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[42 ----- Trucking and Warehousing]

4215-000 ----- Courier services, (except by air)
4221-000 ----- Farm product warehousing and storage
4225-000 ----- General warehousing and storage
4214-000 ----- Local trucking and storage
4212-000 ----- Local trucking, without storage
4222-000 ----- Refrigerated warehousing
4226-000 ----- Special warehousing and storage, n.e.c.
4213-000 ----- Trucking, (except local)
4231-000 ----- Trucking terminal facilities

[4215-000 ----- Courier services, (except by air)]

4215-C01 ----- Courier services
4215-L01 ----- Letter delivery, private
4215-M01 ----- Mail delivery, private
4215-P01 ----- Package delivery, private
4215-P02 ----- Parcel delivery, private
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[4221-000 ----- Farm product warehousing and storage]

4221-B01 ----- Bean elevators, except sales
4221-C01 ----- Cotton compresses and warehouses
4221-E01 ----- Elevators, grain: storage only
4221-F01 ----- Farm product warehousing and storage, other than cold storage
4221-G01 ----- Grain elevators, storage only
4221-P01 ----- Potato cellars
4221-S01 ----- Storage other than cold storage, farm product
4221-T01 ----- Tobacco warehousing and storage
4221-W01 ----- Warehousing and storage, farm product: other than refrigerated
4221-W02 ----- Wool and mohair warehousing
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[4225-000 ----- General warehousing and storage]

4225-G01 ----- General warehousing and storage
4225-M01 ----- Miniwarehouse warehousing
4225-S01 ----- Storage, general
4225-W01 ----- Warehousing, general
4225-W02 ----- Warehousing, self-storage
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[4214-000 ----- Local trucking and storage]

4214-F01 ----- Furniture moving, local: combined with storage
4214-H01 ----- Household goods moving, local: combined with storage
4214-S01 ----- Storage of household goods: combined with local trucking
4214-T01 ----- Trucking, local: combined with storage
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[4212-000 ----- Local trucking, without storage]

4212-B01 ----- Baggage transfer
4212-C01 ----- Carting, by truck or horse-drawn wagon
4212-D01 ----- Debris removal, local carting only
4212-D02 ----- Draying, local: without storage
4212-F01 ----- Farm to market hauling
4212-F02 ----- Furniture moving, local: without storage
4212-G01 ----- Garbage, local collecting and transporting: without disposal
4212-H01 ----- Hauling, by dump truck
4212-H02 ----- Hauling, farm to market
4212-H03 ----- Hauling live animals, local
4212-L01 ----- Local trucking, without storage
4212-L02 ----- Log trucking
4212-M01 ----- Mail carriers, bulk, contract: local
4212-R01 ----- Refuse, local collecting and transporting: without disposal
4212-R02 ----- Rental of trucks with drivers
4212-S01 ----- Safe moving, local
4212-S02 ----- Star routes, local
4212-T01 ----- Truck rental for local use, with drivers
4212-T02 ----- Trucking, local: without storage
4212-T03 ----- Trucking logs
4212-T04 ----- Trucking timber
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[4222-000 ----- Refrigerated warehousing]

4222-C01 ----- Cheese warehouses
4222-C02 ----- Cold storage locker rental
4222-C03 ----- Cold storage warehousing
4222-F01 ----- Food lockers, rental
4222-F02 ----- Frozen food locker rental
4222-R01 ----- Refrigerated warehousing
4222-R02 ----- Rental of cold storage lockers
4222-S01 ----- Storage, frozen or refrigerated goods
4222-W01 ----- Warehousing, cold storage or refrigerated
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[4226-000 ----- Special warehousing and storage, n.e.c.]

4226-A01 ----- Automobile dead storage
4226-F01 ----- Foreign trade zone warehousing, and storage
4226-F02 ----- Fur storage for the trade
4226-F03 ----- Furniture storage, without local trucking
4226-H01 ----- Household goods warehousing and storage, without local trucking
4226-L01 ----- Lumber terminals, storage for hire
4226-O01 ----- Oil and gasoline storage caverns for hire
4226-P01 ----- Petroleum and chemical bulk stations and terminals for hire
4226-S01 ----- Storage, furniture: without local trucking
4226-S02 ----- Storage of goods at foreign trade zones
4226-S03 ----- Storage of household goods: without local trucking
4226-S04 ----- Storage, special: except farm products and cold storage
4226-T01 ----- Textile warehousing
4226-W01 ----- Warehousing of goods at foreign trade zones
4226-W02 ----- Warehousing of household goods, without local trucking
4226-W03 ----- Warehousing, special: except farm products and cold storage
4226-W04 ----- Whiskey warehousing
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[4213-000 ----- Trucking, (except local)]

4213-L01 ----- Long-distance trucking
4213-O01 ----- Over-the-road trucking
4213-T01 ----- Trucking, except local
4213-T02 ----- Trucking rental with drivers, except for local use
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[4231-000 ----- Trucking terminal facilities]

4231-T01 ----- Terminals, freight trucking: with or without maintenance facilities
4231-T02 ----- Trucking terminals, freight: with or without maintenance facilities

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