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1499-A02 ----- Alabaster mining
5063-A01 ----- Alarm signal systems-wholesale
2782-A02 ----- Albums-mfg
5112-A01 ----- Albums (photo) and scrapbooks-wholesale
2869-A15 ----- Alcohol, aromatic-mfg
2869-A16 ----- Alcohol, fatty: powdered-mfg
2085-A01 ----- Alcohol for medicinal and beverage purposes, ethyl or grain-mfg
5169-A02 ----- Alcohol, industrial-wholesale
2861-A04 ----- Alcohol, methyl: natural-mfg
2869-A17 ----- Alcohol, methyl: synthetic (methanol)-mfg
2821-A05 ----- Alcohol resins, polyvinyl-mfg
8093-A01 ----- Alcohol treatment, outpatient clinics
2861-A05 ----- Alcohol, wood: natural (methanol)-mfg
9651-A01 ----- Alcoholic beverage control boards-government
8322-A05 ----- Alcoholism counseling, nonresidential: except medical treatment
8361-A01 ----- Alcoholism rehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidental
8069-A01 ----- Alcoholism rehabilitation hospitals
2869-A18 ----- Alcohols, industrial: denatured (nonbeverage)-mfg
2869-A19 ----- Alcohols, polyhydric-mfg
2082-A01 ----- Ale-mfg
5181-A01 ----- Ale-wholesale
2048-A01 ----- Alfalfa, cubed-mfg
0139-A01 ----- Alfalfa farms
2048-A02 ----- Alfalfa, prepared as feed for animals-mfg
5191-A03 ----- Alfalfa-wholesale
2869-A20 ----- Algin products-mfg
3829-A04 ----- Alidades, surveying-mfg
3728-A12 ----- Alighting assemblies landing gear), aircraft-mfg
2819-A03 ----- Alkali metals-mfg
2812-000 ----- Alkalies and chlorine
3691-A01 ----- Alkaline cell storage batteries-mfg
2812-A01 ----- Alkalis, not produced at mines-mfg
5169-A03 ----- Alkalis-wholesale
2833-A03 ----- Alkaloids and salts-mfg
2821-A06 ----- Alkyd resins-mfg
2865-A04 ----- Alkylated diphenylamines, mixed-mfg
2865-A05 ----- Alkylated phenol, mixed-mfg
2911-A03 ----- Alkylates, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3799-A01 ----- All terrain vehicles (ATV)-mfg
5571-A01 ----- All-terrain vehicles-retail
2836-A03 ----- Allergenic extracts, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
2836-A04 ----- Allergens-mfg
1611-A02 ----- Alley construction-general contractors
0279-A01 ----- Alligator farms
3325-A01 ----- Alloy steel castings, except investment-mfg
2821-A07 ----- Allyl resins-mfg
0173-A01 ----- Almond groves and farms
0723-A01 ----- Almond hulling and shelling
2099-A01 ----- Almond pastes-mfg
2211-A02 ----- Alpaca, cotton-mfg
2231-A01 ----- Alpacas, mohair: woven-mfg
3281-A01 ----- Altars, cut stone-mfg
2531-A02 ----- Altars, except stone and concrete-mfg
7219-A01 ----- Alterations and garment repair
3825-A01 ----- Alternator and generator testers-mfg
3694-A01 ----- Alternators, motor vehicle-mfg
3812-A07 ----- Altimeters, aeronautical-mfg
3569-A02 ----- Altitude test chambers-mfg
1474-A01 ----- Alum mining
3297-A01 ----- Alumina fused refractories-mfg
2819-A04 ----- Alumina-mfg
3264-A01 ----- Alumina porcelain insulators-mfg
3291-A05 ----- Aluminous abrasives-mfg
3365-A01 ----- Aluminum and aluminum-base alloy castings, except die-castings-mfg
3399-A01 ----- Aluminum atomized powder-mfg
6051-A01 ----- Aluminum bars, rods, ingots, sheets, pipes, plates, etc.-wholesale
2819-A05 ----- Aluminum chloride-mfg
3479-A01 ----- Aluminum coating of metal products for trade not done in rolling mills-mfg
2819-A06 ----- Aluminum compounds-mfg
3363-000 ----- Aluminum die-castings
3363-A01 ----- Aluminum die-casting, including alloys-mfg
3354-000 ----- Aluminum extruded products
3341-A01 ----- Aluminum extrusion ingot, secondary-mfg
3463-A02 ----- Aluminum forgings, not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3365-000 ----- Aluminum foundries
3365-A02 ----- Aluminum foundries-mfg
2819-A07 ----- Aluminum hydroxide (alumina trihydrate)-mfg
3334-A01 ----- Aluminum ingots and primary production shapes, from bauxite or alumina-mfg
1099-A01 ----- Aluminum ore mining
3291-A06 ----- Aluminum oxide (fused) abrasives-mfg
2819-A08 ----- Aluminum oxide-mfg
1541-A01 ----- Aluminum plant construction general contractors
3355-000 ----- Aluminum rolling and drawing, n.e.c.
3353-000 ----- Aluminum sheet, plate, and foil
3341-A02 ----- Aluminum smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
2819-A09 ----- Aluminum sulfate-mfg
5719-A01 ----- Aluminumware stores-retail
5023-A01 ----- Aluminumware-wholesale
8641-A01 ----- Alumni associations and clubs
2819-A10 ----- Alums-mfg
1479-A01 ----- Alunite mining

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