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[73 ----- Business Services]

7322-000 ----- Adjustment & collection services
7311-000 ----- Advertising agencies
7319-000 ----- Advertising, n.e.c.
7332-001 ----- Blueprinting and photocopying
7349-000 ----- Building maintenance services, n.e.c.
7389-000 ----- Business services, n.e.c.
7336-000 ----- Commercial art and graphic design
7335-000 ----- Commercial photography
7387-000 ----- Commercial testing laboratories
7376-000 ----- Computer facilities management
7373-000 ----- Computer integrated systems design
7378-000 ----- Computer maintenance & repair
7371-000 ----- Computer programming services
7379-000 ----- Computer related services, n.e.c.
7377-000 ----- Computer rental & leasing
7323-000 ----- Credit reporting services
7374-000 ----- Data processing and preparation
7381-000 ----- Detective & armored car services
7331-000 ----- Direct mail advertising services
7342-000 ----- Disinfecting & pest control services
7361-000 ----- Employment agencies
7359-000 ----- Equipment rental & leasing, n.e.c.
7353-000 ----- Heavy construction equipment rental
7363-000 ----- Help supply services
7375-000 ----- Information retrieval services
7399-000 ----- Internet business services, n.e.c.
7391-000 ----- Internet service providers
7352-000 ----- Medical equipment rental
7383-000 ----- News syndicates
7312-000 ----- Outdoor advertising services
7369-000 ----- Personnel supply services, n.e.c.
7334-000 ----- Photocopying & duplicating services
7384-000 ----- Photofinishing laboratories
7372-000 ----- Prepackaged software
7313-000 ----- Radio, TV, publisher representatives
7338-000 ----- Secretarial & court reporting
7382-000 ----- Security systems services

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[7322-000 ----- Adjustment & collection services]

7322-A01 ----- Adjustment bureaus, except insurance adjustment agencies
7322-C01 ----- Collection agencies, accounts
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[7311-000 ----- Advertising agenies]

7311-A02 ----- Advertising consultants (agencies)
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[7319-000 ----- Advertising, n.e.c.]

7319-A01 ----- Advertising, aerial
7319-A02 ----- Aerial advertising
7319-B01 ----- Bus card advertising
7319-B02 ----- Business directories
7319-C01 ----- Card advertising
7319-C02 ----- Circular distributing service
7319-C03 ----- Coupon distribution
7319-C04 ----- Classified services
7319-D01 ----- Delivering advertising, private
7319-D02 ----- Display advertising service, except outdoor
7319-D03 ----- Distribution of advertising circulars and handbills
7319-H01 ----- Handbill distribution service
7319-I01 ----- Internet advertising service
7319-M01 ----- Media buying service
7319-P01 ----- Poster advertising services, except outdoor
7319-S01 ----- Samples, distribution of
7319-S02 ----- Shopping news advertising and distributing service
7319-S03 ----- Sky writing
7319-T01 ----- Taxicab card advertising
7319-T02 ----- Transit advertising
7319-Y01 ----- Yellow Pages
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[7349-000 ----- Building maintenance services, n.e.c.]

7349-A01 ----- Acoustical tile cleaning service
7349-B01 ----- Building cleaning service, interior
7349-B02 ----- Building maintenance, except repairs
7349-C01 ----- Chimney cleaning service
7349-C02 ----- Custodians of schools on a contract or fee basis
7349-F01 ----- Floor waxing service
7349-H01 ----- Housekeeping (cleaning service) on a contract or fee basis
7349-J01 ----- Janitorial services on a contract or fee basis
7349-L01 ----- Lighting maintenance service (bulb replacement and cleaning)
7349-M01 ----- Maid service on a contract or fee basis
7349-M02 ----- Maintenance, building: except repairs
7349-O01 ----- Office cleaning service
7349-S01 ----- Service station cleaning and degreasing service
7349-T01 ----- Telephone booths, cleaning and maintenance of
7349-V01 ----- Venetian blind cleaning, including work done on owners' premises
7349-W01 ----- Window cleaning service
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[7389-000 ----- Business services, n.e.c.]

7389-A01 ----- Agents and brokers for authors and nonperforming artists
7389-A11 ----- Air compressors service
7389-A02 ----- Apparel pressing service for the trade
7389-A03 ----- Appraisers, except real estate appraisers
7389-A04 ----- Arbitration and conciliation services
7389-A05 ----- Artists' agents and brokers, except performing artists
7389-A06 ----- Auctioneering service on a commission or fee basis
7389-A07 ----- Authors, agents and brokers
7389-A08 ----- Automobile recovery service
7389-A09 ----- Automobile repossession service
7389-A10 ----- Automobile shows, flower shows, and home shows: promoters of
7389-B01 ----- Bartering services for businesses
7389-B02 ----- Batik work (handprinting on textiles)
7389-B03 ----- Bondspersons
7389-B04 ----- Bottle exchanges
7389-B06 ----- Bronzing baby shoes
7389-B07 ----- Business brokers (buying and selling business enterprises)
7389-B12 ----- Business information
7389-B08 ----- Business opportunities, except home based
7389-B09 ----- Business opportunities, home based
7389-B10 ----- Business startup opportunities, except home based
7389-B11 ----- Business startup opportunities, home based
7389-C01 ----- Charge account service (shopping plates)-collection by individual firms
7389-C02 ----- Check validation service
7389-C03 ----- Cloth: cutting to length, bolting, or winding for textile distributors
7389-C15 ----- Community resource guides
7389-C04 ----- Contractors, disbursement control
7389-C05 ----- Convention bureaus
7389-C06 ----- Convention decorators
7389-C07 ----- Copyright protection service
7389-C08 ----- Correct time service
7389-C09 ----- Cosmetic kits, assembling and packaging
7389-C10 ----- Cotton inspection service, not connected with transportation
7389-C11 ----- Cotton sampler service
7389-C12 ----- Coupon redemption service, except trading stamps
7389-C13 ----- Coupon stores (redemption of trading stamps)
7389-C14 ----- Credit card service (collection by individual firms)
7389-C16 ----- Credit card establishment services
7389-D01 ----- Decoration service for special events
7389-D02 ----- Decorators Consulting service, interior-not painters or paperhangers
7389-D03 ----- Demonstration service, separate from sale
7389-D04 ----- Directories, telephone: distribution on a contract or fee basis
7389-D05 ----- Divers, commercial
7389-D06 ----- Drafting service, except temporary help
7389-D07 ----- Drawback service, customs
7389-D08 ----- Drive-a-way automobile service
7389-E01 ----- Embroidering of advertising on shirts, etc.
7389-E02 ----- Engrossing, e.g., diplomas and resolutions
7389-E03 ----- Exhibits, building of: by industrial contractors
7389-E04 ----- Electronic commerce
7389-F01 ----- Field warehousing, not public warehousing
7389-F02 ----- Filling pressure containers (aerosol) with hair spray, insecticides, etc.
7389-F03 ----- Fire extinguishers, service of
7389-F04 ----- Firefighting service, other than forestry or public
7389-F05 ----- Flagging service (traffic control)
7389-F06 ----- Floats, decoration of
7389-F07 ----- Florists, telegraph service
7389-F08 ----- Fundraising on a contract or fee basis
7389-G01 ----- Gas systems, contract conversion from manufactured to natural gas
7389-H01 ----- Handtool designers
7389-H02 ----- Handwriting analysis
7389-H03 ----- Hosiery pairing on a contract or fee basis
7389-H04 ----- Hotel reservation service
7389-I01 ----- Identification engraving service
7389-I02 ----- Inspection of commodities, not connected with transportation
7389-I03 ----- Interior decorating consulting service, except painters and paperhangers
7389-I04 ----- Inventory computing service
7389-I05 ----- Interior designing service, except painters and paperhangers
7389-I06 ----- Import and export trading information
7389-L01 ----- Labeling bottles, cans, cartons, etc. for the trade: not printing
7389-L02 ----- Laminating of photographs (coating photographs nth plastics)
7389-L03 ----- Lecture bureaus
7389-L04 ----- Lettering service
7389-L05 ----- Liquidators of merchandise on a contractor fee basis
7389-M01 ----- Mannequin decorating service
7389-M02 ----- Map drafting service
7389-M03 ----- Mapmaking, including aerial
7389-M04 ----- Message service, telephone answering: except beeper service
7389-M05 ----- Metal slitting and shearing on a contractor fee basis
7389-M06 ----- Meter readers, remote
7389-M07 ----- Microfilm recording and developing service
7389-M08 ----- Mounting merchandise on cards on a contract or fee basis
7389-M09 ----- Music distribution systems, except coin-operated
7389-M10 ----- Moving services
7389-M11 ----- Multi-level marketing
7389-M12 ----- MIDI music
7389-M09 ----- Music distribution systems, except coin-operated
7389-N01 ----- Notaries public
7389-P01 ----- Packaging and labeling service (not packing and crating)
7389-P02 ----- Paralegal service
7389-P03 ----- Parcel packing service (packaging)
7389-P04 ----- Patent brokers
7389-P05 ----- Patrol of electric transmission or gas lines
7389-P06 ----- Photogrammetric mapping service (not professional engineers)
7389-P07 ----- Photographic library service, still
7389-P08 ----- Photography brokers
7389-P09 ----- Pipeline and power line inspection services
7389-P10 ----- Playwrights, brokers
7389-P11 ----- Post office contract stations
7389-P12 ----- Presorting mail service
7389-P13 ----- Press clipping service
7389-P14 ----- Printed circuitry graphic layout
7389-P15 ----- Process serving service
7389-P16 ----- Produce weighing service, not connected with transportation
7389-P17 ----- Product sterilization service
7389-P18 ----- Promoters of home shows and flower shows
7389-P19 ----- Promotional offers
7389-R01 ----- Racetrack cleaning, except buildings
7389-R02 ----- Radio broadcasting music checkers
7389-R03 ----- Radio transcription service
7389-R04 ----- Recording studios on a contract or fee basis
7389-R05 ----- Redemption of trading stamps
7389-R06 ----- Repossession service
7389-R07 ----- Reservation service, hotel
7389-R08 ----- Restaurant reservation service
7389-R09 ----- Rug binding for the trade
7389-R10 ----- Real estate for sale by owner
7389-S01 ----- Safety inspection service, except automotive
7389-S16 ----- Sales representative
7389-S02 ----- Salvage of damaged merchandise, not engaged in sales
7389-S03 ----- Sampling of commodities, not connected with transportation
7389-S04 ----- Scrap steel cutting on a contract or fee basis
7389-S05 ----- Shoe designers
7389-S06 ----- Showcard painting
7389-S07 ----- Shrinking textiles for tailors and dress-makers
7389-S08 ----- Sign painting and lettering shops
7389-S09 ----- Solvents recovery service on a contract or fee basis
7389-S10 ----- Speakers, bureaus
7389-S11 ----- Sponging textiles for tailors and dressmakers'
7389-S12 ----- Styling of fashions, apparel, furniture, and textiles
7389-S13 ----- Styling wigs for the trade
7389-S14 ----- Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
7389-S15 ----- Switchboard operation of private branch exchanges
7389-S17 ----- Sound design services
7389-T01 ----- Tape slitting for the trade (cutting plastics, leather, etc. into widths)
7389-T02 ----- Tax collection agencies: collecting for a city, county, or State
7389-T03 ----- Tax title dealers: agencies for city, county, or State
7389-T21 ----- Telecommunication services
7389-T04 ----- Telegraph service, florists'
7389-T05 ----- Telemarketing (telephone marketing) service on a contract or fee basis
7389-T20 ----- Telephone-coin and card operated
7389-T06 ----- Telephone answering, except beeper service
7389-T07 ----- Telephone solicitation service on a contract or fee basis
7389-T08 ----- Textile cutting service
7389-T09 ----- Textile designers
7389-T10 ----- Textile folding and packing services
7389-T11 ----- Textiles, sponging or shrinking: for tailors and dressmakers'
7389-T12 ----- Time-share condominium exchanges
7389-T13 ----- Tobacco sheeting service on a contract or fee basis
7389-T14 ----- Tool designers
7389-T15 ----- Tourist information bureaus
7389-T16 ----- Trade show arrangement
7389-T17 ----- Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores
7389-T18 ----- Trading stamp redemption
7389-T19 ----- Translation service
7389-W01 ----- Water softener service
7389-W02 ----- Weighing foods and other commodities, not connected with transportation
7389-W03 ----- Welcoming service
7389-W04 ----- Window trimming service
7389-Y01 ----- Yacht brokers
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[7336-000 ----- Commercial art and graphic design]

7336-T01 ----- 3D graphics and animation
7336-A01 ----- Artists, commercial
7336-A02 ----- Art and illustration, commercial
7336-A03 ----- Art and design directories
7336-C01 ----- Chart and graph design
7336-C03 ----- Computer graphics
7336-D01 ----- Desktop publishing services
7336-F01 ----- Film strip and slide producers
7336-I01 ----- Interactive media design
7336-G01 ----- Graphic arts and related design
7336-S01 ----- Silk screen design
7336-S02 ----- Slide film producers
7336-S03 ----- Still film producers
7336-W01 ----- Web page design services
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[7335-000 ----- Commercial photography]

7335-C01 ----- Commercial photography
7335-D01 ----- Digital photography
7335-P03 ----- Photography, aerial: except map making
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[7376-000 ----- Computer facilities management]

7376-C01 ----- Computer facilities management services
7376-F01 ----- Facilities management services, computer
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[7373-000 ----- Computer integrated systems design]

7373-C01 ----- CAD/CAM systems services
7373-C02 ----- CAE (computer-aided engineering) systems services
7373-C03 ----- Computer-aided design (CAD) systems services
7373-C04 ----- Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems services
7373-C05 ----- Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems services
7373-L01 ----- Local area network (LAN) systems intergrators
7373-N01 ----- Network systems integration, computer
7373-O01 ----- Office automation, computer systems integration
7373-O02 ----- Operations research, computer systems design
7373-S01 ----- Systems integration, computer
7373-T01 ----- Turnkey vendors, computer systems
7373-V01 ----- Value-added resellers, computer systems
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[7378-000 ----- Computer maintenance & repair]

7378-C01 ----- Computer peripheral equipment repair and maintenance
7378-C02 ----- Computer repair and maintenance

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