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3728-A01 ----- Adapter assemblies, hydromatic propeller-mfg
3483-A01 ----- Adapters, bombcluster-mfg
3537-A01 ----- Adapters for multiweapon rack loading on aircraft-mfg
2679-A01 ----- Adding machine rolls, paper-mfpm-mfg
3578-A02 ----- Adding machines-mfg
5044-A02 ----- Adding machines-wholesale
3313-A01 ----- Additive alloys, except copper-mfg
3579-A01 ----- Address labeling machines-mfg
7331-A01 ----- Address list compilers
3579-A02 ----- Addressing machines, plates and plate embossers-mfg
5044-A03 ----- Addressing machines-wholesale
7331-A02 ----- Addressing service
3842-A03 ----- Adhesive tape and plasters, medicated or nonmedicated-mfg
2891-A01 ----- Adhesives-mfg
2891-000 ----- Adhesives and sealants
2891-A02 ----- Adhesives, plastics-mfg
2869-A12 ----- Adipic acid esters-mfg
2869-A13 ----- Adipic acid-mfg
2869-A14 ----- Adiponitrile-mfg
2822-A04 ----- Adiprene-mfg
7322-000 ----- Adjustment & collection services
7322-A01 ----- Adjustment bureaus, except insurance adjustment agencies
6411-A01 ----- Adjustment services, insurance
9411-000 ----- Admin. of educational programs
9611-000 ----- Admin. of general economic programs
9431-000 ----- Admin. of public health programs
9441-000 ----- Admin. of social & manpower programs
1542-A01 ----- Administration building construction-general contractors
9451-000 ----- Administration of veterans' affairs
8742-A01 ----- Administrative management consultants
8741-A01 ----- Administrative management services
6733-A01 ----- Administrators of private estates (nonoperating)
3259-A01 ----- Adobe brick-mfg
8322-A02 ----- Adoption services
2833-A01 ----- Adrenal derivatives: bulk, uncompounded-mfg
2834-A01 ----- Adrenal pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
8322-A03 ----- Adult day care centers
5950-000 ----- Adult products (You must be at least 18 years old to see adult related information.)
8999-A09 ----- Adult services (You must be at least 18 years old to see adult related information.)
2791-A01 ----- Advertisement typesetting-mfg
7319-A01 ----- Advertising, aerial
7311-000 ----- Advertising agenies
3555-A01 ----- Advertising and newspaper mats-mfg
3999-A07 ----- Advertising and promotional products-mfg
5999-A09 ----- Advertising and promotional products-retail
7312-A03 ----- Advertising, billboard
7311-A02 ----- Advertising consultants (agencies)
8999-A02 ----- Advertising copy, writers of
3999-A01 ----- Advertising curtains-mfg
7331-D01 ----- Advertising, direct mail
3993-A01 ----- Advertising displays, except printed-mfg
7319-000 ----- Advertising, n.e.c.
2752-A01 ----- Advertising posters, lithographed-mfg
7312-A04 ----- Advertising service, outdoor
3993-A02 ----- Advertising specialties-mfpm-mfg
5199-A01 ----- Advertising specialties-wholesale
9111-A01 ----- Advisory commissions, executive
9121-A01 ----- Advisory commissions, legislative
8399-A01 ----- Advocacy groups
3423-A01 ----- Adzes-mfg
3565-A01 ----- Aerating machines, for beverages-mfg
7319-A02 ----- Aerial advertising
3861-A01 ----- Aerial cameras-mfg
0721-A01 ----- Aerial dusting and spraying
1382-A01 ----- Aerial geophysical exploration, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
7335-A01 ----- Aerial photographic service, except mapmaking
7999-A01 ----- Aerial tramways, amusement or scenic
4119-A01 ----- Aerial tramways, except amusement and scenic
3531-A01 ----- Aerial work platforms, hydraulic or electric truck or carrier mounted-mfg
7991-A01 ----- Aerobic dance and exercise classes
5088-A01 ----- Aeronautical equipment and supplies wholesale
3499-A01 ----- Aerosol valves, metal-mfg
5812-A01 ----- African restaurants
3443-A04 ----- Aftercooler shells-mfg
3443-A05 ----- Aftercoolers, steam jet-mfg
2836-A01 ----- Agar culture media, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
2833-A02 ----- Agar-agar (ground)-mfg
1499-A01 ----- Agate mining
6081-A01 ----- Agencies of foreign banks
7389-A01 ----- Agents and brokers for authors and nonperforming artists
6163-A01 ----- Agents, farm or business loan
6211-A01 ----- Agents for mutual funds
7922-A01 ----- Agents or managers for entertainers
6531-R01 ----- Agents, real estate
7212-A01 ----- Agents, retail: for laundries and drycleaners
4731-A01 ----- Agents, shipping
7922-A02 ----- Agents, talent: theatrical
3531-A02 ----- Aggregate spreaders-mfg
5032-A01 ----- Aggregate-wholesale
2836-A02 ----- Aggressins, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
6082-A01 ----- Agreement Corporations
5191-A01 ----- Agricultural chemicals-wholesale
2879-000 ----- Agricultural chemicals, n.e.c.
8748-A01 ----- Agricultural consulting
6331-A01 ----- Agricultural (crop and livestock) insurance
2879-A01 ----- Agricultural disinfectants-mfg
3423-A02 ----- Agricultural edge tools, hand-mfg
7699-A01 ----- Agricultural equipment repair
3275-A02 ----- Agricultural gypsum-mfg
3523-A01 ----- Agricultural hand sprayers-mfg
3423-A03 ----- Agricultural handtools: hoes, rakes, spades, hay forks, etc.-mfg
3523-A02 ----- Agricultural implements and machinery-mfg
3274-A01 ----- Agricultural lime-mfg
1422-A01 ----- Agricultural limestone, ground
5191-A02 ----- Agricultural limestone-wholesale
6159-A01 ----- Agricultural loan companies
5083-A01 ----- Agricultural machinery-wholesale
2879-A02 ----- Agricultural pesticides-mfg
6519-A01 ----- Agricultural properties, lessors of
8731-A01 ----- Agricultural research, commercial
9641-A01 ----- Agriculture extension services
9641-A02 ----- Agriculture fair boards-government

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