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[65 ----- Real Estate]

6513-000 ----- Apartment building operators
6553-000 ----- Cemetery subdividers and developers
6514-000 ----- Dwelling operators, (except apartments)
6515-000 ----- Mobile home site operators
6512-000 ----- Nonresidential building operators
6517-000 ----- Railroad property lessors
6531-000 ----- Real estate agents and managers
6519-000 ----- Real property lessors, n.e.c.
6552-000 ----- Subdividers and developers, n.e.c.
6541-000 ----- Title abstract offices

[6513-000 ----- Apartment building operators]

6513-A01 ----- Apartment buildings (five or more housing units), operators of
6513-A02 ----- Apartment hotels, operators of
6513-B01 ----- Buildings, apartment (five or more housing units): operators of
6513-H01 ----- Hotels, residential: operators
6513-O01 ----- Operators of apartment buildings (five or more housing units)
6513-O02 ----- Operators of apartment hotels
6513-O03 ----- Operators of residential hotels
6513-O04 ----- Operators of retirement hotels
6513-R01 ----- Residential hotels, operators of
6513-R02 ----- Retirement hotels, operators of
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[6553 -000 ----- Cemetery subdividers and developers]

6553-A01 ----- Animal cemetery operation
6553-C01 ----- Cemeteries-real estate operation
6553-C02 ----- Cemetery associations
6553-M01 ----- Mausoleum operation
6553-R01 ----- Real property subdividers and developers, cemetery lots only
6599-G01 ----- Gocarts-retail
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[6514 -000 ----- Dwelling operators, (except apartments)]

6514-B01 ----- Buildings, dwelling (four or fewer housing units): operators of
6514-D01 ----- Dwellings (four or fewer) housing units: operators of
6514-O01 ----- Operators of dwellings (four or fewer housing units)
6514-O02 ----- Operators of residential buildings (four or fewer housing units)
6514-R01 ----- Residential building, operators of (four or fewer housing units)
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[6512 -000 ----- Nonresidential building operators]

6512-B01 ----- Bank buildings, operation of
6512-B02 ----- Buildings, nonresidential: operators of
6512-C01 ----- Commercial and industrial buildings, operators of
6512-I01 ----- Industrial and commercial buildings, operators of
6512-I02 ----- Insurance buildings, operation of
6512-L01 ----- Lessors of piers, docks, and associated buildings and facilities
6512-N01 ----- Nonresidential buildings, operators of
6512-O01 ----- Operators of commercial and industrial buildings
6512-O02 ----- Operators of nonresidential buildings
6512-R01 ----- Retail establishments, property operation only
6512-S01 ----- Shopping centers, property operation only
6512-T01 ----- Theater buildings (ownership and operation)
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[6531 -000 ----- Real estate agents and managers]

6531-A02 ----- Agents, real estate
6531-A02 ----- Appraisers, real estate
6531-B01 ----- Brokers of manufactured homes, on site
6531-B03 ----- Buying agents, real estate
6531-C01 ----- Casualty insurance and reinsurance
6531-C02 ----- Cemetery management service
6531-C03 ----- Condominium managers
6531-C04 ----- Cooperative apartment manager
6531-E01 ----- Escrow agents, real estate
6531-F01 ----- Fiduciaries, real estate
6531-H01 ----- Housing authorities, operating
6531-L01 ----- Listing service; real estate
6531-M03 ----- Mailing services, real estate
6531-M01 ----- Managers, real estate
6531-M02 ----- Multiple listing services, real estate
6531-R01 ----- Real estate agents, brokers and managers
6531-R02 ----- Real estate appraisers
6531-R03 ----- Real estate auctions
6531-R04 ----- Rental agents for real estate
6531-S01 ----- Selling agents for real estate
6531-S02 ----- Selling agents for property
6531-T01 ----- Time-sharing real estate: sales, leasing, and rentals
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[6519 -000 ----- Real property lessors, n.e.c.]

6519-A01 ----- Agricultural properties, lessors of
6519-A02 ----- Airport leasing, if not operating airport
6519-F01 ----- Forest properties, lessors of
6519-L01 ----- Landholding offices
6519-L02 ----- Lessors of property, except railroad, buildings, or mobile home Bites
6519-O01 ----- Oil properties, lessors of
6519-P01 ----- Public utility property, lessors of
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[6552-000 ----- Subdividers and developers, n.e.c.]

6552-R01 ----- Real property subdividers and developers, except of cemetery lots
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[6541 -000 ----- Title abstract offices]

6541-T01 ----- Title abstract companies
6541-T02 ----- Title and trust companies
6541-T03 ----- Title reconveyance companies
6541-T04 ----- Title search companies

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