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1522-A01 ----- Apartment building construction-general contractors
6513-000 ----- Apartment building operators
6513-A01 ----- Apartment buildings (five or more housing units), operators of
6513-A02 ----- Apartment hotels, operators of
1475-A01 ----- Apatite mining
0279-A02 ----- Apiaries
1459-A02 ----- Aplite mining
5912-A01 ----- Apothecaries-retail
3357-A02 ----- Apparatus wire and cord: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
5611-A01 ----- Apparel accessory stores, men's and boys'-retail
5632-A01 ----- Apparel accessory stores, women's-retail
2389-000 ----- Apparel and accessories, n.e.c.-mfg
2387-000 ----- Apparel belts-mfg
5136-A01 ----- Apparel belts, men's and boys-wholesale
5137-A01 ----- Apparel belts: women's and children's-wholesale
2299-A01 ----- Apparel filling: cotton mill waste, kapok, and related materials-mfg
2396-A01 ----- Apparel findings and trimmings-mfpm-mfg
2371-A01 ----- Apparel, fur-mfg
7389-A02 ----- Apparel pressing service for the trade
2241-A01 ----- Apparel webbing-mfg
0175-A01 ----- Apple orchards and farms
2085-A02 ----- Applejack-mfg
3699-A03 ----- Appliance cords for e.g., electric irons, grills, waffle irons-mfpm-mfg
3061-A01 ----- Appliance mechanical rubber goods: molded, extruded, and lathe-cut-mfg
3469-A01 ----- Appliance parts, porcelain enameled-mfg
3822-A02 ----- Appliance regulators, except switches-mfg
7359-A02 ----- Appliance rental and leasing
7629-A02 ----- Appliance repair, electrical
3873-A01 ----- Appliance timers-mfg
7372-A01 ----- Applications software, computer: prepackaged
7371-A01 ----- Applications software programming, custom
3842-A05 ----- Applicators, cotton tipped-mfg
2499-A01 ----- Applicators, wood-mfg
2395-A01 ----- Appliqueing, for the trade-mfg
6411-A02 ----- Appraisal of damaged cars by independ-ent adjusters
7389-A03 ----- Appraisers, except real estate appraisers
6531-A02 ----- Appraisers, real estate
0175-A02 ----- Apricot orchards and farms
7213-A01 ----- Apron supply service
2399-A01 ----- Aprons, breast (harness)-mfg
2339-A01 ----- Aprons, except rubberized and plastics: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfg
3199-A01 ----- Aprons, leather: e.g., blacksmiths, welders-mfg
3199-A02 ----- Aprons, textile machinery: leather-mfg
3069-A03 ----- Aprons, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
2385-A01 ----- Aprons, waterproof: except vulcanized rubber-mfpm-mfg
2326-A01 ----- Aprons, work, except rubberized and plastics: men's-mfpm-mfg
2842-A02 ----- Aqua ammonia, household-mfg
2873-A05 ----- Aqua ammonia, made in ammonia plants-mfg
3499-A03 ----- Aquarium accessories, metal-mfg
3089-A02 ----- Aquarium accessories, plastics-mfg
8422-A02 ----- Aquariums
3231-A01 ----- Aquariums and reflectors, made from purchased glass-mfg
1623-A01 ----- Aqueduct construction-general contractors
7389-A04 ----- Arbitration and conciliation services
3542-A01 ----- Arbor presses-mfg
8422-A03 ----- Arboreta
0783-A01 ----- Arborist services
3545-A02 ----- Arbors (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3845-A01 ----- Arc lamp units, electrotherapeutic: except infrared and ultraviolet-mfg
3648-A01 ----- Arc lamps, except electrotherapeutic-mfg
3648-A02 ----- Arc lighting fixtures-mfg
3548-A01 ----- Arc-welder transformers (separate)-mfg
3548-A02 ----- Arc-welders, transformer-rectifier-mfg
3548-A03 ----- Arc-welding generators, a.c. and d.c.-mfg
3548-A04 ----- Arc-welding generators-mfg
7993-A03 ----- Arcades, amusement
3842-A06 ----- Arch supports, orthopedic-mfg
8733-A01 ----- Archeological expeditions
3949-A02 ----- Archery equipment-mfg
5091-A02 ----- Archery equipment-wholesale
7999-A05 ----- Archery ranges, operation of
2439-A01 ----- Arches, laminated lumber-mfg
5049-A02 ----- Architects, equipment and supplies-wholesale
3271-A01 ----- Architectural block, concrete: e.g., fluted, screen, split, slump, ground face-mfg
8712-A01 ----- Architectural engineering services
3446-A02 ----- Architectural metal work, ferrous and nonferrous-mfg
5039-A02 ----- Architectural metal work-wholesale
3299-A01 ----- Architectural sculptures: gypsum, clay or papier mache-mfg
3299-A02 ----- Architectural sculptures, plaster of paris: factory production only-mfg
8712-000 ----- Architectural services
8712-A02 ----- Architectural services
1761-A01 ----- Architectural sheet metal work-contractors
5999-A01 ----- Architectural supplies-retail
3259-A02 ----- Architectural terra cotta-mfg
3021-A01 ----- Arctics, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
3648-A03 ----- Area and sports luminaries-mfg
3272-A01 ----- Areaways, basement window: concrete-mfg
7941-A01 ----- Arenas, boxing and wrestling (sports promotion): professional
1411-A01 ----- Argillite, dimension-quarrying
2813-A02 ----- Argon-mfg
2389-A02 ----- Arm bands, elastic-mfpm-mfg
3625-A01 ----- Armature relays-mfg
7694-000 ----- Armature rewinding shops
7694-A01 ----- Armature rewinding
3621-A01 ----- Armatures, industrial-mfg
3694-A02 ----- Armatures, motor vehicle-mfg
5812-A03 ----- Armenian restaurants
3483-A04 ----- Arming and fusing devices for missiles-mfg
3462-A04 ----- Armor plate, forged iron and steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3312-A01 ----- Armor plate, made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3357-A03 ----- Armored cable or conductor, nonferrous-mfpm-mfg
7381-A01 ----- Armored car service
9711-A02 ----- Army
2911-A04 ----- Aromatic chemicals, made in petroleum refineries-mfg
5169-A05 ----- Aromatic chemicals-wholesale
4729-A02 ----- Arrangement of carpools and vanpools
3643-A01 ----- Arrestors and coils, lightning-mfg
3949-A03 ----- Arrows, archery-mfg
2879-A04 ----- Arsenates: calcium, copper, and lead formulated-mfg
1479-A03 ----- Arsenic mineral mining
2879-A05 ----- Arsenites, formulated-mfg
5945-A01 ----- Art & crafts-retail
7336-A03 ----- Art and design directories
7336-A02 ----- Art and illustration, commercial
3269-A01 ----- Art and ornamental ware, pottery-mfg
8699-A02 ----- Art councils
5999-A02 ----- Art dealers-retail
8412-A03 ----- Art galleries-animation art
8412-A02 ----- Art galleries-digital fine art
8412-A04 ----- Art galleries-photography
8412-A01 ----- Art galleries, not primarily selling
3231-A02 ----- Art glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3229-A01 ----- Art glassware, made in glassmaking plants-mfg
3299-A03 ----- Art goods: plaster of paris, papier mache, and scagliola-mfg
5199-A02 ----- Art goods-wholesale
3272-A02 ----- Art marble, concrete-mfg
2395-A02 ----- Art needlework-mfpm-mfg
8999-A04 ----- Art restoration
8249-A01 ----- Art schools, commercial
8299-A01 ----- Art schools, except commercial
2273-A02 ----- Art squares, textile fiber-mfg
2273-A03 ----- Art squares: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, and rag-mfg
2033-A01 ----- Artichokes in olive oil, canned-mfg
3999-A04 ----- Artificial and preserved flowers, foliage, fruits, and vines: except glass-mfg
3999-A05 ----- Artificial flower arrangements-mfg
5999-A03 ----- Artificial flowers-retail
5193-A01 ----- Artificial flowers-wholesale
3812-A10 ----- Artificial horizon instrumentation-mfg
0752-A02 ----- Artificial insemination services: animal specialties
0751-A01 ----- Artificial insemination services: livestock
5999-A04 ----- Artificial limb stores-retail
8999-A05 ----- Artificial nucleation (cloud seeding)
1799-A02 ----- Artificial turf installation-contractors
3483-A05 ----- Artillery ammunition and component parts, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3489-A05 ----- Artillery, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch): aircraft, antiaircraft, field, naval, and tank-mfg
3489-A06 ----- Artillery parts for artillery more than 30mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
7389-A05 ----- Artists' agents and brokers, except performing artists
3991-A01 ----- Artists' brushes, hand-mfg
7336-A01 ----- Artists, commercial
8999-A06 ----- Artists, except commercial and medical
3952-A01 ----- Artists' materials, except drafting instruments-mfg
5199-A03 ----- Artists' materials-wholesale
8099-A01 ----- Artists, medical
8999-A07 ----- Artists' studios, except commercial and medical
5999-A05 ----- Artists' supply and material stores-retail
5945-A01 ----- Arts & crafts-retail

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