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3532-A01 ----- Amalgamators (metallurgical and mining machinery)-mfg
3843-A02 ----- Amalgams, dental-mfg
5065-A01 ----- Amateur radio communications equipment-wholesale
2892-A01 ----- Amatol (explosives)-mfg
1479-A02 ----- Amblygonite mining
3713-A01 ----- Ambulance bodies-mfg
4119-A02 ----- Ambulance service, road
4522-A04 ----- Ambulance services, air
3711-A01 ----- Ambulances (motor vehicles)-mfg
5012-A01 ----- Ambulances-wholesale
8011-A01 ----- Ambulatory surgical centers
5812-A02 ----- American restaurants
1499-A03 ----- Amethyst mining
2869-A21 ----- Amines of polyhydric alcohols, and of fatty and other acids-mfg
3826-A01 ----- Amino acid analyzers, laboratory type-mfg
2865-A06 ----- Aminoanthraquinone-mfg
2865-A07 ----- Aminoazobenzene-mfg
2865-A08 ----- Aminoazotoluene-mfg
2865-A09 ----- Aminophenol-mfg
3825-A02 ----- Ammeters-mfg
2819-A11 ----- Ammonia alum-mfg
2873-A01 ----- Ammonia, anhydrous-mfg
3523-A03 ----- Ammonia applicators and attachments (agricultural machinery)-mfg
5169-A04 ----- Ammonia, except for fertilizer-wholesale
2842-A01 ----- Ammonia, household-mfg
2873-A02 ----- Ammonia liquor-mfg
2819-A12 ----- Ammonium chloride, hydroxide, and moblybdate-mfg
2819-A13 ----- Ammonium compounds, except for fertilizer-mfg
2873-A03 ----- Ammonium nitrate and sulfate-mfg
2819-A14 ----- Ammonium perchlorate-mfg
2874-A01 ----- Ammonium phosphates-mfg
2819-A15 ----- Ammonium thiosulfate-mfg
3483-A02 ----- Ammunition and component parts, more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3482-A01 ----- Ammunition and component parts, small arms: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3559-A01 ----- Ammunition and explosives loading machinery-mfg
3949-A01 ----- Ammunition belts, sporting type: of all materials-mfg
3499-A02 ----- Ammunition boxes, metal-mfg
2441-A01 ----- Ammunition boxes, wood-mfg
2655-A01 ----- Ammunition cans or tubes, paperboard laminated with metal foil-mfpm-mfg
3484-A01 ----- Ammunition carts, machine gun-mfg
3483-000 ----- Ammunition, (except for small arms, n.e.c.)-mfg
5099-A01 ----- Ammunition, except sporting-wholesale
3483-A03 ----- Ammunition loading and assembling plants-mfg
5941-A01 ----- Ammunition-retail
5091-A01 ----- Ammunition, sporting-wholesale
3825-A03 ----- Ampere-hour meters-mfg
3711-A02 ----- Amphibian motor vehicles, except tanks-mfg
3795-A01 ----- Amphibian tanks, military-mfg
3699-A02 ----- Amplifiers; magnetic, pulse, and maser-mfg
3651-A01 ----- Amplifiers: radio, public address, or musical instrument-mfg
3663-A02 ----- Amplifiers: RF power and IF-mfg
3221-A01 ----- Ampoules, glass-mfg
7999-000 ----- Amusement and recreation, n.e.c.
7996-A01 ----- Amusement centers and parks (not fairs, circuses, or carnivals)
7999-A02 ----- Amusement concessions
7993-A01 ----- Amusement device parlors, coin-operated
3999-A03 ----- Amusement machines, coin-operated: except coin-operated phonographs-mfg
7993-A02 ----- Amusement machines, coin-operated: operation of
7996-A02 ----- Amusement parks
7999-A03 ----- Amusement rides
3599-A02 ----- Amusement rides for carnivals-mfg
2869-A22 ----- Amyl acetate and alcohol-mfg
2834-A02 ----- Analgesics-mfg
3825-A04 ----- Analog-to-digital converters, electronic instrumentation type-mfg
3826-000 ----- Analytical instruments-mfg
5049-A01 ----- Analytical instruments: photometers, spectrographs, and chromatographic instruments-wholesale
3825-A05 ----- Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics-mfg
3823-A02 ----- Analyzers, industrial process type-mfg
3829-A05 ----- Anamometers-mfg
3462-A02 ----- Anchors, forged: not made in rolling mills-mfg
1459-A01 ----- Andalusite mining
3429-A02 ----- Andirons-mfg
3841-A01 ----- Anesthesia apparatus-mfg
8011-A02 ----- Anesthesiologists, offices of
2833-A04 ----- Anesthetics, in bulk form-mfg
2834-A03 ----- Anesthetics, packaged-mfg
2835-A01 ----- Angiourographic diagnostic agents-mfg
3429-A03 ----- Angle irons, hardware-mfg
3812-A08 ----- Angle of-attack instrumentation-mfg
3812-A09 ----- Angle of-yaw instrumentation-mfg
3545-A01 ----- Angle rings-mfg
2873-A04 ----- Anhydrous ammonia-mfg
2021-A01 ----- Anhydrous butterfat-mfg
2824-A03 ----- Anidex fibers-mfg
2865-A10 ----- Aniline-mfg
2865-A11 ----- Aniline oil-mfg
3496-A01 ----- Animal and fish traps, made from purchased wire-mfg
2077-000 ----- Animal and marine fats and oils-mfg
0273-000 ----- Animal aquaculture
2816-A01 ----- Animal black-mfg
6553-A01 ----- Animal cemetery operation
3523-A04 ----- Animal clippers, hand and electric-mfg
8422-A01 ----- Animal exhibits
5191-A04 ----- Animal feeds, except pet-wholesale
2048-A03 ----- Animal feeds, prepared: except dog and cat-mfg
2282-A03 ----- Animal fiber yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling-mfg
5159-A01 ----- Animal hair-wholesale
0741-A01 ----- Animal hospitals for livestock
0742-A01 ----- Animal hospitals for pets and other animal specialties
8699-A01 ----- Animal humane societies
2077-A01 ----- Animal oils, except medicinal grade-mfg
2833-A05 ----- Animal oils, medicinal grade: refined and concentrated-mfg
2834-A04 ----- Animal remedies-mfg
0752-A01 ----- Animal shelters
7999-A04 ----- Animal shows in circuses, fairs, and carnivals
0291-A01 ----- Animal specialty and livestock farms, general
0279-000 ----- Animal specialties, n.e.c.
0752-000 ----- Animal specialty services
0971-A01 ----- Animal trapping, commercial
3429-A04 ----- Animal traps, iron and steel: except wire-mfg
7399-A01 ----- Animation gif archive
7812-A02 ----- Animation production
2899-A04 ----- Anise oil-mfg
3842-A04 ----- Ankle supports, orthopedic-mfg
2252-A01 ----- Anklets, hosiery-mfg
2861-A06 ----- Annato extract-mfg
3443-A09 ----- Annealing boxes, pots, and covers-mfg
3398-A01 ----- Annealing of metal for the trade-mfg
2759-A01 ----- Announcements, engraved-mfg
8999-A03 ----- Announcers, radio and television service
3823-A03 ----- Annunciators, relay and solid-state types: industrial display-mfg
5051-A01 ----- Anode metal-wholesale
3559-A02 ----- Anodizing equipment (except rolling mill lines)-mfg
3471-A01 ----- Anodizing of metals and formed products, for the trade-mfg
5064-A02 ----- Answering machines, telephone-wholesale
2879-A03 ----- Ant poisons-mfg
2834-A05 ----- Antacids-mfg
1799-A01 ----- Antenna installation, except household type contractors
5731-A01 ----- Antenna stores, household-retail
7622-A02 ----- Antennas, household: installation and service
3679-A01 ----- Antennas, receiving: automobile, home, and portable-mfg
3679-A02 ----- Antennas, satellite: home type-mfg
3663-A03 ----- Antennas, transmitting and communications-mfg
2834-A06 ----- Anthelmintics-mfg
2865-A12 ----- Anthracene-mfg
1241-A01 ----- Anthracite mine tunneling: on a contract basis
1231-A01 ----- Anthracite mining
1241-A02 ----- Anthracite mining services on a contract basis
2865-A13 ----- Anthraquinone dyes-mfg
2836-A05 ----- Anti-hog-cholera serums-mfg
3489-A02 ----- Antiaircraft artillery-mfg
2833-A06 ----- Antibiotics: bulk uncompounded-mfg
2834-A07 ----- Antibiotics, packaged-mfg
2899-A05 ----- Antifreeze compounds, except industrial alcohol-mfg
3339-A01 ----- Antifriction bearing metals, lead-base: primary-mfg
2836-A06 ----- Antigens-mfg
2834-A08 ----- Antihistamine preparations-mfg
3341-A03 ----- Antimonial lead refining, secondary-mfg
1099-A02 ----- Antimony ore mining
3339-A02 ----- Antimony refining, primary-mfg
2869-A23 ----- Antioxidants, rubber processing: cyclic and acyclic-mfg
8399-A02 ----- Antipoverty boards
2834-A09 ----- Antipyretics-mfg
7532-A01 ----- Antique and classic automobile restoration
5932-A04 ----- Antique auction-retail
5521-A01 ----- Antique autos-retail
7641-A01 ----- Antique furniture repair and restoration
5932-A01 ----- Antique furniture-retail
5932-A02 ----- Antique home furnishings-retail
7699-A02 ----- Antique repair and restoration, except furniture and automotive
5932-A03 ----- Antique stores-retail
2899-A06 ----- Antiscaling compounds, boiler-mfg
2834-A10 ----- Antiseptics, medicinal-mfg
5122-A01 ----- Antiseptics-wholesale
2836-A07 ----- Antiserums-mfg
3496-A02 ----- Antisubmarine and torpedo nets, made from purchased wire-mfg
3489-A03 ----- Antisubmarine projectors (ordnance)-mfg
3489-A04 ----- Antitank rocket launchers-mfg
2836-A08 ----- Antitoxins-mfg
2836-A09 ----- Antivenin-mfg
3462-A03 ----- Anvils, forged: not made in rolling mills-mfg

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