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8322-A04 ----- Aid for families with dependent children(AFDC)
3728-A02 ----- Ailerons, aircraft-mfg
3827-A01 ----- Aiming circles (fire control equipment)-mfg
3563-000 ----- Air and gas compressors-mfg
3052-A01 ----- Air brake and air line hose, rubber or rubberized fabric-mfg
3714-A01 ----- Air brakes, motor vehicle-mfg
3743-A01 ----- Air brakes, railway-mfg
4522-A01 ----- Air cargo carriers, nonscheduled
4512-A01 ----- Air cargo carriers, scheduled
3613-A01 ----- Air circuit breakers-mfg
3564-A01 ----- Air cleaning systems-mfg
7389-A11 ----- Air compressors service
4513-000 ----- Air courier services
3444-A01 ----- Air cowls, scoops, or airports (ship ventilators), sheet metal-mfg
2394-A01 ----- Air cushions, canvas-mfg
5039-A01 ----- Air ducts, sheet metal-wholesale
3822-A01 ----- Air flow controllers, air-conditioning and refrigeration: except valves-mfg
9711-A01 ----- Air Force
3599-A01 ----- Air intake filters, internal combustion engine: except motor vehicle-mfg
3089-A01 ----- Air mattresses, plastics-mfg
4522-A02 ----- Air passenger carriers, nonscheduled
4512-A02 ----- Air passenger carriers, scheduled
9511-A01 ----- Air pollution control agencies
5075-A01 ----- Air pollution control equipment and supplies-wholesale
3443-A06 ----- Air preheaters, nonrotating: plate type-mfg
3564-A02 ----- Air purification and dust collection equipment-mfg
3634-A01 ----- Air purifiers, portable-mfg
3443-A07 ----- Air receiver tanks, metal plate-mfg
3724-A01 ----- Air scoops, aircraft-mfg
3569-A01 ----- Air separators (machinery)-mfg
3069-A02 ----- Air supported rubber structures-mfg
1711-A01 ----- Air system balancing and testing-contractors
4522-A03 ----- Air taxi services
4581-A01 ----- Air traffic control, except government
9621-A01 ----- Air traffic control operations-government
3812-A02 ----- Air traffic control radar systems and equipment-mfg
4522-000 ----- Air transportation, nonscheduled
4512-000 ----- Air transportation, scheduled
9511-000 ----- Air, water, & solid waste management
7539-A01 ----- Air-conditioner repair, automotive
7623-A01 ----- Air-conditioner repair, self-contained units: except automotive
3585-A01 ----- Air-conditioners, motor vehicle-mfg
3585-A02 ----- Air-conditioning and heating combination units-mfg
3585-A03 ----- Air-conditioning compressors-mfg
3585-A04 ----- Air-conditioning condensers and condensing units-mfg
5531-A01 ----- Air-conditioning equipment, automobile: sale and installation-retail
5075-A02 ----- Air-conditioning equipment, except room units-wholesale
5722-A01 ----- Air-conditioning room units, self-contained-retail
5064-A01 ----- Air-conditioning room units, self-contained-wholesale
4961-A01 ----- Air-conditioning supply services
3585-A05 ----- Air-conditioning units, complete: domestic and industrial-mfg
1711-A02 ----- Air-conditioning, with or without sheet metal work-contractors
4489-A01 ----- Airboats (swamp buggy rides)
3812-A03 ----- Airborne integrated data systems/flight recorders-mfg
3663-A01 ----- Airborne radio communications equipment-mfg
3357-A01 ----- Aircraft and automotive wire and cable, nonferrous-mfg
3721-A01 ----- Aircraft-mfg
5088-A02 ----- Aircraft and parts-wholesale
3728-A03 ----- Aircraft armament, except guns-mfg
3728-A04 ----- Aircraft arresting device system-mfg
3489-A01 ----- Aircraft artillery-mfg
3728-A05 ----- Aircraft assemblies, subassemblies, and parts, except engines-mfg
3728-A06 ----- Aircraft body assemblies and parts-mfg
4581-A02 ----- Aircraft cleaning and janitorial service
5599-A01 ----- Aircraft dealers-retail
7629-A01 ----- Aircraft electrical equipment repair, except radio
3537-A02 ----- Aircraft engine cradles-mfg
3724-A02 ----- Aircraft engines and engine parts, internal combustion and jet propulsion-mfg
5088-A03 ----- Aircraft engines and engine parts-wholesale
5088-A04 ----- Aircraft equipment and supplies-wholesale
3728-000 ----- Aircraft equipment, n.e.c.-mfg
3812-A04 ----- Aircraft flight instruments-mfg
2273-A01 ----- Aircraft floor coverings, except rubber or plastics-mfg
4581-000 ----- Airports Flying Fields & Airport Terminal Services
3462-A01 ----- Aircraft forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463-A01 ----- Aircraft forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
5172-A01 ----- Aircraft fueling services-wholesale
3429-A01 ----- Aircraft hardware-mfg
9621-A02 ----- Aircraft inspection-government
3647-A01 ----- Aircraft lighting fixtures-mfg
3537-A03 ----- Aircraft loading hoists-mfg
3721-A01 ----- Aircraft-mfg
3728-A07 ----- Aircraft power transmission equipment-mfg
3728-A08 ----- Aircraft propeller parts-mfg
3728-A09 ----- Aircraft propellers, variable and fixed pitch-mfg
7622-A01 ----- Aircraft radio equipment repair
2531-A01 ----- Aircraft seats-mfg
4581-A03 ----- Aircraft servicing and repairing, except on a factory basis
4581-A04 ----- Aircraft storage at airports
4581-A05 ----- Aircraft upholstery repúair
3564-A03 ----- Aircurtains (blower)-mfg
3724-A03 ----- Airfoils, aircraft engine-mfg
3728-A10 ----- Airframe assemblies, except for guided missiles-mfg
3769-A01 ----- Airframe assemblies, for guided missiles-mfg
3812-A05 ----- Airframe equipment instruments-mfg
4581-A06 ----- Airfreight handling at airports
4729-A01 ----- Airline ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
4729-A03 ----- Airline information
3443-A08 ----- Airlocks-mfg
3728-A11 ----- Airplane brake expanders-mfg
2211-A01 ----- Airplane cloth, cotton-mfg
3999-A02 ----- Airplane models, except toy and hobby models-mfg
3944-A01 ----- Airplane models, toy and hobby-mfg
7359-A01 ----- Airplane rental and leasing
3721-A02 ----- Airplanes, fixed or rotary wing-mfg
4581-A07 ----- Airplanes, janitorial services on
3944-A02 ----- Airplanes, toy-mfg
4581-A08 ----- Airport hangar rental
6519-A02 ----- Airport leasing, if not operating airport
4581-A09 ----- Airport leasing, if operating airport
3612-A01 ----- Airport lighting transformers-mfg
4111-A01 ----- Airport limousine scheduled service
1611-A01 ----- Airport runway construction-general contractors
4581-A10 ----- Airport terminal services
4111-A02 ----- Airport transportation service, local: road or rail
4581-A11 ----- Airports
3721-A03 ----- Airships-mfg
3812-A06 ----- Airspeed instrumentation (aeronautical instruments)-mfg

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