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[27 ----- Printing and Publishing]

2782-000 ----- Blankbooks and looseleaf binders
2732-000 ----- Book printing
2731-000 ----- Book publishing
2789-000 ----- Bookbinding and related work
2754-000 ----- Commercial printing, gravure
2752-000 ----- Commercial printing, lithographic
2759-000 ----- Commercial printing, n.e.c.
2749-000 ----- Electronic publishing
2771-000 ----- Greeting card publishing
2761-000 ----- Manifold business forms
2741-000 ----- Miscellaneous publishing
2711-000 ----- Newspapers
2721-000 ----- Periodicals, paper
2796-000 ----- Platemaking services
2791-000 ----- Typesetting

[2782-000 ----- Blankbooks and looseleaf binders]

2782-A01 ----- Account books
2782-A02 ----- Albums
2782-B01 ----- Binders, looseleaf
2782-B02 ----- Blankbook making
2782-C01 ----- Chart and graph paper, ruled
2782-C02 ----- Checkbooks
2782-D01 ----- Diaries
2782-F01 ----- Fillers and forms, looseleaf: pen ruled or printed only
2782-F02 ----- Forms and fillers, looseleaf: pen ruled or printed only
2782-G01 ----- Graph paper, ruled
2782-I01 ----- Inventory blankbooks
2782-L01 ----- Ledgers and ledger sheets
2782-L02 ----- Library binders, looseleaf
2782-L03 ----- Looseleaf devices and binders
2782-L04 ----- Looseleaf forms and fillers, pen ruled or printed only
2782-M01 ----- Memorandum books, printed
2782-P01 ----- Paper, chart and graph: ruled
2782-P02 ----- Paper ruling
2782-P03 ----- Passbooks
2782-R01 ----- Receipt books
2782-R02 ----- Record albums
2782-R03 ----- Ruling of paper
2782-S01 ----- Sample books
2782-S02 ----- Scrapbooks
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[2732-000 ----- Book printing]

2732-B02 ----- Books
2732-M01 ----- Music books
2732-P01 ----- Pamphlets
2732-T01 ----- Textbooks
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[2731-000 ----- Book publishing]

2731-B01 ----- Book club
2731-B03 ----- Books
2731-C01 ----- Children's books
2731-M01 ----- Music books
2731-P01 ----- Pamphlets
2731-T01 ----- Textbooks
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[2789-000 ----- Bookbinding and related work]

2789-B01 ----- Beveling of cards
2789-B02 ----- Binding only: books, pamphlets, magazines, etc.
2789-B03 ----- Book gilding, bronzing, edging, deckling, embossing, and gold stamping
2789-B04 ----- Bookbinding: edition, job, library, and trade
2789-B05 ----- Bronzing books, cards, or paper
2789-C01 ----- Cards: beveling, bronzing, deckling, edging, and gilding
2789-D01 ----- Deckling books, cards, and paper
2789-D02 ----- Display mounting
2789-E01 ----- Edging books, cards, or paper
2789-E02 ----- Embossing of books
2789-G01 ----- Gilding books, cards, or paper
2789-G02 ----- Gold stamping on books
2789-M01 ----- Magazines, binding only
2789-M02 ----- Mounting of maps and samples, for the trade
2789-P01 ----- Pamphlets, binding only
2789-P02 ----- Paper bronzing, gilding, edging, and deckling
2789-P03 ----- Paper cutting, except die-cutting
2789-R01 ----- Rebinding books, magazines, or pamphlets
2789-R02 ----- Repairing books (bookbinding)
2789-S01 ----- Sample mounting for the trade
2789-S02 ----- Swatches and samples, mounting for the trade
2789-T01 ----- Trade binding services
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[2754-000 ----- Commercial printing, gravure]

2754-B01 ----- Bread wrappers
2754-C01 ----- Calendars
2754-C02 ----- Cards, except greeting
2754-C03 ----- Cards, playing
2754-C04 ----- Catalogs
2754-C05 ----- Circulars
2754-C06 ----- Color printing
2754-C07 ----- Commercial printing
2754-C08 ----- Coupons
2754-D01 ----- Directories
2754-E01 ----- Envelopes
2754-F01 ----- Facsimile letters
2754-F02 ----- Fashion plates
2754-G01 ----- Gravure printing
2754-I01 ----- Imprinting
2754-I02 ----- Intaglio printing
2754-J01 ----- Job printing
2754-L01 ----- Labels
2754-L02 ----- Letters, circular and form
2754-M01 ----- Magazines
2754-M02 ----- Maps
2754-M03 ----- Menus
2754-M04 ----- Music, sheet
2754-N01 ----- Newspapers
2754-P01 ----- Periodicals
2754-P02 ----- Photogravure printing
2754-P03 ----- Playing cards
2754-P04 ----- Postcards, picture
2754-P05 ----- Posters
2754-P06 ----- Printing, commercial or job
2754-P07 ----- Printing: gravure, photogravure, rotary photogravure, and rotogravure
2754-R01 ----- Rotary photogravure printing
2754-R02 ----- Rotogravure printing
2754-S01 ----- Schedules, transportation
2754-S02 ----- Seals
2754-S03 ----- Sheet music
2754-S04 ----- Souvenir cards
2754-S05 ----- Stationery
2754-T01 ----- Telephone directories
2754-T02 ----- Tickets
2754-T03 ----- Trading stamps
2754-T04 ----- Transportation schedules
2754-V01 ----- Visiting cards
2754-W01 ----- Wrappers
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[2752-000 ----- Commercial printing, lithographic]

2752-A01 ----- Advertising posters
2752-A02 ----- Atlases
2752-B01 ----- Billheads
2752-B02 ----- Bread wrappers
2752-B03 ----- Business forms, except manifold
2752-C01 ----- Calendars
2752-C02 ----- Cards
2752-C03 ----- Circulars
2752-C04 ----- Color cards, paint: offset printing
2752-C05 ----- Color lithography
2752-C06 ----- Commercial printing
2752-C07 ----- Commercial printing, offset
2752-C08 ----- Coupons
2752-D01 ----- Decalcomanias (dry transfers)
2752-F01 ----- Fashion plates
2752-I01 ----- Instant printing, except photocopy service
2752-J01 ----- Job printing
2752-J02 ----- Job printing, offset
2752-L01 ----- Labels
2752-L02 ----- Letters, circular and form
2752-L03 ----- Lithographing on metal or paper
2752-M01 ----- Maps
2752-M02 ----- Menus
2752-N01 ----- Newspapers, not published
2752-O01 ----- Offset printing
2752-P01 ----- Periodicals lithographed: not published
2752-P02 ----- Photo-offset printing
2752-P03 ----- Photolithographing
2752-P04 ----- Picture postcards
2752-P05 ----- Planographing
2752-P06 ----- Playing cards
2752-P07 ----- Postcards, picture
2752-P08 ----- Posters
2752-P09 ----- Printing, commercial or job: lithographic and offset
2752-P10 ----- Printing from lithographic or offset plates
2752-P11 ----- Printing
2752-P12 ----- Printing, photo offset
2752-Q01 ----- Quick printing, except photocopy service
2752-S01 ----- Schedules, transportation
2752-S02 ----- Seals
2752-S03 ----- Souvenir cards
2752-T01 ----- Tags
2752-T02 ----- Tickets
2752-T03 ----- Trading stamps
2752-T04 ----- Transferring designs
2752-T05 ----- Transfers, decalcomania and dry
2752-T06 ----- Transportation schedules
2752-V01 ----- Visiting cards
2752-W01 ----- Wrappers
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[2759-000 ----- Commercial printing, n.e.c.]

2759-A01 ----- Announcements, engraved
2759-B01 ----- Bags, plastics: printed only, except lithographed or gravure (bags not made in printing plants)
2759-B02 ----- Banknotes, engraved
2759-B03 ----- Bread wrappers, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-B04 ----- Business forms, except manifold, lithographed or gravure printed
2759-C01 ----- Calendars, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-C02 ----- Cards, except greeting cards: engraving of
2759-C03 ----- Cards, playing: except lithographed or gravure
2759-C04 ----- Cards, printed: except greeting, lithographed or gravure
2759-C05 ----- Catalogs, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-C06 ----- Certificates, security: engraved
2759-C07 ----- Circulars, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-C08 ----- Color printing: except lithographed or gravure
2759-C09 ----- Commercial printing: except lithographed or gravure
2759-C10 ----- Coupons, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-C11 ----- Currency, engraving of
2759-D01 ----- Decalcomanias, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-D02 ----- Directories, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-E01 ----- Embossing on paper
2759-E02 ----- Engraving of cards, except greeting cards
2759-E03 ----- Envelopes, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-F01 ----- Fashion plates, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-F02 ----- Flexographic printing
2759-G01 ----- Gummed labels and seals, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-H01 ----- Halftones, engraved
2759-I01 ----- Imprinting, except lithographed or gravure
2759-I02 ----- Invitations, engraved
2759-J01 ----- Job printing, except lithographic or gravure
2759-L01 ----- Labels, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-L02 ----- Letterpress printing
2759-L03 ----- Letters, circular and form: except lithographed or gravure printed
2759-M01 ----- Magazines, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-M02 ----- Maps, engraved
2759-M03 ----- Maps, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-M04 ----- Menus, except lithographed or gravure printed
2759-M05 ----- Music, sheet: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-N01 ----- Newspapers, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-P01 ----- Periodicals, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-P02 ----- Picture post cards: except lithographed or gravure
2759-P03 ----- Plate printing
2759-P04 ----- Plateless engraving
2759-P05 ----- Playing cards, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-P06 ----- Postcards, picture: except lithographed or gravure printed
2759-P07 ----- Posters, including billboard: except lithographed or gravure
2759-P08 ----- Printing, commercial or job: engraved plate
2759-P09 ----- Printing, commercial or job: except lithographic or gravure
2759-P10 ----- Printing, flexographic
2759-P11 ----- Printing from engraved and etched plates
2759-P12 ----- Printing, letterpress
2759-P13 ----- Printing, screen: except on textiles or finished fabric articles
2759-S01 ----- Schedules, transportation: except lithographed or gravure
2759-S02 ----- Screen printing on glass, plastics, paper, and metal, including highway signs
2759-S03 ----- Seals: printing except lithographic or gravure
2759-S04 ----- Security certificates, engraved
2759-S05 ----- Sheet music, printing (not publishing): except lithographed or gravure
2759-S06 ----- Souvenir cards: except lithographed or gravure
2759-S07 ----- Stationery: except lithographed or gravure
2759-S08 ----- Steel line engraving, for the printing trade
2759-S09 ----- Stock certificates, engraved
2759-T01 ----- Tags, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-T02 ----- Telephone directories, except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)
2759-T03 ----- Thermography, except lithographed or gravure
2759-T04 ----- Tickets, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-T05 ----- Transportation schedules, printing: except lithographed or gravure
2759-V01 ----- Visiting cards, printed: except lithographed or gravure
2759-W01 ----- Wrappers, printed: except lithographed or gravure
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[2749-000 ----- Electronic publishing]

2749-C01 ----- CD-ROM, publishing and printing, or publishing only
2749-E01----- Eletronic publishing
2749-I01 ----- Internet, publishing and printing, or publishing only
2749-M01 ----- Multimedia, publishing and printing, or publishing only
2749-O01 ----- Online, publishing and printing, or publishing only

[2771-000 ----- Greeting card publishing]

2771-B01 ----- Birthday cards, except hand painted
2771-C01 ----- Cards, greeting, except hand painted
2771-C02 ----- Christmas cards, except hand painted
2771-E01 ----- Easter cards, except hand painted
2771-G01 ----- Greeting cards, except hand painted
2771-V01 ----- Valentine cards, except hand painted
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[2761-000 ----- Manifold business forms]

2761-A01 ----- Autographic register forms, printed
2761-B01 ----- Business forms, manifold
2761-C01 ----- Computer forms, manifold or continuous(excludes paper simply lined)
2761-C02 ----- Continuous forms, office and business: carbonized or multiple reproduction
2761-F01 ----- Fanfold forms
2761-F02 ----- Forms, business: manifold or continuous
2761-S01 ----- Sales books
2761-S02 ----- Strip forms (manifold business forms)
2761-T01 ----- Tabulating card set forms (business forms)
2761-U01 ----- Unit sets (manifold business forms)
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[2741-000 ----- Miscellaneous publishing]

2741-A01 ----- Atlases
2741-B01 ----- Business service newsletters
2741-C01 ----- Calendars
2741-C02 ----- Catalogs
2741-D01 ----- Directories
2741-G01 ----- Globe covers (maps)
2741-G02 ----- Guides
2741-M01 ----- Maps
2741-M02 ----- Micropublishing
2741-M03 ----- Multimedia educational kits
2741-M04 ----- Music, sheet
2741-P01 ----- Patterns, paper, including clothing patterns
2741-P02 ----- Publishing and printing maps, guides, directories, atlases, and sheet music
2741-P03 ----- Publishing without printing: maps
2741-R01 ----- Race track programs
2741-R02 ----- Racing forms
2741-S01 ----- Shopping news
2741-S02 ----- Safety publications-mfg
2741-T01 ----- Technical manuals and papers
2741-T02 ----- Telephone directories
2741-Y01 ----- Yearbooks
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[2711-000 ----- Newspapers]

2711-C01 ----- Commercial printing and newspaper publishing combined
2711-J01 ----- Job printing and newspaper publishing combined
2711-N01 ----- Newspaper branch offices, editorial and advertising
2711-N02 ----- Newspapers: publishing and printing, or publishing only
2711-P01 ----- Publishing and printing, or publishing only: newspapers
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[2721-000 ----- Periodicals, paper]

2721-C01 ----- Comic books
2721-M01 ----- Magazines
2721-P01 ----- Periodicals
2721-S01 ----- Statistical reports (periodicals)only
2721-T01 ----- Television schedules
2721-T02 ----- Trade journals
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[2796-000 ----- Platemaking services]

2796-C01 ----- Color separations for printing
2796-E01 ----- Electrotype plates
2796-E02 ----- Electrotyping for the trade
2796-E03 ----- Embossing plates for printing
2796-E04 ----- Engraving on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printing purposes
2796-E05 ----- Engraving on textile printing plates and cylinders
2796-E06 ----- Engraving, steel line: for printing purposes
2796-E07 ----- Etching on copper, steel, wood, or rubber plates for printing purposes
2796-F01 ----- Flexographic plates, preparation of
2796-G01 ----- Gravure plates and cylinders, preparation of
2796-L01 ----- Letterpress plates, preparation of
2796-L02 ----- Linecuts
2796-L03 ----- Lithographic plates, positives or negatives:preparation of
2796-O01 ----- Offset plates, positives or negatives: preparation of
2796-P01 ----- Photoengraving for the trade
2796-P02 ----- Photoengraving plates (halftones and linecuts)
2796-P03 ----- Plates and cylinders, rotogravure printing: preparation of
2796-P04 ----- Plates for printing, embossing of
2796-P05 ----- Plates, lithographic: preparation of
2796-P06 ----- Plates, photoengraving
2796-P07 ----- Plates, printing: preparation of
2796-P08 ----- Printing plates and cylinders, rotogravure: preparation of
2796-P09 ----- Pre-press services
2796-R01 ----- Rotogravure printing plates and cylinders
2796-S01 ----- Stereotype plates
2796-S02 ----- Stereotyping for the trade
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[2791-000 ----- Typesetting]

2791-A01 ----- Advertisement typesetting
2791-C01 ----- Composition, hand: for the printing- trade
2791-C02 ----- Composition, machine: e.g., linotype, monotype-for the printing trade
2791-P01 ----- Photocomposition
2791-P02 ----- Phototypesetting
2791-T01 ----- Typesetting, computer controlled
2791-T02 ----- Typesetting for the printing trade
2791-T03 ----- Typographic composition

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