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[29 ----- Petroleum and Coal Products]

2952-000 ----- Asphalt felts and coatings
2951-000 ----- Asphalt paving mixtures and blocks
2992-000 ----- Lubricating oils and greases
2999-000 ----- Petroleum and coal products, n.e.c.
2911-000 ----- Petroleum refining

[2952-000 ----- Asphalt felts and coatings]

2952-A01 ----- Asphalt roof cement-mfpm
2952-A02 ----- Asphalt saturated board-mfpm
2952-B01 ----- Board, asphalt saturated-mfpm
2952-B02 ----- Brick siding, asphalt-mfpm
2952-C01 ----- Cement roofing: asphalt, fibrous plastics-mfpm
2952-C02 ----- Coating compounds, tar-mfpm
2952-F01 ----- Fabrics, roofing asphalt or tar saturated-mfpm
2952-F02 ----- Felts, roofing asphalt saturated and tar saturate-droll or shingle
2952-I01 ----- Insulating siding, impregnated-mfpm
2952-M01 ----- Mastic roofing composition-mfpm
2952-P01 ----- Pitch, roofing-mfpm
2952-R01 ----- Roof cement: asphalt, fibrous, and plastics-mfpm
2952-R02 ----- Roof coatings and cements: liquid and plastics-mfpm
2952-R03 ----- Roofing, asphalt or tar saturated felt: built-up, roll, and shingle-mfpm
2952-R04 ----- Roofing felts, cements, and coatings: asphalt, tar, and composition-mfpm
2952-R05 ----- Roofing pitch, coal tar: not made in byproduct coke ovens
2952-S01 ----- Sauna rooms, prefabricated: wood
2952-S02 ----- Sheathing, asphalt saturated-mfpm
2952-S03 ----- Shingles, asphalt or tar saturated felt: strip and individual-mfpm
2952-S04 ----- Siding, asphalt brick
2952-S05 ----- Siding, insulating: impregnated-mfpm
2952-T01 ----- Tar paper, roofing-mfpm
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[2951 -000 ----- Asphalt paving mixtures and blocks]

2951-A01 ----- Asphalt and asphaltic mixtures for paving, not made in refineries
2951-A02 ----- Asphalt paving blocks, not made in petroleum refineries
2951-A03 ----- Asphaltic concrete, not made in petroleum refineries
2951-C01 ----- Coal tar paving materials, not made in petroleum refineries
2951-C02 ----- Composition!blocks gor paving
2851-C03 ----- Concrete, arphaltic: not maee in petroleum refinerids
2951-C04 ----- Concrete, bituminous
2951-F01 ----- Floor composition, mastic: hot and cold
2951-M01 ----- Mastic floor composition, hot and cold
2951-P01 ----- Paving blocks and mixtures (except brick, concrete, and cut stone), mfpm
2951-R01 ----- Road materials, bituminous: not made in petroleum refineries
2951-T01 ----- Tar and asphalt mixtures for paving, not made in petroleum refineries
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[2992 -000 ----- Lubricating oils and greases]

2992-B01 ----- Brake fluid, hydraulic-mfpm
2992-C01 ----- Cutting oils, blending and compounding from purchased material.
2992-G01 ----- Greases, lubricating-mfpm
2992-H01 ----- Hydraulic fluids-mfpm
2992-L01 ----- Lubricating greases and oils-mfpm
2992-L02 ----- Lubricating oils, re-refining-mfpm
2992-O01 ----- Oils, lubricating-mfpm
2992-O02 ----- Oils, lubricating: re-fining
2992-R01 ----- Re refining lubricating oils and greases-mfpm
2992-R02 ----- Rust arresting compounds, animal and vegetable oil base-mfpm
2992-T01 ----- Transmission fluid-mfpm
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[2999 -000 ----- Petroleum and coal products, n.e.c.]

2999-B01 ----- Boulets (fuel bricks), made with petroleum binder
2999-B02 ----- Briquettes (fuel bricks): made with petroleum binder
2999-C01 ----- Calcined petroleum coke-mfpm
2999-C02 ----- Coke, petroleum: not produced in petroleum refineries
2999-F01 ----- Fireplace logs, made from coal
2999-F02 ----- Fuel briquettes or boulets, made with petroleum binder
2999-W01 ----- Waxes, petroleum: not produced in petrbleum refineries
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[2911 -000 ----- Petroleum refining]

2911-A01 ----- Acid oil
2911-A02 ----- Acids, naphthenic
2911-A03 ----- Alkylater
2911-A04 ----- Aromatic chemicals
2911-A05 ----- Asphalt and asphaltic materials: liquid and solid
2911-B01 ----- Benzene
2911-B02 ----- Butadiene
2911-B03 ----- Butylene
2911-C01 ----- Coke, petroleum
2911-E01 ----- Ethylene
2911-F01 ----- Fractionation products of crude petroleum refineries
2911-F02 ----- Fuels, jet
2911-G01 ----- Gas, refinery or still oil
2911-G02 ----- Gases, liquefied petroleum
2911-G03 ----- Gasoline blending plants
2911-G04 ----- Gasoline, except natural gasoline
2911-G05 ----- Greases, lubricating
2911-H01 ----- Hydrocarbon fluid
2911-I01 ----- Illuminating oil
2911-J01 ----- Jet fuels
2911-K01 ----- Kerosene
2911-M01 ----- Mineral jelly
2911-M02 ----- Mineral oils, natural
2911-M03 ----- Mineral waxes, natural
2911-N01 ----- Naphtha
2911-N02 ----- Naphthenic acids
2911-O01 ----- Oil, acid
2911-O02 ----- Oil still gas
2911-O03 ----- Oils: fuel, lubricating, and illuminating
2911-O04 ----- Oils, partly refined: sold for rerunning
2911-P01 ----- Paraffin wax
2911-P02 ----- Petrolatums
2911-P03 ----- Petroleum coke
2911-P04 ----- Petroleum refining
2911-P05 ----- Propylene
2911-R01 ----- Refineries
2911-R02 ----- Refinery gas
2911-R03 ----- Road materials, bituminous
2911-R04 ----- Road oils
2911-S01 ----- Solvents
2911-T01 ----- Tar or residuum
2911-W01 ----- Wax, paraffin

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