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[61 ----- Credit Agencies Other Than Banks]

6111-000 ----- Federal & fed.-sponsored credit
6163-000 ----- Loan brokers
6159-000 ----- Misc. business credit institutions
6162-000 ----- Mortgage bankers and correspondentst
6141-000 ----- Personal credit institutions
6153-000 ----- Short-term business credit

[6111-000 ----- Federal & fed.-sponsored credit]

6111-B01 ----- Banks for cooperatives
6111-C01 ----- Commodity Credit Corporation
6111-E01 ----- Export-Import Bank
6111-F01 ----- Farmers Home Administration
6111-F02 ----- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
6111-F03 ----- Federal Intermediate Credit Bank
6111-F04 ----- Federal Land Banks
6111-F05 ----- Federal National Mortgage Association
6111-G01 ----- Government National Mortgage Association
6111-N01 ----- National Consumer Cooperative Bank
6111-R01 ----- Rural Electrification Administration
6111-S01 ----- Student Loan Marketing Association
6111-S02 ----- Synthetic Fuels Corporation
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[6163 -000 ----- Loan brokers]

6163-A01 ----- Agents, farm or business loan
6163-B01 ----- Brokers, farm or business loan
6163-L01 ----- Loan agents
6163-L02 ----- Loan brokers
6163-M01 ----- Mortgage brokers arranging for loans but using money of others
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[6159 -000 ----- Misc. business credit institutions]

6159-A01 ----- Agricultural loan companies
6159-A02 ----- Automobile finance leasing
6159-C01 ----- Credit institutions, agricultural
6159-F01 ----- Farm mortgage companies
6159-F02 ----- Finance leasing of automobiles, trucks and machinery
6159-F03 ----- Finance leasing of equipment and vehicles
6159-G01 ----- General and industrial loan institutions
6159-I01 ----- Intermediate investment banks
6159-I02 ----- Investment companies, small business
6159-L01 ----- Livestock loan companies
6159-L02 ----- Loan institutions, general and industrial
6159-M01 ----- Machinery and equipment finance leasing
6159-P01 ----- Pan-mutuel totalizator equipment finance leasing and maintenance
6159-P02 ----- Production credit association, agricultural
6159-R01 ----- Real estate loans
6159-T01 ----- Truck finance leasing
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[6162 -000 ----- Mortgage bankers and correspondents]

6162-B01 ----- Bond and mortgage companies
6162-L01 ----- Loan correspondents
6162-M01 ----- Mortgage bankers
6162-M02 ----- Mortgage brokers, using own money
6162-M03 ----- Mortgage companies, urban
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[6141 -000 ----- Personal credit institutions]

6141-A01 ----- Automobile loans (may include automobile insurance)
6141-C01 ----- Consumer finance companies
6141-F01 ----- Financing of automobiles, furniture, appliances, personal airplanes, etc.: not en- gaged in deposit banking
6141-I01 ----- Industrial loan banks,, not engaged in deposit banking
6141-I02 ----- Industrial loan companies, not engaged in deposit banking
6141-I03 ----- Installment sales finance, other than banks
6141-L01 ----- Loan companies, small: licensed
6141-L02 ----- Loan societies, remedial
6141-M01 ----- Morris plans not engaged in deposit banking
6141-M02 ----- Mutual benefit associations
6141-P01 ----- Personal finance companies, small loan: licensed
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[6153 -000 ----- Short-term business credit]

6153-B01 ----- Business credit institutions, short-term
6153-C01 ----- Commercial paper and accounts receivable, purchasers of
6153-C02 ----- Credit card service, collection by central agency
6153-D01 ----- Direct working capital financing
6153-F01 ----- Factors of commercial paper
6153-F02 ----- Financing of dealers by motor vehicle manufacturers, organizations
6153-I01 ----- Installment notes, buying of
6153-I02 ----- Installment paper dealer
6153-M01 ----- Mercantile financing
6153-P01 ----- Purchasers of accounts receivable and commercial paper
6153-T01 ----- Trust deeds, purchase and sale of
6153-W01 ----- Working capital financing

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