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[15 ----- General Contractors and Operative Builders]

1541-000 ----- Industrial buildings and warehouses
1542-000 ----- Nonresidential construction, n.e.c.
1531-000 ----- Operative builders
1522-000 ----- Residential construction, n.e.c.
1521-000 ----- Single-family housing construction

[1541-000 ----- Industrial buildings and warehouses]

1541-A01 ----- Aluminum plant construction general contractors
1541-B01 ----- Building alterations, industrial and warehouse general contractors
1541-B02 ----- Building components manufacturing plant construction
1541-B03 ----- Building construction, industrial and warehouse
1541-B04 ----- Building repairs, industrial
1541-C01 ----- Clean room construction
1541-C02 ----- Cold storage plant construction
1541-C03 ----- Commercial warehouse construction
1541-C04 ----- Custom builders, industrial and warehouse
1541-D01 ----- Designing and erecting, combined: industrial
1541-D02 ----- Dry cleaning plant construction
1541-F01 ----- Factory construction
1541-F02 ----- Food products manufacturing or packing plant c onstruction
1541-G01 ----- Grain elevator construction
1541-I01 ----- Industrial building construction
1541-I02 ----- Industrial plant construction
1541-P01 ----- Paper pulp mill construction
1541-P02 ----- Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant construction
1541-P03 ----- Prefabricated building erection, industrial
1541-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings, industrial and warehouse
1541-R02 ----- Renovating buildings, industrial and warehouse
1541-R03 ----- Repairing buildings, industrial and warehouse
1541-T01 ----- Truck and automobile assembly plant construction
1541-W01 ----- Warehouse construction
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[1542 -000 ----- Nonresidential construction, n.e.c.]

1542-A01 ----- Administration building construction
1542-A02 ----- Auditorium construction
1542-B01 ----- Bank building construction
1542-B02 ----- Building alterations, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses
1542-B03 ----- Building construction, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses
1542-B04 ----- Building repairs, nonresidential
1542-C01 ----- Church, synagogue, and related building construction
1542-C02 ----- Civic center construction
1542-C03 ----- Commercial building construction
1542-C04 ----- Custom builders, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses
1542-D01 ----- Designing and erecting, combined: commercial
1542-D02 ----- Dome construction
1542-F01 ----- Farm building construction, except residential
1542-F02 ----- Fire station construction
1542-G01 ----- Garage construction
1542-H01 ----- Hospital construction
1542-I01 ----- Institutional building construction, nonresidential
1542-M01 ----- Mausoleum construction
1542-M02 ----- Museum construction
1542-O01 ----- Office building construction
1542-P01 ----- Passenger and freight terminal building construction
1542-P02 ----- Post office construction
1542-P03 ----- Prefabricated building erection, nonresidential: except industrial and ware-houses
1542-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses
1542-R02 ----- Renovating buildings, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses
1542-R03 ----- Repairing buildings, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses
1542-R04 ----- Restaurant construction
1542-S01 ----- School building construction
1542-S02 ----- Service station construction
1542-S03 ----- Shopping center construction
1542-S04 ----- Silo construction, agricultural
1542-S05 ----- Stadium construction
1542-S06 ----- Store construction
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[1531 -000 ----- Operative builders]

1531-B01 ----- Builders, operative: on own account
1531-B02 ----- Builders, speculative
1531-C01 ----- Condominium developers on own account
1531-C02 ----- Cooperative apartment developers on own account
1531-O01 ----- Operative builders on own account
1531-S01 ----- Speculative builders
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[1522 -000 ----- Residential construction, n.e.c.]

1522-A01 ----- Apartment building construction
1522-B01 ----- Building alterations, excepting family
1522-B02 ----- Building construction, except single-family
1522-B03 ----- Building repairs, except single-family
1522-C01 ----- Custom builders, except single-family
1522-D01 ----- Designing and erecting, combined, except single-family
1522-D02 ----- Dormitory construction
1522-H01 ----- Home improvements, except single-family
1522-H02 ----- Hotel construction
1522-M01 ----- Motel construction
1522-P01 ----- Prefabricated building erection, except single-family
1522-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings, except single-family
1522-R02 ----- Renovating buildings, except single-family
1522-R03 ----- Repairing buildings, except single-family
1522-R04 ----- Residential construction, except single-family
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[1521 -000 ----- Single-family housing construction]

1521-B01 ----- Building alterations
1521-B02 ----- Building construction
1521-B03 ----- Building repairs
1521-C01 ----- Custom builders
1521-D01 ----- Designing and erecting combined
1521-H01 ----- Home improvements
1521-H02 ----- House construction
1521-H03 ----- House: shell erection
1521-M01 ----- Mobile home repair, on site
1521-M02 ----- Modular housing(assembled on site)
1521-O01 ----- One-family house construction
1521-P01 ----- Prefabricated single-family houses erection
1521-P02 ----- Premanufactured housing(assembled on site)
1521-R01 ----- Remodeling buildings
1521-R02 ----- Renovating buildings
1521-R03 ----- Repairing buildings
1521-R04 ----- Residential construction
1521-R05 ----- Rowhouse construction
1521-S01 ----- Single-family home improvements
1521-T01 ----- Townhouse construction

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