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[63 ----- Insurance Carriers]

6321-000 ----- Accident and health insurance
6331-000 ----- Fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6324-000 ----- Hospital and medical service plans
6399-000 ----- Insurance carriers, n.e.c.
6311-000 ----- Life insurance
6371-000 ----- Pension, health, and welfare funds
6351-000 ----- Surety insurance
6361-000 ----- Title insurance

[6321-000 ----- Accident and health insurance]

6321-A02 ----- Assessment associations, accident and health insurance
6321-D01 ----- Disability health insurance
6321-F01 ----- Fraternal accident and health insurance organizations
6321-H01 ----- Health and accident insurance
6321-H02 ----- Health insurance, indemnity plans: except medical service
6321-I01 ----- Insurance, accident and health
6321-I02 ----- Insurance carriers, accident
6321-I03 ----- Insurance carriers, health
6321-M01 ----- Mutual accident associations
6321-R01 ----- Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges, accident and health insurance
6321-R02 ----- Reinsurance carriers, accident and health
6321-S01 ----- Sick benefit associations, mutual
6321-S02 ----- Stock accident and health insurance
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[6331 -000 ----- Fire, marine, and casualty insurance]

6331-A01 ----- Agricultural (crop and livestock) insurance
6331-A02 ----- Assessment associations: fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6331-A03 ----- Associated factory mutuals, fire and marine insurance
6331-A04 ----- Automobile insurance
6331-B01 ----- Boiler insurance
6331-B02 ----- Burglary and theft insurance
6331-C01 ----- Contact lens insurance
6331-F01 ----- Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
6331-I01 ----- Insurance carriers: fire, marine, and casualty
6331-I02 ----- lnsurance: fire, marine, and casualty
6331-M01 ----- Mutual fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6331-P01 ----- Plate glass insurance
6331-P02 ----- Property damage insurance
6331-R01 ----- Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges: fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6331-S01 ----- Stock fire, marine, and casualty insurance
6331-W01 ----- Workers, compensation insurance
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[6324 -000 ----- Hospital and medical service plans]

6324-D01 ----- Dental insurance (providing services by contracts with health facilities)
6324-G01 ----- Group hospitalization plans
6324-H01 ----- Hospital and medical service plans
6324-M01 ----- Medical service plans
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[6399 -000 ----- Insurance carriers, n.e.c.]

6399-B01 ----- Bank deposit insurance
6399-D01 ----- Deposit or share insurance
6399-F01 ----- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
6399-F02 ----- Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
6399-H01 ----- Health insurance for pets
6399-I01 ----- Insurance, bank deposit or share
6399-W01 ----- Warranty insurance, automobile
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[6311 -000 ----- Life insurance]

6311-A01 ----- Assessment life insurance organizations
6311-B01 ----- Benevolent insurance associations
6311-B02 ----- Burial insurance societies
6311-C01 ----- Cooperative life insurance organizations
6311-F01 ----- Fraternal life insurance organizations
6311-F02 ----- Fraternal protective associations
6311-F03 ----- Funeral insurance
6311-I01 ----- Insurance carriers, life
6311-I02 ----- Insurance, life
6311-L01 ----- Legal reserve life insurance
6311-L02 ----- Life insurance
6311-L03 ----- Life insurance funds, savings bank
6311-L04 ----- Life reinsurance
6311-R01 ----- Reinsurance carriers, life
6311-R02 ----- Reinsurance, life
6311-S01 ----- Stock life insurance
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[6371 -000 ----- Pension, health, and welfare funds]

6371-P01 ----- Pension funds
6371-U01 ----- Union trust funds
6371-U02 ----- Union welfare, benefit, and health funds
6371-W01 ----- Welfare pensions
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[6351 -000 ----- Surety insurance]

6351-A01 ----- Assessment associations, surety and fidelity insurance
6351-B01 ----- Bonding, fidelity or surety
6351-B02 ----- Bonding for guaranteeing job completion
6351-B03 ----- Bonding of employees
6351-C01 ----- Credit and other financial responsibility insurance
6351-F01 ----- Fidelity insurance
6351-F02 ----- Financial responsibility insurance
6351-I01 ----- Insurance, credit or other financial responsibility
6351-I02 ----- Insurance, fidelity
6351-I03 ----- Insurance, surety
6351-L01 ----- Liability insurance
6351-M01 ----- Mortgage guaranty insurance
6351-R01 ----- Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges, surety and fidelity insurance
6351-S01 ----- Surety insurance
6351-W01 ----- Warranty insurance, home
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[6361 -000 ----- Title insurance]

6361-G01 ----- Guaranty of titles
6361-I01 ----- Insurance, title protection
6361-R01 ----- Real estate title insurance
6361-T01 ----- Title insurance

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