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[38 ----- Instruments and Related Products]

3826-000 ----- Analytical instruments
3843-000 ----- Dental equipment and supplies
3845-000 ----- Electromedical equipment
3822-000 ----- Environmental controls
3824-000 ----- Fluid meters and counting devices
3825-000 ----- Instruments to measure electricity
3821-000 ----- Laboratory apparatus and furniture
3829-000 ----- Measuring & controlling devices, n.e.c.
3851-000 ----- Ophthalmic goods
3827-000 ----- Optical instruments and lenses
3861-000 ----- Photographic equipment and supplies
3823-000 ----- Process control instruments
3812-000 ----- Search and Navigation Equipment
3841-000 ----- Surgical and medical instruments
3842-000 ----- Surgical appliances and supplies
3873-000 ----- Watches, clocks, and watchcases
3844-000 ----- X-ray apparatus and tubes

[3826-000 ----- Analytical instruments]

3826-A01 ----- Amino acid analyzers, laboratory type
3826-A02 ----- Automatic chemical analyzers, laboratory type
3826-C01 ----- Chromatographic instruments, laboratory type
3826-C02 ----- Chronoscopes
3826-C03 ----- Colorimeters, laboratory type
3826-C04 ----- Coulometric analyzers, laboratory type
3826-D01 ----- Densitometers, analytical
3826-D02 ----- Differential thermal analysis instruments
3826-E01 ----- Electrolytic conductivity instruments, laboratory type
3826-E02 ----- Electron microprobes
3826-E03 ----- Electron microscopes
3826-E04 ----- Electron paramagnetic spin type apparatus
3826-E05 ----- Electrophoresis instruments
3826-E06 ----- Elemental analyzers (CHNOS)
3826-F01 ----- Flame photometers
3826-G01 ----- Gas analyzers, laboratory type
3826-G02 ----- Gas chromatographic instruments, laboratory type
3826-I01 ----- Infrared type analytical instruments, laboratory type
3826-L01 ----- Liquid chromayographic instruments, laboratory type
3826-M01 ----- Magnetic resonance imaging type apparatus, except diagnostic
3826-M02 ----- Mass spectrometers
3826-M03 ----- Mass spectroscopy instrumentation
3826-M04 ----- Microprobes: electron, ion, laser, X-ray
3826-M05 ----- Microscopes, electron and proton
3826-M06 ----- Moisture analysers, laboratory type
3826-M07 ----- Monochrometers, laboratory type mfg
3826-N01 ----- Nephelometers, except meteorological
3826-N02 ----- Neutron activation analysis instruments
3826-O01 ----- Osmometers
3826-P01 ----- Particle size analyzers
3826-P02 ----- PH measuring equipment
3826-P03 ----- Photometers, except photographic exposure meters
3826-P04 ----- Polariscopes
3826-P05 ----- Polarizers
3826-P06 ----- Polarographic equipment
3826-P07 ----- Protein analyzers, laboratory type
3826-R01 ----- Redox (oxidation reduction potential) instruments
3826-R02 ----- Refractometers, laboratory
3826-S01 ----- Specific ion measuring instruments, laboratory type
3826-S02 ----- Spectrofluorometers
3826-S03 ----- Spectrographs
3826-S04 ----- Spectrometers: electron diffraction, mass, nmr, raman, X-ray
3826-S05 ----- Spectrophoyometers: atomic absorption, atomic emission, flame, fluorescence, infrared, raman, visible, ultraviolet
3826-S06 ----- Surface area analyzers
3826-T01 ----- Thermal analysis instruments, laboratory type
3826-T02 ----- Thermal conductivity instruments and sensors
3826-T03 ----- Thermogravimetric analyzers
3826-T04 ----- Titrimeters
3826-T05 ----- Turbidometers
3826-U01 ----- Ultraviolet-type analytical instruments
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[3843 -000 ----- Dental equipment and supplies]

3843-A01 ----- Abrasive points, wheels, and disks: dental
3843-A02 ----- Amalgams, dental
3843-A03 ----- Autoclaves, dental
3843-B01 ----- Broaches, dental
3843-B02 ----- Burs, dental
3843-C01 ----- Cabinets, dental
3843-C02 ----- Cement, dental
3843-C03 ----- Chairs, dentists'
3843-C04 ----- Compounds, dental
3843-C05 ----- Cutting instruments, dental
3843-D01 ----- Dental alloys for amalgams
3843-D02 ----- Dental chairs
3843-D03 ----- Dental engines
3843-D04 ----- Dental equipment and supplies
3843-D05 ----- Dental hand instruments, including forceps
3843-D06 ----- Dental laboratory equipment
3843-D07 ----- Dental metal
3843-D08 ----- Denture materials
3843-D09 ----- Dishes, abrasive: dental
3843-D10 ----- Drills, dental
3843-E01 ----- Enamels, dentists
3843-F01 ----- Forceps, dental
3843-F02 ----- furnaces, laboratory: dental
3843-G01 ----- Glue, dental
3843-G02 ----- Gold, dental
3843-H01 ----- Hand pieces and parts, dental
3843-I01 ----- Impression material, dental
3843-I02 ----- Investment material, dental
3843-O01 ----- Orthodontic appliances
3843-P01 ----- Plaster, dental
3843-P02 ----- Pliers, dental
3843-P03 ----- Points, abrasive: dental
3843-S01 ----- Sterilizers, dental
3843-T01 ----- Teeth, artificial: not made in dental laboratories
3843-T02 ----- Tools, dentists
3843-U01 ----- Ultrasonic dental equipment
3843-W01 ----- Wax, dental
3843-W02 ----- Wheels, abrasive: dental
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[3845 -000 ----- Electromedical equipment]

3845-A01 ----- Arc lamp units, electrotherapeutic: except infrared and ultraviolet
3845-A02 ----- Audiological equipment, electromedical
3845-A03 ----- Automated blood and body fluid analyzers, except laboratory
3845-B01 ----- Bronchoscopes, electromedical
3845-C01 ----- Carbon arc lamp units, electro-therapeutic: except infrared and ultraviolet
3845-C02 ----- Cardiodynameter
3845-C03 ----- Cardiographs
3845-C04 ----- Cardiophone, electric
3845-C05 ----- Cardioscope
3845-C06 ----- Cardiotachometer
3845-C07 ----- Colonscopes, electromedical
3845-C08 ----- Computerized axial tomography (CT/CAT scanner) apparatus
3845-C09 ----- Cystoscopes, electromedical
3845-D01 ----- Defibrilators
3845-D02 ----- Dialyzers, electromedical
3845-D03 ----- Diathermy apparatus, electromedical
3845-D04 ----- Diathermy unit
3845-E01 ----- Electrocardiographs
3845-E02 ----- Electroencephalographs
3845-E03 ----- Electrogastrograph
3845-E04 ----- Electromedical apparatus
3845-E05 ----- Electromyographs
3845-E06 ----- Electrotherapy unit
3845-E07 ----- Endoscopic equipment, electromedical: e.g., bronchoscopes, cystoscopes, and colonoscopes
3845-G01 ----- Gastroscopes, electromedical
3845-H01 ----- Heart-lung machine
3845-L01 ----- Laser systems and equipment, medical
3845-L02 ----- Lithotripters
3845-M01 ----- Magnetic resonance imaging device (diagnostic), nuclear
3845-O01 ----- Otoscopes, electromedical
3845-P01 ----- Pacemakers
3845-P02 ----- Patient monitoring equipment: intensive care/coronary care unit
3845-P03 ----- Phonocardiographs
3845-P04 ----- Position emission tomography (PET scanner)
3845-P05 ----- Probe, electric, medical
3845-R01 ----- Respiratory analysis equipment, electromedical
3845-R02 ----- Retinoscopes, electromedical
3845-S01 ----- Sentinel, cardiac
3845-S02 ----- Surgical support systems: heart-lung machines, except iron lungs and blood flow systems
3845-T01 ----- Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)
3845-U01 ----- Ultrasonic medical equipment, except cleaning
3845-U02 ----- Ultrasonic scanning devices, medical
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[3822 -000 ----- Environmental control products]

3822-A01 ----- Air flow controllers, air-conditioning and refrigeration: except valves
3822-A02 ----- Appliance regulators, except switches
3822-B01 ----- Building services monitoring controls, automatic
3822-C01 ----- Clothes dryer controls, including dryness controls
3822-C02 ----- Combination limit and fan controls
3822-C03 ----- Combination oil and hydronic controls
3822-D01 ----- Damper operators: pneumatic, thermostatic, and electric
3822-E01 ----- Electric heat proportioning controls, modulating controls
3822-E02 ----- Electric sir cleaner controls, automatic
3822-E03 ----- Electric space heater controls, automatic
3822-E04 ----- Energy cutoff controls, residential and commercial types
3822-F01 ----- Fan control, temperature responsive
3822-F02 ----- Flame safety controls for furnaces and boilers
3822-F03 ----- Float controls, residential and commercial types
3822-G01 ----- Gas burner automatic controls, except valves
3822-G02 ----- Gradual switches, pneumatic
3822-H01 ----- Humidistats: wall, duct, and skeleton
3822-H02 ----- Humidity controls, air-conditioning types
3822-H03 ----- Hydronic circulator control, automatic
3822-H04 ----- Hydronic limit control
3822-H05 ----- Hydronic pressure and temperature controls
3822-I01 ----- Ice bank controls
3822-I02 ----- Ice maker controls
3822-I03 ----- Ignition controls for gas appliances and furnaces, automatic
3822-I04 ----- In-built thermostats, filled system and bi-metal types
3822-I05 ----- Incinerator control systems, residential and commercial types
3822-L01 ----- Limit controls, residential and commercial heating types
3822-L02 ----- Line or limit control for electric heat
3822-L03 ----- Liquid level controls, residential and commercial heating types
3822-O01 ----- Oven temperature controls, nonindustrial
3822-P01 ----- Pneumatic relays, air-conditioning type
3822-P02 ----- Pressure controllers, air-conditioning system type
3822-P03 ----- Primary oil burner controls, including stack controls and cadmium cells
3822-R01 ----- Refrigeration controls, pressure
3822-R02 ----- Refrigeration thermostats
3822-R03 ----- Refrigeration/air-conditioning defrost controls
3822-R04 ----- Room thermostats
3822-S01 ----- Sequencing controls for electric heat
3822-S02 ----- Static pressure regulators
3822-S03 ----- Steam pressure controls, residential and commercial type
3822-S04 ----- Surface burner controls, temperature
3822-S05 ----- Switches, pneumatic positioning remote
3822-S06 ----- Switches, thermostatic
3822-T01 ----- Temperature controls, automatic: residential and commercial types
3822-T02 ----- Temperature sensors for motor windings
3822-T03 ----- Thermocouples, vacuum: glass
3822-T04 ----- Thermostats: air-conditioning, refrigeration, comfort heating, appliance
3822-T05 ----- Time program controls, air-conditioning systems
3822-V01 ----- Vapor heating controls
3822-W01 ----- Water heater controls
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[3824 -000 ----- Fluid meters and counting devices]

3824-C01 ----- Controls, revolution and timing instruments
3824-C02 ----- Counter type registers
3824-C03 ----- Counters: mechanical, electrical, and electronic totalizing
3824-C04 ----- Counters, revolution
3824-E01 ----- Electromechanical counters
3824-E02 ----- Electronic totalizing counters
3824-G01 ----- Gasmeters: domestic, large capacity, and industrial
3824-G02 ----- Gasoline dispensing meters (except pumps)
3824-G03 ----- Gauges for computing pressure-temperature corrections
3824-I01 ----- Impeller and counter driven flow meters
3824-I02 ----- Integrating meters, nonelectric
3824-L01 ----- Linear counters
3824-M01 ----- Magnetic counters
3824-M02 ----- Measuring wheels
3824-M03 ----- Meters: gas, liquid, tallying, and mechanical measuring-except electrical
3824-O01 ----- Odometers
3824-P01 ----- Parking meters
3824-P02 ----- Pedometers
3824-P03 ----- Positive displacement meters
3824-P04 ----- Predetermined counters
3824-P05 ----- Production counters
3824-P06 ----- Propeller type meters with registers
3824-R01 ----- Registers, linear tallying
3824-R02 ----- Rotary type meters, consumption registering
3824-S01 ----- Speed indicators and recorders, vehicle
3824-S02 ----- Speedometers
3824-T01 ----- Tachometer, centrifugal
3824-T02 ----- Tally counters
3824-T03 ----- Tallying meters: except electrical instruments, watches, and clocks
3824-T04 ----- Tank truck meters
3824-T05 ----- Taximeters
3824-T06 ----- Totalizing meters, consumption registering, except aircraft
3824-T07 ----- Turbine meters, consumption registering
3824-V01 ----- Vehicle tank meters
3824-W01 ----- Watermeters, consumption registering
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[3825 -000 ----- Instruments to measure electricity]

3825-A01 ----- Alternator and generator testers
3825-A02 ----- Ammeters
3825-A03 ----- Ampere-hour meters
3825-A04 ----- Analog-to-digital converters, electronic instrumentation type
3825-A05 ----- Analyzers for testing electrical characteristics
3825-A06 ----- Audio frequency oscillators
3825-A07 ----- Audiometers, except medical
3825-A08 ----- Automotive ammeters and voltmeters
3825-B01 ----- Battery testers, electrical
3825-B02 ----- Bleed control cabinets (engine testers)
3825-B03 ----- Bridges, electrical: e.g., Kelvin, Wheatstone, vacuum tube, and megohm
3825-C01 ----- Current measuring equipment
3825-D01 ----- Decade boxes: capacitance, inductance, and resistance
3825-D02 ----- Demand meters, electric
3825-D03 ----- Digital panel meters, electricity measuring
3825-D04 ----- Digital test equipment, electronic and electrical circuits and equipment
3825-D05 ----- Digital to analog converters, electronic instrumentation type
3825-D06 ----- Diode and transistor testers
3825-D07 ----- Distortion meters and analyzers
3825-E01 ----- Elapsed time meters, electronic
3825-E02 ----- Electron tube test equipment
3825-E03 ----- Electronic test equipment for testing electrical characteristics
3825-E04 ----- Electrical power measuring equipment
3825-E05 ----- Energy measuring equipment, electrical
3825-F01 ----- Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electrical
3825-F02 ----- Frequency meters: electrical, mechanical, and electronic
3825-F03 ----- Frequency synthesizers
3825-F04 ----- Function generators
3825-G01 ----- Galvanometers, except geophysical
3825-G02 ----- Graphic recording meters-electric
3825-I01 ----- Ignition testing instruments
3825-I02 ----- Impedance measuring equipment
3825-I03 ----- Indicating instruments, electric
3825-I04 ----- Instrument relays, all types
3825-I05 ----- Instrument shunts
3825-I06 ----- Instruments, electric: for testing electrical characteristics
3825-I07 ----- Instruments for measuring electrical quantities
3825-I08----- Integrated circuit testers
3825-I09 ----- Integrating electricity meters
3825-I10 ----- Internal combustion engine analyzers, to test electrical characteristics
3825-K01 ----- Kelvin bridges (electrical measuring instruments)
3825-L01 ----- Laboratory standards, electric: resistance, inductance, and capacitance
3825-L05 ----- Logic circuit testers
3825-M01 ----- Measuring equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment
3825-M02 ----- Measuring instruments and meters, electric
3825-M03 ----- Meters, electric: pocket, portable, panelboard, and graphic recording
3825-M04 ----- Meters, power factor and phase angle
3825-M05 ----- Microwave test equipment
3825-M06 ----- Multimeters
3825-N01 ----- Network analyzers
3825-O01 ----- Ohmmeters
3825-O02 ----- Oscillators, audio frequency and radio frequency (instrument types)
3825-O03 ----- Oscillographs and oscilloscopes
3825-P01 ----- Phase angle meters
3825-P02 ----- Portable test meters
3825-P03 ----- Potentiometric instruments, except industrial process type
3825-P04 ----- Power factor meters
3825-P05 ----- Power measuring equipment, electrical
3825-P06 ----- Pulse (signal) generators
3825-R01 ----- Radar testing instruments, electric
3825-R02 ----- Radio apparatus analyzers for testing electrical characteristics
3825-R03 ----- Radio set analyzers, electrical
3825-R04 ----- Radio tube checkers, electrical
3825-R05 ----- Radiofrequency measuring equipment
3825-R06 ----- Radiofrequency oscillators
3825-R07 ----- Recorders, oscillographic
3825-R08 ----- Reflectometers, sliding shorts
3825-R09 ----- Relays, instrument: all types
3825-R10 ----- Resistance measuring equipment
3825-S01 ----- Semiconductor test equipment
3825-S02 ----- Shunts, instrument
3825-S03 ----- Signal generators and averages
3825-S04 ----- Spark plug testing instruments, electric
3825-S05 ----- Spectrum analyzers
3825-S06 ----- Standard cells
3825-S07 ----- Standards and calibration equipment for electrical measuring, except laboratory
3825-S08 ----- Standing wave ratio measuring equipment
3825-S09 ----- Stroboscopes
3825-S10 ----- Sweep generators
3825-S11 ----- Sweep oscillators
3825-S12 ----- Synchroscopes
3825-T01 ----- Tachometer generators
3825-T02 ----- Test equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment
3825-T03 ----- Test sets, ignition harness
3825-T04 ----- Time code generators
3825-T05 ----- Transformers, instrument: portable
3825-T06 ----- Tube testers
3825-V01 ----- Vacuum tube bridges (electrical measuring instruments
3825-V02 ----- Volt-ohm milliammeters
3825-V03 ----- Voltmeters
3825-W01 ----- Watt-hour and demand meters, combined
3825-W02 ----- Watt-hour and time switch meters, combined
3825-W03 ----- Watt-hour meters, electric
3825-W04 ----- Wattmeters
3825-W05 ----- Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment
3825-W06 ----- Wheatstone bridges (electrical measuring instruments)
3825-X01 ----- X-Y recorders (plotters), except computer peripheral equipment

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