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[79 ----- Amusement & recreation services]

7999-000 ----- Amusement and recreation, n.e.c.
7996-000 ----- Amusement parks
7932-000 ----- Billiard and pool establishments
7933-000 ----- Bowling alleys
7993-000 ----- Coin-operated amusement devices
7911-000 ----- Dance halls, studios, and schools
7929-000 ----- Entertainers & entertainment groups
7997-000 ----- Membership sports & recreation clubs
7991-000 ----- Physical fitness facilities
7992-000 ----- Public golf courses
7948-000 ----- Racing, including track operation
7941-000 ----- Sports clubs, managers, & promoters
7922-000 ----- Theatrical producers and services

[7999-000 ----- Amusement and recreation, n.e.c.]

7999-A01 ----- Aerial tramways, amusement or scenic
7999-A02 ----- Amusement concessions
7999-A03 ----- Amusement rides
7999-A04 ----- Animal shows in circuses, fairs, and carnivals
7999-A05 ----- Archery ranges, operation of
7999-A06 ----- Astrologers
7999-B01 ----- Baseball instruction schools
7999-B02 ----- Basketball instruction schools
7999-B03 ----- Bath houses, independently operated
7999-B04 ----- Bathing beaches, public
7999-B05 ----- Beach chairs and accessories, rental
7999-B06 ----- Beaches, bathing: public
7999-B07 ----- Betting information services
7999-B08 ----- Bicycle rental
7999-B09 ----- Billiard parlors
7999-B10 ----- Bingo parlors
7999-B11 ----- Boat rental, pleasure
7999-B12 ----- Boats, party fishing: operation of
7999-B13 ----- Bookies
7999-B14 ----- Bookmakers, race
7999-B15 ----- Bowling instruction
7999-B16 ----- Bridge clubs, nonmembership
7999-B17 ----- Bridge instruction
7999-C01 ----- Cable lifts, amusement or scenic: operated separately from lodges
7999-C02 ----- Canoe rental
7999-C03 ----- Card rooms
7999-C04 ----- Carnival operation
7999-C05 ----- Cave operation
7999-C06 ----- Circus companies
7999-C09 ----- Computer gaming information
7999-C07 ----- Concession operators, amusement devices and rides
7999-C08 ----- Casinos
7999-D01 ----- Day camps
7999-E01 ----- Exhibition operation
7999-E02 ----- Exposition operation
7999-F01 ----- Fairs, agricultural: operation of
7999-F02 ----- Fireworks display service
7999-F03 ----- Fishing boats, party: operation of
7999-F07 ----- Fishing guides
7999-F04 ----- Fishing piers and lakes, operation of
7999-F06 ----- Football related services
7999-F05 ----- Fortune tellers
7999-G01 ----- Gambling establishments not primarily operating coin-operated machines
7999-G02 ----- Gambling machines, except coin-operated: operation of
7999-G03 ----- Game parlors, except coin-operated
7999-G13 ----- Games, on-line
7999-G04 ----- Games, teaching of
7999-G05 ----- Gocart rentals
7999-G06 ----- Golf courses, miniature: operation of
7999-G07 ----- Golf driving ranges
7999-G08 ----- Golf, pitch-n-putt
7999-G09 ----- Golf professionals not operating retail stores
7999-G11 ----- Guides, tourist
7999-G12 ----- Gymnastics instruction
7999-H01 ----- Handball courts, except membership clubs
7999-H02 ----- Horse shows
7999-H03 ----- Houseboat rentals
7999-H04 ----- Hunting guides
7999-I01 ----- Ice skating rink operation
7999-J01 ----- Judo instruction
7999-K01 ----- Karate instruction
7999-L01 ----- Lifeguard service
7999-L02 ----- Lotteries, operation of
7999-L03 ----- Lottery clubs and ticket sales to individuals
7999-M01 ----- Moped rental
7999-M02 ----- Motorcycle rental
7999-N01 ----- Natural wonders, tourist attraction: commercial
7999-O01 ----- Observation tower operation
7999-O02 ----- Off-track betting
7999-P01 ----- Pack trains for amusement
7999-P02 ----- Parachute training for pleasure
7999-P08 ----- Parapsychology
7999-P03 ----- Phrenologists
7999-P04 ----- Picnic grounds operation
7999-P05 ----- Ping pong parlors
7999-P06 ----- Pool parlors
7999-P07 ----- Professional sports instructors for golf, skiing, and swimming
7999-R01 ----- Racquetball courts, except membership clubs
7999-R02 ----- Rental of beach chairs and accessories
7999-R03 ----- Rental of bicycles
7999-R04 ----- Rental of golf carts
7999-R05 ----- Rental of rowboats and canoes
7999-R06 ----- Rental of saddle horses
7999-R07 ----- Riding academies and schools
7999-R08 ----- Riding stables
7999-R09 ----- River rafting, operation of
7999-R10 ----- Rodeo animal rental
7999-R11 ----- Rodeos, operation of
7999-R12 ----- Roller skating rink operation
7999-R13 ----- Rowboat rental
7999-S01 ----- Scenic railroads for amusement
7999-S02 ----- Schools and camps, sports instructional
7999-S03 ----- Schools, riding
7999-S04 ----- Scuba and skin diving instruction
7999-S05 ----- Shooting galleries
7999-S06 ----- Shooting ranges, operation of
7999-S07 ----- Skating instruction, ice or roller
7999-S08 ----- Skating rink operation: ice or roller
7999-S09 ----- Skeet shooting facilities, except membership clubs
7999-S10 ----- Ski instruction
7999-S11 ----- Ski lifts, cable lifts, and ski tows operated separately from lodges
7999-S12 ----- Ski rental concessions
7999-S13 ----- Slot car racetracks
7999-S14 ----- Sporting goods rental
7999-S15 ----- Sports instructors, professional: golf, skiing, swimming, etc.
7999-S16 ----- Sports professionals
7999-S17 ----- Stables, riding
7999-S18 ----- Swimming instruction
7999-S19 ----- Swimming pools, except membership
7999-T01 ----- Tennis clubs, nonmembership
7999-T02 ----- Tennis courts, outdoor and indoor: operation of, nonmembership
7999-T03 ----- Tennis professionals
7999-T04 ----- Ticket sales offices for sporting events, contract
7999-T05 ----- Tourist attractions, natural wonder: commercial
7999-T06 ----- Tourist guides
7999-T07 ----- Trampoline operation
7999-T08 ----- Trapshooting facilities, except membership clubs
7999-W01 ----- Waterslides, operation of
7999-W02 ----- Wave pools, operation of
7999-W03 ----- Wax figure exhibitions
7999-Y01 ----- Yoga instruction
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[7996-000 ----- Amusement parks]

7996-A01 ----- Amusement centers and parks (not fairs, circuses, or carnivals)
7996-A02 ----- Amusement parks
7996-K01 ----- Kiddie parks
7996-P01 ----- Piers, amusement
7996-T01 ----- Theme parks, amusement
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[7933-000 ----- Bowling alleys]

7933-B01 ----- Bowling centers
7933-C01 ----- Candle pin centers
7933-D01 ----- Duck pin centers
7933-T01 ----- Ten pin centers
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[7993-000 ----- Coin-operated amusement devices]

7993-A01 ----- Amusement device parlors, coin-operated
7993-A02 ----- Amusement machines, coin-operated: operation of
7993-A03 ----- Arcades, amusement
7993VG01 ----- Gambling establishments primarily operating coin-operated machines
7993-G02 ----- Gambling machines, coin-operated: operation of
7993-J01 ----- Juke boxes, operation of
7993-M01 ----- Mechanical games, coin-operated: operation of
7993-M02 ----- Music distribution systems, coin-operated
7993-P01 ----- Pinball machines, operation of
7993-S01 ----- Slot machines, operation of
7993-V01 ----- Video game arcades
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[7911-000 ----- Dance halls, studios, and schools]

7911-B01 ----- Ballroom operation
7911-C01 ----- Children, s dancing schools
7911-D01 ----- Dance hall operation
7911VD02 ----- Dance instructors
7911-D03 ----- Dance studios and schools
7911-D04 ----- Dancing schools, professional
7911-D05 ----- Discotheques, except those serving alcoholic beverages
7911-P01 ----- Professional dancing schools
7911-S01 ----- Schools, dance: including children's, and professionals,
7911-S02 ----- Studios, dance
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[7929-000 ----- Entertainers & entertainment groups]

7929-A01 ----- Actors
7929-A02 ----- Actresses
7929-B01 ----- Bands, dance
7929-C01 ----- Classical music groups or artists
7929-C02 ----- Concert artists
7929-D01 ----- Dance bands
7929-D02 ----- Drum and bugle corps (drill teams)
7929-E01 ----- Entertainers
7929-E02 ----- Entertainment groups
7929-J01 ----- Jazz music groups or artists
7929-M01 ----- Magicians
7929-M03 ----- Misc entertainment
7929-M02 ----- Musicians
7929-O01 ----- Orchestras
7929-P01 ----- Performing artists
7929-P02 ----- Popular music groups or artists
7929-P03 ----- Psychics
7929-S01 ----- Symphony orchestras
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[7997-000 ----- Membership sports & recreation clubs]

7997-A01 ----- Aviation clubs, membership
7997-B01 ----- Baseball clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7997-B02 ----- Bathing beaches, membership
7997-B03 ----- Beach clubs, membership
7997-B04 ----- Boating clubs, membership
7997-B05 ----- Bowling leagues or teams, except professional and semiprofessional
7997-B06 ----- Bridge clubs, membership
7997-B07 ----- Basketball clubs, membership
7997-C01 ----- Clubs, membership: sports and recreation, except physical fitness
7997-F01 ----- Flying fields maintained by aviation clubs
7997-F02 ----- Football clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7997-G01 ----- Golf clubs, membership
7997-G02 ----- Gun clubs, membership
7997-H01 ----- Handball clubs, membership
7997-H02 ----- Hockey clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7997-H03 ----- Hunt clubs, membership
7997-R01 ----- Racquetball clubs, membership
7997-R02 ----- Recreation and sports clubs, membership: except physical fitness
7997-R03 ----- Riding clubs, membership
7997-S01 ----- Shooting clubs, membership
7997-S02 ----- Soccer clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7997-S03 ----- Sports and recreation clubs, membership: except physical fitness
7997-S04 ----- Swimming clubs, membership
7997-T01 ----- Tennis clubs, membership
7997-Y01 ----- Yacht clubs, membership
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[7991-000 ----- Physical fitness facilities]

7991-A01 ----- Aerobic dance and exercise classes
7991-C01 ----- Clubs, health
7991-E01 ----- Exercise salons
7991-F01 ----- Fitness salons
7991-G01 ----- Gymnasiums
7991-P01 ----- Physical fitness centers
7991-R01 ----- Reducing facilities, physical fitness, without lodging
7991-S01 ----- Slenderizing salons
7991-S02 ----- Spas, health fitness: except resort lodges
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[7992-000 ----- Public golf courses]

7992-G01 ----- Golf clubs, nonmembership
7992-G02 ----- Golf courses, public: operation of
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[7948-000 ----- Racing, including track operation]

7948-D01 ----- Dog racing
7948-D02 ----- Dragstrip operation
7948-H01 ----- Horses, race: owners of
7948-H02 ----- Horses, race: training
7948-H03 ----- Horses, racing of
7948-J01 ----- Jockeys, horse racing
7948-K01 ----- Kennels, dogracing
7948-M01 ----- Motorcycle racing
7948-R01 ----- Race car drivers and owners
7948-R02 ----- Racetrack operation: e.g., horse, dog, auto
7948-R03 ----- Racing stables, operation of
7948-S01 ----- Speedway operation
7948-S02 ----- Stables, racing
7948-S03 ----- Stock car racing
7948-T01 ----- Training racehorses
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[7941-000 ----- Sports clubs, managers, & promoters]

7941-A01 ----- Arenas, boxing and wrestling (sports promotion): professional
7941-A02 ----- Athletic field operation (sports promotion)
7941-B01 ----- Baseball clubs, professional or semiprofessional
7941-B02 ----- Basketball clubs, professional or semiprofessional
7941-F01 ----- Football clubs, professional or semiprofessional
7941-I01 ----- Ice hockey clubs, professional or semiprofessional
7941-M01 ----- Managers of individual professional athletes
7941-P01 ----- Professional or semiprofessional sports clubs
7941-P02 ----- Promoters, sports events
7941-S01 ----- Soccer clubs, professional or semiprofessional
7941-S02 ----- Sports field operation (sports promotion)
7941-S03 ----- Sports promotion: baseball, football, boxing, etc.
7941-S04 ----- Stadiums (sports promotion)
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[7922-000 ----- Theatrical producers and services]

7922-A01 ----- Agents or managers for entertainers
7922-A02 ----- Agents, talent: theatrical
7922-B01 ----- Ballet production
7922-B02 ----- Booking agencies, theatrical: except motion picture
7922-B03 ----- Burlesque companies
7922-C01 ----- Casting agencies, theatrical: except motion picture
7922-C02 ----- Casting bureaus, theatrical: except motion picture
7922-C03 ----- Community theater productions
7922-C04 ----- Concert management service
7922-C05 ----- Costume design, theatrical
7922-E01 ----- Employment agencies: theatrical, radio, and television-except motion picture
7922-L01 ----- Legitimate theater producers
7922-O01 ----- Opera companies
7922-M01 ----- Music agents
7922-P01 ----- Performing arts center productions
7922-P02 ----- Plays (road companies and stock companies)
7922-R01 ----- Radio programs, including commercials: producers of
7922-R02 ----- Rental of theatrical scenery
7922-R03 ----- Repertory or stock companies, theatrical
7922-R04 ----- Road companies, theatrical
7922-S01 ----- Scenery design, theatrical
7922-S02 ----- Scenery, rental: theatrical
7922-S03 ----- Stock companies, theatrical
7922-S04 ----- Summer theaters, except dinner theaters
7922-T01 ----- Television employment agencies
7922-T02 ----- Television programs (including commercials): live
7922-T03 ----- Theatrical booking agencies, except motion picture
7922-T04 ----- Theatrical companies
7922-T05 ----- Theatrical employment agencies
7922-T06 ----- Theatrical equipment rental
7922-T07 ----- Theatrical lighting on a contract basis
7922-T08 ----- Theatrical production, except motion picture
7922-T09 ----- Theatrical ticket agencies
7922-T10 ----- Ticket agencies, theatrical
7922-V01 ----- Vaudeville companies

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