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[20 ----- Food and Kindred Products]

2077-000 ----- Animal and marine fats and oils
2063-000 ----- Beet sugar
2045-000 ----- Blended and prepared flour mixes and doughs
2086-000 ----- Bottled and canned soft drinks
2051-000 ----- Bread, cake, and related products
2064-000 ----- Candy & other confectionery products
2062-000 ----- Cane sugar refining
2091-000 ----- Canned and cured fish and seafoods
2033-000 ----- Canned fruits and vegetables
2032-000 ----- Canned specialties
2043-000 ----- Cereal breakfast foods
2022-000 ----- Cheese, natural and processed
2067-000 ----- Chewing gum
2066-000 ----- Chocolate and cocoa products
2023-000 ----- Condensed and evaporated milk
2052-000 ----- Cookies and crackers
2074-000 ----- Cottonseed oil mills
2021-000 ----- Creamery butter
2034-000 ----- Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, soups
2085-000 ----- Distilled and blended liquors
2047-000 ----- Dog and cat food
2079-000 ----- Edible fats and oils, n.e.c.
2087-000 ----- Flavoring extracts and syrups, n.e.c.
2041-000 ----- Flour and other grain mill products
2026-000 ----- Fluid milk
2099-000 ----- Food preparations, n.e.c.
2092-000 ----- Fresh or frozen packaged fish
2053-000 ----- Frozen bakery products, (except bread)
2037-000 ----- Frozen fruits and vegetables
2038-000 ----- Frozen specialties
2024-000 ----- Ice cream and frozen desserts
2098-000 ----- Macaroni and spaghetti
2083-000 ----- Malt
2082-000 ----- Malt beverages
2097-000 ----- Manufactured ice
2011-000 ----- Meat packing plants
2035-000 ----- Pickles, sauces, and salad dressings
2096-000 ----- Potato chips and similar snacks
2015-000 ----- Poultry slaughtering and processing
2048-000 ----- Prepared feeds, n.e.c.
2061-000 ----- Raw cane sugar
2044-000 ----- Rice milling
2095-000 ----- Roasted coffee
2068-000 ----- Salted and roasted nuts and seeds
2013-000 ----- Sausages and other prepared meats
2075-000 ----- Soybean oil mills
2076-000 ----- Vegetable oil mills, n.e.c.
2046-000 ----- Wet corn milling
2084-000 ----- Wines, brandy, and brandy spirits

[2077-000 ----- Animal and marine fats and oils]

2077-A01 ----- Animal oils, except medicinal grade
2077-F01 ----- Feather meal
2077-F02 ----- Fish liver oils, crude
2077-F03 ----- Fish meal
2077-F04 ----- Fish oil and fish oil meal
2077-G01 ----- Grease rendering, inedible
2077-M01 ----- Meal, blood
2077-M02 ----- Meal, meat and bone: not prepared as feed
2077-M03 ----- Meat and bone meal and tankage
2077-O01 ----- Oil and meal, fish
2077-O02 ----- Oils, animal
2077-O03 ----- Oils, fish and marine animal: e.g., herring, menhaden, whale (refined), sardine
2077-O04 ----- Oils, fish and marine animal: herring, menhaden, whale (refined), sardine
2077-R01 ----- Rendering plants, inedible grease and tallow
2077-S01 ----- Sardine oil
2077-S02 ----- Stearin, animal: inedible
2077-T01 ----- Tallow rendering, inedible
2077-W01 ----- Whale oil, refined
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[2063-000 ----- Beet sugar]

2063-B01 ----- Beet pulp, dried
2063-B02 ----- Beet sugar, made from sugar beets
2063-G01 ----- Granulated beet sugar
2063-M01 ----- Molasses beet pulp
2063-M02 ----- Molasses, made from sugar beets
2063-S01 ----- Sugar, granulated: made from sugar beets
2063-S02 ----- Sugar, invert: made from sugar beets
2063-S03 ----- Sugar, liquid: made from sugar beets
2063-S04 ----- Sugar, powdered: made from sugar beets
2063-S05 ----- Syrup, made from sugar beets
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[2045-000 ----- Blended and prepared flour mixes and doughs]

2045-B01 ----- Biscuit mixes and doughs-mfpm
2045-B02 ----- Blended flour-mfpm
2045-B03 ----- Bread and bread-type roll mixes-mfpm
2045-C01 ----- Cake flour-mfpm
2045-C02 ----- Cake mixes-mfpm
2045-D01 ----- Dough, biscuit-mfpm
2045-D02 ----- Doughnut mixes-mfpm
2045-D03 ----- Doughs, refrigerated or frozen-mfpm
2045-F01 ----- Flour: blended or self-rising-mfpm
2045-F02 ----- Frozen doughs-mfpm
2045-G01 ----- Gingerbread mixes-mfpm
2045-M01 ----- Mixes, flour: e.g., pancake, cake, biscuit, doughnut-mfpm
2045-P01 ----- Pancake batter, refrigerated or frozen-mfpm
2045-P02 ----- Pancake mixes-mfpm
2045-P03 ----- Pizza mixes and doughs-mfpm
2045-S01 ----- Self-rising flour-mfpm
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[2086-000 ----- Bottled and canned soft drinks]

2086-B01 ----- Beer, birch and root: bottled or canned
2086-B02 ----- Birch beer, bottled or canned
2086-C01 ----- Carbonated beverages, non-alcoholic: bottled or canned
2086-D01 ----- Drinks, fruit: bottled, canned, or fresh
2086-F01 ----- Fruit (fresh) drinks, bottled or canned
2086-G01 ----- Ginger ale, bottled or canned
2086-I01 ----- Iced tea, bottled or canned
2086-L01 ----- Lemonade: bottled, canned, or fresh
2086-M01 ----- Mineral water, carbonated: bottled or canned
2086-R01 ----- Root beer, bottled or canned
2086-S01 ----- Soft drinks, bottled or canned
2086-T01 ----- Tea, iced: bottled or canned
2086-W01 ----- Water, pasteurized: bottled or canned
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[2051-000 ----- Bread, cake, and related products]

2051-B01 ----- Bagels
2051-B02 ----- Bakery products, fresh: bread, cakes, doughnuts, and pastries
2051-B03 ----- Bakery products, partially cooked: except frozen
2051-B04 ----- Biscuits, baked: baking powder and raised
2051-B05 ----- Bread, brown: Boston and other-canned
2051-B06 ----- Bread, including frozen
2051-B07 ----- Brown bread, Boston and other: canned
2051-B08 ----- Buns, bread-type (e.g., hamburger, hot dog), including frozen
2051-B09 ----- Buns, sweet, except frozen
2051-C01 ----- Cakes, bakery, except frozen
2051-C02 ----- Charlotte Russe (bakery product), except frozen
2051-C03 ----- Croissants, except frozen
2051-C04 ----- Crullers, except frozen
2051-D01 ----- Doughnuts, except frozen
2051-F01 ----- Frozen bread and bread-type rolls
2051-K01 ----- Knishes, except frozen
2051-P01 ----- Pastries, except frozen: e.g., Danish, french
2051-P02 ----- Pies, bakery, except frozen
2051-R01 ----- Rolls, bread-type, including frozen
2051-R02 ----- Rolls, sweet, except frozen
2051-S01 ----- Sponge goods, bakery, except frozen
2051-S02 ----- Sweet yeast goods, except frozen
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[2064-000 ----- Candy & other confectionery products]

2064-B01 ----- Bars, candy: including chocolate covered bars
2064-B02 ----- Breakfast bars
2064-C01 ----- Cake ornaments, confectionery
2064-C02 ----- Candied fruits and fruit peel
2064-C03 ----- Candy bars, except solid chocolate
2064-C04 ----- Candy, except solid chocolate
2064-C05 ----- Chewing candy, except chewing gum
2064-C06 ----- Chocolate bars, from purchased cocoa or chocolate
2064-C07 ----- Chocolate candy, except solid chocolate
2064-C08 ----- Confectionery
2064-C09 ----- Cough drops, except pharmaceutical preparations
2064-C10 ----- Crystallized fruits and fruit peel
2064-D01 ----- Dates: chocolate covered, sugared, and stuffed
2064-F01 ----- Fruit peel products: candied, glazed, glace, and crystallized
2064-F02 ----- Fruits: candied, glazed, and crystallized
2064-F03 ----- Fudge (candy)
2064-G01 ----- Glace fruits and nuts
2064-G02 ----- Granola bars and clusters
2064-H01 ----- Halvah (candy)
2064-L01 ----- Licorice candy
2064-L02 ----- Lozenges, candy: nonmedicated
2064-M01 ----- Marshmallows
2064-M02 ----- Marzipan (candy)
2064-N01 ----- Nuts, candy covered
2064-N02 ----- Nuts, glace
2064-P01 ----- Popcorn balls and candy covered popcorn products
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[2062-000 ----- Cane sugar refining]

2062-C01 ----- Cane sugar refineries
2062-C02 ----- Cane syrup, made in sugar refineries from purchased sugar
2062-I01 ----- Invert sugar
2062-M01 ----- Molasses, blackstrap: made from purchased raw cane sugar or sugar syrup
2062-R01 ----- Refineries, cane sugar
2062-S01 ----- Sugar, granulated: made from purchased raw cane sugar or sugar syrup
2062-S02 ----- Sugar, invert: made from purchased raw cane sugar or sugar syrup
2062-S03 ----- Sugar, powdered: made from purchased raw cane sugar or sugar syrup
2062-S04 ----- Sugar, refined: made from purchased raw cane sugar or sugar syrup
2062-S05 ----- Syrup, made from purchased raw cane sugar or sugar syrup
2062-S06 ----- Syrups, refiners
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[2091-000 ----- Canned and cured fish and seafoods]

2091-C01 ----- Canned fish, crustacea, and mollusks
2091-C02 ----- Caviar, canned
2091-C03 ----- Chowder, clam: canned
2091-C04 ----- Chowders, fish and seafood: canned
2091-C05 ----- Clam bouillon, broth, chowder, juice: bottled or canned
2091-C06 ----- Codfish: smoked, salted, dried, and pickled
2091-C07 ----- Crabmeat, canned and cured
2091-F01 ----- Finnan haddie (smoked haddock)
2091-F02 ----- Fish and seafood cakes: canned
2091-F03 ----- Fish, canned and cured
2091-F04 ----- Fish: cured, dried, pickled, salted, and smoked
2091-F05 ----- Fish egg bait, canned
2091-H01 ----- Herring: smoked, salted, dried, and pickled
2091-M01 ----- Mackerel: smoked, salted, dried, and pickled
2091-O01 ----- Oysters, canned and cured
2091-S01 ----- Salmon: smoked, salted, dried, canned, and pickled
2091-S02 ----- Sardines, canned
2091-S03 ----- Seafood products, canned and cured
2091-S04 ----- Shellfish, canned and cured
2091-S05 ----- Shrimp, canned and cured
2091-S06 ----- Soups, fish and seafood: canned
2091-S07 ----- Stews, fish and seafood: canned
2091-T01 ----- Tuna fish, canned
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[2033-000 ----- Canned fruits and vegetables]

2033-A01 ----- Artichokes in olive oil, canned
2033-B01 ----- Barbecue sauce
2033-B02 ----- Butters, fruit
2033-C01 ----- Canned fruits and vegetables
2033-C02 ----- Catsup
2033-C03 ----- Cherries, maraschino
2033-C04 ----- Chili sauce, tomato
2033-F01 ----- Fruit butters
2033-F02 ----- Fruit juices: canned
2033-F03 ----- Fruit pie mixes
2033-F04 ----- Fruit purees
2033-F05 ----- Fruits, canned
2033-H01 ----- Hominy, canned
2033-J01 ----- Jams, including imitation
2033-J02 ----- Jellies, edible: including imitation
2033-J03 ----- Juice, fruit: concentrated-hot pack
2033-J04 ----- Juices, fresh: fruit or vegetable
2033-J05 ----- Juices, fruit and vegetable: canned or fresh
2033-K01 ----- Ketchup
2033-M01 ----- Marmalade
2033-M02 ----- Mushrooms, canned
2033-N01 ----- Nectars, fruit
2033-O01 ----- Olives, including stuffed: canned
2033-P01 ----- Pastes, fruit and vegetable
2033-P02 ----- Preserves, including imitation
2033-P03 ----- Purees, fruit and vegetable
2033-S01 ----- Sauces, spaghetti
2033-S02 ----- Sauces, tomato based
2033-S03 ----- Sauerkraut, canned
2033-S04 ----- Seasonings (prepared sauces), tomato
2033-S05 ----- Spaghetti sauce
2033-T01 ----- Tomato juice and cocktails, canned
2033-T02 ----- Tomato paste
2033-T03 ----- Tomato puree
2033-T04 ----- Tomato sauce
2033-V01 ----- Vegetable juices: canned, bottled and bulk
2033-V02 ----- Vegetable pie mixes
2033-V03 ----- Vegetable purees
2033-V04 ----- Vegetables, canned
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[2032-000 ----- Canned specialties]

2032-B01 ----- Baby foods (including meats), canned
2032-B02 ----- Baked beans without meat: canned
2032-B03 ----- Bean sprouts, canned
2032-B04 ----- Beans, baked: with or without meat-canned
2032-B05 ----- Broth, except seafood: canned
2032-C01 ----- Chicken broth and soup, canned
2032-C02 ----- Chili con carne, canned
2032-C03 ----- Chinese foods, canned
2032-C04 ----- Chop suey, canned
2032-C05 ----- Chow mein, canned
2032-E01 ----- Enchiladas, canned
2032-F01 ----- Food specialties, canned
2032-I01 ----- Italian foods, canned
2032-M01 ----- Macaroni, canned
2032-M02 ----- Mexican foods, canned
2032-M03 ----- Mincemeat, canned
2032-N01 ----- Nationality specialty foods, canned
2032-N02 ----- Native foods, canned
2032-P01 ----- Pasta, canned
2032-P02 ----- Pies, meat: canned
2032-P03 ----- Plum pudding
2032-P04 ----- Pork and beans, canned
2032-P05 ----- Puddings, except meat: canned
2032-R01 ----- Ravioli, canned
2032-S01 ----- Soups, except seafood: canned
2032-S02 ----- Spaghetti, canned
2032-S03 ----- Spanish foods, canned
2032-T01 ----- Tamales, canned
2032-T02 ----- Tortillas, canned
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[2043-000 ----- Cereal breakfast foods]

2043-B01 ----- Breakfast foods, cereal
2043-C01 ----- Cereal preparations and breakfast foods
2043-C02 ----- Coffee substitutes made from grain
2043-C03 ----- Corn flakes
2043-C04 ----- Corn, hulled (cereal breakfast food)
2043-F01 ----- Farina, cereal breakfast food
2043-G01 ----- Granola, except bars and clusters
2043-H01 ----- Hominy grits prepared as cereal breakfast food
2043-I01 ----- Infants, foods, cereal type
2043-O01 ----- Oatmeal (cereal breakfast food)
2043-O02 ----- Oats, rolled (cereal breakfast food)
2043-R01 ----- Rice breakfast foods
2043-W01 ----- Wheat flakes

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