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[32 ----- Stone, Clay, and Glass Products (cont')]

[3296-000 ----- Mineral wool]

3296-A01 ----- Acoustical board and tile, mineral wool
3296-B01 ----- Board, acoustical: mineral wool
3296-F01 ----- Fiberglass insulation
3296-G01 ----- Glass wool
3296-I01 ----- Insulation: rock wool, fiberglass, slag, and silica minerals
3296-M01 ----- Mineral wool roofing mats
3296-T01 ----- Tile, acoustical: mineral wool
3296-W01 ----- Wool, mineral: made of rock, slag and silica minerals

[3295-000 ----- Minerals, ground or treated]

3295-B01 ----- Barite, ground or otherwise treated
3295-B02 ----- Barium, ground or otherwise treated
3295-B03 ----- Blast furnace slag
3295-C01 ----- Clay for petroleum refining, chemically processed
3295-C02 ----- Clay, ground or otherwise treated
3295-D01 ----- Desiccants, activated: clay
3295-D02 ----- Diatomaceous earth, ground or otherwise treated
3295-F01 ----- Feldspar, ground or otherwise treated
3295-F02 ----- Filtering clays, treated purchased materials
3295-F03 ----- Flint, ground or otherwise treated
3295-F04 ----- Foundry facings, ground or otherwise treated
3295-F05 ----- Fuller, s earth, ground or otherwise treated
3295-G01 ----- Graphite, natural: ground, pulverized, refined, or blended
3295-K01 ----- Kaolin, ground or otherwise treated
3295-L01 ----- Lead, black (natural graphite): ground, refined, or blended
3295-M01 ----- Magnesite, crude: ground, calcined, or dead-burned
3295-M02 ----- Mica, ground or otherwise treated
3295-P01 ----- Perlite aggregate
3295-P02 ----- Perlite, expanded
3295-P03 ----- Plumbago: ground, refined, or blended
3295-P04 ----- Pulverized earth
3295-P05 ----- Pumice, ground or otherwise treated
3295-P06 ----- Pyrophyllite, ground or otherwise treated
3295-R01 ----- Roofing granules
3295-S01 ----- Shale, expanded
3295-S02 ----- Silicon, ultra high purity: treated purchased materials
3295-S03 ----- Slag, crushed or ground
3295-S04 ----- Solite, ground or otherwise treated
3295-S05 ----- Spar, ground or otherwise treated
3295-S06 ----- Steatite, ground or otherwise treated
3295-T01 ----- Talc, ground or otherwise treated
3295-V01 ----- Vermiculite, exfoliated

[3297-000 ----- Nonclay refractories]

3297-A01 ----- Alumina fused refractories
3297-B01 ----- Bauxite brick
3297-B02 ----- Brick, bauxite
3297-B03 ----- Brick, carbon
3297-B04 ----- Brick, refractory: chrome, magnesite, silica, and other nonclay
3297-B05 ----- Brick, silicon carbide
3297-C01 ----- Carbon brick
3297-C02 ----- Castable refractories
3297-C03 ----- Cement: high temperature, refractory
3297-C04 ----- Cement, magnesia
3297-C05 ----- Crucibles: graphite, magnesite, chrome, silica, or other non-clay materials
3297-D01 ----- Dolomite and dolomite-magnesite brick and shapes
3297-G01 ----- Gunning mixes
3297-H01 ----- High temperature mortar
3297-H02 ----- Hot top refractories
3297-N01 ----- Nonclay refractories
3297-P01 ----- Plastics refractories
3297-P02 ----- Pyrolytic graphite
3297-R01 ----- Ramming mixes
3297-R02 ----- Refractories, castable
3297-R03 ----- Refractories, graphite: carbon bond or ceramic bond
3297-R04 ----- Refractories
3297-R05 ----- Refractory cement
3297-R06 ----- Retorts, graphite

[3299-000 ----- Nonmetallic mineral products, n.e.c.]

3299-A01 ----- Architectural sculptures: gypsum, clay or papier mache
3299-A02 ----- Architectural sculptures, plaster of paris: factory production only
3299-A03 ----- Art goods: plaster of paris, papier mache, and scagliola
3299-B01 ----- Blocks, sand lime
3299-B02 ----- Brackets, architectural: plaster-factory production only
3299-B03 ----- Brick, sand lime
3299-B04 ----- Built-up mica
3299-C01 ----- Ceramic fiber
3299-C02 ----- Columns, papier-mache or plaster of paris
3299-E01 ----- Ecclesiastical statuary: gypsum, clay, or papier mache-factory production only
3299-F01 ----- Floor composition, magnesite
3299-F02 ----- Flower boxes, plaster of paris: factory production only
3299-F03 ----- Fountains, plaster of paris: factory production only
3299-G01 ----- Gravel painting
3299-I01 ----- Images, small: gypsum, clay, or papier mache-factory production only
3299-I02 ----- Insulsleeves (foundry materials)
3299-M01 ----- Mica, laminated
3299-M02 ----- Mica products, built-up and sheet, except radio parts
3299-M03 ----- Mica splitting
3299-M04 ----- Moldings, architectural: plaster of paris-factory production only
3299-O01 ----- Ornamental and architectural plasterwork: e.g., mantels and columns
3299-P01 ----- Panels, papier-mache or plaster of paris
3299-P02 ----- Pedestals, statuary: plaster of paris or papier mache-factory production only
3299-P03 ----- Plaques: clay, plaster, or papier mach-factory production only
3299-P04 ----- Plaster work, ornamental and architectural
3299-S01 ----- Sculptures, architectural: gypsum, clay, or papier mache-factory production only
3299-S02 ----- Statuary: gypsum, clay, papier mache, scagliola, and metal-factory production only
3299-S03 ----- Stones, synthetic: for gem stones and industrial use
3299-S04 ----- Stucco
3299-S05 ----- Synthetic stones, for gem stones and industrial use
3299-T01 ----- Tile, sand lime
3299-T02 ----- Tubing for electrical purposes, quartz
3299-U01 ----- Urns, gypsum or papier-mache: factory production only
3299-V01 ----- Vases, gypsum or papier-mache: factory production only

[3264-000 ----- Porcelain electrical supplies]

3264-A01 ----- Alumina porcelain insulators
3264-B01 ----- Beryllia porcelain insulators
3264-C01 ----- Cleats, porcelain
3264-E01 ----- Electrical insulators: pin, suspension, switch, and bus type-porcelain
3264-F01 ----- Ferrite mfg
3264-I01 ----- Insulators, porcelain
3264-K01 ----- Knobs, porcelain
3264-M01 ----- Magnets, permanent: ceramic or ferrite
3264-P01 ----- Porcelain parts, molded: for electrical and electronic devices
3264-S01 ----- Spark plugs, porcelain
3264-S02 ----- Steatite porcelain insulators
3264-T01 ----- Titania porcelain insulators
3264-T02 ----- Tubes, porcelain

[3269-000 ----- Pottery products, n.e.c.]

3269-A01 ----- Art and ornamental ware, pottery
3269-A02 ----- Ashtrays, pottery
3269-C01 ----- Ceramic articles for craft shops
3269-C02 ----- Chemical porcelain
3269-C03 ----- Chemical stoneware (pottery products)
3269-C04 ----- China firing and decorating, for the trade
3269-C05 ----- Cones, pyrometric: earthenware
3269-C06 ----- Cooking ware: stoneware, coarse earthenware, and pottery
3269-C07 ----- Crockery
3269-D01 ----- Decalcomania work on china and glass, for the trade
3269-D02 ----- Decorating china, for the trade
3269-E01 ----- Earthenware table and kitchen articles, coarse
3269-E02 ----- Encrusting gold, silver, or other metal on china, for the trade
3269-F01 ----- Figures, pottery: china, earthenware, and stoneware
3269-F02 ----- Filtering media, pottery
3269-F03 ----- Firing china, for the trade
3269-F04 ----- Florists, articles, red earthenware
3269-F05 ----- Flower pots, red earthenware
3269-F06 ----- Forms for dipped rubber products, pottery
3269-G01 ----- Garden pottery
3269-G02 ----- Grinding media, pottery
3269-H01 ----- Heater parts, pottery
3269-K01 ----- Kitchen articles, coarse earthenware
3269-L01 ----- Lamp bases, pottery
3269-P01 ----- Porcelain, chemical
3269-P02 ----- Pottery: art, garden, decorative, industrial, and laboratory
3269-P03 ----- Pyrometer tubes
3269-P04 ----- Pyrometric cones: earthenware
3269-R01 ----- Rockingham earthenware
3269-S01 ----- Smokers, articles, pottery
3269-S02 ----- Stationery articles, pottery
3269-S03 ----- Stoneware, chemical (pottery products)
3269-T01 ----- Table articles, coarse earthenware
3269-T02 ----- Tank liner brick, vitrified clay
3269-T03 ----- Textile guides, porcelain
3269-V01 ----- Vases, pottery (china, earthenware, and stoneware)

[3229-000 ----- Pressed and blown glass, n.e.c.]

3229-A01 ----- Art glassware, made in glassmaking plants
3229-A02 ----- Ashtrays
3229-B01 ----- Barware
3229-B02 ----- Battery jars
3229-B03 ----- Blanks for electric light bulbs
3229-B04 ----- Blocks
3229-B05 ----- Bowls
3229-B06 ----- Brick
3229-B07 ----- Bulbs for electric lights, without filaments or sockets-mitse
3229-C01 ----- Candlesticks
3229-C02 ----- Centerpieces
3229-C03 ----- Chimneys, lamp: glass-pressed or blown
3229-C04 ----- Christmas tree ornaments-mitse
3229-C05 ----- Clip cups
3229-C06 ----- Cooking utensils, glass and glass ceramic
3229-D01 ----- Decorative glassware: made in glass making establishments
3229-D02 ----- Drinking straws
3229-E01 ----- Electrical insulators
3229-F01 ----- Fiber optics strands
3229-F02 ----- Fibers, glass, textile
3229-F03 ----- Flameware, glass and glass ceramic
3229-F04 ----- Frying pans, glass and glass ceramic
3229-G01 ----- Glass and glassware made in glassmaking establishments: for industrial, scientific, and technical use
3229-G02 ----- Glass blanks for electric light bulbs
3229-G03 ----- Glass brick
3229-G04 ----- Glassware: art, decorative, and novelty
3229-G05 ----- Glassware, except glass containers for packing, bottling, and canning
3229-G06 ----- Goblets
3229-I01 ----- Illuminating glass: light shades, reflectors, lamp chimneys, and globes
3229-I02 ----- Industrial glassware and glass products, pressed or blown
3229-I03 ----- Inkwells
3229-I04 ----- Insulators, electrical
3229-L01 ----- Lamp parts
3229-L02 ----- Lamp shades
3229-L03 ----- Lantern globes, pressed or blown
3229-L04 ----- Lens blanks, optical and ophthalmic
3229-L05 ----- Lenses, glass: for lanterns, flashlights, headlights, and searchlights
3229-L06 ----- Level vials for instruments
3229-L07 ----- Light shades, pressed or blown
3229-L08 ----- Lighting glassware, pressed or blown
3229-N01 ----- Novelty glassware: made in glass making plants
3229-O01 ----- Ophthalmic glass, except flat
3229-O02 ----- Ophthalmic lens blanks
3229-O03 ----- Optical glass blanks
3229-O04 ----- Optical lens blanks
3229-O05 ----- Ornaments, Christmas tree-mitse
3229-O06 ----- Ovenware
3229-P01 ----- Photomask blanks
3229-R01 ----- Reflectors for lighting equipment, pressed or blown
3229-R02 ----- Refrigerator dishes and jars
3229-S01 ----- Scientific glassware, pressed or blown: made in glassmaking plants
3229-S02 ----- Shades, lamp
3229-S03 ----- Smokers, glassware: ashtrays, tobacco jars, etc.
3229-S04 ----- Stationers, glassware: inkwells, clip cups, etc.
3229-S05 ----- Stemware
3229-S06 ----- Straws
3229-T01 ----- Tableware, glass and glass ceramic
3229-T02 ----- Tea kettles, glass and glass ceramic
3229-T03 ----- Technical glassware and glass products, pressed or blown
3229-T04 ----- Television tube blanks
3229-T05 ----- Textile glass fibers
3229-T06 ----- Tobacco jars
3229-T07 ----- Trays
3229-T08 ----- Tubing
3229-T09 ----- Tumblers
3229-V01 ----- Vases
3229-Y01 ----- Yarn, fiberglass: made in glass plants

[3231-000 ----- Products of purchased glass]

3231-A01 ----- Aquariums and reflectors
3231-A02 ----- Art glass
3231-B01 ----- Beads, glass reflector: for highway signs and other reflectors-mfpm
3231-C01 ----- Christmas tree ornaments
3231-C02 ----- Crystals, watch
3231-C03 ----- Cut and engraved glassware
3231-C04 ----- Cutware
3231-D01 ----- Decorated glassware: e.g., chipped, engraved, etched, sandblasted
3231-D02 ----- Doors
3231-E01 ----- Enameled glass
3231-E02 ----- Encrusting gold, silver, or other metals on glass products
3231-E03 ----- Engraved glassware
3231-F01 ----- Flowers, foliage, fruits and vines: artificial glass
3231-F02 ----- Flowers
3231-F03 ----- Foliage
3231-F04 ----- Fruit, artificial
3231-F05 ----- Furniture tops, glass: cut, beveled, and polished
3231-G01 ----- Glass: cut, ground, leaded, laminated, ornamented, and tinted-mfpm
3231-G02 ----- Glass, scientific apparatus: for druggists' hospitals, laboratories-made from pur-chased glass
3231-G03 ----- Glass, sheet: bent
3231-G04 ----- Glassware, cut and engraved
3231-G05 ----- Glassware, cutting and engraving
3231-G06 ----- Glassware, decorated: e.g., chipped, engraved, sandblasted, etched
3231-G07 ----- Grasses, artificial
3231-G08 ----- Ground glass
3231-I01 ----- Industrial glassware
3231-L01 ----- Laboratory glassware
3231-L02 ----- Laminated glass
3231-L03 ----- Leaded glass
3231-M01 ----- Medicine droppers
3231-M02 ----- Mirrors, framed or unframed
3231-M03 ----- Mirrors, transportation equipment
3231-M04 ----- Multiple-glazed insulating units
3231-N01 ----- Novelties, glass: e.g., fruit, foliage, flowers, animals
3231-O01 ----- Ornamented glass
3231-O02 ----- Ornaments, Christmas tree
3231-P01 ----- Plants and foliage, artificial
3231-R01 ----- Reflector glass beads, for highway signs and other reflectors
3231-S01 ----- Safety glass
3231-S02 ----- Scientific apparatus glass
3231-S03 ----- Scientific glassware
3231-S04 ----- Shower doors
3231-S05 ----- Silvered glass
3231-S06 ----- Stained glass
3231-T01 ----- Table tops
3231-T02 ----- Technical glassware
3231-T03 ----- Tempered glass
3231-T04 ----- Test tubes
3231-V01 ----- Vials
3231-W01 ----- Watch crystals
3231-W02 ----- Windows, stained glass
3231-W03 ----- Windshields

[3273-000 ----- Ready-mixed concrete]

3273-C01 ----- Central
3273-R01 ----- Ready-mixed concrete, production and distribution
3273-S01 ----- Shrink
3273-T01 ----- Truck

[3259-000 ----- Structural clay products, n.e.c.]

3259-A01 ----- Adobe brick
3259-A02 ----- Architectural terra cotta
3259-B01 ----- Blocks, segment
3259-B02 ----- Brick, adobe
3259-C01 ----- Chimney pipe and tops
3259-C02 ----- Conduit, vitrified clay
3259-C03 ----- Coping, wall
3259-D01 ----- Drain tile
3259-F01 ----- Flue lining
3259-L01 ----- Liner brick and plates, for lining sewers, tanks, etc.: vitrified clay
3259-L02 ----- Lining, stove and flue
3259-P01 ----- Pipe, chimney
3259-P02 ----- Pipe, sewer
3259-R01 ----- Roofing tile
3259-S01 ----- Segment block
3259-S02 ----- Sewer liner brick, vitrified clay
3259-S03 ----- Sewer pipe and fittings
3259-S04 ----- Stove lining
3259-T01 ----- Terra cotta, architectural
3259-T02 ----- Thimbles, chimney
3259-T03 ----- Tile, filter undeldrain
3259-T04 ----- Tile, roofing and drain
3259-T05 ----- Tile, sewer
3259-T06 ----- Tops, chimney
3259-W01 ----- Wall coping

[3262-000 ----- Vitreous china food utensils]

3262-B01 ----- Bone china
3262-C01 ----- China cooking ware
3262-C02 ----- China tableware, commercial, and household: vitreous
3262-C03 ----- Commercial and household tableware and kitchenware: vitreous china
3262-C04 ----- Cooking ware, china
3262-D01 ----- Dishes: commercial and household-vitreous china
3262-H01 ----- Hotel tableware and kitchen articles, vitreous china
3262-H02 ----- Household tableware and kitchen articles, vitreous china
3262-K01 ----- Kitchenware: commercial and household-vitreous china
3262-T01 ----- Table articles, vitreous china
3262-T02 ----- Tableware, commercial: vitreous china

[3261-000 ----- Vitreous plumbing fixtures]

3261-B01 ----- Bathroom accessories, vitreous china and earthenware
3261-B02 ----- Bidets, vitreous china
3261-B03 ----- Bolt caps, vitreous china and earthenware
3261-C01 ----- Caps, bolt: vitreous china and earthenware
3261-C02 ----- Closet bowls, vitreous china
3261-D01 ----- Drinking fountains, vitreous china
3261-F01 ----- Faucet handles, vitreous china and earthenware
3261-F02 ----- Flush tanks, vitreous china
3261-H01 ----- Handles, faucet: vitreous china and earthenware
3261-L01 ----- Laundry trays, vitreous china
3261-L02 ----- Lavatories, vitreous china
3261-P01 ----- Plumbing fixtures, vitreous china
3261-S01 ----- Sinks, vitreous china
3261-S02 ----- Soap dishes, vitreous china and earthenware
3261-S03 ----- Stall urinals, vitreous china
3261-T01 ----- Tanks, flush: vitreous china
3261-T02 ----- Toilet fixtures, vitreous china
3261-T03 ----- Towel bar holders, vitreous china and earthenware
3261-U01 ----- Urinals, vitreous china


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