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[70 ----- Hotels and Other Lodging Places]

7011-000 ----- Hotels, motels, and tourist courts
7041-000 ----- Membership-basis organization hotels
7021-000 ----- Rooming and boarding houses
7032-000 ----- Sporting and Recreational Camps
7033-000 ----- Trailer parks and campsites

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[7011-000 ----- Hotels, motels, and tourist courts]

7011-A01 ----- Auto courts
7011-B01 ----- Bed and breakfast inns
7011-C01 ----- Cabins and cottages
7011-C02 ----- Cabins, tourist
7011-C03 ----- Casino hotels
7011-C04 ----- Courts, auto
7011-H01 ----- Hostels
7011-H02 ----- Hotels, except residential
7011-H03 ----- Hotels, seasonal
7011-I01 ----- Inns, furnishing food and lodging
7011-M01 ----- Motels
7011-R01 ----- Recreational hotels
7011-R02 ----- Resort hotels
7011-S01 ----- Seasonal hotels
7011-S02 ----- Ski lodges and resorts
7011-T01 ----- Tourist cabins
7011-T02 ----- Tourist camps
7011-T03 ----- Tourist courts
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[7041-000 ----- Membership-basis organization hotels]

7041-B01 ----- Boarding houses, fraternity and sorority
7041-B02 ----- Boarding houses operated by organizations for members only
7041-F01 ----- Fraternity residential houses
7041-H01 ----- Hotels operated by organizations for members only
7041-L01 ----- Lodging houses operated by organizations for members only
7041-R01 ----- Residence clubs operated by organizations for members only
7041-R02 ----- Rooming houses, fraternity and sorority
7041-R03 ----- Rooming houses operated by organizations for members only
7041-S01 ----- Sorority residential houses
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[7021-000 ----- Rooming and boarding houses]

7021-B01 ----- Boarding houses, except organization
7021-D01 ----- Dormitories, commercially operated
7021-F01 ----- Furnished rooms, rental of
7021-L01 ----- Lodging houses, except organization
7021-R01 ----- Rental of furnished rooms
7021-R02 ----- Rooming houses, except organization
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[7032-000 ----- Sporting and Recreational Camps]

7032-B01 ----- Boys, camps
7032-C01 ----- Camps, sporting and recreational
7032-D01 ----- Dude ranches
7032-F01 ----- Fishing camps
7032-G01 ----- Girls, camps
7032-H01 ----- Hunting camps
7032-N01 ----- Nudist camps
7032-R01 ----- Recreational camps
7032-S01 ----- Sporting camps
7032-S02 ----- Summer camps, except day and sports instructional
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[7033-000 ----- Trailer parks and campsites]

7033-C01 ----- Campgrounds
7033-C02 ----- Campsites for transients
7033-R01 ----- Recreational vehicle parks
7033-T01 ----- Trailer parks for transients

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