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[72 ----- Personal Services]

7241-000 ----- Barber shops
7231-000 ----- Beauty shops
7217-000 ----- Carpet and upholstery cleaning
7215-000 ----- Coin-operated laundries and cleaning
7216-000 ----- Dry cleaning plants, (except rug)
7261-000 ----- Funeral service and crematories
7212-000 ----- Garment pressing & cleaners' agents
7218-000 ----- Industrial launderers
7219-000 ----- Laundry and garment services, n.e.c.
7213-000 ----- Linen supply
7299-000 ----- Miscellaneous personal services, n.e.c.
7221-000 ----- Photographic studios, portrait
7211-000 ----- Power laundries, family & commercial
7251-000 ----- Shoe repair and hat cleaning shops
7291-000 ----- Tax return preparation services

[7241-000 ----- Barber shops]

7241-B01 ----- Barber colleges
7241-B02 ----- Barber shops
7241-H01 ----- Hair stylists, men's
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[7231-000 ----- Beauty shops]

7231-B01 ----- Barber and beauty shops, combined
7231-B02 ----- Beauticians
7231-B03 ----- Beauty and barber shops, combined
7231-B04 ----- Beauty culture schools
7231-B05 ----- Beauty shops or salons
7231-C01 ----- Cosmetology schools
7231-C02 ----- Cosmetology shops or salons
7231-F01 ----- Facial salons
7231-H01 ----- Hairdressers
7231-I01 ----- Image and color consultants
7231-M01 ----- Manicure and pedicure salons
7231-U01 ----- Unisex hairdressers
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[7217-000 ----- Carpet and upholstery cleaning]

7217-C01 ----- Carpet and furniture cleaning on location
7217-C02 ----- Carpet cleaning and repairing plants
7217-C03 ----- Carpet cleaning on customers' premises
7217-C04 ----- Cleaning and repairing plants, rug and carpet
7217-F01 ----- Furniture cleaning on customers, premises
7217-R01 ----- Repairing and cleaning plants, rug and carpet
7217-R02 ----- Rug cleaning, dyeing, and repairing plants
7217-U01 ----- Upholstery cleaning on customers, premises
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[7215-000 ----- Coin-operated laundries and cleaning]

7215-A01 ----- Automatic laundry
7215-C01 ----- Coin-operated dry-cleaning
7215-C02 ----- Coin-operated laundries
7215-C03 ----- Coin-operated laundry and dry-cleaning routes
7215-D01 ----- Dry cleaning, coin-operated
7215-L01 ----- Launderettes
7215-L02 ----- Laundromats
7215-L03 ----- Laundry machine routes, coin-operated
7215-S01 ----- Self-service laundry and drycleaning
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[7216-000 ----- Dry cleaning plants, (except rug)]

7216-C01 ----- Cleaning and dyeing plants, except rug cleaning
7216-C02 ----- Collecting and distributing agencies operated by cleaning plants
7216-C03 ----- Curtain cleaning and repair
7216-D01 ----- Drapery dry cleaning plants
7216-D02 ----- Dry cleaning plants, except rug cleaning
7216-D03 ----- Dyeing and cleaning plants, except rug-cleaning
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[7261-000 ----- Funeral service and crematories]

7261-C01 ----- Crematories
7261-F01 ----- Funeral directors
7261-F02 ----- Funeral homes or parlors
7261-M01 ----- Morticians
7261-U01 ----- Undertakers
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[7212-000 ----- Garment pressing & cleaners' agents]

7212-A01 ----- Agents, retail: for laundries and drycleaners
7212-B01 ----- Bobtailers, laundry and drycleaning
7212-C01 ----- Cleaners, not operating own dry-cleaning plants
7212-C02 ----- Cleaning and laundry pickup stations, not owned by laundries or cleaners
7212-C03 ----- Collecting and distributing agents, laundry and dry cleaning
7212-G01 ----- Garment pressing shops
7212-P01 ----- Pickup and delivery station laundry not operated by laundries
7212-P02 ----- Press shops for garments
7212-T01 ----- Truck route laundry and drycleaning, not operated by laundries or cleaners
7212-V01 ----- Valet apparel service
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[7218-000 ----- Industrial launderers]

7218-C01 ----- Clean room apparel supply service
7218-F01 ----- Flame and heat resistant clothing supply service
7218-I01 ----- Industrial launderers
7218-I02 ----- Industrial uniform supply service
7218-L01 ----- Laundered mat and rug supply service
7218-R01 ----- Radiation protective garments supply service
7218-S01 ----- Safety glove supply service
7218-T01 ----- Towel supply service, wiping
7218-T02 ----- Treated mats, rugs, mops, dust tool covers, and cloth supply service
7218-W01 ----- Wiping towel supply service
7218-W02 ----- Work clothing supply service, industrial
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[7219-000 ----- Laundry and garment services, n.e.c.]

7219-A01 ----- Alterations and garment repair
7219-C01 ----- Clothing alteration and repair shops
7219-C02 ----- Corset repair shops
7219-D01 ----- Diaper service
7219-D02 ----- Dressmaking services on material owned by individual customers
7219-F01 ----- Fur cleaning
7219-F02 ----- Fur garments: cleaning, repairing, and storage
7219-G01 ----- Garment alteration and repair shops
7219-H01 ----- Hand laundries
7219-L01 ----- Laundries, except power and coin-operated
7219-N01 ----- Necktie cleaning services
7219-P01 ----- Pillow cleaning and renovating
7219-R01 ----- Repair of furs and other garments for individuals
7219-R02 ----- Reweaving textiles (mending service)
7219-S01 ----- Storage and repair of fur and other garments for individuals
7219-S02 ----- Storage of furs and other garments for individuals
7219-T01 ----- Tailor shops, except custom or merchant tailors
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[7213-000 ----- Linen supply]

7213-A01 ----- Apron supply service
7213-C01 ----- Coat supply service
7213-C02 ----- Continuous towel supply service
7213-G01 ----- Gown supply service, uniform
7213-L01 ----- Linen supply service
7213-S01 ----- Shirt supply service
7213-T01 ----- Table cover supply service
7213-T02 ----- Towel supply service, except wiping
7213-U01 ----- Uniform supply service, except industrial
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[7299-000 ----- Miscellaneous personal services, n.e.c.]

7299-B01 ----- Babysitting bureaus
7299-B02 ----- Bartering services for individuals
7299-B03 ----- Baths, turkish
7299-B04 ----- Birth certificate agencies
7299-B05 ----- Blood pressure testing, coin-operated
7299-B06 ----- Buyers, clubs
7299-C01 ----- Car title and tag service
7299-C02 ----- Checkroom concessions or services
7299-C03 ----- Clothing rental, except industrial launderers and linen supply
7299-C04 ----- Coin-operated service machine operation: scales, shoeshine, lockers, and blood pressure
7299-C05 ----- College clearing-houses
7299-C06 ----- Comfort station operation
7299-C07 ----- Computer photography or portraits
7299-C08 ----- Consumer buying service
7299-C09 ----- Costume rental
7299-D01 ----- Dating service
7299-D02 ----- Debt counseling or adjustment service to individuals
7299-D03 ----- Depilatory salons
7299-D04 ----- Diet workshops
7299-D05 ----- Dress suit rental
7299-E01 ----- Electrolysis (hair removal)
7299-E02 ----- Escort service
7299-G01 ----- Genealogical investigation service
7299-G02 ----- Gocart raceway operation
7299-H01 ----- Hair removal (electrolysis)
7299-H02 ----- Hair weaving or replacement service
7299-L01 ----- Locker rental, except cold storage
7299-L02 ----- Lost and found
7299-M01 ----- Marriage bureaus
7299-M02 ----- Massage parlors
7299-P01 ----- Parking, valet
7299-P02 ----- Personal shopping service
7299-P03 ----- Porter service
7299-Q01 ----- Quilting for individuals
7299-R02 ----- Reminder Services
7299-R01 ----- Rest room operation
7299-S01 ----- Scales, coin-operated: operation of
7299-S02 ----- Scalp treatment service
7299-S03 ----- Service machine operation coin-operated
7299-S04 ----- Shopping service for individuals
7299-S05 ----- Social escort service
7299-S06 ----- Steam baths
7299-T01 ----- Tanning salons
7299-T02 ----- Tattoo parlors
7299-T03 ----- Turkish baths
7299-T04 ----- Tuxedo rental
7299-V01 ----- Valet parking
7299-W01 ----- Wardrobe service, except theatrical
7299-W02 ----- Wedding chapels, privately operated
7299-W03 ----- Wedding services
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[7221-000 ----- Photographic studios, portrait]

7221-H01 ----- Home photographers
7221-P01 ----- Passport photographers
7221-P02 ----- Photographers, portrait: still
7221-P03 ----- Photographers, school
7221-P04 ----- Photographic studios, portrait
7221-T01 ----- Transient photographers
7221-V01 ----- Video photography, portrait
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[7211-000 ----- Power laundries, family & commercial]

7211-C01 ----- Collecting and distributing agencies, laundry: operated by power laundries
7211-L01 ----- Laundries, power: family and commercial
7211-L02 ----- Laundry collecting and distributing outlets operated by power laundries
7211-P01 ----- Power laundries, family and commercial
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[7251-000 ----- Shoe repair and hat cleaning shops]

7251-B01 ----- Bootblack parlors
7251-H01 ----- Hatcleaning and blocking shops
7251-S01 ----- Shoe dyeing shops
7251-S02 ----- Shoe repair shops
7251-S03 ----- Shoeshine parlors
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[7291-000 ----- Tax return preparation services]

7291-I01 ----- Income tax return preparation services without accounting, auditing, or bookkeeping services
7291-T01 ----- Tax return preparation services without accounting, auditing, or bookkeeping services

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