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3292-A01 ----- Asbestos cement products: e.g., siding, pressure pipe, conduits, ducts-mfg
1499-A04 ----- Asbestos mining
2621-A02 ----- Asbestos paper and asbestos filled paper-mitse-mfg
3292-000 ----- Asbestos products
3292-A02 ----- Asbestos products: except packing and gaskets-mfg
2323-A01 ----- Ascots: men's and boys-mfpm-mfg
3469-A02 ----- Ashcans, stamped and pressed metal-mfg
4953-A02 ----- Ashes, collection and disposal of
3272-A03 ----- Ashlar, cast stone-mfg
3229-A02 ----- Ashtrays, glass-mfg
3269-A02 ----- Ashtrays, pottery-mfg
3469-A03 ----- Ashtrays, stamped metal-mfg
0161-A01 ----- Asparagus farms
2869-A24 ----- Aspartome-mfg
2911-A05 ----- Asphalt and asphaltic materials: liquid and solid-produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2951-A01 ----- Asphalt and asphaltic mixtures for paving, not made in refineries-mfg
2952-000 ----- Asphalt felts and coatings
5033-A01 ----- Asphalt felts and coatings-wholesale
3292-A03 ----- Asphalt floor tile-mfg
5032-A02 ----- Asphalt mixtures-wholesale
1499-A05 ----- Asphalt (native) mining
2851-A01 ----- Asphalt paints-mfg
2621-A03 ----- Asphalt paper: laminated-mitse-mfg
2951-A02 ----- Asphalt paving blocks, not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
2951-000 ----- Asphalt paving mixtures and blocks
1611-A03 ----- Asphalt paving: roads, public sidewalks, and streets - contractors
3531-A03 ----- Asphalt plants, including travel-mix type-mfg
1499-A06 ----- Asphalt rock mining
2952-A01 ----- Asphalt roof cement-mfpm-mfg
5033-A02 ----- Asphalt roofing-wholesale
2952-A02 ----- Asphalt saturated board-mfpm-mfg
2621-A04 ----- Asphalt sheathing-mitse-mfg
1752-A01 ----- Asphalt tile installation-contractors
3996-A01 ----- Asphalted felt-base floor coverings-mfg
2951-A03 ----- Asphaltic concrete, not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
1771-A01 ----- Asphalting of private driveways and private parking areas-contractors
8734-A01 ----- Assaying services
3711-A03 ----- Assembling complete automobiles, trucks, commercial cars, and buses-mfg
2531-A03 ----- Assembly hall furniture-mfg
3549-A01 ----- Assembly machines, e.g., rotary transfer, inline transfer, special purpose: including robotic-mfg
6321-A02 ----- Assessment associations, accident and health insurance
6331-A02 ----- Assessment associations: fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6351-A01 ----- Assessment associations, surety and fidelity insurance
6311-A01 ----- Assessment life insurance organizations
2843-A01 ----- Assistants, textile and leather processing-mfg
6331-A03 ----- Associated factory mutuals, fire and marine insurance
2834-A11 ----- Astringents, medicinal-mfg
7999-A06 ----- Astrologers
3949-A04 ----- Athletic and sporting goods: except clothing, footwear, small arms, and ammunition-mfg
8699-A03 ----- Athletic associations-regulatory only
2329-A01 ----- Athletic clothing: mens and boys-mfpm-mfg
1629-A01 ----- Athletic field construction-general contractors
7941-A02 ----- Athletic field operation (sports promotion)
5139-A01 ----- Athletic footwear-wholesale
5091-A03 ----- Athletic goods, except apparel and footwear-wholesale
5941-A02 ----- Athletic goods-retail
5661-A01 ----- Athletic shoe stores-retail
3149-A01 ----- Athletic shoes, except rubber-mfg
2252-A02 ----- Athletic socks-mfg
2339-A02 ----- Athletic uniforms: women's, misses, and juniors'-mfg
2752-A02 ----- Atlases, lithographed-mfg
2741-A01 ----- Atlases: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
3699-A04 ----- Atom smashers (particle accelerators)-mfg
3443-A10 ----- Atomic waste casks-mfg
3842-A07 ----- Atomizers, medical-mfg
3999-A06 ----- Atomizers, other than medical-mfg
2833-A07 ----- Atropine and derivatives-mfg
3161-A01 ----- Attache cases, regardless of material-mfg
3546-A01 ----- Attachments for portable drills-mfg
3679-A03 ----- Attenuators-mfg
3564-A04 ----- Attic fans-mfg
8111-A01 ----- Attorneys
9222-A01 ----- Attorneys general's offices

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