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3339-B01 ----- Babbitt metal, primary-mfg
5999-B01 ----- Baby carriages-retail
2032-B01 ----- Baby foods (including meats), canned-mfg
2023-B01 ----- Baby formula: fresh, processed, and bottled-mfg
5137-B01 ----- Baby goods-wholesale
3069-B01 ----- Baby pants, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
2844-B01 ----- Baby powder-mfg
3596-B01 ----- Baby scales-mfg
7299-B01 ----- Babysitting bureaus
8811-B01 ----- Babysitting (private households employing babysitters in the home)
3531-B01 ----- Backfillers, self-propelled-mfg
3432-B01 ----- Backflow preventors-mfg
3531-B02 ----- Backhoes-mfg
5941-B01 ----- Backpacking, hiking, and mountaineering equipment-retail
2514-B01 ----- Backs for metal household furniture-mfg
2013-B01 ----- Bacon, slab and sliced-mfpm-mfg
2011-B01 ----- Bacon, slab and sliced-mitse-mfg
2836-B01 ----- Bacterial vaccines-mfg
2836-B02 ----- Bacterins, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
8071-B01 ----- Bacteriological laboratories (not manufacturing)
2836-B03 ----- Bacteriological media, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
3999-B01 ----- Badges for policemen and firemen-metal-mfg
2399-B01 ----- Badges, made from fabric-mfg
3949-B01 ----- Badminton equipment-mfg
3443-B01 ----- Baffles-mfg
3554-B01 ----- Bag and envelope making machinery (paper machinery)-mfg
3111-B01 ----- Bag leather-mfg
3483-B01 ----- Bag loading plants, ammunition-mfg
3565-B01 ----- Bag opening, filling and closing machines-mfg
2621-B01 ----- Bag paper-mitse-mfg
5093-B01 ----- Bag reclaiming-wholesale
3559-B01 ----- Bag sewing and closing machines (industrial sewing machines)-mfg
3949-B02 ----- Bagatelle tables-mfg
5461-B01 ----- Bagel stores-retail
2051-B01 ----- Bagels-mfg
4212-B01 ----- Baggage transfer
2299-B01 ----- Bagging, jute: made in jute weaving mills-mfg
5149-B01 ----- Bagging of tea
2259-B01 ----- Bags and bagging-mitse-mfg
2393-B01 ----- Bags and containers, textile: except sleeping bags-insulated or not-mfpm-mfg
2392-B01 ----- Bags, blanket: plastics-mfg
3199-B01 ----- Bags, feed: for horses-mfg
2392-B02 ----- Bags, garment storage: except paper or plastics film-mfg
3949-B03 ----- Bags, golf-mfg
2392-B03 ----- Bags, laundry-mfpm-mfg
3161-B01 ----- Bags (luggage), regardless of material-mfg
5113-B01 ----- Bags, paper and disposable plastics-wholesale
2674-B01 ----- Bags, paper: uncoated-mfpm-mfg
2673-000 ----- Bags: plastics, laminated, & coated
2759-B01 ----- Bags, plastics: printed only, except lithographed or gravure (bags not made in printing plants)-mfg
3949-B04 ----- Bags, rosin-mfg
3069-B02 ----- Bags, rubber or rubberized fabric-mfg
2399-B02 ----- Bags, sleeping-mfg
3949-B05 ----- Bags, striking (punching)-mfg
2393-B02 ----- Bags, textile: including canvas-except laundry, garment, and sleeping-mfpm-mfg
5199-B01 ----- Bags, textile-wholesale
2674-000 ----- Bags: uncoated paper & multiwall-mfg
1389-B01 ----- Bailing wells on a contract basis
3443-B02 ----- Bails, ladle-mfg
5941-B02 ----- Bait and tackle shops-retail
5091-B01 ----- Bait, artificial-wholesale
3949-B06 ----- Bait, fishing: artificial-mfg
2032-B02 ----- Baked beans without meat: canned-mfg
5461-B02 ----- Bakeries-retail
5461-B03 ----- Bakeries with baking on the premises retail
5461-B04 ----- Bakeries without baking on the premises-retail
2026-B01 ----- Bakers, cheese-mfg
2087-B01 ----- Bakers, colors, except synthetic-mfg
2499-B01 ----- Bakers, equipment, wood-mfg
1629-B01 ----- Bakers, oven construction-general contractors
2326-B01 ----- Bakers, service apparel, washable-mfg
5963-B01 ----- Bakery goods, purchased: house-to-house-retail
3556-B01 ----- Bakery machinery-mfg
2052-B01 ----- Bakery products, dry: e.g., biscuits, crackers, pretzels-mfg
2051-B02 ----- Bakery products, fresh: bread, cakes, doughnuts, and pastries-mfg
2053-B01 ----- Bakery products, frozen: except bread and bread-type rolls-mfg
5142-B01 ----- Bakery products, frozen-wholesale
2051-B03 ----- Bakery products, partially cooked: except frozen-mfg
5461-B05 ----- Bakery products produced primarily for sale on the premises-retail
5149-B02 ----- Bakery products-wholesale
2079-B01 ----- Baking and frying fats (shortening)-mfg
2066-B01 ----- Baking chocolate-mfg
2851-B01 ----- Baking japans-mfg
2099-B01 ----- Baking powder-mfg
3596-B02 ----- Balances, except laboratory-mfg
5046-B01 ----- Balances, except laboratory-wholesale
3821-B01 ----- Balances, laboratory-mfg
3559-B02 ----- Balancing equipment, automotive wheel-mfg
3446-B01 ----- Balconies, metal-mfg
2261-B01 ----- Bale dyeing of cotton broadwoven products-mfg
2262-B01 ----- Bale dyeing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3523-B01 ----- Bale throwers-mfg
3496-B01 ----- Bale ties, made from purchased wire-mfg
5051-B01 ----- Bale ties, wire-wholesale
3523-B02 ----- Balers, farm: e.g., hay, straw, cotton-mfg
3423-B01 ----- Baling hooks-mfg
3569-B01 ----- Baling machines for scrap metal, paper, and similar materials-mfg
3562-000 ----- Ball and roller bearings-mfg
3562-B01 ----- Ball bearings and parts-mfg
1455-B01 ----- Ball clay mining
3568-B01 ----- Ball joints, except motor vehicle and aircraft-mfg
3714-B01 ----- Ball joints, motor vehicle-mfg
3531-B03 ----- Ballast distributors (railway track equipment)-mfg
3423-B02 ----- Ballast forks-mfg
3612-B01 ----- Ballasts for lighting fixtures-mfg
7922-B01 ----- Ballet production
3149-B01 ----- Ballet slippers-mfg
3761-B01 ----- Ballistic missiles, complete-mfg
2211-B01 ----- Balloon cloth, cotton-mfg
5947-B01 ----- Balloon shops-retail
3069-B03 ----- Balloons, advertising and toy: rubber-mfg
3721-B01 ----- Balloons (aircraft)-mfg
3069-B04 ----- Balloons, metal foil laminated with rubber-mfg
3089-B01 ----- Balloons, plastics-mfg
3951-B01 ----- Ballpoint pens-mfg
7911-B01 ----- Ballroom operation
3949-B07 ----- Balls: baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis, pool, and bowling-mfg
3069-B05 ----- Balls, rubber: except athletic equipment-mfg
3399-B01 ----- Balls, steel-mfg
0831-B01 ----- Balsam needles, gathering of
3677-B01 ----- Baluns-mfg
0179-B01 ----- Banana farms
5148-B01 ----- Banana ripening for the trade-wholesale
2389-B01 ----- Band uniforms-mfpm-mfg
2399-B03 ----- Bandage, cheese-mfpm-mfg
2211-B02 ----- Bandage cloths, cotton-mfg
3842-B01 ----- Bandages and dressings, surgical and orthopedic-mfg
3842-B02 ----- Bandages: plastics, muslin, and plaster of Paris-mfg
5122-B01 ----- Bandages-wholesale
2342-B01 ----- Bandeaux-mfpm-mfg
2241-B01 ----- Banding, spindle-mfg
2399-B04 ----- Bandoleers-mfg
7929-B01 ----- Bands, dance
3089-B02 ----- Bands, plastics-mfg
3351-B01 ----- Bands, shell: copper and copper alloy-made in copper rolling mills-mfg
3553-B01 ----- Bandsaws, woodworking-mfg
3931-B01 ----- Banjos and parts-mfg
3812-B01 ----- Bank and turn indicators and components(aeronautical instruments)-mfg
5044-B01 ----- Bank automatic teller machines-wholesale
1542-B01 ----- Bank building construction-general contractors
6512-B01 ----- Bank buildings, operation of
3499-B01 ----- Bank chests, metal-mfg
6399-B01 ----- Bank deposit insurance
3446-B02 ----- Bank fixtures, ornamental metal-mfg
6712-B01 ----- Bank holding companies
6211-B01 ----- Bankers, investment
9651-B01 ----- Banking regulatory agencies-government
8249-B01 ----- Banking schools (training in banking)
2759-B02 ----- Banknotes, engraved-mfg
6021-B01 ----- Banks, commercial: national
6029-B01 ----- Banks, commercial: not chartered
6022-S01 ----- Banks, commercial: state
6011-B01 ----- Banks, Federal Reserve
6111-B01 ----- Banks for cooperatives
6035-F02 ----- Banks, savings: Federal
6036-B01 ----- Banks, savings: not federally chartered
3944-B01 ----- Banks, toy-mfg
5999-B02 ----- Banner shops-retail
2399-B05 ----- Banners, made from fabric-mfg
3446-B03 ----- Bannisters, railings, guards, etc.: made from metal pipe-mfg
3281-B01 ----- Baptismal fonts, cut stone-mfg
8621-B01 ----- Bar associations
2542-B01 ----- Bar fixtures, except wood-mfg
2541-B01 ----- Bar fixtures, wood-mfg
2599-B01 ----- Bar furniture-mfg
5021-B01 ----- Bar furniture-wholesale
3547-B01 ----- Bar mills-mfg
2033-B01 ----- Barbecue sauce-mfg
5812-B01 ----- Barbecued-retail
2099-B07 ----- Barbecued food products-mfg
3631-B01 ----- Barbecues, grills, and braziers for outdoor cooking-mfg
3315-B01 ----- Barbed and twisted wire: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3496-B02 ----- Barbed wire, made from purchased wire-mfg
7231-B01 ----- Barber and beauty shops, combined
7241-B01 ----- Barber colleges
5087-B01 ----- Barber shop equipment and supplies-wholesale
3999-B02 ----- Barber shop equipment-mfg
7241-000 ----- Barber shops
7241-B02 ----- Barber shops
3999-B03 ----- Barbers, clippers, hand and electric-mfg
3421-B01 ----- Barbers, scissors-mfg
2326-B02 ----- Barbers, service apparel, washable-mfg
2833-B01 ----- Barbituric acid and derivatives: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2834-B01 ----- Barbituric acid pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
3441-B01 ----- Barge sections, prefabricated metal-mfg
3731-B01 ----- Barges, building and repairing-mfg
3295-B01 ----- Barite, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1479-B01 ----- Barite mining
2819-B01 ----- Barium compounds-mfg
2835-B01 ----- Barium diagnostic agents-mfg
3295-B02 ----- Barium, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1479-B02 ----- Barium ore mining
2816-B01 ----- Barium sulfate, precipitated (blanc fixe)-mfg
2211-B03 ----- Bark cloth, cotton-mfg
0831-B02 ----- Barks, gathering of
0119-B01 ----- Barley farms
5153-B01 ----- Barley-wholesale
2258-B01 ----- Barmen laces-mfg
3523-B03 ----- Barn cleaners-mfg
3523-B04 ----- Barn stanchions and standards-mfg
3829-B01 ----- Barographs-mfg
3829-B02 ----- Barometers, mercury and aneroid types-mfg
3443-B03 ----- Barometric condensers-mfg
2429-B01 ----- Barrel heading and staves, sawed or split-mfg
3484-B01 ----- Barrels, gun: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3489-B01 ----- Barrels, gun: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
5085-B01 ----- Barrels, new and reconditioned-wholesale
3412-B01 ----- Barrels, shipping: steel and other metal-mfg
2449-B01 ----- Barrels, wood: coopered-mfg
3499-B02 ----- Barricades, metal-mfg
5813-B01 ----- Bars (alcoholic beverage drinking places)
3354-B01 ----- Bars, aluminum: extruded-mfg
3355-B01 ----- Bars, aluminum: rolled-mfg
8641-B01 ----- Bars and restaurants owned and operated for members of organizations only
2064-B01 ----- Bars, candy: including chocolate covered bars-mfg
2066-B02 ----- Bars, candy: solid chocolate-mfg
3449-B01 ----- Bars, concrete reinforcing: fabricated steel-mfg
5051-B02 ----- Bars, concrete reinforcing-wholesale
3351-B02 ----- Bars, copper and copper alloy-mfg
3312-B01 ----- Bars, iron: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3356-B01 ----- Bars: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, and their alloys-mfg
5051-B03 ----- Bars, metal-wholesale
3423-B03 ----- Bars, prying (handtools)-mfg
3331-B01 ----- Bars, refinery: primary copper-mfg
3316-B01 ----- Bars, steel: cold-rolled-not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3312-B02 ----- Bars, steel: made in steel works or hot-rolling mills-mfg
7389-B01 ----- Bartering services for businesses
7299-B02 ----- Bartering services for individuals
3229-B01 ----- Barware, glass-mfg
2816-B02 ----- Barytes pigments-mfg
1429-B01 ----- Basalt, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411-B01 ----- Basalt, dimension-quarrying
8744-B01 ----- Base maintenance (providing personnel on continuing basis)
2353-B01 ----- Baseball caps, except plastics-mfg
7997-B01 ----- Baseball clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7941-B01 ----- Baseball clubs, professional or semiprofessional
3949-B08 ----- Baseball equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear-mfg
7999-B01 ----- Baseball instruction schools
2329-B01 ----- Baseball uniforms: men's and boys-mfg
2431-B01 ----- Baseboards, floor: wood-mfg
3442-B01 ----- Baseboards, metal-mfg
3949-B09 ----- Bases, baseball-mfg
2844-B02 ----- Bases, perfume: blending and compounding-mfg
2211-B04 ----- Basket weave fabrics, cotton-mfg
7941-B02 ----- Basketball clubs, professional or semiprofessional
7999-B02 ----- Basketball instruction schools
2329-B02 ----- Basketball uniforms: men's and boys-mfg
3949-B10 ----- Basketballs and basketball equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear-mfg
2499-B02 ----- Baskets, except fruit, vegetable, fish, and bait: (e.g., rattan, reed, straw)-mfg
3949-B11 ----- Baskets, fish and bait-mfg
2449-B02 ----- Baskets, fruit and vegetable: e.g., till, berry, climax, round stave-mfg
3496-B03 ----- Baskets, made from purchased wire-mfg
5199-B02 ----- Baskets: reed, rattan, willow, and wood-wholesale
3315-B02 ----- Baskets, steel: made in wire drawing plants-mfg
3944-B02 ----- Baskets, toy-mfg
2519-B01 ----- Bassinets, reed and rattan-mfg
3931-B02 ----- Bassoons-mfg
1099-B01 ----- Bastnasite ore mining
3531-B04 ----- Batching plants, bituminous-mfg
3531-B05 ----- Batching plants, for aggregate concrete and bulk cement-mfg
7999-B03 ----- Bath houses, independently operated
2392-B04 ----- Bath mitts (washcloths)-mfg
2844-B03 ----- Bath salts-mfg
3069-B06 ----- Bath sprays, rubber-mfg
7997-B02 ----- Bathing beaches, membership
7999-B04 ----- Bathing beaches, public
3069-B07 ----- Bathing caps and suits, rubber-mitse-mfg
5699-B01 ----- Bathing suit stores-retail
2369-B01 ----- Bathing suits: girls' children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2329-B03 ----- Bathing suits: men's and boys-mfpm-mfg
2253-B01 ----- Bathing suits-mitse-mfg
2339-B01 ----- Bathing suits: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2273-B01 ----- Bathmats and sets, textile-mfg
2211-B05 ----- Bathmats, cotton: made in weaving mills-mfg
3069-B08 ----- Bathmats, rubber-mfg
2273-B02 ----- Bathmats, textile fiber-mfg
2369-B02 ----- Bathrobes: girls, children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2384-B01 ----- Bathrobes, men's, boys, and women's-mfpm-mfg
2253-B02 ----- Bathrobes-mitse-mfg
3261-B01 ----- Bathroom accessories, vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
3431-B01 ----- Bathroom fixtures: enameled iron, cast iron, and pressed metal-mfg
3088-B01 ----- Bathroom fixtures, plastics-mfg
3596-B03 ----- Bathroom scales-mfg
7299-B03 ----- Baths, turkish
5047-B01 ----- Baths, whirlpool-wholesale
1799-B01 ----- Bathtub refinishing-contractors
3272-B01 ----- Bathtubs, concrete-mfg
3431-B02 ----- Bathtubs: enameled iron, cast iron, and pressed metal-mfg
3088-B02 ----- Bathtubs, plastics-mfg
3089-B03 ----- Bathware, plastics: except plumbing fixtures-mfg
7389-B02 ----- Batik work (handprinting on textiles)
2211-B06 ----- Batiste, cotton-mfg
8299-B01 ----- Baton instruction
3949-B12 ----- Bats, game: e.g., baseball, softball, cricket-mfg
5013-B01 ----- Batteries, automotive-wholesale
5063-B01 ----- Batteries, except automotive-wholesale
3692-B01 ----- Batteries, primary: dry or wet-mfg
3691-B01 ----- Batteries, rechargeable-mfg
3691-B02 ----- Batteries, storage-mfg
2899-B01 ----- Battery acid-mfg
3069-B09 ----- Battery boxes, jars, and parts: hard rubber-mfg
3694-B01 ----- Battery cable wiring sets for internal combustion engines-mfg
3089-B04 ----- Battery cases, plastics-mfg
3629-B01 ----- Battery chargers, rectifying or nonrotating-mfg
3694-B02 ----- Battery charging generators for internal combustion engines-mfg
5531-B01 ----- Battery dealers, automobile-retail
3229-B02 ----- Battery jars, glass-mfg
3356-B02 ----- Battery metal-mfg
2891-B01 ----- Battery sealing compounds-mfg
2499-B03 ----- Battery separators, wood-mfg
7539-B01 ----- Battery service, automotive
3825-B01 ----- Battery testers, electrical-mfg
3272-B02 ----- Battery wells and boxes, concrete-mfg
2299-B02 ----- Batts and batting: cotton mill waste, kapok, and related materials-mfg
2679-B01 ----- Batts, insulating: paper-mfpm-mfg
3297-B01 ----- Bauxite brick-mfg
1099-B02 ----- Bauxite mining
2819-B02 ----- Bauxite, refined-mfg
2899-B02 ----- Bay oil-mfg
2844-B04 ----- Bay rum-mfg
7399-B01 ----- BBS, Bulletin boards, electronic

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