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[41 ----- Local and Interurban Passenger Transit]

4142-000 ----- Bus charter service, (except local)
4131-000 ----- Intercity highway transportation
4111-000 ----- Local and suburban transit
4141-000 ----- Local bus charter service
4119-000 ----- Local passenger transportation, n.e.c.
4151-000 ----- School buses
4121-000 ----- Taxicabs
4173-000 ----- Terminal and service facilitites for motor vehicle passenger transportation

[4131-000 ----- Intercity highway transportation]

4131-B01 ----- Bus lines, intercity
4131-I01 ----- Interstate bus lines
4131-I02 ----- Interurban bus lines
4131-I03 ----- Intercity bus lines
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[4111 -000 ----- Local and suburban transit]

4111-A01 ----- Airport limousine scheduled service
4111-A02 ----- Airport transportation service, local: road or rail
4111-B01 ----- Bus line operation, local?br> 4111-C01 ----- Cable cars, except aerial, amusement and scenic
4111-C02 ----- City and suburban bus line operation
4111-C03 ----- Commuter bus operation
4111-C04 ----- Commuter rail passenger operation
4111-E01 ----- Elevated railway operation
4111-L01 ----- Local railway passenger operation
4111-M01 ----- Monorails, regular route: except amusement and scenic
4111-P01 ----- Passenger transportation, regular route, road or rail: between airports and terminals
4111-R01 ----- Railway operation, local
4111-S01 ----- Streetcar operation
4111-S02 ----- Suburban and urban railway operation
4111-S03 ----- Subway operation
4111-T01 ----- Trolley operation, except amusement and scenic
4111-U01 ----- Urban and suburban railway operation
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[4119 -000 ----- Local passenger transportation, n.e.c.]

4119-A01 ----- Aerial tramways, except amusement and scenic
4119-A02 ----- Ambulance service, road
4119-A03 ----- Automobile rental with drivers
4119-B01 ----- Buses, sightseeing: operation of
4119-C01 ----- Cable cars, aerial: except amusement and scenic
4119-C02 ----- Cog railways, except amusement and scenic
4119-H01 ----- Hearse rental with drivers
4119-L01 ----- Limousine rental with drivers
4119-R01 ----- Rental of hearses and limousines, with drivers
4119-R02 ----- Rental of passenger automobiles, with drivers
4119-S01 ----- Sightseeing buses
4119-T01 ----- Tramways, aerial: except amusement and scenic
4119-V01 ----- Vanpool operation
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[4173-000 ----- Terminal and service facilitites for motor vehicle passenger transportation]

4173-B01 ----- Bus terminal operation
4173-M01 ----- Maintenance facilities for motor vehicle passenger transportation

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