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[47 ----- Transportation Services]

4785-000 ----- Fixed facilities, Inspection and weighing services for vehicles
4731-000 ----- Freight transportation arrangement
4783-000 ----- Packing and crating  
4729-000 ----- Passenger transport arrangement, n.e.c.
4741-000 ----- Rental of railroad cars
4725-000 ----- Tour operators
4789-000 ----- Transportation services, n.e.c.
4724-000 ----- Travel agencies

[4785 -000 ----- Fixed facilities, Inspection and weighing services for vehicles]

4785-B01 ----- Bridges, highway: operation of
4785-C01 ----- Cargo checkers and surveyors, marine
4785-H01 ----- Highway bridges, operation of
4785-I01 ----- Inspection services connected with transportation
4785-R01 ----- Roads, toll: operation of
4785-S01 ----- Surveyors, marine cargo
4785-T01 ----- Toll bridge operation
4785-T02 ----- Toll roads, operation of
4785-T03 ----- Tunnel operation, vehicular
4785-W01 ----- Weighing services connected with transportation
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[4731 -000 ----- Freight transportation arrangement]

4731-A01 ----- Agents, shipping
4731-A02 ----- Auditors, freight rate
4731-B01 ----- Brokers, custom house
4731-B02 ----- Brokers, shipping
4731-B03 ----- Brokers, transportation
4731-C01 ----- Consultants, tariff
4731-C02 ----- Customhouse brokers
4731-C03 ----- Customs clearance of freight
4731-D01 ----- Domestic for warding
4731-F01 ----- Foreign forwarding
4731-F02 ----- Forwarding, domestic
4731-F03 ----- Forwarding, foreign
4731-F04 ----- Freight agencies, railroad: not operated by railroad companies
4731-F05 ----- Freight consolidation
4731-F06 ----- Freight forwarding
4731-I01 ----- Information service, freight rate
4731-R01 ----- Railroad freight agencies, not operated by railroad companies
4731-R02 ----- Rate services, transportation
4731-S01 ----- Shipping documents preparation
4731-T01 ----- Tariff consultant
4731-T02 ----- Tariff rate information service
4731-T03 ----- Transport clearinghouse
4731-T04 ----- Transportation brokerage
4731-T05 ----- Transportation rate services
4731-T06 ----- Truck transportation brokers
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[4783 -000 ----- Packing and crating]

4783-C01 ----- Crating goods for shipping
4783-P01 ----- Packing goods for shipping
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[4729 -000 ----- Passenger transport arrangement, n.e.c.]

4729-A01 ----- Airline ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
4729-A02 ----- Arrangement of carpools and vanpools
4729-A03 ----- Airline information
4729-B01 ----- Bus ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
4729-R01 ----- Railroad ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
4729-S01 ----- Steamship ticket offices, not operated by transportation companies
4729-T01 ----- Ticket offices, transportation: not operated by transportation companies
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[4741-000 ----- Rental of railroad cars]

4741-C01 ----- Cleaning of railroad cars
4741-C02 ----- Cooling of railroad cars
4741-F01 ----- Fruit precooling, in connection with railroad transportation
4741-G01 ----- Grain leveling in railroad cars
4741-G02 ----- Grain trimming service for railroad shipment
4741-H01 ----- Heating of railroad cars
4741-I01 ----- Icing of railroad cars
4741-P01 ----- Precooling of fruits and vegetables in connection with transportation
4741-R01 ----- Railroad car cleaning, icing, ventilating, and heating
4741-R02 ----- Railroad car rental-without care of load-ing
4741-R03 ----- Rental of railroad cars
4741-V01 ----- Ventilation of railroad cars
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[4725-000 ----- Tour operators]

4725-T04 ----- Tour operation (travel)
4725-T05 ----- Tours, except sightseeing buses, boats, and airplanes
4725-W01 ----- Wholesale tour operator
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[4789 -000 ----- Transportation services, n.e.c.]

4789-A01 ----- Automobile transporters & shippers
4789-C01 ----- Cabs, horse-drawn: for hire
4789-C02 ----- Car loading
4789-C03 ----- Carriages, horse-drawn: for hire
4789-C04 ----- Cleaning railroad ballasts
4789-D02 ----- Delivery services
4789-D01 ----- Dining car operations, not performed by line-haul railroad companies
4789-F01 ----- Freight car loading and unloading, not trucking
4789-P01 ----- Parlor car operations, not performed by line-haul railroad companies
4789-P02 ----- Pipeline terminal facilities independently operated
4789-R01 ----- Railroad car repair, on a contract or fee basis
4789-S01 ----- SIeeping car and other passenger car operations, not performed by railroads
4789-S02 ----- Space flight operations, except government
4789-S03 ----- Stockyards, not primarily for fattening or selling livestock
4789-S04 ----- Shippers
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[4724 -000 ----- Travel agencies]

4724-S01 ----- Scuba diving travel
4724-T01 ----- Tourist agencies for the arrangement of transportation, lodging, and car rental
4724-T02 ----- Travel agencies
4724-T03 ----- Travel bureaus

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