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[17 ----- Special Trade Contractors]

1751-000 ----- Carpentry work
1771-000 ----- Concrete work
1731-000 ----- Electrical work
1794-000 ----- Excavating and foundation work
1752-000 ----- Floor laying and floor work, n.e.c.
1793-000 ----- Glass and glazing work
1796-000 ----- Installing building equipment, n.e.c.
1741-000 ----- Masonry and other stonework
1721-000 ----- Painting, paper hanging, decorating
1742-000 ----- Plastering, dry wall and insulation
1711-000 ----- Plumbing, heating, air conditioning
1761-000 ----- Roofing and sheet metal work
1799-000 ----- Special trade contractors, n.e.c.
1791-000 ----- Structural steel erection
1743-000 ----- Terrazzo, tile, marble, mosaic work
1781-000 ----- Water well drilling
1795-000 ----- Wrecking and demolition work

[1751-000 ----- Carpentry work]

1751-C01 ----- Cabinet work performed at the construction site
1751-C02 ----- Carpentry work contractors
1751-D01 ----- Door and window (prefabricated) installation
1751-D02 ----- Doors, folding: installation
1751-D03 ----- Doors, garage: installation or erection
1751-F01 ----- Folding door installation
1751-F02 ----- Framing
1751-G01 ----- Garage door installation
1751-J01 ----- Joinery, ship
1751-S01 ----- Store fixture installation
1751-T01 ----- Trim and finish
1751-W01 ----- Window and door (prefabricated) installation
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[1771 -000 ----- Concrete work]

1771-A01 ----- Asphalting of private driveways and private parking areas
1771-B01 ----- Blacktop work: private driveways and private parking areas
1771-C01 ----- Concrete finishers
1771-C02 ----- Concrete work, except paving
1771-C03 ----- Concrete work: private driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas
1771-C04 ----- Culvert construction
1771-C05 ----- Curb construction
1771-F01 ----- Foundations, building of: poured concrete
1771-G01 ----- Grouting work
1771-G02 ----- Gunite work
1771-P01 ----- Parking lot construction
1771-P02 ----- Patio construction, concrete
1771-S01 ----- Sidewalk construction, except public-contractors
1771-S02 ----- Stucco construction
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[1731 -000 ----- Electrical work]

1731-B01 ----- Burglar alarm installation contractors
1731-C01 ----- Cable splicing, electrical
1731-C02 ----- Cable television hookup
1731-C03 ----- Communications equipment installation contractors
1731-E01 ----- Electrical repair at site of construction
1731-E02 ----- Electrical work
1731-E03 ----- Electronic control system installation
1731-F01 ----- Fire alarm installation
1731-F02 ----- Freight rate auditors
1731-F03 ----- Freight rate information service
1731-H01 ----- Highway lighting and electrical signal construction contractors
1731-I01 ----- Intercommunications equipment installation
1731-S01 ----- Sound equipment installation
1731-T01 ----- Telecommunications equipment installation
1731-T02 ----- Telephone and telephone equipment installation
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[1794 -000 ----- Excavating and foundation work]

1794-D01 ----- Dirt moving contractors
1794-E01 ----- Earth moving
1794-E02 ----- Excavation work
1794-F01 ----- Foundation digging (excavation)
1794-G01 ----- Grading: except for highways, streets, and airport runways
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[1752 -000 ----- Floor laying and floor work, n.e.c.]

1752-A01 ----- Asphalt tile installation
1752-C01 ----- Carpet laying or removal service
1752-F01 ----- Fireproof flooring construction
1752-F02 ----- Floor laying, scraping, finishing, and refinishing
1752-F03 ----- Flooring, wood
1752-H01 ----- Hardwood flooring
1752-L01 ----- Linoleum installation
1752-P01 ----- Parquet flooring
1752-R01 ----- Resilient floor laying
1752-T01 ----- Tile installation, asphalt
1752-V01 ----- Vinyl floor tile and sheet installation
1752-W01 ----- Wood flooring
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[1793 -000 ----- Glass and glazing work]

1793-G01 ----- Glass installation, except automotive
1793-G02 ----- Glass work, except automotive
1793-G03 ----- Glazing work
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[1796 -000 ----- Installing building equipment, n.e.c.]

1796-C01 ----- Conveyor system installation contractors
1796-D01 ----- Dismantling of machinery and other industrial equipment
1796-D02 ----- Dumbwaiter installation
1796-D03 ----- Dust collecting equipment installation
1796-E01 ----- Elevator installation, conversion, and repair
1796-I01 ----- Incinerator installation, small
1796-I02 ----- Industrial equipment installation-contractors
1796-I03 ----- Installation of machinery and other industrial equipment contractors
1796-M01 ----- Machine rigging
1796-M02 ----- Millwrights
1796-P01 ----- Pneumatic tube system installation
1796-P02 ----- Power generating equipment installation
1796-R01 ----- Revolving door installation contractors
1796-V01 ----- Vacuum cleaning systems, built-in
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[1741 -000 ----- Masonry and other stonework]

1741-B01 ----- Bricklaying
1741-C01 ----- Chimney construction and maintenance
1741-C02 ----- Concrete block laying
1741-F01 ----- Foundations, building of: block, stone, or brick
1741-M01 ----- Marble work, exterior construction
1741-M02 ----- Masonry
1741-R01 ----- Refactory brick construction
1741-R02 ----- Retaining wall construction: block, stone, or brick
1741-S01 ----- Stone setting
1741-S02 ----- Stonework erection
1741-T01 ----- Tuck pointing
1741-W01 ----- Walls, retaining: block, stone, or brick
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[1721 -000 ----- Painting, paper hanging, decorating]

1721-B01 ----- Bridge painting
1721-E01 ----- Electrostatic painting on site (including of lockers and fixtures)
1721-H01 ----- House painting contractors
1721-P01 ----- Painting of buildings and other structures, except roofs
1721-P02 ----- Painting ships
1721-P03 ----- Painting traffic lanes
1721-P04 ----- Paper hanging
1721-S01 ----- Ship painting contractors
1721-T01 ----- Traffic lane painting
1721-W01 ----- Whitewashing
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[1742 -000 ----- Plastering, dry wall and insulation]

1742-A01 ----- Acoustical work
1742-C01 ----- Ceilings, acoustical installation
1742-D01 ----- Dry wall construction
1742-I01 ----- Insulation installation, buildings
1742-L01 ----- Lathing
1742-P01 ----- Plastering, plain or ornamental
1742-S01 ----- Solar reflecting insulation film
1742-T01 ----- Taping and finishing drywall
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[1711 -000 ----- Plumbing, heating, air conditioning]

1711-A01 ----- Air system balancing and testing
1711-A02 ----- Air-conditioning, with or without sheet metal work
1711-B01 ----- Boiler erection and installation
1711-C01 ----- Cesspool construction
1711-D01 ----- Drainage system installation, cesspool and septic tank
1711-D02 ----- Dry well construction, cesspool
1711-F01 ----- Fuel oil burner installation and servicing contractors
1711-F02 ----- Furnace repair
1711-G01 ----- Gasline hookup
1711-H01 ----- Heating equipment installation contractors
1711-H02 ----- Heating, with or without sheet metalwork
1711-L01 ----- Lawn sprinkler system installation
1711-M01 ----- Mechanical contractors
1711-P01 ----- Piping, plumbing
1711-P02 ----- Plumbing and heating
1711-P03 ----- Plumbing repair
1711-P04 ----- Plumbing, with or without sheet metalwork contractors
1711-R01 ----- Refrigeration and freezer work
1711-S01 ----- Septic tank installation
1711-S02 ----- Sewer hookups and connections for buildings
1711-S03 ----- Sheet metal work combined with heating or air-conditioning
1711-S04 ----- Solar heating apparatus
1711-S05 ----- Sprinkler system installation
1711-S06 ----- Steam fitting
1711-S07 ----- Sump pump installation and servicing
1711-V01 ----- Ventilating work, with or without sheet metalwork
1711-W01 ----- Water pump installation and servicing
1711-W02 ----- Water system balancing and testing
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[1761 -000 ----- Roofing and sheet metal work]

1761-A01 ----- Architectural sheet metal work
1761-C01 ----- Ceilings, metal: erection and repair
1761-C02 ----- Coppersmithing, in connection with construction work contractors
1761-D01 ----- Downspout installation, metal
1761-D02 ----- Duct work, sheet metal
1761-G01 ----- Gutter installation, metal
1761-R01 ----- Repair of roofs
1761-R02 ----- Roof spraying, painting, or coating
1761-R03 ----- Roofing work, including repairing
1761-S01 ----- Sheet metal work: except plumbing, heating, or air-conditioning
1761-S02 ----- Ship joinery contractors
1761-S03 ----- Siding contractors
1761-S04 ----- Skylight installation
1761-T01 ----- Tinsmithing, in connection with construction work Contractors
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[1799 -000 ----- Special trade contractors, n.e.c.]

1799-A01 ----- Antenna installation, except household type contractors
1799-A02 ----- Artificial turf installation
1799-A03 ----- Awning installation
1799-B01 ----- Bathtub refinishing
1799-B02 ----- Boiler and pipe, insulation of
1799-B03 ----- Boring for building construction
1799-B04 ----- Bowling alley installation and service
1799-C01 ----- Cable splicing service, non electrical
1799-C02 ----- Caulking (construction)
1799-C03 ----- Cleaning building exteriors
1799-C04 ----- Cleaning new buildings after construction
1799-C05 ----- Coating of concrete structures with plastics contractors
1799-C06 ----- Core drilling for building construction
1799-C07 ----- Counter top installation
1799-D01 ----- Dampproofing buildings
1799-D02 ----- Dewatering
1799-D03 ----- Diamond drilling for building construction contractors
1799-E01 ----- Epoxy application
1799-E02 ----- Erection and dismantling of forms for poured concrete contractors
1799-F01 ----- Fence construction
1799-F02 ----- Fire escape installation
1799-F03 ----- Fireproofing buildings
1799-F04 ----- Forms for poured concrete, erection and dismantling
1799-G01 ----- Gas leakage detection
1799-G02 ----- Gasoline pump installation
1799-G03 ----- Glazing of concrete surfaces
1799-G04 ----- Grave excavation
1799-H01 ----- House moving
1799-I01 ----- Insulation of pipes and boilers
1799-I02 ----- Iron work, ornamental
1799-L01 ----- Lead burning
1799-L02 ----- Lightning conductor erection
1799-M01 ----- Mobile home site setup and tie down
1799-O01 ----- Ornamental metal work
1799-P01 ----- Paint and wallpaper stripping
1799-P02 ----- Pipe and boilers, insulation of
1799-P03 ----- Pipe covering
1799-P04 ----- Plastics wall tile installation
1799-P05 ----- Posthole digging
1799-P06 ----- Pipeline-auger-boring contractors
1799-S01 ----- Sandblasting of building exteriors
1799-S02 ----- Scaffolding construction
1799-S03 ----- Service and repair of broadcasting stations
1799-S04 ----- Service station equipment installation, maintenance, and repair
1799-S05 ----- Shoring and underpinning work
1799-S06 ----- Spectator seating installation
1799-S07 ----- Steam cleaning of building exteriors
1799-S08 ----- Steelwork, ornamental
1799-S09 ----- Steeplejacks
1799-S10 ----- Swimming pool construction
1799-T01 ----- Television and radio stations, service and repair of
1799-T02 ----- Test boring for construction
1799-T03 ----- Tile installation, wall: plastics contractors
1799-T04 ----- Tinting glass
1799-U01 ----- Underpinning work
1799-W01 ----- Wallpaper removal
1799-W02 ----- Waterproofing
1799-W03 ----- Weather stripping
1799-W04 ----- Welding contractors, operating at site of construction
1799-W05 ----- Window shade installation
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[1791 -000 ----- Structural steel erection]

1791-B01 ----- Building front installation, metal
1791-C01 ----- Concrete products, structural precast or prestressed: placing of
1791-C02 ----- Concrete reinforcement, placing of
1791-C03 ----- Curtain wall installation contractors
1791-E01 ----- Elevator front installation, metal
1791-I01 ----- Iron work, structural
1791-M01 ----- Metal furring
1791-S01 ----- Steel work, structural
1791-S02 ----- Storage tanks, metal: erection
1791-S03 ----- Store front installation, metal
1791-S04 ----- Structural steel erection
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[1743 -000 ----- Terrazzo, tile, marble, mosaic work]

1743-F01 ----- Fresco work
1743-M01 ----- Mantel work
1743-M02 ----- Marble installation, interior: including finishing
1743-M03 ----- Mosaic work
1743-T01 ----- Terrazzo work
1743-T02 ----- Tile installation, ceramic contractors
1743-T03 ----- Tile setting, ceramic
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[1781 -000 ----- Water well drilling]

1781-D01 ----- Drilling water wells
1781-G01 ----- Geothermal drilling
1781-S01 ----- Servicing water wells
1781-W01 ----- Water well drilling
1781-W02 ----- Well drilling, water: except oil or gas field water intake
1783-F01 ----- Freight packing and crating
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[1795 -000 ----- Wrecking and demolition work]

1795-C01 ----- Concrete breaking for streets and highways
1795-D01 ----- Demolition of buildings or other structures, except marine
1795-D02 ----- Dismantling steel oil tanks, except oil fieldwork
1795-W01 ----- Wrecking of buildings or other structures, except marine

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