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[80 ----- Health Services ]

8072-000 ----- Dental laboratories
8062-000 ----- General medical & surgical hospitals
8099-000 ----- Health and allied services, n.e.c.
8082-000 ----- Home Health Care Services
8052-000 ----- Intermediate personal facilities
8092-000 ----- Kidney Dialysis Centers
8071-000 ----- Medical laboratories
8059-000 ----- Nursing and personal care, n.e.c.
8041-000 ----- Offices and clinics of chiropractors
8042-000 ----- Offices and clinics of optometrists
8043-000 ----- Offices and clinics of podiatrists
8021-000 ----- Offices of dentists
8049-000 ----- Offices of health practitioners, n.e.c.
8031-000 ----- Offices of osteopathic physicians
8011-000 ----- Offices of physicians
8063-000 ----- Psychiatric hospitals
8051-000 ----- Skilled nursing care facilities
8069-000 ----- Specialty hospitals, (except psychiatric)
8093-000 ----- Specialty Outpatient Clinics, n.e.c.

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[8072-000 ----- Dental laboratories]

8072-C01 ----- Crowns and bridges made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
8072-D01 ----- Dental laboratories, except X-ray
8072-D02 ----- Dentures made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
8072-O01 ----- Orthodontic appliances made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
8072-T01 ----- Teeth, artificial: made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
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[8062-000 ----- General medical & surgical hospitals]

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[8099-000 ----- Health and allied services, n.e.c.]

8099-A01 ----- Artists, medical
8099-B01 ----- Blood banks
8099-B02 ----- Blood donor stations
8099-C01 ----- Childbirth preparation classes
8099-H01 ----- Health screening service
8099-H02 ----- Hearing testing service
8099-I01 ----- Insurance physical examination service, except by physicians
8099-M01 ----- Medical photography and art
8099-O01 ----- Osteoperosis centers
8099-O02 ----- Oxygen tent service
8099-P01 ----- Physical examination service, except by physicians
8099-P02 ----- Plasmapheresis centers
8099-S01 ----- Sperm banks
8099-S02 ----- Safety related services
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[8082-000 ----- Home Health Care Services]

8082-H01 ----- Home health care services
8082-V01 ----- Visiting nurse associations
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[8052-000 ----- Intermediate personal facilities]

8052-I01 ----- Intermediate care facilities
8052-N01 ----- Nursing homes, intermediate care
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[8071-000 ----- Medical laboratories]

8071-B01 ----- Bacteriological laboratories (not manufacturing)
8071-B02 ----- Biological laboratories (not manufacturing)
8071-B03 ----- Blood analysis laboratories
8071-C01 ----- Chemists, biological: (not manufacturing) laboratories of
8071-D01 ----- Dental laboratories, X-ray
8071-L01 ----- Laboratories: biological, medical, and X-ray (picture and treatment)
8071-L02 ----- Laboratories, dental-X-ray
8071-M01 ----- Medical laboratories, clinical
8071-P01 ----- Pathological laboratories
8071-T01 ----- Testing laboratories, medical: analytic or diagnostic
8071-U01 ----- Urinalysis laboratories
8071-X01 ----- X-ray laboratories, including dental (not manufacturing)
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[8059-000 ----- Nursing and personal care, n.e.c.]

8059-C01 ----- Convalescent homes for psychiatric patients, with health care
8059-C02 ----- Convalescent homes with health care
8059-D01 ----- Domiciliary care with health care
8059-H01 ----- Homes for the mentally retarded with health care, except 8killed and intermediate care facilities
8059-N01 ----- Nursing homes except skilled and intermediate care facilities
8059-P01 ----- Personal care facilities with health care
8059-P02 ----- Personal care homes with health care
8059-P03 ----- Psychiatric patient's convalescent homes
8059-R01 ----- Rest homes with health care
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[8041-000 ----- Offices and clinics of chiropractors]

8041-C01 ----- Chiropractors, offices and clinics of
8041-C02 ----- Clinics of chiropractors
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[8042-000 ----- Offices and clinics of optometrists]

8042-C03 ----- Clinics of optometrists
8042-O01 ----- Optometrists, offices and clinics of
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[8043-000 ----- Offices and clinics of podiatrists]

8043-C01 ----- Clinics of podiatrists
8043-P01 ----- Podiatrists, offices and clinics of
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[8021-000 ----- Offices of dentists]

8021-C01 ----- Clinics of dentists
8021-D01 ----- Dental surgeons, offices of
8021-D02 ----- Dentists, offices and clinics of
8021-E01 ----- Endodontists, offices of
8021-O01 ----- Oral pathologists, offices of
8021-O02 ----- Orthodontists, offices of
8021-P01 ----- Pathologists, oral: offices of
8021-P02 ----- Periodontists, offices of
8021-P03 ----- Prosthodontists, offices of
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[8049-000 ----- Offices of health practitioners, n.e.c.]

8049-A01 ----- Acupuncturists, except M.D.: offices of
8049-A02 ----- Audiologists, offices of
8049-C01 ----- Christian Science practitioners, offices of
8049-D01 ----- Dental hygienists, offices of
8049-D02 ----- Dieticians, offices of
8049-H01 ----- Hypnotists, offices of
8049-I01 ----- Inhalation therapists, registered
8049-M01 ----- Midwives, offices of
8049-N01 ----- Naturopaths, offices of
8049-N02 ----- Nurses, registered and practical: offices of, except home health care services
8049-N03 ----- Nutritionists, offices of
8049-O01 ----- Occupational therapists, offices of
8049-P01 ----- Paramedics, offices of
8049-P02 ----- Physical therapists, offices of
8049-P03 ----- Physicians, assistants, offices of
8049-P04 ----- Psychiatric social workers, offices of
8049-P05 ----- Psychologists, clinical: offices of
8049-P06 ----- Psychotherapists, except M.D.: offices of
8049-R01 ----- Registered nurses, offices of: except home care services
8049-S01 ----- Speech clinicians, offices of
8049-S02 ----- Speech pathologists, offices of
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[8031-000 ----- Offices of osteopathic physicians]

8031-C01 ----- Clinics of osteopathic physicians
8031-O01 ----- Osteopathic physicians, offices and clinics of
8031-P01 ----- Physicians, osteopathic: offices and clinics of
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[8011-000 ----- Offices of physicians]

8011-A01 ----- Ambulatory surgical centers
8011-A02 ----- Anesthesiologists, offices of
8011-C01 ----- Clinics of physicians (M.D.)
8011-D01 ----- Dermatologists, offices of
8011-F01 ----- Freestanding emergency medical (M.D.) centers
8011-G01 ----- Gynecologists, offices of
8011-N01 ----- Neurologists, offices of
8011-O01 ----- Obstetricians, offices of
8011-O02 ----- Oculists, offices of
8011-O03 ----- Ophthalmologists, offices of
8011-O04 ----- Orthopedic physicians, offices of
8011-P01 ----- Pathologists (M.D.), offices of
8011-P02 ----- Pediatricians, offices of
8011-P03 ----- Physicians (M.D.), including specialists: offices and clinics of
8011-P04 ----- Plastic surgeons, offices of
8011-P05 ----- Primary care medical (M.D.) clinics
8011-P06 ----- Psychiatrists, offices of
8011-P07 ----- Psychoanalysts, offices of
8011-R01 ----- Radiologists, offices of
8011-S01 ----- Surgeons (M.D.), offices of
8011-U01 ----- Urologists, offices of
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[8063-000 ----- Psychiatric hospitals]

8063-M01 ----- Mental hospitals, (except for the mentally retarded)
8063-P01 ----- Psychiatric hospitals
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[8051-000 ----- Skilled nursing care facilities]

8051-C01 ----- Convalescent homes with continuous nursing care
8051-E01 ----- Extended care facilities
8051-M01 ----- Mental retardation hospitals
8051-N01 ----- Nursing homes, skilled
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[8069-000 ----- Specialty hospitals, (except psychiatric)]

8069-A01 ----- Alcoholism rehabilitation hospitals
8069-C01 ----- Cancer hospitals
8069-C02 ----- Children's hospitals
8069-C03 ----- Chronic disease hospitals
8069-D01 ----- Drug addiction rehabilitation hospitals
8069-E01 ----- Eye, ear, nose, and throat hospitals: in-patient
8069-H01 ----- Hospitals, specialty: except psychiatric
8069-M01 ----- Maternity hospitals
8069-O01 ----- Orthopedic hospitals
8069-R01 ----- Rehabilitation hospitals: drug addiction and alcoholism
8069-T01 ----- Tuberculosis and other respiratory illness hospitals
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[8093-000 ----- Specialty Outpatient Clinics, n.e.c.]

8093-A01 ----- Alcohol treatment, outpatient clinics
8093-B01 ----- Biofeedback centers
8093-B02 ----- Birth control clinics (family planning)
8093-C01 ----- Clinics, alcohol and drug treatment: outpatient
8093-C02 ----- Clinics, mental health: outpatient
8093-D01 ----- Detoxification centers, outpatient
8093-D02 ----- Drug treatment, outpatient clinics
8093-O01 ----- Outpatient detoxification centers
8093-O02 ----- Outpatient mental health clinics
8093-O03 ----- Outpatient treatment clinics for alcoholism and drug addiction
8093-R01 ----- Rehabilitation centers, outpatient (medical treatment)
8093-R02 ----- Respiratory therapy clinics

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