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[75 ----- Auto Repair, Services, and Garages ]

7533-000 ----- Auto exhaust system repair shops
7536-000 ----- Automotive glass replacement shops
7521-000 ----- Automotie Parking
7539-000 ----- Automotive repair shops, n.e.c.
7549-000 ----- Automotive services, n.e.c.
7537-000 ----- Automotive transmission repair shops
7542-000 ----- Car washes
7538-000 ----- General automotive repair shops
7515-000 ----- Passenger car leasing
7514-000 ----- Passenger car rental
7534-000 ----- Tire retreading and repair shops
7532-000 ----- Top & body repair & paint shops
7513-000 ----- Truck rental and leasing
7519-000 ----- Utility trailer rental

[7533-000 ----- Auto exhaust system repair shops]

7533-A01 ----- Automotive mufflers, sale and installation
7533-C01 ----- Catalytic converters, automotive: installation, repair, or sales and installation
7533-E01 ----- Exhaust system services, automotive
7533-M01 ----- Mufflers, automotive: installation, repair, or sales and installation
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[7536-000 ----- Automotive glass replacement shops]

7536-A01 ----- Automotive glass replacement and repair service
7536-G01 ----- Glass replacement and repair, automotive
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[7521-000 ----- Automotie Parking]

7521-G01 ----- Garages, automobile parking
7521-P01 ----- Parking lots
7521-P02 ----- Parking structures
7521-T01 ----- Tow-in parking lots
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[7539-000 ----- Automotive repair shops, n.e.c.]

7539-A01 ----- Air-conditioner repair, automotive
7539-A02 ----- Automotive electrical service (battery and ignition repair)
7539-A03 ----- Automotive springs, rebuilding and repair
7539-A04 ----- Automotive starter and generator repair
7539-A05 ----- Axle straightening, automotive
7539-B01 ----- Battery service, automotive
7539-B02 ----- Brake linings, sale and installation
7539-B03 ----- Brake repairing, automotive
7539-C01 ----- Carburetor repair
7539-E01 ----- Electrical service, automotive (battery and ignition repair)
7539-F01 ----- Frame repair shops, automotive
7539-F02 ----- Front end repair, automotive
7539-F03 ----- Fuel system conversion, automotive
7539-F04 ----- Fuel system repair, automotive
7539-G01 ----- Generator and starter repair, automotive
7539-I01 ----- Ignition service, automotive
7539-R01 ----- Radiator repair shops, automotive
7539-S01 ----- Starter and generator repair, automotive
7539-V01 ----- Video recorder and player rental and leasing
7539-W01 ----- Wheel alignment, automotive
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[7549-000 ----- Automotive services, n.e.c.]

7549-A01 ----- Auto emissions testing, without repairs
7549-A02 ----- Automotive inspection and diagnostic service
7549-A03 ----- Automotive towing service
7549-D01 ----- Diagnostic centers, automotive
7549-E01 ----- Emissions testing service, automotive: without repair
7549-G01 ----- Garages, do-it-yourself
7549-I01 ----- Inspection service, automotive
7549-L01 ----- Lubricating service, automotive
7549-R01 ----- Road service, automotive
7549-R02 ----- Rustproofing service, automotive
7549-T01 ----- Towing service, automotive
7549-U01 ----- Undercoating service, automotive
7549-W01 ----- Window tinting, automotive
7549-W02 ----- Wrecker service (towing), automotive
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[7537-000 ----- Automotive transmission repair shops]

7537-A01 ----- Automatic transmission repair, automotive
7537-T01 ----- Transmission repair, automotive
7537-T02 ----- Transmissions, automotive: installation, repair, or sale and installation
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[7542-000 ----- Car washes]

7542-A01 ----- Automotive washing and polishing
7542-B01 ----- Bus washing
7542-C01 ----- Carwashes
7542-C02 ----- Cleaning and polishing (detailing) new autos for dealers on a contract or fee basis
7542-D01 ----- Detailing (cleaning and polishing) new autos for dealers on a contract or fee basis
7542-L01 ----- Laundries, automotive
7542-T01 ----- Truck washing
7542-W01 ----- Washing and polishing, automotive
7542-W02 ----- Waxing and polishing, automotive
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[7538-000 ----- General automotive repair shops]

7538-A01 ----- Automotive repair shops, general
7538-D01 ----- Diesel engine repair, automotive
7538-E01 ----- Engine repair, automotive
7538-E02 ----- Engine repair, truck: except industrial
7538-G01 ----- Garages, general automotive repair and service
7538-M01 ----- Motor repair, automotive
7538-R01 ----- Repair shops, automotive: general
7538-T01 ----- Track engine repair, except industrial
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[7515-000 ----- Passenger car leasing]

7515-A01 ----- Automobile leasing, except finance leasing: without drivers
7515-P01 ----- Passenger car leasing, except finance leasing: without drivers
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[7514-000 ----- Passenger car rental]

7514-A01 ----- Automobile rental, without drivers
7514-H01 ----- Hearse rental, without drivers
7514-H02 ----- Hearses and limousines, rental without drivers
7514-L01 ----- Limousine rental, without drivers
7514-P01 ----- Passenger car rental, without drivers
7514-R01 ----- Rental of automobiles, without drivers
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[7534-000 ----- Tire retreading and repair shops]

7534-R01 ----- Rebuilding and retreading tires for the trade
7534-R02 ----- Rebuilding tires
7534-R03 ----- Recapping tires
7534-R04 ----- Retreading tires
7534-T01 ----- Tire recapping
7534-T02 ----- Tire repair shops
7534-T03 ----- Tire studding and restudding
7534-V01 ----- Vulcanizing tires and tubes
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[7532-000 ----- Top & body repair & paint shops]

7532-A01 ----- Antique and classic automobile restoration
7532-A02 ----- Automotive body shops
7532-A03 ----- Automotive interior shops
7532-A04 ----- Automotive paint shops
7532-A05 ----- Automotive tops (canvas or plastic), installation, repair, or sales and installation
7532-A06 ----- Automotive trim shops
7532-A07 ----- Automotive upholstery and trim shops
7532-B01 ----- Body repair, automotive
7532-B02 ----- Body shops, automotive
7532-B03 ----- Bump shops (automotive repair)
7532-C01 ----- Collision shops, automotive
7532-C02 ----- Customizing automobiles, trucks or vans: except on a factory basis
7532-P01 ----- Paint shops, automotive
7532-T01 ----- Top repair, automotive
7532-U01 ----- Upholstery repair, automotive
7532-V01 ----- Van conversions, except on a factory basis
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[7513-000 ----- Truck rental and leasing]

7513-R01 ----- Rental of trucks, without drivers
7513-T01 ----- Truck leasing, except industrial trucks and finance leasing: without drivers
7513-T02 ----- Truck leasing, without drivers: except finance (equity) leasing
7513-T03 ----- Truck rental, except industrial: without drivers
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[7519-000 ----- Utility trailer rental]

7519-C01 ----- Campers (recreational vehicles), rental
7519-H01 ----- House trailer rental
7519-M01 ----- Mobile home rental, except on site
7519-M02 ----- Motor home rental
7519-P01 ----- Popup camper rental
7519-R01 ----- Rental of trailers
7519-R02 ----- Renting automobile utility trailers
7519-R03 ----- Renting travel, camping, or recreational trailers
7519-U01 ----- Utility trailer rental

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