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3842-A01 ----- Abdominal supporters, braces, and trusses-mfg
3829-A01 ----- Abrasion testing machines-mfg
3291-A01 ----- Abrasive buffs, bricks, cloth, paper, sticks, stones, wheels, etc.-mfg
3291-A02 ----- Abrasive coated products-mfg
3291-A03 ----- Abrasive grains, natural and artificial-mfg
3843-A01 ----- Abrasive points, wheels, and disks: dental-mfg
3291-000 ----- Abrasive products-mfg
1446-A01 ----- Abrasive sand mining
3291-A04 ----- Abrasives, aluminous-mfg
5085-A01 ----- Abrasives-wholesale
3842-A02 ----- Absorbent cotton, sterilized-mfg
2621-A01 ----- Absorbent paper-mitse-mfg
3443-A01 ----- Absorbers, gas-mfg
3823-A01 ----- Absorption analyzers, industrial process type: e.g., infrared, X-ray-mfg
6541-A01 ----- Abstract companies, title
1622-A01 ----- Abutment construction-general contractors
2389-A01 ----- Academic caps and gowns-mfg
8211-A01 ----- Academies, elementary and secondary schools
8221-A01 ----- Academies, service (college)
3699-A01 ----- Accelerating waveguide structures-mfg
3812-A01 ----- Acceleration indicators and systems components, aerospace types-mfg
2869-A01 ----- Accelerators, rubber processing: cyclic and acyclic-mfg
3829-A02 ----- Accelerometers, except aerospace type-mfg
6321-000 ----- Accident and health insurance
3931-A01 ----- Accordions and parts-mfg
8721-000 ----- Accounting, auditing, & bookkeeping
2782-A01 ----- Account books-mfg
3578-A01 ----- Accounting machines, operator paced-mfg
5044-A01 ----- Accounting machines-wholesale
8721-A01 ----- Accounting service
3443-A02 ----- Accumulators (industrial pressure vessels)-mfg
2821-A01 ----- Acetal resins-mfg
2869-A02 ----- Acetaldehyde-mfg
2221-A01 ----- Acetate broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2821-A02 ----- Acetate, cellulose (plastics) mfg
2823-A01 ----- Acetate fibers-mfg
2282-A01 ----- Acetate filament yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, or spooling-mfg
2861-A01 ----- Acetate of lime, natural-mfg
2281-A01 ----- Acetate yarn, made from purchased staple: spun-mfg
2869-A03 ----- Acetates, except natural acetate of lime-mfg
2869-A04 ----- Acetic acid, synthetic-mfg
2869-A05 ----- Acetic anhydride-mfg
2869-A06 ----- Acetin-mfg
2861-A02 ----- Acetone, natural-mfg
2869-A07 ----- Acetone, synthetic-mfg
3443-A03 ----- Acetylene cylinders-mfg
2813-A01 ----- Acetylene-mfg
2899-A01 ----- Acid, battery-mfg
3069-A01 ----- Acid bottles, rubber-mfg
2865-A01 ----- Acid dyes, synthetic-mfg
2869-A08 ----- Acid esters and amines-fig
2911-A01 ----- Acid oil, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2861-A03 ----- Acid, pyroligneous-fig
2899-A02 ----- Acid resist for etching-mfg
4953-A01 ----- Acid waste, collection and disposal of
1389-A01 ----- Acidizing wells on a contract basis
2026-A01 ----- Acidophilus milk-mfg
2865-A02 ----- Acids, coal tar: derived from coal tar distillation-mfg
2899-A03 ----- Acids, fatty: oleic, margaric, and stearic-mfg
2819-A01 ----- Acids, inorganic: except nitric or phosphoric-mfg
2911-A02 ----- Acids, naphthenic: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2865-A03 ----- Acids, naphtholsulfonic-mfg
2869-A09 ----- Acids, organic-mfg
5169-A01 ----- Acids-wholesale
3296-A01 ----- Acoustical board and tile, mineral wool-mfg
3275-A01 ----- Acoustical plaster, gypsum-mfg
3446-A01 ----- Acoustical suspension systems, metal-mfg
7349-A01 ----- Acoustical tile cleaning service
1742-A01 ----- Acoustical work-contractors
2869-A10 ----- Acrolein-mfg
2822-A01 ----- Acrylate type rubbers-mfg
2822-A02 ----- Acrylate-butadiene rubbers-mfg
2282-A02 ----- Acrylic and modacrylic filament yarn: throwing, winding, or spooling-mfg
2221-A02 ----- Acrylic broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2824-A01 ----- Acrylic fibers-mfg
2821-A03 ----- Acrylic resins-mfg
2822-A03 ----- Acrylic rubbers-mfg
2281-A02 ----- Acrylic yarn, made from purchased staple: spun-mfg
2824-A02 ----- Acrylonitrile fibers-mfg
2869-A11 ----- Acrylonitrile-mfg
2821-A04 ----- Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene resins-mfg
3829-A03 ----- Actinometers, meteorological-mfg
2819-A02 ----- Activated carbon and charcoal-mfg
8322-A01 ----- Activity centers, elderly or handicapped
7929-A01 ----- Actors
7929-A02 ----- Actresses
8999-A01 ----- Actuaries, consulting
3593-A01 ----- Actuators, fluid power: hydraulic and pneumatic-mfg
8049-A01 ----- Acupuncturists, except M.D.: offices of

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