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5999-A06 ----- Auction rooms (general merchandise)-retail
7389-A06 ----- Auctioneering service on a commission or fee basis
5154-A01 ----- Auctioning livestock-wholesale
5099-A02 ----- Audio and video equipment-wholesale
2517-A01 ----- Audio cabinets, wood-mfg
3649-A01 ----- Audio equipment, commerical-mfg
3825-A06 ----- Audio frequency oscillators-mfg
3695-A01 ----- Audio range tapes, blank-mfg
3651-A02 ----- Audio recorders and players: automotive and household-mfg
3845-A02 ----- Audiological equipment, electromedical-mfg
8049-A02 ----- Audiologists, offices of
3825-A07 ----- Audiometers, except medical-mfg
7812-A01 ----- Audiovisual motion picture program production
8721-A02 ----- Auditing service, accounts
1542-A02 ----- Auditorium construction-general contractors
4731-A02 ----- Auditors, freight rate
3532-A02 ----- Auger mining equipment-mfg
1241-A03 ----- Auger mining services: bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite on a contract basis
3423-A04 ----- Augers (edge tools)-mfg
8999-A08 ----- Authors
7389-A07 ----- Authors' agents and brokers
5531-000 ----- Auto and home supply stores-retail
7011-A01 ----- Auto courts
7549-A01 ----- Auto emissions testing, without repairs
7533-000 ----- Auto exhaust system repair shops
2241-A02 ----- Auto wind lace-mfg
3843-A03 ----- Autoclaves, dental-mfg
3842-A08 ----- Autoclaves, hospital and surgical-mfg
3443-A11 ----- Autoclaves, industrial-mfg
3821-A01 ----- Autoclaves, laboratory-mfg
3721-A04 ----- Autogiros-mfg
5999-A07 ----- Autograph and philatelist supply stores-retail
2761-A01 ----- Autographic register forms, printed-mfg
3845-A03 ----- Automated blood and body fluid analyzers, except laboratory-mfg
6099-A01 ----- Automated clearinghouses
3826-A02 ----- Automatic chemical analyzers, laboratory type-mfg
3541-A01 ----- Automatic chucking machines-mfg
7215-A01 ----- Automatic laundry
3581-000 ----- Automatic merchandising machines-mfg
3812-A11 ----- Automatic pilots-mfg
3541-A02 ----- Automatic screw machines-mfg
3578-A03 ----- Automatic teller machines (ATM)-mfg
7537-A01 ----- Automatic transmission repair, automotive
5812-A04 ----- Automats (eating places)
5531-A02 ----- Automobile accessory dealers-retail
5511-A01 ----- Automobile agencies (dealers)-retail
5531-A03 ----- Automobile air-conditioning equipment, sale and installation-retail
5012-000 ----- Automobiles and other motor vehicles-wholesale
5012-A02 ----- Automobile auction-wholesale
5531-A04 ----- Automobile battery dealers-retail
3711-A04 ----- Automobile bodies, passenger car-mfg
4226-A01 ----- Automobile dead storage
8299-A02 ----- Automobile driving instruction
5013-A01 ----- Automobile engine testing equipment, electrical-wholesale
5015-A01 ----- Automobile engines, used-wholesale or retail
6159-A02 ----- Automobile finance leasing
2273-A04 ----- Automobile floor coverings, except rubber or plastics-mfg
5013-A02 ----- Automobile glass-wholesale
3429-A05 ----- Automobile hardware-mfg
3052-A02 ----- Automobile hose, plastics or rubber-mfg
3792-A01 ----- Automobile house trailer chassis-mfg
6331-A04 ----- Automobile insurance
7515-A01 ----- Automobile leasing, except finance leasing: without drivers
3469-A04 ----- Automobile license tags, stamped metal-mfg
3534-A01 ----- Automobile lifts (elevators)-mfg
6141-A01 ----- Automobile loans (may include automobile insurance)
8699-A04 ----- Automobile owmers' associations and clubs
2842-A03 ----- Automobile polishes
5531-A05 ----- Automobile parts dealers-retail
5015-A02 ----- Automobile parts, used-wholesale or retail
2842-A03 ----- Automobile polishes-mfg
8734-A02 ----- Automobile proving and testing grounds
7389-A08 ----- Automobile recovery service
4119-A03 ----- Automobile rental with drivers
7514-A01 ----- Automobile rental, without drivers
7389-A09 ----- Automobile repossession service
2399-A02 ----- Automobile seat covers-mfg
3499-A04 ----- Automobile seat frames, metal-mfg
2531-A04 ----- Automobile seats-mfg
3714-A05 ----- Automobile security systems-mfg
5013-A03 ----- Automobile service station equipment-wholesale
5541-A01 ----- Automobile service stations-retail
7389-A10 ----- Automobile shows, flower shows, and home shows: promoters of
3496-A03 ----- Automobile skid chains, made from purchased wire-mfg
3493-A01 ----- Automobile springs-mfg
5531-A06 ----- Automobile tire dealers-retail
5014-A01 ----- Automobile tires and tubes-wholesale
3799-A02 ----- Automobile trailer chassis, except travel trailer-mfg
3799-A03 ----- Automobile trailers, except house and travel-mfg
4789-A01 ----- Automobile transporters & shippers
2396-A02 ----- Automobile trimmings, fabric-mfg
3531-A04 ----- Automobile wrecker hoists-mfg
3713-A02 ----- Automobile wrecker-truck body-mfg
3944-A03 ----- Automobiles and trucks, toy-mfg
3944-A04 ----- Automobiles, children's pedal driven-mfg
3711-A05 ----- Automobiles-mfg
5511-A02 ----- Automobiles, new and used-retail
5521-A02 ----- Automobiles, used cars only-retail
5012-A03 ----- Automobiles-wholesale
5013-A04 ----- Automotive accessories-wholesale
5075-A03 ----- Automotive air-conditioners-wholesale
3825-A08 ----- Automotive ammeters and voltmeters-mfg
3357-A04 ----- Automotive and aircraft wire and cable, non ferrous-mfg
2396-000 ----- Automotive and apparel trimmings-mfg
7532-A02 ----- Automotive body shops
5599-000 ----- Automotive dealers, n.e.c.-retail
7539-A02 ----- Automotive electrical service (battery and ignition repair)
5013-A05 ----- Automotive engines, new-wholesale
2211-A03 ----- Automotive fabrics, cotton-mfg
2221-A03 ----- Automotive fabrics, manmade fiber-mfg
3462-A05 ----- Automotive forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463-A03 ----- Automotive forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
7536-000 ----- Automotive glass replacement shops
7536-A01 ----- Automotive glass replacement and repair service
7549-A02 ----- Automotive inspection and diagnostic service
7532-A03 ----- Automotive interior shops
3647-A02 ----- Automotive lighting fixtures-mfg
3061-A02 ----- Automotive mechanical rubber goods: molded, extruded, and lathe-cut-mfg
7533-A01 ----- Automotive mufflers, sale and installation
7532-A04 ----- Automotive paint shops
5013-000 ----- Automotive parts and supplies-wholesale
5013-A06 ----- Automotive parts, new-wholesale
7622-A03 ----- Automotive radio repair shops
7538-A01 ----- Automotive repair shops, general
7539-000 ----- Automotive repair shops, n.e.c.
7549-000 ----- Automotive services, n.e.c.
7539-A03 ----- Automotive springs, rebuilding and repair
3465-A01 ----- Automotive stampings: e.g., fenders, tops, hub caps, body parts, trim-mfg
5013-A07 ----- Automotive stampings-wholesale
7539-A04 ----- Automotive starter and generator repair
3465-000 ----- Automotive stampings-mfg
5013-A08 ----- Automotive supplies-wholesale
7532-A05 ----- Automotive tops (canvas or plastic), installation, repair, or sales and installation
7549-A03 ----- Automotive towing service
7537-000 ----- Automotive transmission repair shops
7532-A06 ----- Automotive trim shops
7532-A07 ----- Automotive upholstery and trim shops
7542-A01 ----- Automotive washing and polishing
3714-A02 ----- Automotive wiring harness sets, except ignition-mfg
5093-A01 ----- Automotive wrecking for scrap - wholesale
3931-A02 ----- Autophones (organs with perforated music rolls)-mfg
3799-A04 ----- Autos, midget: power-driven-mfg
3612-A02 ----- Autotransformers, electric (power transformers)-mfg
3612-A03 ----- Autotransformers for switchboards, except telephone switchboards-mfg
3661-A01 ----- Autotransformers for telephone switchboards-mfg
3572-A01 ----- Auxiliary computer storage units-mfg
0279-A03 ----- Aviaries (e.g., parakeet, canary, love birds)
7997-A01 ----- Aviation clubs, membership
8249-A02 ----- Aviation schools, excluding flying instruction
0179-A01 ----- Avocado orchards and farms
3423-A05 ----- Awls-mfg
1799-A03 ----- Awning installation-contractors
7699-A03 ----- Awning repair shops
5999-A08 ----- Awning shops-retail
2211-A04 ----- Awning stripes, cotton-mitse-mfg
2394-A02 ----- Awnings, fabric-mfpm-mfg
3089-A03 ----- Awnings, fiberglass and plastics combination-mfg
3444-A02 ----- Awnings, sheet metal-mfg
5039-A03 ----- Awnings-wholesale
2431-A01 ----- Awnings, wood-mfg
3423-A06 ----- Axes-mfg
3714-A03 ----- Axle housings and shafts, motor vehicle-mfg
7539-A05 ----- Axle straightening, automotive
3714-A04 ----- Axles, motor vehicle-mfg
3462-A06 ----- Axles, railroad: forged-not made in rolling mills-mfg
3312-A02 ----- Axles, rolled or forged: made in steelworks or rolling mills-mfg
2273-A05 ----- Axminster carpets-mfg
2892-A02 ----- Azides (explosives)-mfg
2865-A14 ----- Azine dyes-mfg
2865-A15 ----- Azo dyes-mfg
2865-A16 ----- Azobenzene-mfg
2865-A17 ----- Azoic dyes-mfg

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