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[33 ----- Primary Metal Industries (cont')]

[3398 -000 ----- Metal heat treating]

3398-A01 ----- Annealing of metal for the trade
3398-B01 ----- Brazing (hardening) metal for the trade
3398-B02 ----- Burning metal for the trade
3398-H01 ----- Hardening of metal for the trade
3398-H02 ----- Heat treating of metal for the trade
3398-S01 ----- Shot peening-treating steel to reduce fatigue
3398-S02 ----- Stainless steel, brazing (hardening) for the trade
3398-T01 ----- Tempering of metal for the trade

[3364 -000 ----- Nonferrous die-casting, (except aluminum)]

3364-B01 ----- Beryllium die-castings
3364-B02 ----- Brass die-castings
3364-B03 ----- Bronze die-castings
3364-C01 ----- Copper die-castings
3364-D01 ----- Die-casting nonferrous metals, except aluminum
3364-L01 ----- Lead die-castings
3364-M01 ----- Magnesium die-castings
3364-T01 ----- Titanium die-castings
3364-Z01 ----- Zinc die-castings

[3369 -000 ----- Nonferrous foundries, n.e.c.]

3369-B01 ----- Beryllium castings, except die-castings
3369-C01 ----- Castings, except die-castings and castings of aluminum and copper
3369-C02 ----- Castings, precision, except die-castings: industrial and aircraft use-cobalt-chromium
3369-M01 ----- Machinery castings, nonferrous: except aluminum, copper, copper alloys, and die-castings
3369-M02 ----- Magnesium castings, except die-castings
3369-N01 ----- Nonferrous foundries: except aluminum, copper, and copper alloys
3369-N02 ----- Nonferrous metal foundries, except aluminum, copper, and die-castings
3369-N03 ----- Nonferrous metal machinery castings: except aluminum, copper, and die-castings
3369-T01 ----- Titanium castings, except die-castings
3369-W01 ----- White metal castings, except die-castings: lead, antimony, and tin
3369-Z01 ----- Zinc castings, except die-castings

[3356 -000 ----- Nonferrous rolling and drawing, n.e.c.]

3356-B01 ----- Bars: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, and their alloys
3356-B02 ----- Battery metal
3356-B03 ----- Britannia metal, rolling and drawing
3356-E01 ----- Extruded shapes, nonferrous metals and alloys, except copper and aluminum
3356-G01 ----- Gold and gold alloy bars, sheets, strip, and tubing
3356-G02 ----- Gold rolling and drawing
3356-L01 ----- Lead and lead alloy bars, pipe, plates, rods, sheets, strip, and tubing
3356-L02 ----- Lead rolling, drawing, and extruding
3356-M01 ----- Magnesium and magnesium alloy bars, rods, shapes, sheets, strip, and tubing
3356-M02 ----- Magnesium rolling, drawing, and extruding
3356-N01 ----- Nickel and nickel alloy pipe, plates, sheets, strips, and tubing
3356-N02 ----- Nonferrous rolling, drawing, and extruding: except copper and aluminum
3356-P01 ----- Pipe: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, zinc, and their alloys
3356-P02 ----- Plates: lead, magnesium, nickel, zinc, and their alloys
3356-P03 ----- Platinum and platinum alloy sheets and tubing
3356-P04 ----- Platinum-group metals rolling, drawing, and extruding
3356-R01 ----- Rods: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, titanium, and their alloys
3356-S01 ----- Silver and silver alloy bars, rods, sheets, strip, and tubing
3356-S02 ----- Silver rolling and drawing
3356-S03 ----- Solder wire, bar: acid core and rosin core
3356-S04 ----- Strip: lead, magnesium, nickel, tin, titanium, zinc, and their alloys
3356-T01 ----- Tin and tin alloy bars, pipe, rods, sheets, strip, and tubing
3356-T02 ----- Tin rolling and drawing
3356-T03 ----- Titanium and titanium alloy bars, rods, billets, sheets, strip, and tubing
3356-T04 ----- Titanium from sponge
3356-T05 ----- Tubing: lead magnesium, nickel, titanium, zinc, and their alloys
3356-T06 ----- Tungsten basic shapes
3356-W01 ----- Welding rods
3356-W02 ----- Wire, nonferrous except copper and aluminum: made in rolling mills
3356-Z01 ----- Zinc and zinc alloy bars, plates, pipe, rods, sheets, tubing, and wire
3356-Z02 ----- Zinc rolling, drawing, and extruding
3356-Z03 ----- Zirconium and zirconium alloy bars, rods, billets, sheets, strip, and tubing

[3357 -000 ----- Nonferrous wire drawing & insulating]

3357-A01 ----- Aircraft and automotive wire and cable, nonferrous
3357-A02 ----- Apparatus wire and cord: made in wiredrawing plants
3357-A03 ----- Armored cable or conductor, nonferrous-mfpm
3357-A04 ----- Automotive and aircraft wire and cable, nonferrous
3357-C01 ----- Cable, nonferrous: bare, insulated, or armored-mfpm
3357-C02 ----- Coaxial cable, nonferrous
3357-C03 ----- Communications wire and cable, nonferrous
3357-C04 ----- Cord sets, flexible: made in wire-drawing plants
3357-F01 ----- Fiber optic cable
3357-I01 ----- Insulated wire and cable, nonferrous
3357-M01 ----- Magnet wire, insulated
3357-S01 ----- Shipboard cable, nonferrous
3357-S02 ----- Signal and control cable, nonferrous
3357-W01 ----- Weatherproof wire and cable, nonferrous
3357-W02 ----- Wire cloth, nonferrous: made in wiredrawing plants
3357-W03 ----- Wire, nonferrous: bare, insulated, or armored-mfpm
3357-W04 ----- Wire screening, nonferrous: made in wire drawing plants

[3334 -000 ----- Primary aluminum]

3334-A01 ----- Aluminum ingots and primary production shapes, from bauxite or alumina
3334-E01 ----- Extrusion ingot
3334-I01 ----- Ingots
3334-P01 ----- Pigs
3334-S01 ----- Slabs

[3331 -000 ----- Primary copper]

3331-B01 ----- Bars, refinery
3331-B02 ----- Blister copper
3331-B03 ----- Blocks
3331-C01 ----- Copper ingots and refinery bars
3331-C02 ----- Copper smelting and refining
3331-I01 ----- Ingots
3331-P01 ----- Pigs
3331-P02 ----- Primary smelting and refining of copper
3331-S01 ----- Slabs

[3399 -000 ----- Primary metal products, n.e.c.]

3399-A01 ----- Aluminum atomized powder
3399-B01 ----- Balls, steel
3399-B02 ----- Brads, nonferrous metal (including wire)
3399-F01 ----- Flakes, metal
3399-I01 ----- Iron ore, recovery from open hearth slag
3399-L01 ----- Laminating steel for the trade
3399-L02 ----- lron, powdered
3399-N01 ----- Nails, nonferrous metal (including wire)
3399-P01 ----- Paste, metal
3399-P02 ----- Powder, metal: except artists, materials
3399-R01 ----- Reclaiming ferrous metals from clay
3399-R02 ----- Recovery of iron ore from open hearth slag
3399-S01 ----- Silver powder, except artists, materials
3399-S02 ----- Spikes, nonferrous metal (including wire)
3399-S03 ----- Staples, nonferrous metal (including wire)
3399-S04 ----- Steel balls
3399-T01 ----- Tacks, nonferrous metal (including wire)

[3339 -000 ----- Primary nonferrous metals, n.e.c.]

3339-A01 ----- Antifriction bearing metals, lead-base
3339-A02 ----- Antimony refining
3339-B01 ----- Babbitt metal
3339-B02 ----- Beryllium metal
3339-B03 ----- Bismuth refining
3339-B04 ----- Blocks, lead
3339-B05 ----- Blocks, zinc
3339-C01 ----- Cadmium refining
3339-C02 ----- Chromium refining
3339-C03 ----- Cobalt refining
3339-C04 ----- Columbium refining
3339-G01 ----- Germanium refining
3339-G02 ----- Gold refining
3339-I01 ----- Ingots, lead
3339-I02 ----- Ingots, nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum
3339-I03 ----- Iridium refining
3339-L01 ----- Lead pigs, blocks, ingots, and refinery shapes
3339-L02 ----- Lead smelting and refining
3339-M01 ----- Magnesium refining
3339-N01 ----- Nickel refining
3339-N02 ----- Nonferrous refining, except copper and aluminum
3339-N03 ----- Nonferrous smelting, except copper and aluminum
3339-P01 ----- Pigs, lead
3339-P02 ----- Pigs, nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum
3339-P03 ----- Platinum group metals refining
3339-P04 ----- Precious metal refining
3339-P05 ----- Primary refining of nonferrous metal: except copper and aluminum
3339-P06 ----- Primary smelting of nonferrous metal: except copper and aluminum
3339-R01 ----- Refining of lead
3339-R02 ----- Refining of nonferrous metal, except copper and aluminum
3339-R03 ----- Refining of zinc
3339-R04 ----- Rhenium refining
3339-S01 ----- Selenium refining
3339-S02 ----- Silicon, epitaxial (silicon alloy)
3339-S03 ----- Silicon, pure
3339-S04 ----- Silicon refining(over 99 percent pure)
3339-S05 ----- Silver refining
3339-S06 ----- Slabs, nonferrous metals, except copper and aluminum
3339-S07 ----- Smelting and refining of lead
3339-S08 ----- Smelting and refining of zinc
3339-S09 ----- Smelting of nonferrous metal, except copper and aluminum
3339-S10 ----- Spelter (zinc)
3339-T01 ----- Tantalum refining
3339-T02 ----- Tellurium refining
3339-T03 ----- Tin base alloys
3339-T04 ----- Tin refining
3339-T05 ----- Titanium metal sponge and granules
3339-Z01 ----- Zinc dust
3339-Z02 ----- Zinc slabs, ingots, and refinery shapes
3339-Z03 ----- Zirconium metal sponge and granules

[3341 -000 ----- Secondary nonferrous metals]

3341-A01 ----- Aluminum extrusion ingot
3341-A02 ----- Aluminum smelting and refining
3341-A03 ----- Antimonial lead refining
3341-B01 ----- Brass smelting and refining
3341-B02 ----- Bronze smelting and refining
3341-C01 ----- Copper smelting and refining
3341-D01 ----- Detinning of cans
3341-D02 ----- Detinning of scrap
3341-G01 ----- Germanium refining
3341-G02 ----- Gold smelting and refining
3341-I01 ----- Ingots, nonferrous: smelting and refining
3341-I02 ----- Iridium smelting and refining
3341-L01 ----- Lead smelting and refining
3341-M01 ----- Magnesium smelting and refining
3341-N01 ----- Nickel smelting and refining
3341-N02 ----- Nonferrous metal smelting and refining
3341-P01 ----- Platinum-group metals smelting and refin-ing
3341-P02 ----- Precious metal smelting and refining
3341-R01 ----- Recovering and refining of nonferrous metals
3341-R02 ----- Recovery of silver from used photographic film
3341-R03 ----- Refining of nonferrous metals and alloys
3341-S01 ----- Secondary refining and smelting of nonferrous metals
3341-S02 ----- Selenium refining
3341-S03 ----- Silver, recovery of: from used photographic film
3341-S04 ----- Silver smelting and refining
3341-S05 ----- Smelting and refining of nonferrous metals
3341-S06 ----- Solder (base metal), pig and ingot
3341-T01 ----- Tin smelting and refining
3341-Z01 ----- Zinc dust, reclaimed
3341-Z02 ----- Zinc smelting and refining

[3325 -000 ----- Steel foundries, n.e.c.]

3325-A01 ----- Alloy steel castings, except investment
3325-B01 ----- Bushings, cast steel: except investment
3325-C01 ----- Cast steel railroad car wheels
3325-C02 ----- Castings, steel: except investment
3325-F01 ----- Foundries, steel: except investment
3325-R01 ----- Rolling mill rolls, steel: not machined
3325-R02 ----- Rolls, rolling mill: steel-not machined
3325-S01 ----- Steel castings, except investment
3325-S02 ----- Steel foundries, except investment

[3317 -000 ----- Steel pipe and tubes]

3317-B01 ----- Boiler tubes, wrought-mfpm
3317-C01 ----- Conduit: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm
3317-P01 ----- Pipe, seamless steel-mfpm
3317-P02 ----- Pipe, wrought: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm
3317-T01 ----- Tubes, seamless steel-mfpm
3317-T02 ----- Tubes, wrought: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm
3317-T03 ----- Tubing, mechanical and hypodermic sizes: cold-drawn stainless steel-mfpm
3317-W01 ----- Well casing, wrought: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm
3317-W02 ----- Wrought pipe and tubes: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm

[3315 -000 ----- Steel wire and related products]

3315-B01 ----- Barbed and twisted wire: made in wiredrawing plants
3315-B02 ----- Baskets, steel: made in wire drawing plants
3315-B03 ----- Brads, steel: wire or cut
3315-C01 ----- Cable, steel: insulated or armored
3315-C02 ----- Chain link fencing, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
3315-F01 ----- Fence gates, posts, and fittings: steel-made in wiredrawing plants
3315-F02 ----- Form ties, made in wiredrawing plants
3315-H01 ----- Horseshoe nails
3315-N01 ----- Nails, steel: wire or cut
3315-P01 ----- Paper clips, steel: made in wire drawing plants
3315-S01 ----- Spikes, steel: wire or cut
3315-S02 ----- Steel wire cages, made in wire drawing plants
3315-T01 ----- Tacks, steel: wire or cut
3315-T02 ----- Tie wires, made in wiredrawing plants
3315-W01 ----- Welded steel wire fabric, made in wire drawing plants
3315-W02 ----- Wire carts: household, grocery, and industrial-made in wiredrawing plants
3315-W03 ----- Wire cloth, steel: made in wire drawing plants
3315-W04 ----- Wire, ferrous: made in wire drawing plants
3315-W05 ----- Wire garment hangers, steel: made in wiredrawing plants
3315-W06 ----- Wire products, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants
3315-W07 ----- Wire, steel: insulated or armored


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