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[78 ----- Motion Pictures]

7833-000 ----- Drive-in motion picture theaters
7822-000 ----- Motion picture and tape distribution
7829-000 ----- Motion picture distribution servicess
7832-000 ----- Motion picture theaters, ex drive-in
7812-000 ----- Motion picture & video production
7819-000 ----- Services allied to motion pictures
7841-000 ----- Video tape rental

[7833-000 ----- Drive-in motion picture theaters]

7833-D01 ----- Drive-in theaters
7833-M01 ----- Motion picture theaters, drive in
7833-O01 ----- Open air motion picture theaters
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[7822-000 ----- Motion picture and tape distribution]

7822-F01 ----- Film exchanges, motion picture
7822-M01 ----- Motion picture distribution, exclusive of production
7822-R01 ----- Rental of motion picture film
7822-T01 ----- Tape distribution for television
7822-T02 ----- Tapes, video, recorded-wholesale
7822-V01 ----- Video tapes, recorded-wholesale
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[7829-000 ----- Motion picture distribution servicess]

7829-B01 ----- Booking agencies, motion picture
7829-F01 ----- Film delivery, motion picture
7829-F02 ----- Film libraries, motion picture
7829-F03 ----- Film purchasing agencies, motion picture
7829-T01 ----- Theatrical booking agencies, motion picture
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[7832-000 ----- Motion picture theaters, ex drive-in]

7832-M01 ----- Motion picture exhibitors for airlines
7832-M02 ----- Motion picture exhibitors, itinerant
7832-T01 ----- Theaters, motion picture: except drive in
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[7812-000 ----- Motion picture & video production]

7812-A01 ----- Audiovisual motion picture program production
7812-A02 ----- Animation production
7812-C01 ----- Cartoon motion picture production
7812-C02 ----- Commercials, television: tape or film production
7812-E01 ----- Educational motion picture production
7812-I01 ----- Industrial motion picture production
7812-M01 ----- Motion picture production and distribution
7812-M02 ----- Music video production
7812-M03 ----- Multimedia and digital video production
7812-N01 ----- Nontheatrical motion picture production
7812-R01 ----- Religious motion picture production
7812-T01 ----- Tape production, video or motion picture
7812-T02 ----- Television film production
7812-T03 ----- Training motion picture production
7812-V01 ----- Video tape production
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[7819-000 ----- Services allied to motion pictures]

7819-C01 ----- Casting bureaus, motion picture
7819-D01 ----- Developing and printing of commercial motion picture film
7819-D02 ----- Directors, motion picture: independent
7819-E01 ----- Editing of motion picture film
7819-E02 ----- Employment agencies, motion picture
7819-F01 ----- Film libraries, stock footage
7819-F02 ----- Film processing, motion picture
7819-L01 ----- Laboratories, motion picture
7819-M01 ----- Motion picture consultants
7819-M02 ----- Motion picture reproduction
7819-R01 ----- Rental of motion picture equipment
7819-S01 ----- Studio property rental for motion picture film production
7819-T01 ----- Television tape services (e.g., editing and transfers)
7819-T02 ----- Titling of motion picture film
7819-V01 ----- Video tape or disk reproduction
7819-W01 ----- Wardrobe rental for motion picture film production
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[7841-000 ----- Video tape rental]

7841-M01 ----- Motion picture film or tape rental to the general public
7841-V01 ----- Video disk rental to the general public
7841-V02 ----- Video tape rental to the general public

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