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[08 ----- Forestry]

0831-000 ----- Forest products
0851-000 ----- Forestry services
0811-000 ----- Timber tracts

[0831-000 ----- Forest products]

0831-B01 ----- Balsam needles, gathering of
0831-B02 ----- Barks, gathering of
0831-C01 ----- Cherry gum, gathering of
0831-C02 ----- Chestnut gum, gathering of
0831-D01 ----- Distillation of gums if carried on at the gum farm
0831-D02 ----- Distillation of turpentine and rosin if carried on at the gum farm
0831-F01 ----- Forest nurseries
0831-G01 ----- Gathering, extracting, and selling of tree seeds
0831-G02 ----- Gathering of forest products: (e.g., gums, barks, seeds)
0831-G03 ----- Ginseng, gathering of
0831-G04 ----- Gums, gathering of
0831-H01 ----- Hemlock gum, gathering of
0831-H02 ----- Huckleberry greens, gathering of
0831-L01 ----- Lac production
0831-M01 ----- Maple sap, gathering of
0831-M02 ----- Moss, gathering of
0831-N01 ----- Nurseries, forest
0831-P01 ----- Pine gum, extraction of
0831-R01 ----- Rubber plantations
0831-S01 ----- Spanish moss, gathering of
0831-S02 ----- Sphagnum moss, gathering of
0831-S03 ----- Spruce gum, gathering of
0831-T01 ----- Teaberries, gathering of
0831-T02 ----- Tree seed gathering, extracting, and selling
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[0851 -000 ----- Forestry services]

0851-C01 ----- Cruising timber
0851-E01 ----- Estimating timber
0851-F01 ----- Fire prevention, forest
0851-F02 ----- Firefighting, forest
0851-F03 ----- Forest management plans, preparation of
0851-F04 ----- Forestry services
0851-P01 ----- Pest control, forest
0851-R01 ----- Reforestation
0851-T01 ----- Timber valuation
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[0811 -000 ----- Timber tracts]

0811-C01 ----- Christmas tree growing
0811-T01 ----- Timber tracts
0811-T02 ----- Tree farms

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