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[76 ----- Miscellaneous Repair Services]

7694-000 ----- Armature rewinding shops
7629-000 ----- Electrical repair shops, n.e.c.
7622-000 ----- Radio and television repair
7623-000 ----- Refrigeration service and repair
7699-000 ----- Repair services, n.e.c.
7641-000 ----- Reupholstery and furniture repair
7631-000 ----- Watch, clock, and jewelry repair
7692-000 ----- Welding repair

[7694-000 ---- Armature rewinding shops]

7694-A01 ----- Armature rewinding
7694-C01 ----- Coil winding service
7694-E01 ----- Electric motor repair
7694-H01 ----- Hermetics repair
7694-R01 ----- Rebuilding motors, other than automotive
7694-R02 ----- Rewinding stators
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[7629-000 ----- Electrical repair shops, n.e.c.]

7629-A01 ----- Aircraft electrical equipment repair, except radio
7629-A02 ----- Appliance repair, electrical
7629-B01 ----- Business machine repair, electrical
7629-E01 ----- Electric appliance repair
7629-E02 ----- Electric razor repair
7629-E03 ----- Electric tool repair
7629-E04 ----- Electrical measuring instrument repair and calibration
7629-E05 ----- Electrical repair shops, except radio, television, and refrigerator repair
7629-E06 ----- Electronic equipment repair, except computers and computer peripheral equipment  
7629-H01 ----- Hearing aid repair
7629-M01 ----- Medical equipment repair, electrical
7629-O01 ----- Office machine repair, electrical: except typewriters, computers, and computer peripheral equipment
7629-T01 ----- Telephone set repair
7629-W01 ----- Washing machine repair
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[7622-000 ----- Radio and television repair]

7622-A01 ----- Aircraft radio equipment repair
7622-A02 ----- Antennas, household: installation and service
7622-A03 ----- Automotive radio repair shops
7622-C01 ----- Citizens, band (CB) antennas, installation of
7622-I01 ----- Intercommunications equipment repair
7622-P01 ----- Phonograph repair: stereo, hi-fi, and tape recorder
7622-P02 ----- Public address system repair
7622-R01 ----- Radio and television receiver installation
7622-R02 ----- Radio repair shops
7622-S01 ----- Stereophonic equipment repair
7622-T01 ----- Tape recorder repair
7622-T02 ----- Television repair shops
7622-V01 ----- Video recorder or player repair
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[7623-000 ----- Refrigeration service and repair]

7623-A01 ----- Air-conditioner repair, self-contained units: except automotive
7623-R01 ----- Refrigeration repair service, electric
7623-R02 ----- Refrigerator repair service, electric
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[7699-000 ----- Repair services, n.e.c.]

7699-A01 ----- Agricultural equipment repair
7699-A02 ----- Antique repair and restoration, except furniture and automotive
7699-A03 ----- Awning repair shops
7699-B01 ----- Beer pump coil cleaning and repair service
7699-B02 ----- Bicycle repair shops
7699-B03 ----- Binoculars and other optical goods repair
7699-B04 ----- Blacksmith shops
7699-B05 ----- Boiler cleaning
7699-B06 ----- Boiler repair shops, except manufacturing
7699-B07 ----- Bowling pins, refinishing or repair
7699-C01 ----- Camera repair shops
7699-C02 ----- Catch basin cleaning
7699-C03 ----- Cesspool cleaning
7699-C04 ----- China firing and decorating to individual order
7699-C05 ----- Cleaning and reglazing of baking pans
7699-C06 ----- Cleaning bricks
7699-C07 ----- Coppersmithing repair, except construction
7699-C08 ----- Covering textile rolls
7699-D01 ----- Decorated china to individual order
7699-D02 ----- Dental instrument repair
7699-D03 ----- Drafting instrument repair
7699-E01 ----- Engine repair, except automotive
7699-F01 ----- Farm machinery repair
7699-F02 ----- Farriers (blacksmith shops)
7699-F03 ----- Fire control (military) equipment repair
7699-F04 ----- Firing china to individual order
7699-F05 ----- Furnace and chimney cleaning
7699-F06 ----- Furnace cleaning service
7699-G01 ----- Gas appliance repair service
7699-G02 ----- Glazing and cleaning baking pans
7699-G03 ----- Gun parts made to individual order
7699-G04 ----- Gunsmith shops
7699-H01 ----- Harness repair shops
7699-H02 ----- Horseshoeing
7699-I02 ----- Industrial electronic repair
7699-I01 ----- Industrial truck repair
7699-K01 ----- Key duplicating shops
7699-K02 ----- Knife sharpening and repair shops
7699-L01 ----- Laboratory instrument repair, except electric
7699-L02 ----- Lawnmower repair shops
7699-L03 ----- Leather goods repair shops
7699-L04 ----- Lock parts made to individual order
7699-L05 ----- Locksmith shops
7699-L06 ----- Luggage repair shops
7699-M01 ----- Machinery cleaning
7699-M02 ----- Mattress renovating and repair shops
7699-M03 ----- Measuring and controlling instrument repair, mechanical
7699-M04 ----- Medical equipment repair, except electric
7699-M05 ----- Meteorological instrument repair
7699-M06 ----- Microscope repair
7699-M07 ----- Mirror repair shops
7699-M08 ----- Motorcycle repair service
7699-M09 ----- Musical instrument repair shops
7699-N01 ----- Nautical and navigational instrument repair, except electric
7699-O01 ----- Organ tuning and repair
7699-P01 ----- Piano tuning and repair
7699-P02 ----- Picture framing, custom
7699-P03 ----- Picture framing to individual order, not connected with retail art stores
7699-P04 ----- Pocketbook repair shops
7699-P05 ----- Precision instrument repair
7699-R01 ----- Rebabbitting
7699-R02 ----- Reneedling work
7699-R03 ----- Repair of optical instruments
7699-R04 ----- Repair of photographic equipment
7699-R05 ----- Repair of service station equipment
7699-R06 ----- Repair of speedometers
7699-R07 ----- Restoration and repair of anitiques, except furniture and automobiles
7699-R08 ----- Rug repair shops, not combined with cleaning
7699-S01 ----- Saddlery repair shops
7699-S02 ----- Saw sharpening and repair shops
7699-S03 ----- Scale repair service
7699-S04 ----- Scaling, ship-contractors
7699-S05 ----- Scientific instrument repair, except electric
7699-S06 ----- Septic tank cleaning service
7699-S07 ----- Sewer cleaning and rodding
7699-S08 ----- Sewing machine repair shops
7699-S09 ----- Sharpening and repairing knives, saws, and tools
7699-S10 ----- Ship boiler and tank cleaning and repair-contractors
7699-S11 ----- Ship scaling-contractors
7699-S12 ----- Stove repair shops
7699-S13 ----- Surgical instrument repair
7699-S14 ----- Surveying instrument repair
7699-T01 ----- Tank and boiler cleaning service
7699-T02 ----- Tank cleaning, ship
7699-T03 ----- Tank truck cleaning service
7699-T04 ----- Taxidermists
7699-T05 ----- Tent repair shops
7699-T06 ----- Textile roll covering service
7699-T07 ----- Thermostat repair
7699-T08 ----- Tinsmithing repair, except construction
7699-T09 ----- Tool sharpening and repair shops
7699-T10 ----- Tractor repair
7699-T11 ----- Tuning of pianos and organs
7699-T12 ----- Typewriter repair, including electric
7699-V01 ----- Venetian blind repair shops
7699-W01 ----- Window shade repair shops
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[7641-000 ----- Reupholstery and furniture repair]

7641-A01 ----- Antique furniture repair and restoration
7641-F01 ----- Furniture refinishing
7641-F02 ----- Furniture repairing, redecorating, and remodeling shops
7641-R01 ----- Repair of furniture upholstery
7641-R02 ----- Restoration and repair of antique furniture
7641-R03 ----- Reupholstery shops
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[7631-000 ----- Watch, clock, and jewelry repair]

7631-C01 ----- Clock repair shops
7631-J01 ----- Jewelry repair shops
7631-P01 ----- Pearl restringing for the trade
7631-W01 ----- Watch repair shops
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[7692-000 ----- Welding repair]

7692-B01 ----- Brazing (welding)
7692-R01 ----- Repair of cracked castings (welding service)
7692-W01 ----- Welding shops, including automotive

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