02 ----- Blowers, commercial and industrial-mfg
3523-B07 ----- Blowers, forage-mfg
3931-B04 ----- Blowers, pipe organ-mfg
3634-B04 ----- Blowers, portable: electric-mfg
3524-B01 ----- Blowers, residential lawn-mfg
2035-B01 ----- Blue cheese dressing-mfg
4925-B01 ----- Blue gas, carbureted: production and distribution
0171-B03 ----- Blueberry farms
0912-B01 ----- Bluefish, catching of
3861-B01 ----- Blueprint cloth or paper, sensitized-mfg
3861-B02 ----- Blueprint reproduction machines and equipment-mfg
5044-B02 ----- Blueprinting equipment-wholesale
7334-B01 ----- Blueprinting service
1411-B02 ----- Bluestone, dimension-quarrying
2899-B04 ----- Bluing-mfg

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